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“As far as talent, if I could be any other player, I wouldn’t be Michael Jordan, man. I wouldn’t take Michael Jordan’s game, I would take Latrell Sprewell’s game,” - Allen Iverson - Allen Iverson literally said if he was given an option to be any player in the league, he would be Latrell Sprewell instead of Michael Jordan. That was how good this absolute madman was, before his career went downhill. - Just for some context on how amazing it was for him to even reach the NBA, here’s something you need to know. Latrell Sprewell didn’t start playing basketball until his senior year in highschool. He played at Alabama, before getting drafted with the 24th pick in the 1992 NBA draft by the Golden State Warriors. - There wasn’t high expectations for him as he was a late first round pick, but Sprewell was ready to dominate the league. He came out averaging 15 points, and made an All Rookie Team. - But in his second season in the league, he managed to make an all star team, All Defensive Second, and All NBA First Team. Latrell Sprewell managed to make the All NBA First team in just his second season in the league. - So how did Latrell Sprewell end up being unknown by people? The infamous choking incident ruined his career. It was in 1997, when he attacked Warriors Head Coach P. J. Carlesimo. Sprewell threatened to kill him while dragging him across the ground by his throat. His teammates dragged him off, but Sprewell left to change. Eventually coming back and punching Carlesimo in the face. - Due to that incident, Sprewell was suspended for a year by the league and eventually traded to the Knicks. While he was at the Knicks, he led the Knicks to the finals despite being an eighth seed. - He eventually retired due to rejecting a 21 million dollar contract saying, “I have a family to feed.” What a way for one of the craziest talents in NBA history to retire. - What would have happened if Sprewell would have just settled down? Would he and Webber had led the Warriors to a ring in the 90s?
Past meets present. Imagine if Brett Farve and Adam Thielen played together! Please tag @brettfavre @athielen19
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These are my VERY EARLY record predictions for the Chicago Bears. I predict the Bears to be a playoff team once again. They have the defense for it even though they lost a few players, they gained some as well. The Bears also have a decent QB in Mitchell Trubisky. I expect them to go 5-1 in the division. Thoughts?
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4-0 Celtics Win!!
What player do you guys most believe should not have declared for the 2019 NBA Draft?
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Terrible tackling at the start lmao 😔
He’s living life 🤣
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🚨2018-19 NBA Award Predictions🚨 Analysis (even though @realnbacontent copied me 😂)👇 — — — MVP: James Harden Harden is having one of the greatest individual regular-season campaigns in NBA history. He became the first player to record at least 600 points, 100 rebounds, and 100 assists in a month since Jerry West. At one time, he was on pace to have the most points per 100 possessions potentially passing Michael Jordan. His defense has been such a liability to his game. However his defensive plus-minus has improved from 26th in the NBA referring to guards last season to 18th this season. — — — ROTY: Luka Doncic Doncic joined elite company as him and Oscar Robertson were the only players to average at least 20 points, seven rebounds, and five assists in his rookie season. Doncic and his ability to break down defenders at the point of attack separates him from the other ROTY candidates. — — — MIP: Pascal Siakam Siakam has improved in almost every statistical category. After shooting 22% 3PT last season, he is up to 36.9% 3PT this season. His scoring efficiency is also risen. He has a 63% true shooting percentage this season compared to 54.9% last season. — — — DPOY: Giannis Antetokounmpo This could be a sense of consolation prize as I predict Antetokounmpo will not win the MVP award. The Bucks are first in the NBA in points allowed with 104.7. He also is second in the NBA with best defensive field goal percentages in the league at 40.1%. — — — 6MOTY: Lou Williams Williams leads all reserves in scoring averages. The Clippers are 13.6 points per 100 possessions better when he is on the floor. He has averaged more points, rebounds, and assists per 36 minutes this season. He has improved in every statistic. — — — COTY: Mike Budenholzer In my opinion, Budenholzer is a top 5 coach in the NBA. I have no earthly idea why the Hawks relieved him of his duties. He turned a 44-win team into a title contender with a potential MVP candidate. They are a force to be reckon with in the Eastern Conference. — — — Be sure to follow: @aviv.theanalyst @hoopstalktoday @nba_opinions_23 @nuggetsclan @realnbacontent
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60 Days Till Zion Drop a Z 🙏
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I don’t understand how these guys even made some of these shots 😂😂
Dwayne Wade on if he’s the second best shooting guard ever... 🔥 Happy Easter 🥚 🐣
Will Trae get a dunk next season? 🤔 Follow me @traetoday for more! • (Via @hawksnationcp ) @traeyoung • Thoughts?
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After the departure of Odell, Landon Collins, and Olivier Vernon, Gettleman states that the Giants locker room isn’t a problem anymore, and that it’s a better environment then before. Thoughts? - - - - - - - - #sctop10 #sportsedits #anklebreakers #sportsnation #ripseantaylor #cfb #whodat #youthfootball #gridironhighlights #nbabasketball #🏈 #2k19 #jerseyswap #jellyfam #buzzerbeater #dribbling #nfl #funny #obj #hsfootball #sportsmixes #alabama #giants #nygiants #giantspride
His Stat line was... 5.7 PPG, 2.0 RPG, 2.8 APG 33%FG, 28%3FG, 76% FT While playing 21 MPG and shooting 6.6 Shots a game. - I had a lot of Frank haters on my page that called him a bust after his rookie year and I told everyone to calm down and let’s see how he plays in his 2nd season. It would be a lie to say I’m not disappointed in his game. He’s a great defender but If I’m gonna be fair he has been a complete non factor on offense, doesn’t have the ability to shoot it or use his 6’7 frame to his advantage to break down defenses.(Clyde said the same thing) - I don’t know what the future brings for frank. If you count Mario as a PG then frank is probably the 5th string PG. Guys like Kadeem Allen came in from the streets and outplayed him. He has struggled to stay healthy, He hasn’t scored 20 points in over 120 NBA Games. I don’t think Frank has much Trade value right now and it’s nearly impossible to get his value up because he wouldn’t get any rotation time especially if we Add Kyrie or Kemba. It’s a scary road for him but as an overall grade this past season I probably would have to give him a D- 😪 and that’s being generous. I really want him to succeed though.
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