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Petikan daripada buku Memahami Proses Istinbat Hukum Syarak (Siri 1) Sheikh Ahmad Al-Zarqa (1998) membahagikan ruang lingkup ilmu fiqh yang dibahaskan oleh fuqaha kepada tujuh bab berikut: I- Hukum berkaitan ibadat kepada Allah Ta'ala seperti solat, puasa dan sebagainya. Ia dinamakan Ibadat. II- Hukum berkaitan kekeluargaan seperti nikah kahwin, perceraian, penasaban, nafkah, hak penjagaan anak, wasiat dan pusaka dinamakan sebagai al-Ahwal al-Syakhsiyyah (Undang-undang Diri). III- Hukum berkaitan aktiviti yang berjalan dalam kalangan manusia yang berkaitan harta, hak-hak sivil dan transaksi perpindahan milik dinamakan sebagai Muamalat. Bersambung.... #jomfahamhukumsyarak #islamispeace #islamisthewayoflife
Daily reminders! Assalamu alaykom brothers and sisters in islam, Allah (swt) says: وَلَأُغْوِيَنَّهُمْ أَجْمَعِينَ إِلَّا عِبَادَكَ مِنْهُمُ الْمُخْلَصِينَ Wich means:" I will certainly cause them all to deviate exept the servants from among them, the devoted truthful ones." Shaytan cannot come near those who are devoted to allah (swt) and his prophets and the 12 imams (as). Here is a clear indication and proof that humans cannot be broken or overcome by anything. Prophet sulayaman (as) had a beautiful kingdom, with the jinn and humans both being his servants, sulayman (as) had a special gift, he could talk to animals and some narrations state that the wind was also his servant. When prophet sulayman (as) asked his servants in his kingdom, "who can bring me the throne of sheeba from yemen"? One of the jinns got up and said "i will bring you her throne before you get up" this highlighted the immense power of allahs creation of the jinn. Assef son of barkhiya who had "some knowledge of the book" (as stated in the quran) stood up and said "sulayman, i will bring you the throne before you blink" Subhan allah! Quran teaches us that if a human, with faith and some knowledge of the book, and is devoted to allah (swt) and is truthful, then nothing can break him nor overcome them. A follower of ahlul bayt noone can harm. #prophetsulayman #islamislove #islamispeace #jinn #prophetmohammed #allahuakbar #subhanallah #12imams #313 #alawiyouthinstitute
Bismillah. . . Geert is going crazy again. His hatred on Islam is unbearable. . . I really hope that he will find the truth of Islam one day, and fall in love forever. But now is our duty to response his act by report his account for what he did now. . @theimperfection . #hatespeech #prophetmuhammad #geertwilder #holland #netherlands #dutch #abashing #prophet #muhammad #islam #iman #islamismydeen #islamispeace #knowingislam
Hazrat Abdullah ibn Ma’sood (R.A) narrates that Rasulullah ﷺsaid: “Those who attempt to read it with difficulty (because of their lack of familiarity with the language) will merit double rewards.” (Tirmidhi and Abu Dawood). #quran #islamisbeautiful #islamispeace #peace #Allahistheone
In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Ever Merciful The first thing we have to understand about 'Belief in the Unseen' is that it does NOT mean to have Blind Faith nor does it mean to believe in imaginary and/or unreal things. Rather, the Holy Qur'an constantly demands that we use our intellect and reason. Allah constantly urges us to use our rationality so much so that He literally asks on multiple occasions 'will you not see reason?' Just because something is beyond our senses does not mean that belief in such a thing is irrational or even unreasonable! There are many things which cannot be perceived by us but their existence is well established. So sit back for a moment and actually think about this, how many things are there in the world that you KNOW exist even though you haven’t experienced them firsthand? 'Belief in the Unseen' is belief which is based upon reasoning and logical conclusions. It just so happens that these things we happen to believe in cannot be perceived by our 5 physical senses. Another necessary aspect of 'Belief in the Unseen' is that there are some things about our religion which at any given moment may not be understood by us (meaning that specific individual may not understand the specific reasoning behind a commandment etc.) Yet we choose to obey these commandments and hold these beliefs because OVERALL we understand that the Holy Qur'an and the religion of Islam are truthful. Just because a certain teaching may not make sense to you at first, you still believe it to be the truth because overall you’ve realized and concluded that the religion of Islam is indeed correct. Allah does not expect you to simply believe in Him just because someone told you to do so, or because you’re parents or someone close to you believes in Islam and thus you believe as well. This is what the non-believers in the time of the Holy Prophet (saw) used to say! This is the excuse they would use, they would literally say that we found our forefathers praying to the idols and we will do this as well.
"Der Mann mag stark sein & vermag zu glauben das er die Frau beschützt, doch in Wirklichkeit ist es die Frau, die den Mann beschützt. Sie trägt die selbe Funktion wie die Rippe (aus der Sie erschaffen wurde) - Sie beschützt das Herz❤️ #prophetmuhammad #islamislove #islam #islamsprüche #islamispeace #islamicquotes #islamisthetruth #islamisthewayoflife #islamisthebest #mannheim #stuttgart #wiesbaden #frankfurt #karlsruhe
Igualdad y respeto, es lo que enseña el islam y quien no lo haya entendido así, es que no ha entendido el islam! #honourher #islamicrelief #islamispeace #igualdad #islam20182
listening viral song -•Deen Assalam•- singing by @sabyan_gambus. Oftentimes on radio and television, even at mosque. Islam is religion of peace. • ادْعُ إِلَىٰ سَبِيلِ رَبِّكَ بِالْحِكْمَةِ وَالْمَوْعِظَةِ الْحَسَنَةِ ۖ وَجَادِلْهُمْ بِالَّتِي هِيَ أَحْسَنُ ۚ إِنَّ رَبَّكَ هُوَ أَعْلَمُ بِمَنْ ضَلَّ عَنْ سَبِيلِهِ ۖ وَهُوَ أَعْلَمُ بِالْمُهْتَدِينَ Artinya: Serulah (manusia) kepada jalan Robb-mu dengan hikmah dan pengajaran yang baik, dan berdebatlah dengan mereka dengan cara yang baik. Sesungguhnya Robb-mu, Dialah yang lebih mengetahui siapa yang sesat dari jalan-Nya dan Dialah yang lebih mengetahui siapa yang mendapat petunjuk. (QS. An-Nahl:125) • #sabyangambus #islamispeace
#Zakat is obligatory Ibadah enjoined upon all Muslims while Sadaqa is voluntary act of Ibadah. Zakat can only be done twice a year/ Hijra calendar and on two occasions which are Zakat’ul Fitr, given only in Ramadan and Zakat on Wealth which can be given monthly or annually on ones wealth (2.5% on money, 87.48g of Gold and 612.36g of Silver). Sadaqa can be done at any point in time and more often, you’re rewarded for it. #Zakat #Sadaqa #islamispeace #DrMohammedSalah
INFO ARUS BALIK MUDIK 2018. Buat brothers and sisters yg mau melintas jalur Puncak, kalau mau ngga macet-macetan, bisa lewat jalur "Bukit Pelangi Sentul". Bebas macet dan pemandangannya AJIB brosis! 😀👍 ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ #infomudik #infoarusbalikmudik #puncak #motovlog #muslimbikerindonesia #komunitasmuslimbikersindonesia #KOMBI #bikers #bikershijrah #satuaspal #muslim #islam #peace #islamispeace #islammeanspeace
Günaydin,yeni bir güne Bismillah♥️Elhamdülillah♥️😌🌹♥️🌸 #sabır #sükür #dua #huzur #islamicquotes #islamispeace
☄ Der Prophet hat gesagt: “Kein Mißgeschick betrifft den Muslim, keine Krankheit, kein Kummer, kein Schaden, kein Gram, nicht einmal ein Dorn sticht ihn, ohne daß Allah damit etwas von seinen Sünden auslöscht.” (Abu Said, Abu Huraira; Buchari, Muslim) ☄ #islamicquotes #islamforlife #dua #bittgebet #beten #islam #islam#muslima #konvertiert #muslim #alhamdulliah #alhamdulillahforeverything #zitateundsprüche #sprüche #sunnahfood #quotes #sünden #hadith #hadithoftheday #religionofpeace #lifeisbeautiful #islamicreminders #islamispeace #allahuakbar #muhammadﷺ #religionen #muhammadsaw #koran #quran #sunnah
Daily reminders! Assalamu alaykom brothers and sisters in islam, Treating your wife the best of treatment is obligated on every muslim man. Expressing youre love and compassion to her is compulsory on every believing man and is part of faith. Allah (swt) says: وَعَاشِرُوهُنَّ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ Wich means: "And treat them (your wife) kindly" Prophet muhamad (pbuh) says: "the best of you are those who are best to your wives" Be loving towards her, treat her gently and be patient towards them. Imam ali (as) says: "be kind to your women, she is like a tender flower, she is not your slave" If one calls him self a follower of ahlul bayt, then one must act the way they taught us, help your wife around the house, communicate with them, and love them, for a females role is so important in islam, when they are a daughter, she opens a door of heaven to her father, and when she is a wife, she completes half the religion of her husband, and when she becomes a mother, heaven lies beneath her feet. Look after our sisters! #islamislove #islamispeace #prophetmohammed #loveyourwife #oursisters #ahlulbayt #alawiyouthinstitute
Who is @geertwilders ? Kembarannya @realdonaldtrump Hahaaa.... Mereka berdua sama-sama ANTI ISLAM Menebar kebencian dengan dalih "Freedom of Speech" Padahal apa yang beliau tebarkan bukan wujud "Freedom of Speech" but "Hate Speech" Lihat saja kelakuannya dengan mengadakan kontes pembuatan kartun Nabi Muhammad Ini yang namanya freedom ? Apakah freedom of Speech memang digunakan untuk menghina dan menebar kebencian ? GAGAL PAHAM sama makna freedom of Speech (kebebasan berpendapat) karena menelannya mentah-mentah USAH jauh-jauh keluar sana Di dalam negeri pun terjadi Ingat kasus Puisi Bu Sukmawati yang terang sekali menyinggung SARA ? Ah, tak sedikit yang membela beliau dengan dalih Kebebasan berpendapat/berekspresi Lucu sekali !!! Dear.... Sebarkanlah cinta dan perdamaian Bukan kebencian yang dibungkus kebebasan berpendapat Benar, kita bebas beraspirasi Tapi bukan bebas sebebas-bebasnya hingga melukai banyak hati Hak berpendapat dibatasi oleh hak-hak milik orang lain. #islamisnotterorist #islambukanteroris #Islam #islamicquotes #islamispeace #iammuslim #freedomofspeech #geertwilders #hatespeech #islamitudamai #indonesia #belajarcerdas #2019GantiPresiden (Hashtag terakhir, apapun statusnya itulah hashtagnya)
Mandatory post for #Eid 😅😅 #eid_mubarak 🌙 to every people May Allah bless everyone!!! Amen. .. . . #eidoutfit #manyavar #manyavarfashion #traditionaloutfit #islamispeace #eidulfitr #believe #instagood #instamagzine
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