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One of our awesome AFS surrogates got this fortune right before her match call with IPs yesterday ... and now they’re matched! 🍀💕👌🏻 #surrogate #surrogacy #lucky #family #babies #lovewins #allfamilies
Cara's my mood 😂 She's a queen 😍👑 #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtpride #lovewins #lesbian #gay #bisexual #queer #transgender
Some times I don't think I deserve you. So I say some fucked up shit just to hurt you, but you know I do it all cause love ya. So baby tell me I'm the one that deserve you. ❤@xtina "Deserve" #Liberation #ToreFitness #TheGrind #HealthyLiving #Friday #WorkInProgress #fnf #fitness #health #workout #sexy #beauty #instafit #gymlife #bootcamp #getfit #love #train #behealthy #liveyourbestlife #gogetit #strength #worktogether #gohard #instabody #Xtina #ChristinaAguilera #LoveWins #LoveIslove
join me tomorrow night 7/18 for KIN • our monthly convening for queer folks exploring family-building • at @thisisloom • this week acupuncturist @mamafloat joins us to talk all things Chinese medicine and acupuncture and how to optimize your health for your conception journey • and we’ll be unpacking all the questions and feelings for those on the fertility road already • you don’t want to miss this one • ✨🌈✨• link to sign up in bio • * * #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtqfamily #queer #queerfamily #conception #fertility #acupuncture #chinesemedicine #lovemakesafamily #lovewins #whatmakesababy #love
Yazın makarna yerken ben. #gmag #lgbt #lgbttürkiye #lovewins #loveislove ☺️💋
📍 🇧🇷 Mureta da Urca, Rio Programa irresistível nos fins de tardes cariocas, o pôr-do-sol da Mureta da Urca é um dos points mais concorridos para se assistir aos últimos raios solares do dia na cidade maravilhosa. Localizada aos pés do Morro da Urca (aquele do famoso Pão de Açúcar), o local permite aos visitantes contemplarem uma linda vista da Baía de Guanabara e do Cristo Redentor. A região conta com diversos bares, que movimentam a vida local. Um dos pontos mais concorridos é o trecho em frente ao Bar Urca. Então, chamem os amigos, cheguem antes do final da tarde, peguem a cervejinha gelada e desfrutem desse que é, sem dúvidas, um dos mais belos pôr-de-sol do Brasil (e do mundo!). ____🛫____ Dicas de Princesos: 1) Caso vocês queiram assistir o pôr-do-sol no Bar Urca, cheguem cedo, pois o local é bastante concorrido e pode ser difícil achar lugar. 2) Mas não se preocupem, a Mureta é bastantes extensa, tem lugar para todo mundo. 3) Não esqueçam o filtro solar. ____🛫____ Horário de funcionamento: 24h por dia. ____🛫____ Como chegar: Metrô (linha verde), descer na estação Botafogo + Ônibus (linha 107). ____🛫____ Valor de entrada: Entrada gratuita. ____🛫____ Quer ficar por dentro de mais dicas de viagem? Siga-nos: @princesosporai 🌎👑👬👑✈️ #PrincesosPorAí 📸@cfernandofonseca
You may notice as you scroll through my portfolio that there are a lot of images of couples touching--hand-holding, hugging, forehead-to-forehead, kisses, cuddling. Did you know that the act of a warm and gentle touch helps to lower one's blood pressure? This welcome physical contact releases the "love hormone", oxytocin. . It's one way to get relaxed during a session with your partner or spouse and to loosen up in the most organic way. That type of magic is nothing I can create with my camera or guidance. My job is to just watch it all unfold, be inspired to capture it, and creatively deliver an image worthy of framing. . Practice that today. Grab your partner, give them a hug, hold their hand, give each each other back rubs, stroke their hair. Let that oxytocin flow abundantly. . That was easy, huh? Now let's talk about your couple's portrait session. Whether it's for your engagement, anniversary, or just because your last photos you have are years ago from your wedding or the selfies on your smartphone, I am here to help you make a forever moment of those smiles.
Tag💖💖❤️ Follow @reltnshp_goals for more 💖💖❤️ #loveyourpartner #tagyourpartner #love #lovewins #followformoreloveposts #dmforshoutout 💖💖❤️
Tag someone who collects classic SnapBacks! ❤️ Add to your collection at everydaylesbian.com #everydaylesbian
You're the coffee that I need in the morning you’re my sunshine ☀️ in the rain ☔️ when it's pouring won’t you give yourself to me Give it all ☺️ I love this song 😌 #ifyoulovemewontyousaysomething #Repost @ishalove81 with @get_repost ・・・ I jus wanna see how beautiful YOU are 😍 YOU kno dat I see it I kno YOU’RE a star 💫 Where YOU go I follow no matter how far If life is a movie YOU’RE da part ☀️⚡️☺️ #mood #lovewins #her #danielcaesar #bestpart #soulfulmusic IF YOU LOVE ME WON’T YOU SAY SOMETHING 💞✨🤷🏽‍♀️ #imightloveyouback 😚 #Repost @souliverse_ with @get_repost ・・・ If life was a movie, then you're the best part 🎤 #danielcaesar #her #bestpart
We just restocked so many things!! Plus, new party collections hitting the shelves today (like space!). Are there any themes you really want to see in Harlan Ruby?? Comment below!
Todos los deseos son en realidad un solo deseo, el deseo de volver a ser 💟UNO💟. Si no estamos presentes generamos carencia, el No SER es lo que genera las faltas y ausencias en nuestra vida. ¿Dónde no estás presente? ¿Cuál es la única respuesta? 👉SOY👈 . . . . . Via by: @mendoza_domingueztan #universo #youniverse #now #loveislove #lovewins #pride #jointhetribe #onetribe #redpill #psytrance #kundaliniawakening #festival #trance #edm #tomorrowland #electronicmusic #tomorrowland2018 #boomtown #awakeningsfestival #sonarfestival #sonarfestival2018 #dimensions #ozora #ozorafestival #ultraeurope #exitfestival #sonusfestival #creamfields #nuitssonores #pride2018
Conhecer os pedacinhos do Brasil pode ser incrivelmente divertido! Passamos o final de semana em Blumenau e Pomerode. Duas cidades conhecidas pela colonização alemã. É muito divertido ver que eles tentam manter a tradição com músicas, comidas, roupas e arquitetura. Ambas cidades são pequeninas, mas vale a pena conhecer e se divertir muito!
Надеюсь на нашу встречу 🤞🏻 Я ХОЧУ уже почувствовать твои поцелуи, твои касания👩‍❤️‍👩 Очень сложно сейчас, но мы всё же вместе, расстояние делает любовь крепче🤫😍 А все ссоры, делают объятия крепче🌸❤️ . Tags/ #lgbt #lgbtq #lovewins #wins #gay #lesbian #loveislove #lgbtlove #lgbtlife #любовьнепонимаетслов #лесбиянки #лесби #геи #бисексуалы #лгбт #лгбтлюбовь #лгбтжизнь
Swipe sekali untuk melihat siapa saya ke depannya. Swipe dua kali untuk melihat siapa saya sebenarnya. Dan niscaya tampan pun akan pudar, Apalagi cuma modal kekar. Lain dengan yang pandai berkelakar. Karena mahalnya tawamu buatku sadar. Disanalah bahagiaku beredar. #sajakadam Comment dibawah untuk dapat giveaway rambut aqiqah bowo tiktok!
Running errands with my babe today
Happy #LesbianVisibilityDay 🌈❤️ I thought I’d throw it way way back to one of the very first pictures of Emily and I. Back when my hair was short and hers was long, I only had 3 tattoos, and we had just confessed our love for each other a few weeks prior. There’s something that I tell Emily quite often when we are faced with a situation we may need to worry about our safety or comfort out in public because of our relationship “People cannot build tolerance and acceptance by reduced exposure.” So with this in mind, go out and live your lives ladies! Don’t care who’s watching! Hold that girl’s hand! Kiss that girl because she’s just so cute you can’t help it! And my god just be happy and don’t let anything get in the way of that!
I’m tagging along to go to Emily’s campus today since my college is twice as far away! While she’s bored in class I’m gonna be desperately trying to finish this major two-part-paper I’m writing for English on LGBTQ discrimination 😬
Four, five, six. The two of us a perfect fit You're all mine, all mine And all I can say Is you blow me away
Wishing the happiest of birthday’s to the most beautiful lady I’ve ever known. You’re 21 now and can finally legally come along for an adventure I want to go on! Another year older, another year sillier, another year being the love of my life.
I am really missing her sweet smiles while she is on a family vaca for spring break! We can barely go 10 hours apart and we’re having to spend 10 whole days apart. I’m having flash backs to this summer when she had to live back at her parent’s house while on break from college. The lack of FaceTime and phone calls due to Emily not being out other family yet was awful and a real test for the strength of our relationship.
A little late to the game but happy #internationalwomensday !! “Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” Side note: these pics are from Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas last year for Emily’s birthday. Her 21st is coming up at the end of the month and we’ll be spending it at home watching movies in bed 😂 Big difference from 2017 to 2018
Why yes, we did in fact purposely wear matching flannels. Like the good lesbians we are 😆
Spending our Valentine’s Day in bed catching up on YouTube and drinking some smoothies!
I think this may be the only picture of us in existence that truly shows our height difference 😂
I love the mornings I’m not working and get to drive this sleepy little cutie pie to her classes! #iamsoinlovewithyou
Had to tickle her to get a smile this big 😆
Today it has officially been one incredible year with this incredible human. My heart and my mind have never been more calm and content then they are in her hands. I used to be such a cynical person, until her. I was completely resigned to spending my life alone with my cats, until her. She has changed everything in my life. She has made me a better, kinder, happier, more optimistic person. I can’t wait to spend another 83 years with her! (If we both live another 83 years we’ll have lived in three centuries)
One year ago today, we sat at this very same Denny’s, on our very first date
This picture doesn’t even do justice to the nearly foot in height difference between us 😂 I’ll forever be on my tippy toes to kiss this beautiful woman!
She’s visiting her family in San Antonio this weekend and I am missing her terribly
From this weekend at my niece’s birthday party!
This woman is the absolute love of my life! I’m so grateful that I have her to go through life with and grow with and share all my love and joy with. Being with her has been the greatest adventure of my life thus far and I can’t wait to keep exploring all that life has to offer with this wonderful lady by my side 💚
My favorite person to run errands with
She is my everything and so so so much more
I’m so freaking happy that summer break is over and Emily is back here with me! 😌💚
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