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It’s archery season in PA, so the deer are a little on edge. You might find them often near the roadway or in places you might not expect. Use extra caution when traveling around. #upperdelaware #findyourpark #whitetaildeer #lackawaxen #scenicdrive
This Saturday! Bring a toy Take a car. #theholidaytoydrive #lackawaxen #pumpkinparty #zipperjunction #tzjp
#Lackawaxen #pumpkinparty Saturday, Oct 27, 11a-2p, Village Ballfield. Bring a toy, take a car... #theholidaytoydrive #tzjp
The view from the top of the mountain at @skibigbear is awe inspiring. And before you know it, the mountain will be covered with snow and the slopes will be open! Book your ski get away now and receive a 25% discount off your ski lift ticket! Inquiries and Reservations: Dave@corcabins.com
Why not book personal chef service during your next Pocono get away? Anything and everything is possible when you stay with Cor Cabins! Book Now: Dave@corcabins.com
You can still catch some Fall colors in the Pocono Mountains! We have some of the best scenery the northeast has to offer! Even a simple drive down a winding country road can become an experience you won’t soon forget with colors like these popping up all over the place! We cannot wait for you to experience it all in person! Book Now: Dave@corcabins.com
This one of our favorite spots in the Masthope Mountain Community. A quiet place on Westcolang Lake to sit with your thoughts and simply be present in the moment. With such chaotic schedules and constant commitments, why not treat yourself to a few days of peace and serenity. The Masthope Hideaway is waiting for you! Book Now: Dave@corcabins.com
Gorgeous weekend in the wilderness 🍁🍂
It’s a perfect morning to snuggle up under the covers and enjoy the warmth of the Masthope Hideaway. Inquiries and Reservations: Dave@corcabins.com
Our feature property is the Masthope Hideaway. It’s a 3 bed, 2 bath, open concept living space that comfortably accommodates 6-8 guests. We are conveniently located just 5 minutes from the foot of Ski Big Bear and a variety of amenities in the Masthope Mountain Community. We can’t wait for you to experience the peace and serenity of Masthope! Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
It’s getting chilly in Masthope, so we are starting the day at the Masthope Hideaway with the snap, crackle, and pop of the fireplace! Anyone else enjoy a warm, cozy fire to start their day off right? Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
Here is a shot I got yesterday at Zane Gray boat launch in Lackawaxen PA. I like this pose with his tail fanning out. #lackawaxen #eagles #birds 🐦 #baldeagle #upperdelawareriver #unpperdelaware #zanegrey #tails
It’s all about LOVE! #frankedonke #lackawaxen #donkeylove
Congrats Brittany and Joe! #lackawaxen #delawareriver #middleofnowhere
Oktoberfest in Masthope! Come on down for an awesome afternoon!
Peaceful views over Westcolang Lake. Experience it for yourself by booking a stay at the Masthope Hideaway! Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
Check our when the Fall colors will be popping in the Lackawaxen area. The best way to see it all in person is by scheduling a guided hike through the Cor Cabins Virtual Concierge Service! Guided Hikes: https://corcabins.com/hiking-tours/
With a cozy decor and rustic charm throughout, the Masthope Hideaway is sure to provide everything you need for the perfect get away! Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
Still waiting for the big color change, hopefully only another week or so! #upperdelaware #findyourpark #fall #WSR50 #makeyoursplash #lackawaxen #roeblingbridge
And the events continue coming! You don’t want to miss Oktoberfest in the Masthope Mountain Community! There will be food, fun, and festivities that are sure to please!
When you stay at the Masthope Hideaway there’s a good chance you’ll be getting up close and personal with nature... Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
Don’t forget! Tomorrow is the annual Masthope Fall Festival! The Masthope Hideaway is already booked, but you can still stop by for some Fall festivities and you can check out all that the Masthope Mountain Community has to offer!
So grateful to our guests for their feedback and reviews! 🙏🏻Warms our heart when people continue coming back to the Masthope Hideaway year after year! Thank you to our guests for allowing us to share this wonderful place with you all! Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
Our feature property, the Masthope Hideaway, is conveniently located just 5 minutes from countless amenities and the heart of the Masthope Mountain Community. Ski Big Bear, the Summit Restaurant, Mini Golf, and the community office are all centrally located for the convenience of our guests. When will you be staying with us? Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
View from the top of the Mountain at Ski Big Bear, Masthope Mountain. It’s even more breathtaking in person! But don’t take our word for it... BOOK NOW: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
It’s almost here! Ski season is on the horizon! Prime weekends and traditional vacation weeks are booking up fast! Don’t miss out on your chance to get a 25% discount on your ski lift ticket at Ski Big Bear when you stay with Cor Cabins! 🛷🎿⛷🏂 Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
The annual Masthope Fall Festival is sure to please! Make you you stop by this Sunday for some food, fun, and Fall festivities!
The Masthope Hideaway is located in one of the premier communities in the Northeast Pocono region. With an extensive list of amenities available to our guests, you’ll be thrilled you booked through Cor Cabins! Oh, and why not pick up some of that Masthope gear while you’re at it and show some love for the most perfect get away spot in all of the Pocono Mountains!
Have to give a huge shout out and congratulations to the premier brewery of the Pocono Mountains! Our guests are never disappointed when they stop in for a bite and brew at @wallenpaupackbrewingco Stop by today and celebrate their first full year in operation by having a brew or two (or three 😁). If you’re not in town this weekend, make sure you check them out the next time you book your stay with Cor Cabins! Cheers everyone! 🍻
Hangin’ with the girls, Maribel and Lucy... #frankedonke #lackawaxen
Jacob, me and Derrick #selfie #lackawaxen #delawareriver
The Masthope Hideaway is the perfect vacation spot to commune with Mother Nature. The stillness of Westcolang Lake will provide a serene escape from the daily grind. We invite all of you to experience this majestic spot for yourselves! Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
The coffee was so good this morning we decided to stop back in for a classic sandwich and chips for lunch! The convenience of getting away to a vacation rental in a community with such extensive amenities can not and should not be underestimated! Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
If you need that cup of coffee to start your get away morning, why not stop by the Marketplace at Masthope? It’s conveniently and centrally located just 5 minutes from the Masthope Hideaway (you won’t even have to leave the community 🙌🏻☕️👍🏻)
A piece of: Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania December 29, 2016 - The feeling, while flying, while dipping your toes into December’s waters. How the sky changes. Do we always want it to be blue? I pick up feathers and pennies, One for comfort, one for luck. The mornings are the sweetest aren’t they? Look out the window, who knows what you might see This morning, snow for hours. - 📷 Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania 2016 - - #delawareriver #lackawaxen #swiftwater #poem #poetry #thensuddenlysun #writer #writerscommunity #catskills #newyork - Link in profile 🙏
Construction has begun on #thecarecabin because #nobodyshouldbehungry #lackawaxen
“Sip N Paint” nights in Masthope are sure to please! Enjoy some vino and get creative in the process! This is just one of example of the countless events that our guests can be a part of when you book your stay at the Masthope Hideaway! Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
The Masthope Hideaway is located in the Masthope Mountain Community. It’s the perfect location to get away from it all. We are often asked if our property and community are good for families and kids, and the answer is simple: YES YES YES! It’s time to get away, to come home!
What a gorgeous, pink, sunset sky over the northeast Pocono region this past Sunday night. Anyone else snap a sweet pic of a Pocono sunset recently? If so, email it to Matt@corcabins.com or post it to our social media pages so we can share the splendor of the Poconos with the world!
If you’re wondering what there is to do when you stay at the Masthope Hideaway, take a look at these options! And that’s not even the half of it! Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
It’s serene moments like this that make the Masthope Hideaway such a peaceful and grounding place to visit. How many of you need a peaceful get away? Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
A gorgeous panoramic view from the dock at Westcolang Lake. Such a peaceful spot to spend some time with your thoughts. Make sure you swing by when you stay at the Masthope Hideaway! You won’t regret it! Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
We always love when our “deer” friends stop by the Masthope Hideaway! Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
The leaves on the trees around the Masthope Hideaway are just beginning to turn and change color. When the colors peak in October it is absolutely breathtaking! But don’t take our word for it. Why not experience it in person? Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507
Hoof trim please... #frankedonke #lackawaxen #donkeylife
Do you think I’m a smart ass? #frankedonke #lackawaxen #smartass
There’s no better time to hit the trails of the Pocono Mountains than late September into October. The leaves are changing and the colors are really beginning to pop! If you’re not sure which trail can provide you with the best views, why not book a guided hike through the Cor Cabins Virtual Concierge Service and take the guess work out of the equation! Guided Hike: https://corcabins.com/hiking-tours/ #CorCabins #VacationRental #VacationRentalManagement #PoconoVacationRental #Lackawaxen #PoconoMountains #Masthope #MasthopeMountainCommunity #MasthopeHideaway #Poconos #VirtualConcierge #VirtualConciergeService #PATravelHappy #GuidedHike #Hike #Hiking #Fall #FallColors #Autumn #ChangeOfSeasons #FallHike #GetAwayToComeHome
You might be wondering, how can Chef Frank possibly top that delectable pumpkin roll he made yesterday? How about a maple glaze pumpkin roll with toasted walnuts! Imagine a slice a this for desert when you book Chef Frank at the Masthope Hideaway! Personal Chef Service: https://corcabins.com/chef-service/ #CorCabins #VacationRental #VacationRentalManagement #PoconoVacationRental #Lackawaxen #PoconoMountains #Masthope #MasthopeMountainCommunity #MasthopeHideaway #Poconos #VirtualConcierge #VirtualConciergeService #PATravelHappy #PersonalChef #PersonalChefServices #ChefServices #PumpkinRoll #MapleGlazePumpkinRoll #GoodEats #NomNom #GetAwayToComeHome
One of the best things about booking a stay at the Masthope Hideaway is the community in which we are located. Aside from the extensive list of amenities for our guests to enjoy, annual events such as the Harvest Fall Festival make the Masthope Mountain Community one of the top vacation destinations in the Pocono Mountains! Book Now: https://www.vrbo.com/1197507 #CorCabins #VacationRental #VacationRentalManagement #PoconoVacationRental #Lackawaxen #PoconoMountains #Masthope #MasthopeMountainCommunity #MasthopeHideaway #Poconos #VirtualConcierge #VirtualConciergeService #PATravelHappy #FallHarvestFestival #FallHarvest #GetAwayToComeHome
This is a seal. This is a seal in the Lackawaxen river in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. I thought I was bad with directions. 😳🤣 . . . . . #iknewishouldhavetakenthatleftturnatalbuquerque . . #witch #wicca #pagan #seal #lackawaxen #poconos #poconosseal
You know it’s Fall when Chef Frank says it time to start your morning with a fresh slice of pumpkin roll! Next time you stay with Cor Cabins make sure to book Chef Frank! Trust us, your tastebuds will thank you! 👨🏻‍🍳👍🏻😁 Personal Chef Service: https://corcabins.com/chef-service/ #CorCabins #VacationRental #VacationRentalManagement #PoconoVacationRental #Lackawaxen #PoconoMountains #Masthope #MasthopeMountainCommunity #MasthopeHideaway #Poconos #VirtualConcierge #VirtualConciergeService #PATravelHappy #PersonalChef #PersonalChefServices #PoconoPersonalChef #PumpkinRoll #GoodEats #NomNom #GetAwayToComeHome
I had the pleasure to be the race photographer for the first Korean American Friendship Marathon this past weekend. It was a great event and I want to thank Mark Hughes and Jay Chung for organizing this and bringing people together for good times, good food and good running! A link to all the pictures is in my profile. #running #koreanamerican #koreanamericanfriendship #marathonrunning #secondwindracetiming #runtogether #allthemiles #willrunforfood #lackawaxen #parunning #krunners #bethpagerunners #stjosephmarathonclub #bostonqualifier
Found a lake! Short and sweet - and steep - 2.5 mile hike to Lake Lackawaxen, ~10,000' with a 1,145' elevation gain
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