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WHAT IF movement was about so much more than simply achieving your fitness goals or looking good in your underwear? WHAT IF movement was one of the MOST important nutrients for your brain and nervous system? . It’s true. ✅ . A fascinating study of the connection between muscle strength (leg strength in particular) and various cognitive benefits was recently published in the Frontiers of Neuroscience. This study showed a direct link between neurological health and dependence upon signals from the muscles of the extremities, especially the larger leg muscles. . It is through proper, full-range motion under load that the largest impacts were made on the Neural Stem Cells (NSC). These are the undifferentiated stem cells of the brain that can develop into both neurons and other brain cells. Research has shown that the population of these cells can decline by up to 70% 😨 in animals that were restricted from using their hind legs for up to 28 days. . When we take a moment to apply this concept and take a sobering look at the state of our physical and cognitive health in this country, it becomes obvious... . Our reduction of normal MOVEMENT - something so innate and biological to us - is leading to a massive INCREASE in many of the neurodegenerative conditions that plague our society. . This reality becomes the foundation for all the work we do through neurologically based chiropractic care. . Our goal is to detect and correct areas of your spine that have lost their proper MOTION called subluxations - therefore optimizing the FUNCTION of the nervous system your spine protects. 💯 . Getting checked and adjusted by your local, neurologically based chiropractor can not ONLY enhance the communication between your brain and your body, but also allow you to move MORE with less discomfort and increased confidence. . If you have any questions about how we can help YOU move and function better, check out www.gobeyondbones.com or call the office at (208) 209-5551. Yours in health, Dr. Christopher . #beyondbones #chiropractic #cda #coeurdalene #community #chiro #health #happiness #wellness #idaho #idahome #cdaidaho #cdaID #INW #PNW #lakecoeurdalene #lakecda
Hey all! Today starts a brand new journey for me! @europeanwax @inlandnorthwax Come see me at European Wax Center in Spokane Valley @ 506 N. Sullivan Rd. Call 509-924-4533 to book your appointment with Katrina today! Schedule: Tuesday: 2:00pm-8:00pm Wednesday: 8:00am-2:00pm Thursday: 8:00am-2:00pm Friday: 8:00am-2:00pm Saturday: 8:00am-6:00pm Women’s free first wax- eyebrow, underarm, bikini line or upgrade to 1/2 price full bikini or Brazilian Men’s first free wax- eyebrow, underarm, or nose **must show state ID** Once you fall in love with this way of waxing, packages are available for purchase. DM me for more information! . . . #waxspokane #waxing #pnw #inw #europeanwaxcenter #spokanevalley #spokane #share #skincare #esthetician #freewax #skin #noshave
Adorable asoebi ladies #instanaijaweddings #inw #HappilyEverAbbe
Cuteness overload 😍😘 Photography: @rocktownphotography1 #instanaijaweddings #inw
Out here in the clouds☁️☀️☁️ sometimes you just gotta enjoy the bliss of the smoke☁️😎☁️ - - - You got any cool smoking pics?? Send this way, by using: cashswimming@hotmail.com - - - #reefereats #smokesesh #maryjane #greengoodness #marijuana #wakeandbakedaily #jayz4dayz #blunts #jays #joints #bongs #420 #weed #spokane #washington #spokanevalley #pnw #inw #munchies #cinder420 #livwell #choiceorganics #beachvibes #stonersiblings #BluntBussinessman #StonerStylist #oregon
Last one I swear. I'm just so in love with the landscape and the history of how it was formed. Ice age glacial dams, floods, and ancient volcanic eruptions. #pnw #inw #history #getoutandlearn
Happy Monday y’all! Finished up a fun little project today that I’m excited to share with you soon. I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone by. We only have two more weeks left at the @thursdaymarket so be sure to stop by and try a pop before it’s too late! We will have these yummy Huck Pie Ice Pops available one last time and for our last week (the 23rd) we will have a few surprises! If you don’t have plans for the weekend, be sure to check out the @silvermountain Brewsfest up in Kellogg this Saturday from 1-6 for some tasty beer, cider, live music and of course, ice pops! #happymonday #mondayvibes #eaticepops
Harvest 2018 is officially underway!! Here's to hopefully a great harvest to all the farmers out there! Good luck, be safe, and may God be with you. #farming #pnwfarming #inw #johndeere #familyfarm #harvest2018 #america
Now that’s what we call a summer cocktail! - Stop by and see what we’re mixing up🍸🍹
People are often SHOCKED to hear we see infants in our practice - but the reason isn’t really SHOCKING at all! 👶🏼 . We know birth can be extremely tough on mom physically, but often don’t realize how traumatic in can be on baby as well. . Newborns, just like adults, have a spine that protects their central nervous system, but because it’s brand new, that spine is especially sensitive. The intense physical twisting and pulling of being born can often result in significant issues in a baby’s neck and spine called vertebral subluxations. . Subluxations occur when irritation in or around the spine acts like chemical static on the nerves that carry information around our body. Research has shown this to disrupt the communication between our brain, muscles, organs and cells - and can result in many different issues. . With babies growing and developing so rapidly, it is CRUCIAL that their nervous system is functioning and communicating without interference - THAT is why we check them! . Safe, specific, and very light fingertip pressure is all it takes to adjust a newborn. Doing so clears out the interference from their body and allows them to express life at 100% - the way they were DESIGNED to! . While many times the signs can be subtle, like baby preferring to feed on one side more than the other, often times they can be more obvious - like chronic ear infections, colic, constipation, or indigestion. . If you want your little one checked for subluxation, or know of one struggling, we are here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have!
There is a lot of smoke in the air lately, but that shouldn’t stop you from playing mini golf with your friends and family. Luckily @tripleplayidaho has an outdoor course AND an indoor course 😎 Visit us today for lunch at the Garden Fresh Grill and some indoor mini golf⛳️
A cage keeps your hamster where you want it, but it might be a different story with @stanleyandroy 👀 #MemeMonday
The willow trees are my favorite trees. They are the most flexible tree in nature and it can almost withstand anything. They are so majestic to me and if fairies really did exist, I think this would be the tree for them. 🧚🏽‍♂️🌿 Photo: @mdphotographyii - - - #willow #willowtrees #photography #photographer #photoshoot #fairytail #green #inw #pnw #naturephotography #nature #beauty #majestic #fairies
@fleetfeetspokane is celebrating National Dog Day with a Dog Dash Fun Run at Olmstead Brothers Green Park. Leash up your furry friends August 26th from 11am to 12pm for a 3 mile jaunt, demos, raffles and other surprises. Get all the details and register at fleetfeetspokane.com/dogdash. {A suggested donation of $5 will benefit @spokanimal. } Meet other dog-lovers in our community and enjoy an afternoon of four-legged fun! 🐩🐶🐕 #kendallyardsliving #Repost @fleetfeetspokane
Yesterday morning vs this morning. Limit your time outside today peeps and please don't expose your kids or pets to this any more than necessary. If this is what the rest of summer is going to be like, bring on Autumn! #wildfiressuck #thankafireman #summertime #pnw #inw
Beautiful bride Makeup: @kujussignature #instanaijaweddings #inw
Which is your favourite A or B Makeup: @genoveramakeovers #instanaijaweddings #inw
Design sesh for fall.... ladies, 2 words... cowl hoodie 😉🤗🍂☕️🌜 #fall #fallincda #backtoschool
It's been a little quiet here because I've been taking this weekend for lots of FAMILY TIME. Super thankful for my mom coming down to hang out with us and treat us to some Greek food! 😍 . #family #fitlife #healthyhabits #nutrition #selfcare #familytime #fitfam #livingitup #weekendvibes #summer #summergoals #pnw #inw #northwestisbest
I am Puerto Rican, German and Native American. I enjoy it when people ask me what I’m mixed with. I don’t mind it at all and in fact it’s fun to hear what they come up with before I tell them. Multiracial people are beautiful. Well, all people are beautiful, but the mixed add flare ;) Photo: @miles_pnw . . . . #moodygrams #moodyvibes #moodygram #spokanephotographer #inw #pnw #blackdress #inked #multiracial #mixedbeauty #daggereyes #mood #create #spokane #pnwgirls #pnwlife
I have had my @cvttents RTT mounted on two vehicles and now a trailer, and I was finally able to take my first camping trip and use it almost two years after buying it. The @twigchewers and I had a great time, other than Hazel biting a bee and getting a fat lip. Bonus! I finally got to use my maxtrax for something other than helping a Subaru out of a parking lot (yes, that has happened) #rtt #cvtfamily #jeep #jkur #camping #maxtrax #veteranoverland #jeepdogs #pnw #inw
Sleek side view #hair 👌🏻 Makeup: @oshewabeauty Hair: @jasminebeautyworld #instanaijaweddings #inw
Which would you rock, A or B? Makeup: @tdollsmakeovers #instanaijaweddings #inw
Farmhouse Kitchen Wild Alaskan cod hand dipped in beer batter, and served with crispy fries & house made tartar sauce. 🤤 - Enjoy!
So much appreciate ds🙏🙏😍😍 #Repost @instanaijaweddings • • • • • Beautiful @face_qfashionfair Makeup: @glam_drop Photography: @bisi_royaltyphotos Asooke: @biyee_crafts #instanaijaweddings #inw
Hidden away in the Kaniksu National Forest, the waterfalls here are far and few between. . . . This was my first off grid waterfall hunt in North Idaho.. it took a few hours of navigating cliffside logging roads, where I probably should of been driving a vehicle with more clearance.. no trail map available, just a rickety old sign that said “⬆️Falls” ... . . . The landscape here is so different than the North Cascades, Umpqua, and Glacier.. it really is in a category of its own. My favorite part is the jade green water, with its crazy clarity, how you can see the smooth river rock below..something I’ve never seen at all the waterfalls I’ve been to.. . . . Waterfall hunting is definitely a spring activity, when the runoff makes them look most impressive.. that’s why I take off to Oregon early in the year, when the crowds are low and water is high. The problem with waterfall hunting in N. Idaho, is that your window of opportunity is pretty small. I attempted to find waterfalls in May/June, only to be met by heavy snow on the logging roads. I wasn’t about to snowshoe 10miles in, when I have no idea what Im looking for.. so now I’m “canvassing” the area to narrow down which spots will be worth the journey next spring. I recently tried to discover two undocumented waterfalls northwest of Sandpoint, only to find out they are just a trickle in late summer.. . . . . So when that tiny window of opportunity opens next year, I’ll be there.. . . . #idaho #idahowaterfalls #kaniksunationalforest #sandpointidaho #sandpoint #spokane #cda #inw #pnw #inwcreatives #ig_inlandnw #upperleftusa #northwestisbest #pnwonderland #sonyalpha
Beautiful Tolu Makeup: @eeswatmakeovers Event planner: @bankysuevents Asooke: @bimmms24 #instanaijaweddings #inw #larrytee18
Pick your favourite A or B Dress: #ValdrinSahiti #instanaijaweddings #inw
Friends are amazing and Bowl and Pitcher is beautiful! Can't believe I haven't hiked out here since I was a kid! I met my friend Tony on a flight to San Diego. Yeah, the one just a month ago. He was the guy that once I sat down and put my ear bud in (with all intention of ignoring him and the person to my right for the remainder of the flight) asked about my tattoo and then my kids and my life and you get the idea. We were on the next flight with a 4 hour layover in Boise so, we decided to grab lunch and a beer. Which took like one of those four hours to enjoy and the Boise airport isn't that entertaining. So, we grabbed another beer and I hear this faint sound of something over the intercom resembling my name. Tony heard the same thing resembling his name and ran to the gate. Guess what we both forgot? Mountain time. We almost missed our flight to San Diego but we gained a pretty awesome memory and friendship! Thanks for the hike today, Tony! Excited for more adventures! #newfriend #getoutside #pnw #inw #hiking #adventure #shorthairlove
Big news! You will soon be able to purchase mini @stanleyandroy ‘s! 🦖 Maybe we can call them mini-saurs 💭
@lardopdx has become a must stop every time we’re in Portland! Next time you’re anywhere near by make sure you stop...you won’t be disappointed! 🍔
Hannah's cute smile can melt the heart Mua: @iposhlooks Photography: @klalaphotography Event planner: @mide_events Asooke: @bimmms24 #instanaijaweddings #inw #hanzdaps2018
My grandmother died 24 years ago. Of the many things she left behind her recipe for whisky cake was not one of them. Two weeks ago my mom found what she believed to be the recipe and I've spent the last week and a half refining what she found to taste more like the recipe of my childhood memories. All of this baking, in the middle of a summer heat wave, was done with love in the hopes of surprising my father at his birthday party (and annual family talent show) this evening. And though he was wonderfully surprised, I did not win the talent show. Those adorable youngins @_bellemiller_ and @sam.bown took the trophy this time around, but I still got the honor of surprising my dad with the baked goodness he's been missing for nearly three decades. ❤️ #Kentuckybourbon #buttercake #whisky #butter #cake #buttermilk #JeremiahWeed #whiskeycake #whiskycake #birthday #surprise for #mydad #baking #actsoflove #love #summer #heat #hot #heatwave #Spokane #Washington #pnw #inw #inlandempire #inlandnorthwest #pacificnorthwest
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