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This is not make-up or art, but I just couldn't resist reposting this cuteness! I'll be posting cute videos from time to time 🐕❤️ Everyone needs a little cute in their life sometimes! Credit: @thepuppychinocafe #puppy #love #cute #cuteness #icecream #food #adorable #animals
⭐️Volume Set⭐️ 0.07mm|10-12mm D Curl (inner) C Curl (middle) C & L Curl (outer) Link in bio to book with me!
Как Вам?💕🎵 Подписывайтесь на мой основной аккаунт @_one.a_
‪Juntas! Volemos lejos 💗😄❣️/together! Let's fly away‬ ‪
Фотокарточка по имени #самаяудобнаяпозадлясна 🐶 Что вы скажете, какая у вас? @shiba___riki @daigan_shibainu @shibaken_yoshi @shibainuriki @mira_shiba 🐶
Get your copy! 🖊 evoL Monologues, A Backwards Love Story is now in stock! -A poetic compilation and personal journal for the reader wrestling with eternity. Love isn't easy whether it's loving someone else or loving yourself. There is always an expectation we build in our own minds whether we have gathered this from watching others and assuming they have figured something out that we haven't or it's a bar we have set that is often out of reach. Either way, love isn't meant to be difficult or make us happy every day; it's meant to direct us to those who are kind, patient, long suffering, honest, gentle, project self control, and goodness. No person will carry all of this at the same time every day but it should be familiar in their attempts. "evoL Monologues" brings in the hand of our Creator who has a fierce love that is relentless for our hearts to be squared up with Him no matter how much we question and lose sight. His love is easy. Visit website in bio on our Shop link under Books to purchase $12.99🌴
Actitud... Actitud... Actitud!!! La actitud no es otra cosa que la forma como reaccionamos ante una situación o un problema, y si bien es cierto que hay realidades que no podemos cambiar, que no está en nuestras manos hacerlo y que debemos asumirlas como tales, la forma como reaccionamos a ello hará la diferencia. Fácil??? No, pero una sonrisa (no solo para la foto) ante la vida puede marcar una gran diferencia. Salmo 55:22 Echa sobre Jehová tu carga, y él te sustentará; no dejará siempre caído al justo. #martws #dios #amor #fe #reflexión #sonrisa #oracion #tuesday #god #godisgood #hope #reflection #love #pic #picoftheday #me #colombia #nature #smile
Can’t wait for summer to enjoy days in the sun with cute dogs like this Gal again . . . 🌞 💙 🐾 🐶 ❤️ #farmdog #summer #love #dogsrule
KETER ИГРОВОЙ ДОМ RANCHO РАНЧО ЗЕЛ/КОР/БЕЛЫЙ (118X99X117H) В наличииКод: 43+ 💥Цена65 600 Тг.👍 Детский игровой дом "РАНЧО" Игровой домик предназначен как для игры в доме, так и на свежем воздухе. Характеристики: домик сделан из современных, нетоксичных материалов двойной пластик быстро собирается и компактно складывается не выцветает и не деформируется на солнце Возраст: от 3-х лет Размер (ДхШхВ): 100х118х117см
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