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Isn’t this the most lovely tree? I’ve only seen a few here in the deep south but I always stop to admire it. If only I could make it stand out a bit more 🧐 In genesis 20 we learn that even the heroes of our faith mess up and they are just human beings like us but that god still walks,talks,helps and uses them. Also that god helped a king who didn’t even know him because he didn’t want to see him get hurt. If you’d like to read for yourself the link is in my bio 🌟🤗
We usually bring you views of the water from a creek side, but today we offer this snap of #WeissLake from atop #CherokeeRockVillage where we spent the day with @jaxstateart professor Brice Lafferty. Lafferty was there with eight students for the #PleinAir #watercolor class, a class designed to teach students watercolor and landscape painting techniques by traveling to some of #Alabama ’s most beautiful vistas. In today’s scene is Weiss Lake, which happens to be part of the #ASRT . #AlabamaScenicRiverTrail #ThisIsAlabama #100almiles #ALWX #RootsRated #yourshotphotographer #Swim #Kayak #Canoe #YakTribe #AlabamaTheBeautiful #BitterSoutherner #GardenAndGun #Paint #Art #Draw #See #Value #BioDiversity @jacksonvillestateuniversity @visitnorthal #hikealabama
Good morning nature people ☀️ Today’s story isn’t a lovely fairytale but one of righteous indignation,promises kept and patience. Let’s dive in! Genesis 19 📚 The 2 angels came to the gate of sodom where lot was hanging out. It was the white house of that day. When the angels were at lots place the men of the town all came to take the angels and rape them! In a horrid turn of events lot offered his daughters instead! The angels bolted the door and blinded the men and told lot to get his family and escape the city and never look back. He tried to get his future son-in-laws to go but they thought he was joking. Lot was obviously not a believable witness for god anymore. Lot was hesitant to go and the angels took him,his wife and 2 daughters by the hand and led them out. God did this because Abraham asked him to protect lot and god keeps his promises,he’s also very patient as evident by the angels taking their hands when they were resistant to leaving.As they left his wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt and lot and his girls stayed in a local town and than later they moved to a cave. Lot,being a man of little action never got them new fiancés so being the women of sodom that they were and out of desperation they decided to persevere their fathers bloodline by getting him drunk and sleeping with him. He didn’t know what was happening and they had sons who later became enemies of gods people.Some stories are like hot donuts,easy to swallow,well this one is like a ribeye steak! Hard to chew for sure. That’s just how sodom and it’s people were but in the midst of people’s craziness is god and he’s the same and that’s a good thing.Link In Bio ✨☄️✨
It's time for #adventure ! Call 205-913-7899 or go to redmountainpark.org to reserve your #redmountainpark adventure this #memorialdayweekend ! #parklife #optoutside #hikealabama #zipline #bham #bhamnow #friday #tgif #weekend #outofschool #summer #birmingham #memorialday @chooseuab
Great news: #kiwanisvulcantrail has had 7,700+ visitors since opening in March! We can't wait to see this number grow over the summer. Stop by #vulcantrail this weekend and enjoy fabulous views of the city. More trail info on our website. Repost from @megbmow2014. #redrocktrailsystem #hikethemagiccity #hikealabama #hiketheham #thisisalabama #nationaltrailsday
Here is one more of the van and our campsite. Check out my review on @thedyrt to learn more #camping #campondyrt #climbing #cherokeerockvillage #adventure #hdr #hikealabama
I decided to drive home, grab my camera, and head back to hopefully capture the full double 🌈 🌈. When I got back, there was only one rainbow left, and it wasn't full across the sky, but it was still beautiful. . . . #thisisalabama #onlyinalabama #hikealabama #roberttrentjones #alabamaphotographer #golfcoursephotos #rainbows #itsamazingoutthere #mobilebay #fairhope #fairhopealabama #beautifulweather #🌈 #rei #optoutside #lakewood #grandhotel #southerncharm #southernliving #southernlife #southernlivingmag #coastalliving #coloradogolf
Sunset on Terrapin Creek in Piedmont, Ala. We were fortunate to work recently with @jacksoncomagazine and @noworrieskayakrentals for a feature in the June issue of Jackson Magazine! Check out their page and get your subscription today to see just how beautiful our local area can be!
Night camp on Terrapin Creek in Piedmont, Ala We were fortunate to work recently with @jacksoncomagazine and @noworrieskayakrentals for a feature in the June issue of Jackson Magazine! Check out their page and get your subscription today to see just how beautiful our local area can be!
Sunrise on Terrapin Creek in Piedmont Al. We were fortunate to work recently with @jacksoncomagazine and @noworrieskayakrentals for a feature in the June issue of Jackson Magazine! Check out their page and get your subscription today to see just how beautiful our local area can be!
Hola nature people, do you prefer sunrises or sunsets? I love both but sunsets have a special place in my heart because growing up on the beaches of southern California that was one of our fave things to do. Hundreds watched that beautiful star lower itself behind a vast sea and now on to genesis 18 📚 Abraham was chillin at his place when three dudes showed up, he had Sarah make some bread, lot cooked some meat and he also gave them water to wash their feet. Hospitality goes a long way! Hebrews 13:2 speaks of entertaining angels when we show people kindness in this way. One of the men told Sarah the old lady that in a years time she would have a baby,she laughed it off, she’s always been a woman of doubt LOL but nothing is impossible for God,he wants us to ask him for help. Sarah lied about laughing out of fear, decisions made out of fear always cause trouble it seems. Two of the men headed towards sodom but the Lord (one of the men) stayed behind with Abraham and was telling him that he had heard the sounds of the victims himself 😭and that they had come down to see what was really going on. He told Abraham that he had to destroy that city. Abraham interjected and asked the Lord to spare the city for the righteous that may reside within it. The Lord told him that whether there were 50 or even just 10 good people he would spare the city. Abraham didn’t change God‘s mind, God was changing his mind through prayer because our prayers to God help us better understand the mind of God. God is patient and merciful, he showed that by rescuing lot from Sodom and going to see what the fuss was about for himself. Also note our prayers go up to the father! Link In Bio ✨🙏🏻✨
#waterfallwednesday #optoutside #hikealabama #thisisalabama #bankheadnationalforest In the early stages of a long hot summer, I'm already thinking about some winter hikes. I hope this still qualifies for Waterfall Wednesday.
I found it on a satellite map 4 months ago and I’ve been chasing down permission ever since. Super nice landowner. Definitely had the place to ourselves. :) Happy Waterfall Wednesday! . . . . . #thisisalabama #onlyinalabama #explorealabama #hikealabama #nature_alabama #alabamawaterfalls #alabamathebeautiful #womenwhoexplore #seeyououtthere #butnothere #waterfallwednesday
Guy at lake: “That’s a #copperhead , that’s sure enough a copperhead!” Me: That’s a water snake. Him: “I know my snakes missy.” His friend: “I believe that’s a water snake Jake.” Him: “I reckon it is, I #reckon it is...” #herping #instagrambham #birmingham #trussville #cosbylake #snakesofalabama #watersnake #hikealabama #thisisalabama
🌙 Night hikes are the best hikes 🌙 #hikealabama #nighthike #intothewoods
“Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning.” What’s your favorite Disney classic? . . . . . #thisisalabama #onlyinalabama #exploremore #ruffnermountain #alabamalovers #alabamathebeautiful #hikealabama #nature_alabama
Our intrepid group of hikers that braved the hot Alabama May weather on Sunday for our tour of downtown! We enjoyed a geology lesson (from yours truly), some great history and lore from Bob and Jim, and some art and architecture. It's amazing what you'll see when you slow it down to walking speed! Left to right: Pastor Paul, Bob, Carol, me, Teresa, and Jim (Susan behind the camera). #gooutside #lifeat2mph #hikealabama #unitedchurchofchrist
Can't wait for the next camping adventure! 🏕️
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