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Happiness ♡ #superbirthay #liebe #feiern #tanzen #sonne Zusammen lieben, lachen und lieben. Glück ist, wenn der Verstand tanzt, das Herz atmet und die Augen lieben ♡ #livethelittlethings
“Ali, dissemos que era amor para a vida toda.” ❤️🥂
Way to go, France! Congratulations on winning the World Cup!
Can't wait to shoot these lovebird's wedding at the end of the month! It'll be a fun trip with some amazing people 💗
Silverlake greenery
Flip da switch ✨💘
Today, some of the girls attending the @i_am_zambia school put on a performance for us consisting of songs, poems, and dancing. It wasn’t long before they were pulling us all in one by one to create the most epic, fun dance party. - I was going through some of the footage we shot this evening, and I had to put together a quick video just to share the joy that these wonderful people bring to our @somewheredevine crew. These girls are being cycle-breakers, and though they may be fighting challenges in their lives, they are constantly smiling, laughing, and truly living life with gratitude and joy. I think this quick video speaks to just how contagious their love and joy can be 🙏🏻🇿🇲🙌🏻
I’m in such a happy little bubble right now 🤗 I never thought I’d be someone to miss England! But right now, I’m so happy to be back (especially when you explore and find amazing places like this!) 🇬🇧❤️
Anther day, another floral🍋 What else?💁‍♀️
Another one-of-kind favorite from Primecut. Come shop all the styles soon, before they are all scooped up! ❤️
Summer camp days 🍦🍭
And just like that, the weekend flew by! Last week of summer break over here. Kids are sailing and I’m working on the kitchen renovation and holiday paintings! What’s in the works for your week?
Be a mermaid and make waves! Miss Ellie my little diva ❤️ #arielleeloise #mermaidmonday #makeasplash #mermazing #merbaby #mermaidvibes #calibaby
How's your summer going?! Mine has been BUSY!! But I wouldn't have it any other way.
Had so much fun exploring different parks today and letting the kids use our camera to snap some fun pictures! (Had to delete about 100 pictures of the same tree 🌲🤪) It was so fun to see the world literally through the eyes of a child 😍 #exploring #adventuresofatoddler #summerdays
What I don't think is a surprise: Many of my favorite memories have occurred at sunrise or sunset :•••: What I do think is a surprise: I've only seen the sunrise a handful of times since I’ve moved to New York. Whose up for an early morning in the city? 😄 Slide into my DMs ...
New hoops are a comin’🌹🌼
@☕️ Congratulations... ✨ @katyadecor8 . 🏺 Our "Featured Artist" of the Day ! . 🎨 Please take time to visit the gallery of this exceptional photographer ! . 💐 Capture chosen by: 💐 Jenn @bostonjenn . ➰ To be eligible for a feature, please keep tagging... #stilllife_perfection . Follow @stilllife_perfection Tag #stilllife_perfection . 🏷 #still_life #stilllife #tv_living #coffeeandseasons #naughtyteas #tv_stilllife #jj_still_life #astilllifestyle #click_vision #royalsnappingartists #stillography #transfer_visions #still_life_gallery #stilllifephotography #styled #styling #home #flatlayforever #livethelittlethings #stilfp_katyadecor8
Shit can get rough sometimes and that’s okay. On the blog today, I’m sharing my thoughts and tricks on when I feel down in the dumps and uninspired (and the rest of these amazing film photos by @achies 🧡)! Link in bio 💫
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🌿My P e r f e c t L i t t l e Humans🌿
I love how much naked time the kids get here. We’ve spent countless hours outside, playing with water, letting every cell of our bodies absorb the air, the light, the warmth. . It has really made me remember the simple pleasures in life and realize how much fluff and stuff we have in our life that just adds weight without substance. . It’s been such an amazing trip already, especially for our little explorers ❤️ #hendrixrasmusjohan • • • • • #wellmama #mom #mama #newmom #healthymom #momlife #motherhood #dailymotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodinspired #bringingbackthevillage #momblogger #healthcoach #healthyfamily #family #holisticmom #motherhoodrising #kids #babies #kidshealth #parenthood #childhoodunplugged #magicofchildhood #letthembelittle #bestofmom #raisinghumans #livethelittlethings #womenempowerment #workathomemom
Can't wait to wear these babies in Palm Springs next weekend! The perfect earrings for a day lounging by the pool, or even taking a dip! 🌊😍🍹
For being a pretty open book, the hardest part about social media (and perhaps business in general) is holding things back from you guys when they are early in the development stages. (I’m terrible at keeping secrets!) • Currently working on a few BIG projects that I wish I could share more details on 😩 but for now, I’ll just share a few teasers — today development included exploring textures and treatments, pushing the boundaries of realism/surrealism/abstraction and mixing ALL the grays. #marbleskies P.S. if you REALLY want to be the first to know, be sure to join my e-mail list (link in profile) I’ll be sharing all the exciting news with my tribe there first.
Our Ethos - "Let them be little" - embraces the joy of childhood, the extraordinary power of learning experiences & the honesty and openness of youth 🌈✨💗 Shop the look ON S.A.L.E online now
interests include: coffee, toronto, cute coffee shops in toronto...☕️🌿
Don't forget to appreciate who you are now. 🌹
If grace is an ocean, we're all sinking.
Nice little pick up today. Really falling in love with these #brickheadz ✨😍❤️
Alguém pediu uma Nena em 8-bit? Aqui está ela, a fazer contagem decrescente até à próxima quinta-feira! Alguém já adivinhou de que é que estamos a falar? 😁🎊⏰
This ready to ship hoop is currently on sale! Hurry on over to my shop to snag it - no code needed!
we like stuntin’ we like shinin’ ✨
I’ll always remember dancing under this big ol’ tree with you, peanut.
Já com saudades destes dias incríveis, um pequeno paraíso 💦
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Our Paul has a great eye for good house plants and displaying them. These amazing new Begonia rex varieties are the most extraordinary colours & look great with the white Anthurium and boston fern. . #beautifulmatters #seekthesimplicity #livethelittlethings #bevisuallyinspired #everyday_quality #documentyourdays #gardenersofinstagram #gardendesign #visitbath #embracingtheseasons #mybeautifulsimplicity #gardeners #inspiredbynature #inspiremyinstagram #urbangarden #Bath #Widcombe #priorparkgardencentre
Better together 👯‍♀️ We want you to have the best sip ever which is why we only use fresh, pure and simple ingredients to bring you the real deal! Learn more about us via our link in bio! #SipMatcha #BackToBaSips ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷 @dellyeats
Since returning from our lovely holiday, it’s become very important to me to go on holiday again...
Swimming’s my favorite 🐳
I ❤️ photographing families. So much! BUT...sometimes (actually lots of times) I think of turning my focus more towards Motherhood photography. Because of simple & sweet moments like this. It’s the tender little interactions between mother & child that light me up. I mean, I’m a Mama of two myself so it makes sense. I can’t tell you how many times in a day I wish I had someone to capture my everyday moments. As I write this, my 3-year-old is brushing my hair. She does this a lot. She also likes to oh-so-slowly and gently run her fingernails up and down my arms and legs to give me goosebumps and make me smile. I’d give anything for a picture of those. And also some of me snuggling my girls in bed as they drift into sleep. Or when my girls put a flower 🌸 in my hair, like this sweet boy is doing to his gorgeous Mama. I just don’t wanna any of us to forget this stuff💫
Winter afternoon. Mid February. The wind falls and the sky darkens. We shelter in the shadows.
It’s going OFF tonight!!! 🌈💚 Out hiking around the coast and got caught in a shower, only to turn round and see this whopper!!! 😍 Now off to find the pot of gold (i.e. The pub 😉)
Last Christmas my husband surprised me with this locket from the Edwardian Era (early 1900s). It is gold filled and has the most beautiful character to it. It also has Jessie inscribed on it (my name is Jessica) so it’s just all around perfect and meaningful. This is what I love about gold-filled jewelry and why I choose to use it in my products. It is a quality material that lasts. It has the look and longevity of solid gold at a significantly lower price point. Gold-filled jewelry is vastly different than plated jewelry because it consists of a solid layer of gold which is bound to a base metal. It will not tarnish, flake, or turn your skin green! I love the thought that maybe one day my jewelry will be passed down to the next generation. Or maybe a really sweet husband in the far future will surprise their wife with one of my gold filled pieces and they will marvel at its history✨✨✨
Sun child 🌞💫 | photo by @funksurfsoul
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