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Like if you a homie Pc @applekingcurt
What a flawless day celebrating these two yesterday. Their day was packed full of fun and surprises from special music sung by the bride and groom, a live band, a ice cream truck, a hot dog stand and some HILARIOUS toasts.
Is it bad if I say this is one of the only things I'll miss about Macon? #georgia #maconga #macongeorgia #macon #thebird #liveauthentic #liveunscripted
One day at a time.
Feel the sunshine ☀️
कर हर मैदान फतेह ।
Officially hit the reset button on my life yesterday. #positivethinking #positivevibes #rejuvenation #goalsetting #puesta #liveauthentic #shopaholic
Vivimos rápido. Vivimos esperando que la vida nos espere. La vida es lenta, muy lenta, y nosotros vamos rápido, muy rápido. Comemos rápido, hablamos rápido, dormimos rápido, mientras la vida no entiende de esos espacios temporales estresados. La vida es eso que pasa mientras nosotros corremos. #livelife #lovelife #liveauthentic
She’s keeping me sane... ruff week🐕
Le château d'eau de la rue Moreau & Ontario Est @arr_mhm Si jamais de l'argent, j'investirai certainement à Hochelaga ! Un quartier peut rester dans la misère des décennies et du jour au lendemain se gentrifier... #montréal #montreal #montrealpassionblog #montrealmoments #mtl #mtlmoments #yul #explorecanada #instaphoto #travel #voyage #pvtistes #made_in_mtl #instamoments #igerscanada #liveauthentic #explore #homa #watertower #building #archidaily #architecture #hochelaga #streetview #street_oftheworld #pvtcanada #realestate #cityscape #cityview #city
morning view. #shootoniphone
I don't know if I've ever seen a happier couple. I'm not kidding, guys! Kevin & Brittany, y'all are pretty incredible. 🖤#eribantphotography
Hiking in Joshua Tree.
Till next time #Austin . I will be back. Other than the excruciating heat and humidity, you’ve been a dream 😍 #texas #worktravel #hotaf #VSCO #VSCOcam #travelsolo #adventure #explore #liveauthentic #travel #travelgram #instatravel
Fierce #luckythedog
Lihatlah senyum bahagia dalam keluarga ini ketika pertama kali mendengar tangisan sang buah hati...😖🚼 bagaimana dengan anda.... ??? Sudah kah anda memberikan kebahagiaan untuk suami ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Tekan ♥, dan mention teman kamu untuk saling berbagi tentang info kesehatan!! - Follow: @griya_pregnant_moms @griya_pregnant_moms @my.baby.program.id @my.baby.program.id 🏥Untuk mendapatkan info kesehatan, medis, Program hamil(privasi terjaga) & hiburan bayi ️✔ contact person : Whaatsap: 081238063586
Bring the rain to Northern Ontario.
. 머이라니?”야 자 머리에 풀 꽂았자니”
In motion with the ocean 🤷🏽‍♀️
What a night! #MRYTH #RADYTH
Food 🥘🇰🇷#2 || Ice cream || Ice cream at Bistopping are so fancy ❤️
When it’s way past your bedtime and you just don’t care anymore 😆 #familyweddings
Had some fun exploring the botanical gardens in Bangalore yesterday. #explore #india #bangalore
To be yourself. To be your whole self. Is the greatest rebellion in existence. 💕 _ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
You know what I enjoy doing? Reading introductions from peeps in the gram-fam. I haven’t done one in forever and figured it was time for another insta-intro • I’m Bridgett. I’m a 20-something who has to admit that I’m actually 40. I’m not sad about it, it just truly feels like I’m lying when I say “I’m 40.” I have a 21 year old and a 17 year old and sometimes, it kinda feels like they’re my siblings. Fact: age is just a number because I can pretty much keep up with both of them no problem • Nature is my most favorite. I take every opportunity to get up early for a sunrise, sit and watch the waves roll in on my lunch break and adventure with my husband and dog on the weekends to the beach or hike: sometimes both. I think most of us should be spending way more time off-line and outside • You’ll often times find me with not one, but two cameras in my hands. I love my iPhone and the instant gratification it gives me, but I also love my Canon and the gorgeous hi-res photos I capture. So fine, both it is. But let’s be real: no one ever gets to the end of their life and says “I really wish I wouldn’t have taken so many photos!” I have a bit of an addiction, but honestly, I really am okay with it • A few of my other favorite things (in no particular order) : pizza, tropical colors, my ‘ohana, selfies with my besties, laughing, sunshine, my dog, dark chocolate, Jesus, quiet mornings with coffee, Maui Nui, looking through old photos, and this life in general • Mostly barefoot with long hair blowing everywhere searching for the good things. That’s me. Your turn. Tell me some stuff that makes you, you 🤩 #GramFam
progress 😍💯
The only thing that could be better about this photo is taco wings tbh.
blue jean baby💙
Dennis Quaid // • link in bio •
Better have an ugly face, than an ugly heart. ❤ . . . . . #weekend #saturday #liveauthentic #potd #photooftheday
Kinda cool to think how someone somewhere is having the best day of their life today. Someone's hearing "I love you" for the first time today . Someone's going to meet the love of their life today. Someone's getting their dream job today. 🌟
saying bye to this is the hardest part :’( shoots den, Maui 🤙🏾 it’s been fun #mauiventures
windmill popsicle #mauiventures
kula lavender farm 💐 #mauiventures
Lindeza da tia
When you have doubts and questions, choose to say Lord, "I believe. I may not always understand, but I trust you."
Good things are coming, just keep on believing !
Heart of men might have A to Z plans yet it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.
When you are doing all that you know to do yet all hell is breaking out around you, Hold onto your faith don't you dare break! You're on the edge of your breakthrough Now is the time to praise your way through! God has already made a way for you. Remain prayerful & thankful!
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