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Asyura Porridge . I got it from my neighbor, so this food is distributed as our tradition menu on 10th day of Muharram..
Yesterday we celebrated Ashura and I just wanted to share some reflections. I know in communities like Chicago this can be a day filled with controversy, it’s one of the reasons I find it difficult to really integrate into communities here. When I was living in DC this day was special, it was a day of reflection, fasting community and dialogue.It is both a time of rejoicing and deliverance, as well as sorrow and grief. It’s a day I realize in many of our Sunni communities our hearts are detached from Ahlel Bayt. Loving Hussain RA is not an us vs them argument, it is an integral part of our faith. It is a part of each saleh we perform. We should all be aware of how much our Prophet SAW loved Hussain RA, how he felt when the details of his death were foretold. Reflecting on Karbala is reflecting on our own history. This day provides examples of our legacy. Our legacy and duty is to stand up to tyranny and injustice. Whether that injustice is a Pharoh, Caliph , or everyday people. There is far to much important work to be done for us to sit around and fight each other. I use this day to make a plan for the year. To think about concrete ways I can stand up against injustice on any level. How can we make the world around us more free and more just? On a lighter note we cooked aşure, legend has it this was the same dish the survivors of Noah’s AS ark would have made. Swipe through to see details.
I wasn't a cat person. Till my visit to Morocco. I don't think I'm entirely it still. But somehow, when this kitten came to me, purring, hyper actively, jumping around here and there, wanting me to play with it, it hit me how cats aren't that different than dogs or even humans for that matter. I don't know why we assume certain creatures are better or worse than the rest. Especially when we ourselves are full of flaws and tend to favour people and situations that profit us. I remember how I used to say I liked dogs better because they love us and are loyal unlike cats that only want food and attention. I take it back. And with this beautiful experience of having played with so many cats and kittens, I retract my statement that cats are any different than the other beings. They're just the same. Actually, a lot of times, way cuter. P.S. Morocco is flooded with cats. Apparently it's believed in Islamic traditions that God makes sure all beings are taken care of and so, neutering or killing them would be against God itself. #kittens #cats #feline #marrakesh #morocco #islamictradition #godisgood #god #traveler #travelbugsyndrome #happytubby #happinessisachoice #globetrotter #africa #soloisnotalone #girltravel
🖤 باید گریست در غمِ شهری که اندر آن، مشتی اسیر، گریه به آزاده‌ای کنند!! 👤 حسین جنتی . . . . . . #islam #imamhussain #befree #ashura #iran #iranian_art #teardrop #liberty #islamicbeliefes #islamictradition #photography #photooftheday #canonphotography #canon750d -#bwphotography
Attar 🌹, If you have nothing to bring to this exalted court fear not. He doesn’t buy every pious act of self-denial. . If you have nothing He buys nothingness. ——— Attar 🌹, N’kët’ sulltanat, edhe nëse s’kij gja me dhanë dert mos mbaj. Hyjnia nuk ban pazar çdo t’bamun t’devotshme. . E edhe nëse krejt ajo çka kij asgja asht’ Ay’* e ban pazar edhe asgjanë. *Ajo’ . [Picture: Summer 2018 Gjakovë, Kosovë} {The English version source: Omid Safi, “Radical Love”. 2018, Yale University Press. Haven and London.} #Beloved #love #islamictradition #tasawwuf #attar #poetry #persianpoetry #poemë #klasikjaperse
Jami 🌹, . [Zulaikha] What court as a king does my fair moon grace? What chamber is blest with the light of his face? Whose eye takes splendour his glances shed? And whose house does he turn to a sweet rosebed? Who wins from those fresh lips a life-giving kiss And beneath the fair cypress reposes in bliss? Whose fingers the braid of his tresses entwine? Who joys in the shade of that palm to recline? Who would give all her treasure to purchase the prize And make dust for his feet of the tint of her eyes?" . {Jámí, "Yúsuf and Zulaikha". trans. Ralph T. H. Griffith. Ballantyne Press 1882. London. p.136} . #Beloved #love #ishq #jami #yusufandzulaikha #poetry #islamicpoetry #islamictradition #tasawwuf #sufism #persianpoetry
watch & Share😊😊 https://youtu.be/WZO_4t4PWtY #samiyusuf #spiritique #Ilahana1m #islamicart #islamictradition #daff
Another one of our long standing customers . When we first launched the Oudh products we were mainly dealing in wholesale and had a handful of local customers who tried it out and loved it . @fi_rose_ used it at their wedding to scent the wedding venue as guests entered .. novelty idea but it's a great way to ensure there's an amazing scent flowing at your event #bakhoorlover #weddingscent #customerloyalty #review #positivefeedback #oudhoils #arabesque #scentyourhome #UAE #muskimweddingideas #burner #musk #amber #frankincense #yankeecandles #scentofheaven #highend #luxury #arabs #islamictradition #haramain #oudwood #woody
Ilahana, another masterpiece from @samiyusuf . Beautifully daf played by @jaberi1 & all😊😊 #ilahana #spiritique #islamictradition #islamicart #daf #samiyusuf #MohammadJaberi
Hari Raya Idul Adha selalu bertanya padaku, sebagaimana Tuhan pernah meminta kepada Ibrahim untuk menyembelih Ismail. Karena Ismail bukan sekedar nama, tapi juga sebuah pelajaran abadi sepanjang zaman, yaitu siapakah Ismailku ? Ia adalah segala hal yang membuatku terhalang kembali kepada Nya. Bisa jadi ia adalah pekerjaanku, pasangan atau anakku, jabatan, hobi atau status sosial, bisa juga ilmu atau gelar. Kisah ismail adalah kisah penyucian dan pengorbanan di jalan Cinta kepada Nya. Di altar cinta, ketulusan dipertaruhkan dan diujikan. Bahwa hanya Dia saja yang semata-mata harus dicinta. Betapa tak mudahnya titian jalan para pecinta. Dan setiap Idul Adha, seolah DIA kembali bertanya, siapakah Ismailmu saat ini ? Selamat Hari Raya Idul Adha #iduladha #idulqurban #kisahibrahim #kisahismail #pengorbanan #cinta #jalancinta #misticysm #islamicmisticysm #islamicphilosophy #hariraya #islamictradition #tradition #tradisionalis
🌙 HAJJ & Eid greetings to my sisters and brothers all around the world. Share the joy with every person whether poor or rich, mark the status of equality and peace among :) 🐄🐪🐫🐐🐏 P.s keep your country clean Regards UNQ. #eid2018 #eiduladha2018 #islamictradition #meatalicious #homecoming #miniatureworld #doodleart #doodlesketch #sketchdaily #doodleartenthusiasts #selfmade #originals #pakistanart #islamabadartist #umernadeem #UNQofficial #2k18
I respect the islamic tradition but I have mixed feelings about the animals. #morocco #essaouira #essaouiramedina #medina #eid #religion #islamictradition #sad #feelingsad #mixedfeelings #sadfeelings
Kamrooz Aram, “Ephesian Fog” (2016) @vamuseum , Jameel Prize 5 2018 The Jameel Prize is an international award for contemporary art and design inspired by Islamic tradition. Its aim is to explore the relationship between Islamic traditions of art, craft and design and contemporary work as part of a wider debate about Islamic culture and its role today. Kamrooz Aram (b. 1978, Shiraz, Iran) lives and works in New York, USA. He graduated with a MFA from Columbia University in 2003. Through Aram’s diverse practice, which includes painting, collage, drawing and installation, he uses images as a tool to engage in the complicated relationship between traditional non-Western art and Western Modernism 📝 V&A #kamroozaram #jameelprize5 #jameelprize #internationalaward #artanddesign inspired by #islamictradition #islamicart #islamicdesign #islamiccraft #iranianart #iranianartist #exhibitiondesign shapes our understanding of #artobjects #ornamentalart #contemporaryart #artoftheday
This was one of the views from the hotel I stayed in while I was in Karbala. One day while sitting alone with this beautiful view, I tried to imagine how this place would have looked like when it was just a piece of barren land. How my Imam a.s was left all alone while giving calls for help but no one showed up. How he had to carry all the dead bodies back to tents and bury them. It breaks your heart just to think about that day. Karbala is a small city with small houses and buildings surrounding these two beautiful shrines. I began to realize how Rohri has so much resemblance to this place, with similarly built houses surrounding the two rozas we have here. Just looking at them provides a beacon of hope and peace in the midst of chaos of our daily lives.
Jami 🌹, . [the scene when Zulaikha sees Yúsuf in her second vision] . Who gave thee that lip for the spirit's food, And that rose with a charm for the soul endued; Who gave bloom to that cheek and soft light to those eyes, Where the moth of my heart flutters round till it dies; Who gave thee those musky tresses, a snare Whereof my heart prizes each single hair? Give my lost heart the sweet pity I seek, Open that ruby, thy mouth, and speak. Speak in thy fulness of ravishing grace; Say who thou art and the name of thy race. Art thou a gem? From what mine dost thou spring? Where is thy palace if thou art a king?" "Of the children of Adam," his answer came; "Earth and water composed my frame. Now if the words of thy lips be true, That my love has pierced thy young bosom through, Ne'er from thy promise and faith must thou swerve, But thy troth unplighted for me reserve. Beware, sweet maiden; let no one sip The sugar that lies on thy virgin lip. That lip and thy heart and thy love must be Preserved from others and kept for me. Think not the heart in this bosom is cold And returns not the love which thy lips have told. The net of thy charms o'er my heart is thrown, And the brand of thy love marks me out as thine own." . [Picture: Jim Richardson, @jimrichardsonng ] . {Jámí, "Yúsuf and Zulaikha". trans. Ralph T. H. Griffith. Ballantyne Press 1882. London. p.62} . #Beloved #love #jami #poetry #persianpoetry #islamictradition #sufism #tasawwuf #yusufandzulaikha
Hain Ali (a.s) ke athara hi bete Ali (a.s) Par sabhi main Alamdar Abbas (a.s) hai
Jami 🌹, . Tell me the cause of this wild unrest, Of this heavy heart in a youthful breast. Why are those roses so faded? Why Is thy warm breath turned to a cold cold sigh? Why, sun of thou art, wilt thou wane like the moon, And long for the eve ere the height of thy noon? Some moon has bewitched thee. But, darling, say What moon is he that has crossed thy way. If he be an angel in heaven above, A child of pure light, who has gained thy love, By adoration and stress of prayer I will draw him down from the glories there. If a Peri, dwelling in waste and hill, My trade and my strength is in magic skill. The might of my spells shall the spirit confine In a glassy prison and make him thine. And soon shall thy bosom be glad, if a son Of the race of Adam thy heart has won. For what son of earth would refuse to see His lady, and mistress, and queen in thee?” . She ceased; and the heart of Zulaikha was stirred By the tale of magic and love she heard. Her only hope was the truth to speak, While her tears were as stars to the moon of her cheek: "Unseen is the treasure I long for. The key Of the treasure-house door is lost to me. How can I tell where the bird may rest Who makes with the phoenix of story his nest? Yet the fabled phoenix is known to fame, While the bird of my love has not even a name. How sweet is their longing, compared with mine, Who can name the dear object for which they pine! Though bitter the thought that they may not meet, Yet to name the beloved one ever is sweet." . [When Zulaikha's saw Yusuf in her vision, she became inflamed by her love towards him such that her maiden was asking Zulaikha regarding her sorrowful state...] . [Picture: Jonathan Irish] . {Jámí, "Yúsuf and Zulaikha". trans. Ralph T. H. Griffith. Ballantyne Press 1882. London. p.56-57} . #Beloved #love #jami #poetry #persianpoetry #islamictradition #sufism #tasawwuf #yusufandzulaikha
Jami 🌹, . [This story is about Shaykh Awhad al-din Balyani (d.1287), a Persian Sufi master of Shiraz and his student] One of the students of the Shaykh was in retreat on a mountain. A snake came near him and he tried to grab hold of it. The snake bit him and his limbs began to swell. The Shaykh came to know about this and sent for his student. . He then said to him, 'Why did you grab hold of the snake, so that it bit you?' . 'Oh master,' replied the student, 'you yourself said that there is nothing but God. On seeing the snake, I saw only God. Plucking up courage, I grabbed hold of it!' . The Shaykh replied, 'When God manifests himself to you under the aspect of terrifying power, run away! Don't approach Him, otherwise the same thing will happen to you again!' . Then he sat him down and said to him, 'Hold back from acting so boldly until you know Him perfectly.' . After that he recited some invocations and blew on him. The swelling went down and the student was healed. . [The beautiful and peaceful picture is by the beautiful moon lover Sara: @themoonisherlover 🌔] . {Ibn 'Arabi/ Balyani, 'Know Yourself- An explanation of the oneness of being'. Trans. Cecilia Twinch. Beshara Publications, 2018. Introduction p. 12-13} . #Beloved #love #nogodbutGod #tasawwuf #ibnarabi #balyani #jami #persianart #knowyourself #islamictradition #whereeveryouturnthereisthefaceofGod
My picture, artist Younes Rahmoun work of art 'Hat-Light' multimedia installation at Jameel Prize 5 awards showcase for 8 contemporary art & designers inspired by Islamic tradition in V&A London #mypicture #artist #younesrahmoun #workofart #hatlight #installation 77 #moroccan #taqiya #knittedhats #directed #towards #mecca #jameelprize5 #showcase 8 #contemporaryartists & #designers #inspired #islamictradition #vandamuseum #london #art #artpost #artdaily #islamicart #islamicdesign @vamuseum
My picture, artist Mehdi Moutashar work of art 'Two Squares, one of them framed' installation at Jameel Prize 5 award showcase for 8 contemporary art & designers, inspired by Islamic tradition V&A London #mypicture #artist #mehdimoutashar #twosquaresoneofthemframed #workofart #installation #jameelprize5 #award #showcase 8 #contemporaryart & #designers #inspired #islamictradition #vandamuseum #london #art #artpost #artdaily #islamicart #islamicdesign @vamuseum
In ke lehjay main Hashim (a.s) ki hashmat bhi hai, In ke tevar main Hamza (a.s) ki haibat bhi hai, Har ada in ki Imran (a.s) ka aks hai, In ki baahon main Ja'afar (a.s) ki taaqat bhi hai, Pyaar hain Mustafa (saww) ka Hussain-o-Hassan (a.s), aur Hasnain (a.s) ka pyaar Abbas (a.s) hai.
Khaima Gah This is Khaima Gah, the place where the tents of Ahl-e-Bait a.s were fixed after being moved away from the River Euphrates (Fura’at). As you enter, there is the tent of Maula Abbas a.s, and as you go farther, among tents of other family members, there are tents of Imam Hussain a.s and Bibi Zainab s.a. A few footsteps later, there are tents of Imam Zain-ul-Abideen a.s and Shehzada Qasim a.s. There are no actual tents now, but the places have been marked for ziarat. Location: This is located near Tilla-e-Zainabiya.
You think you're a lover of mine? I'll perplex you, pareeshanat konam Build little, I'll ruin you, viraanat konam - If, like bees, you make two hundred houses; like flies, I'll wreck your house and home, beemaanat konam! - You're involved in bewildering people, I'm involved  in intoxicating and bewildering you, hayraanat konam! - عاشقی بر من پریشانت کنم کم عمارت کن که ویرانت کنم گر دو صد خانه کنی زنبوروار چون مگس بی‌خان و بی‌مانت کنم تو بر آنک خلق را حیران کنی من بر آنک مست و حیرانت کنم Shared and probably even translated by sir Dr. Alan Godlas | Picture: A whirling dervish #Beloved  #rumi  #poetry  #tasawwuf  #wine #persianpoetry  #sufism  #love  #islamictradition #Rumi #Sufism #Sufiwriting #Rumimathnavi #writer .
Even Documentation, Aqiqah. Aqīqah is the Islamic tradition of the sacrifice of an animal on the occasion of a child's birth. It is widely performed by Muslims and it is considered sunnah to slaughter a sheep for the baby and distribute the meat to the poor. Muslims also prepare a feast for family and friends in celebration for being blessed with a child . . Fb.com/our.dofphotojogja . . WA +6285927441505 IG @dofphotojogja irawan.tn@gmail.com #dof #dofphotojogja #manuksgrapher #yogyakarta #event #eventphotographer #photographerforhire #fotograferjogja #fotograferevent #akikah #akikahan #kekahan #aqiqah #tradition #islamictradition #ceremony #throwback
Maqam-e-Imam-e-Zamana (ajf) This is ‎Maqam-e-Imam-e-Zamana (ajf), located very near to Haram-e-Maula Abbas a.s, where the twelfth imam is believed to have come and meet people. It is said that when Imam Mehdi (ajf) comes for the ziarat of Imam Hussain a.s, he comes here first and then walks to the shrine. It is also believed that Maula Hussain a.s fell down from Zuljinah (his horse) at this place. Right next to this place is one of the branches of Nehr-e-Fura’at (shown in the second picture). Location: Go straight from Bab-al-Sidra of Haram Maula Hussain a.s until the end of road. This place is right after the last check post.
Jámí🌹, Love's longing. ... Night, the dear friend of all lovers; night, Who hides their secrets that fear the light- Night, the meet theme of the lover's praise, Who drops the kind veil which the morn would raise. Then she turned her face to the wall of lament, And her back was curved as a harp is bent. The strings of that harp were the streams from her eyes, And its voice was the tune of her ceaseless sighs. From the depth of her soul the wild music rose, And its treble and bass were the tale of her woes. The loved one's image in sight she kept, And uttered these pearls with the pearls she wept: "Purest of gems, from what mine art thou For whom I am weeping these tear-gems now? Thou art gone from my sight with the heart thou hast snared, But thy name and thy home thou hast no declared. Of whom shall I ask? To whom shall I turn, Thy name and the place where thou dwellest to learn? Art thou a king, by what name art thou known? A moon?- with what stars is thy heavenly throne? Ah, ne'er may a maiden be captured like me! I am robbed of my heart and the robber goes free. I saw thine image; it stole my sleep; And now blood from mine eyes and my heart I weep. Sleepless for ever my body must be, For my heart is on fire with the love of thee. . [In here Jámí depicts Zulaikha's longing after she saw Yúsuf in a vision/dream before they even 'met'.] Picture: Folio from Yusuf-u Zulaykha by Jami, Iran Qazvin. Pinterest. . {Jámí, "Yúsuf and Zulaikha". trans. Ralph T. H. Griffith. Ballantyne Press 1882. London. p.51-52} . #Beloved #love #yusufandzulaikha #jami #persianart #persianliterature #poetry #islamictradition #tasawwuf
Jámí🌹, Love's longing ... And her secret love she still kept unknown Like the ruby that sleeps in the heart of the stone. Her bosom bled, but no drop might show The cause of the wound and her bitter woe. With her waiting-maids she would talk and smile, But her soul was heavy with grief the while. Her lips of sugar would laugh, but pain Knotted her heart like the sugar-cane. Gay was her tongue with the tale and jest, But the tongue of love's flame flickered fierce in her breast. On the forms of her maidens her eye she cast, But her heart was bound to the loved one fast. Her soul's rein had slipped from the hand of her will, For where'er she might be she was with him still. 'Tis vain for the poor heart to struggle while Love holds it with teeth of the crocodile. No wish had she now, not a thought save for one; Save in him no rest and comfort, none. . [In here Jámí depicts Zulaikha's longing after she saw Yúsuf in a vision/dream before they even 'met'.] Picture: A Safavid illumination- 10th century. Walters art museum] . {Jámí, "Yúsuf and Zulaikha". trans. Ralph T. H. Griffith. Ballantyne Press 1882. London. p.50} . #Beloved #love #yusufandzulaikha #jami #persianart #persianliterature #poetry #islamictradition #tasawwuf
@anitachowdry you made it look soo easy...it is anything but that! Great respect for Islamic manuscript Illuminators of past and present 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽....I am barely getting the gold on...have no idea how I’m gonna outline this or add the colours 😱😱😱...and this isn’t even the super mini size that is on actual manuscripts....it’s been blown up for us! And sooo much harder with a brush 🙀....Watch this space...could turn out to be a total disaster....😅😅😅 • • • #itsnotthateasy #islamicmanuscriptillumination #islamicmanuscript #shellgold #groundgold #23caratgold #illumination #illuminations #manuscript #islamic #islamicart #watchthisspace #workinprogress #mightbeadisaster #bintsafar #respect #respectforartisans #pastandpresent #traditionalart #islamicmanuscriptilluminators #islamictradition #islamichistory #quran #quranart #rumi #florals #gold
Four everlasting promises from almighty ALLAH (Sweet) If you are a Muslim then you have received the greatest blessings from ALLAH. If you have Islam then you have everything. #abdullahrayyan #muslim #muslimah #islamicquotes #islam #allah #islamicquotes #allahuakbar #prayer #muhammad #hadith #prophet #subhanaallah #religion #dakwah #islamicpost #islamicreminder #alhamdulillah #salah #peace #sunnah #instaislam #instagram #india #mashallah #islamictradition #ummah #yarub
Maqam-e-Sher-e-Fizza This place is Maqam-e-‎Sher-e-Fizza. After the battle of Siffin, on his way to Kufa, Imam Ali a.s met this Lion in Karbala and ordered him to protect the body of his son, Hussain a.s, at the time of Karbala. When the horses started treading on the Imam’s (a.s) body, Bibi Fizza followed the orders of Bibi Zainab s.a to call upon the help of that Lion to protect and stop the opposing army from treading on Imam Hussain’s (a.s) body when he was left lying on the desert sand. Crying in anger, the Lion rushed towards the body and protected it for 3 days until Imam Sajjad a.s arrived to bury the bodies. Location: From Bab-al-Qibla of Haram Maula Hussain a.s, walk towards the shrine outside Bain-ul-Harmain. The maqam is 1 minute walk away when you enter the second lane between the shops.
Masjid-e-Hannana Masjid-e-Hannana is located between Najaf and Kufa. It is reported that when Maula Ali's janazah passed by this place, trees and the pillars of the mosque inclined towards Maula Ali a.s, as if they paid their last respects. It is also believed that the Qaflah after Karbala passed by this place and Maula Hussain’s (a.s) head was put on the ground of the mosque.
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