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THIRD PLACE [🥉] ➖➖ In THIRD PLACE, we have Aneesa (@lust.tv ) and Bananas (@ozzy.luxth )! •• Aneesa (@lust.tv ), unfortunately you were just so far behind we had to cut the final but you made it to the very last part, won three dailies, and did amazing! You should be EXTREMELY proud of yourself and you have a spot back here anytime. #LOWKEYROBBED #FIGHTER •• Bananas (@ozzy.luxth ), this very much saddens me but, originally you were the male challenge champion by two minutes however you made a mistake and said “cross” instead of “crosses” in your final phrase so unfortunately you are now third place. You had an impressive final being first not only on leg two BUT leg three but you all were able to redeem your previous season and even win an elimination. Good job! #ROBBEDASHELL #REDEEMEDRUINS ➖➖ THE CHALLENGE XXX [4/34] 💣 Wes (@rach.1214 ) Cohutta (@_realworldslay ) Laurel (@youcanchokeee ) Alicia (@bb.feeds ) THIRD PLACE [🥉] Bananas (@ozzy.luxth ) & Aneesa (@lust.tv )
EVICTED HOUSEGUEST •• Houseguests the votes are in! When I reveal the vote the evicted Houseguest will have a few moments to say their goodbyes and leave the chat. •• By a vote of 4-1.. Ika (@bigbrothertrial ) you are evicted from the Big Brother House. #LowkeyRobbed #SocialPrincess •• Ika before you go I have some questions for you: #1 : Up until this point you were playing a flawless social game why do you think you were targeted out of nowhere? #2 : What went wrong that caused you to be evicted this week over Heather? #3 : Now that your on the jury who are you rooting for to pull out the win? •• Ika nooooo! I wanted you to stay into this game so much longer! Up until this point you were playing a very good game. You were on good terms with just about everyone and you were playing very smartly especially with the Veto during Week 4. I loved watching your gameplay slowly blossom. However I don't think we saw your full potential as a player. I think if you stayed in the house a bit longer you could of been a force and possibly have made it to the end. Thanks for playing Ika and we'll see you back here on finale night when you help crown the winner of Big Brother 7!
RESULTS [❌] ➖➖ At the elimination, Zach (@royaltyreality ) was leading whole Chet (@ryansixplays ) was holding his own, pulling Zach (@royaltyreality ) from the ramp multiple times, however, in the end Zach (@royaltyreality ) was able to toss Chet over the ramp first in a 5-1 elimination. •• Kam (@survivorfields ) was losing hard to Tori (@slayjessicagraf ) until she positioned herself and started to pull Tori (@slayjessicagraf ) and even gain footing but ended up losing to Tori (@slayjessicagraf ) 5-1 in a hard battle. •• Chet (@ryansixplays ), it seems to be you never found your footing in this game, however you did good with what you had. Your time here is over for now, head to redemption house. #foughthard •• Kam (@survivorfields ), you fought hard but couldn’t make it up in the end. Head to the redemption house. #lowkeyrobbed •• Tori (@slayjessicagraf ), you always are able to get it done and turn it on when needed to in the elimination, nice job. •• Zach (@royaltyreality ), you were able to also take control when you needed to. Congratulations. ➖➖ BOYS [9/17] [🚹] C.T (@realitycomp ) Joss (@challengefan2010 ) Bananas (@ozzy.luxth ) Wes (@rach.1214 ) Tony (@realityxmatt ) Ammo (@theinstachallenge_ ) Zach (@royaltyreality ) Cohutta (@_realworldslay ) Brandon N. (@thekillcard ) GIRLS [9/17] [🚺] Nia (@slayabimaria ) Cara (@bbsurvivor123 ) Tori (@slayjessicagraf ) Laurel (@youcanchokeee ) Aneesa (@lust.tv ) Marie (@lunarwolfs ) Kayleigh (@realityxkayleigh ) Veronica (@reality.cesternino ) Alicia (@bb.feeds ) 🌴REDEMPTION🌴 Nicole R (@freeaqents ) Melissa (@thesurvivorr_ ) Natalie (@survivor_fanboy ) Nelson (@realitybackstabbed ) Kenny (@icon_fandoms ) Dustin (@mtvcamilan ) Hunter (@shamoniqueslays ) Sylvia (@alxspams__ ) Ashley (@ashley.reality ) Camila (@realitysnatched ) Jonna (@laurediys ) Chet (@ryansixplays ) Kam (@survivorfields )
SNUFFED CASTAWAY 🔥 •• Tai (@_amelia.shepherd ), the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go. •• #guiltybyassociation #lowkeyrobbed •• Well guys, we are down to the Final 5. This is a very critical point in the game, so make your decisions wisely. And remember: Outwit, outplay, and outlast. I’ll see you at your next challenge. G’night. •• [🏴] DARA 💨🔥 Tai (@_amelia.shepherd ) Joe (@reillyreality ) Darnell (@torchxnation ) Caleb (@ozzy.luxth ) [🛡] Nick (@bigbrotheridols ) [📿] Liz (@wheatkneebbott )
SNUFFED CASTAWAY 🔥⛩ •• Peter (@realityxshadow ), the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go. •• #hugethreat #villain #firstmalevotedout #lowkeyrobbed #hadanidol •• Well, congratulations guys, you got out what you thought was the biggest threat in the game, also starting the formation of the Jury in the process. Everything you decide from here on out is VERY important. Hopefully you don’t make any mistakes. Grab your stuff, head back to camp, I’ll see you at the challenge. •• [🏴] DARA Tai (@_amelia.shepherd ) 💨🔥 Peter (@realityxshadow ) Joe (@reillyreality ) Debbie (@tvgameshows ) Darnell (@torchxnation ) Anna (@cagayans ) Caleb (@ozzy.luxth ) Nick (@bigbrotheridols ) [🛡] Liz (@wheatkneebbott )
Lucy the tribe is spoken Head out ! ••••••• ••••••• ••••••• CASTAWAY VOTED OUT: Lucy ••••••• ••••••• ••••••• DAYS LASTED : 5 ••••••• ••••••• ••••••• #SURVIVORBLINDSIDE #LOWKEYROBBED #MESSPART2 •••• •••• •••• This survivor tribe has become more and more complex! With a new tribe mate and many new aspects you guys better get your shit together or you’re going to be coming back and back again and again!
EVICTED HOUSEGUEST🚪 ••• Houseguests! The votes are in. When I reveal the vote, the evicted houseguest will have just a few moments to say his or her goodbyes and leave the chat. ••• With Candice’s tie-breaking vote... - Helen (@bigbrotherfan140 ), you have been evicted from the RXR Big Brother house. #LowkeyRobbed ••• Helen, please come here and have a seat with me. - 1] Let’s look back at some of the moves you made this season. First, you wanted to prove that you were not a house follower, so you used the Power of Veto on Elissa in Week Six. Looking back, do you think that was the best decision you made at that time? Why or why not? 2] You went to Disneyland for a bit and you believe that was your downfall in this game. Why do you think that? 3] If you had won Head of Household this week, who would you have gone after and why? 4] Did you at least have fun? ••• Helen! You were definitely ready to play this season, but I am so sad that I couldn’t see you play to your full potential as I’ve seen you do so in other games. But, thank you for playing and we will see you back here on Finale Night to help us crown the winner of Season Seven!❤️
Courtney, the tribe has spoken... • 🔥💨 • #lowkeyrobbed • Another tribal, another near unanimous vote. However, I believe this is the calm before the storm. Grab your torches, head on out. • Naviti🎆: Jay @realityxgraf Abi @vitalbasic Spencer @realitystfu Michelle @realityxmatt Monica @survivorsanity Ozzy @realitysandra Maralyn @bigbrotherparties Baylor @survivor.kyle
Kelly the tribe is spoken Head out - - - - - - CASTAWAY VOTED OUT: Kelly - - - - - - DAYS LASTED : 12 - - - - - - #ICONICSURVIVORBLINDSIDE #LOWKEYROBBED #CHAOSERRUPTED •••• •••• •••• It’s seems like chaos is waiting for you back at camp after another crazy tribal personally i can’t wait to see what happens next !
VOTED OUT [🐝] ••• #AlmostUnanimous #FirstBoot #LowkeyRobbed ••• Final vote count : 9 votes Fabio 1 vote Joe 1 vote Eddie ••• Host note : Fabio, I’m very sad to see you go! You were one of the first few people to comment on the challenge and that showed you were active! Too bad you didn’t vote in the majority which got you the boot. ••• KOTA [🐝] Julia @realitybrother Joe @the.alfonso.show Parvati @idol.island Morgan @pierziina Ciera @bigbrotherviolent Ken @realitymyths Jessica @livereunion Eddie @villainous.parv
VOTED OUT CASTAWAY -•- #LowkeyRobbed #Blindside ? #AnotherMessyVote -•- Predicted Placement: Actual Placement: 12/13 Host Note: Hali, im sad that you were second voted off because you fought your way in the game from exile island. And to see you get pre-jury isn't nice to see. You had a lot of potential. -•- Enil Edam 🌼 Sierra @bigbrotheridols Andrea @survivor.players Ciera @bigbrotherviolent Courtney @slaycourtneyyates Spencer @realityxmatt_ Malcolm @realityrobbed Julia @bigbrotherinspired Ken @realitymyths Reynold @bigbroworld J'Tia @braccohh Adam @so_reality
Hali. That's four and tonight that's enough. Please bring me your torch. -•- #LowkeyRobbed #Blindside ? #AnotherMessyVote -•- Enil Edam 🌼 Sierra @bigbrotheridols Andrea @survivor.players Hali @realitywiintrr Ciera @bigbrotherviolent ⚱️ Courtney @slaycourtneyyates Spencer @realityxmatt_ Malcolm @realityrobbed Julia @bigbrotherinspired Ken @realitymyths Reynold @bigbroworld J'Tia @braccohh Adam @so_reality
💨VOTED OUT💨 • When the revote was revealed, Abi got the votes (3-2-1). Abi, you need to bring me your torch. • Abi, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch* #NoVotes #INSANITY #LowkeyRobbed • Well, you're now down to the Final 5, and it seems that 2 of you are in a sticky situation. Can you bounce back? Head back to camp, good night. • 💎PrayingByKesha💎 • Sabrina ( @arisacocks ) Natalie ( @realitysnatched ) Abi ( @uprisinqs )❌ Ozzy ( @ozzylusth ) Erinn ( @erinn.slayz ) Danielle ( @_briannachaves )
Woo, the tribe has spoken. 💨 - #BLINDSIDE #LOWKEYROBBED - Well once again this tribe has proven to vote out yet another strong competitor to help you win challenges. Obviously you guys are not thinking on right now you're thinking on later and if you don't start thinking now, you're bound to come right back to tribal. Head on out, good night. - - 🌷 TAGELLE. - Kelley - @slayciriefields Jefra - @jefraslays Eliza - @slaycourtneyyates Tai - @waddlesthesurvivor Sierra - @realityxmatt Abi - @livereunion
Third person voted out of Survivor Cebu Islands, Woo, that's four and that's enough no need to read the last vote. #BLINDSIDE #LOWKEYROBBED - - 🌷 TAGELLE. - Kelley - @slayciriefields Woo - @the_rookie_pc ❌ Jefra - @jefraslays Eliza - @slaycourtneyyates Tai - @waddlesthesurvivor Sierra - @realityxmatt Abi - @livereunion
#VOTEREVEAL #BLINDSIDE #FOLLOWTHELEADERBULLSHIT #LOWKEYROBBED #FIRSTJUROR •• Joe, the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go. •• Thank you for playing Joe! In this game I thought you were well rounded socially and was in the best position premerge, you obviously got fucked over from the merge because noone wanted to make a move and are following a blind leader! I'll see you back at finale where you will vote for the winner! •• Well, Malaga, it seems like you are all following a blind leader where you will meet your inevitable demise. Head back to camp. See you tomorrow. •• Cirie - @a.us.t.i.n Pete - @peteryurkowski Natalie - @realitytorgan Carter - @livqueen Joaquin - @lust.tv Sandra - @jessvivor So - @realitycomic Nick - @rosewood.papi Peter - @jonnorreality Jenn - @survivorelements Julia - @reality.murders
💨VOTED OUT💨 • Figgy, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch* #ShockingTBH #LowkeyRobbed • Well, you voted based on the challenge, a recurring theme in this game. What will this mean for everyone else? Head back to camp, good night. • 🕷TULIA🕷 • Aubry ( @bbgoblins ) Andrea ( @ikaxreality ) Abi ( @uprisinqs ) Figgy ( @survivoraddictedd )❌ Chelsea ( @therealityfnatic ) Brenda ( @_izabelpereira ) Natalie ( @realitysnatched )
💨VOTED OUT💨 • Alecia, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch* #BLINDSIDE #EPICTRIBAL #LOWKEYROBBED • Well, after two idol plays, Alecia paid the price. What does this mean for the rest of you? Tomorrow you'll participate in your final immunity challenge. Head on out. • 🌋ORKUN🌋 • Wes ( @rockdude101 ) Figgy ( @survivoraddictedd ) Joaquin ( @w.david.c ) Michele ( @michs.dms ) Alecia ( @nicolexwentworth )❌
The killer fired a bullet at Cam as he had proven himself to be a sneaky thief. The bullet penetrated through his heart and it instantly killed him. The killer was just about to kill Cheryl as well but the bus approached. The killer ran off as it didn't want to be seen. Seeing as she was no longer safe in her current location, Cheryl hopped on the bus which drove her away . *end of scene 5* . Hours Lasted: 2 Players interacted with: 2 Storylines altered: 2 Murderer Encounters: 1 . Cam, thanks for playing and have a good night 😈 #lowkeyrobbed
That one time I tried to get Free Room and Board 😑🤦🏽‍♀️😂😩 #IWouldaBeenACoolQueen #DSU #MissDelawareStateUniversity #LowkeyRobbed
Twelve person voted out of Survivor Bonin Islands and the seven member of the jury. Colby, that's two and that's enough. 💨 #LOWKEYROBBED - ⚡ Qian Jing⚡ Colby - @realityxranceypants ❌ Spencer - @spencerslayz Chelsea - @realityfnatic 💫 Joe - @the_rookie_pc Kelly - @realityfan24
katie, it's fair to say that matt has spoken for you would've made it if the idol wasn't played. - #SPECIALIDOLPLAY #CLUELESSQUEEN #LOWKEYROBBED - 🏳yin yang🏴 spencer: @realitycrawford jeremy: @realityrevolution katie: @ragingreality ❌ jay: @livqueen parvati: @royalespams matt: @lolourgirl corinne: @corinne.slays jenn: @hopevivor
The most amazing and bloody beautiful people to walk the earth. @katya_zamo and @trixiemattel 👄🏁💖
Andrew (@tar_bb_survivor_games ) ••••• The tribe has spoken *snuffs torch* time for you to go #BLINDSIDE #LOWKEYROBBED ••••• Well it appears the Millennial majority is sticking strong. Let's see if that lasts. Grab your torches, head back to camp. ••••• 🕷VINAKA🕷 Baylor @spencerslayz 📿 Brett @taylor.reality Cirie @realityfnatic Josh @survivorr_ Morgan @rankingrealiyy Dave @survivor.warrior Brenda @juliasslays Andrew @tar_bb_survivor_games
Reynold, if you have any final comments please leave them in the comments. Well, you've managed a predictable unanimous vote and I wonder what's next with this tribe of problematic people. #UNANIMOUS #FIRSTFAVORITEVOTEDOUT #SERVINGFRANCESCA #LOWKEYROBBED Votes Against: 9 Days Lasted: 3 Advantages: 0 Immunities won: 0