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What can I say about this one? . . . #streetstories
I don’t know how much inspired by New York. It’s one and only. I was so happy to be there when it was hot like summer. . ニューヨークでどれだけのインスピレーションを受けているかな〜…。あの街は本当に唯一無二だと思います!夏みたいな日に、ちょうど行けて本当良かった!!
Thanks for the great pic of our Forager @eateastcoast !! #breakfastgoals 🍴
rainy days in New York City ☔️ getting some coffee and a donut and heading to the MET Museum
Manhattan Bridge
Yay, more rain 🙄
Walk together side by side.
Up yg ada aja.
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