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The most gentle reminder that having challenges with your health does not make *you* wrong 🌔 you are just you, and health challenges you face are not something you need to feel guilt over or blame yourself for 💭✨ #mood #positiveselftalk #gentlereminders #selflove via @pimfeels
It’s been a extra tough answering the “how have you been?” question lately 💭 I’ve been showing up for good moments 💫🥰 but also keep finding myself in “stuck on a sofa on wheels rolling down a hill” moments more often than normal 🛋🏔😬 grateful for all the tools that help me find calm in what feels like chaos + remind me that #thistooshallpass 🙏 #thestruggleisreal #goodmoments #badmoments #thisischronicillness via @rubyetc_
Welcome to my office 👋🏥 first labs of 2019 done! 💉✅ #mondayfunday #workinonmywellness #migrianefashun #blackonblack #spooniestrong
Buckets of bravery for this monday morning! 💪 had planned for my head to have a nice calm recovery weekend, but instead got a lingering migremlin hanging in the shadows (and spontaneously taking center stage) the whole time... 👹🤦‍♀️ heading out for another round of labwork today feeling a little weary, but reminding myself that brave can show up in so many different ways 💉💫 today it’s feeling weary but finding courage to keep going, keep trying and keep believing that a better week with this headache cycle is just around the corner 👀 #onedayatatime #itcanandwillbreak #bravehopes #bravebelieves #braveshifts #bravekeepsgoing via @drrebeccaray
I use @yogawakeup alllllll the time (love that their content is *all* audio guided 🙏 so helpful for my screen sensitive eyes) and it’s an extra treat when I get to do a class with my favorite person 🧘‍♀️🥰🧘‍♂️ starting this chilly sunday off slooooow + intentional with #tenminofyin in our cozy lil nest 🌅💫 link in bio for a special discount on this wonderful app, it’s one of my absolute favorites and I so hope you love it too 🙏 sending you all some of these calm gentle vibes today 💛 #createcalm #sundayflow #sundayselflove #homeyoga #stayhomeclub
Bienvenidxs mmgirls & boys (si hay), esta es una cuenta creada para apoyar y difundir el contenido de Rossh 💖🦄 #WelcomeMMGirls #SkincareFirst #MMBlog
A few deep breaths, a positive thought reframe, a warm loving text from a friend, inhaling fresh air, hot showers, being around kids, a quiet cozy cup of tea, or even an insta post!! 😉 Keep your eyes and heart open for lil #hopeboosts and know that when things are extra tough, you can get by with just a few tiny microscopic drops 🙏👀🍃💧💫💙 via @howamifeelingg
Two thumbs up because this week was TOUGH, but I am tougher 💪 last night when I was at a total low point I kept repeating to my boyfriend “this is just so crazy” 😥 (in reference to wtf how are we at a 9/10 pain level anotherrrr night in a row, especially post infusion) 🤦‍♀️ he so very gently said, “you’re right babe, this is tough...but you are tougher” ♥️ those words gave me the boost to reframe and keep going, and each time my thoughts drifted back to, “this is so crazy, rough or insane”, I repeated my new mantra to myself instead 💭 so in case you need a pick me up too, here is your reminder that even if this week has been tough, *you. are. tougher.* 😘 lighter days are coming 💫🙏 #wellnesswarrior #hanginthere #onedayatatime #betterdaysarecoming
The things you say in your head matter 👀🧠💭 feed your brain and body supportive thoughts daily; tell yourself that you are awesome, you are healing, and you are accepted and loved just the way you are 🤗 these small statements might seem silly or insignificant but repeated frequently can completely transform the way you experience the world as you 🥰 I know they have done that for me 🙏 #goyou #gome #gous #positiveselftalk #highvibeliving #affirmations
One of my biggest lessons of 2018 was that my resilience is stronger than my fear 💪 this realization has brought me so much inner peace 💛 it doesn’t mean I don’t still have seriously stormy days and weeks ⛈ but it *does* mean I know I can handle them + that each unpleasant moment can and will pass 🙏 sending you all a little extra love today 💫🥰 #wellnesswarrior #trust #innerpeace via @beautaplin
While most of the world goes back to work, I go back to chronic migraine... 📝🧠 new blog today all about coping with + transitioning from holiday mode back to normal life 🔁 sharing about the challenges that come with pushing through and showing up for the holidays (this year was extra demanding for me) and the massive recovery that doing so requires 🛌😔 taking recoup time and dealing with flared symptoms while watching those around me return to “the grind” has been really difficult and is requiring lots of self-compassion and thought reframing 💭 so this one is for all my other #healthgrinders out there; to remind you that what you’re going through is okay and valid and that you are not alone ♥️ direct link to blog in bio as always 🥰💻 #tuesdayblogday
That feeling when a migraine flare just goes on and on and on...and on an on...🌨🌨🌨 #waitingfortheraintobreak #lessonsonpatience #strugglebus #onebreathatatime #mordormigraine #nostormlastsforever via @liaspaper
“I really just want to be the warm yellow light that pours all over everyone I love” 🥰💫 #mondaymood #belove #spreadlove #goldenhour
I spent a long time thinking + journaling about what I wanted my word(s) for 2019 to be, and landed on Grace and Ease 🍃 so much of my life right now feels fixed by circumstance, and I know deeply that I’m doing everything I need to be doing to work toward wellness ☺️ during this process, my big 2019 intention is to soften and navigate each day with greater grace and ease 💫 less fighting what is and more flowing with gentle acceptance 🌊 the second pic in this post includes all of YOUR words you submitted on my story yesterday 🥰 so inspired by this #instafam who is walking into 2019 with so much love, strength and courage 💛 please share your word below if you haven’t already, you never know who you’ll inspire by doing so! 😉💭⬇️ #wordoftheyear #2019words #newyearintentions
Chronic illness has allowed me to see kindness with new eyes 👀💛 before I was forced to slow down, I didn’t fully comprehend the power of kind words, empathetic listening and small gestures of love 💫 but now I know deeply...kindness is a form of #earthmagic , a gift + opportunity every single day to send out lil ripples of good into the world 💌 it can be as simple as texting someone we care about a few supportive words, acknowledging their struggle and strength or just reminding them that they matter 🥰 in my darkest moments I’ve been touched by the magic of kindness over and over again, and never intend to lose sight of the fact that with a little intention, we can all be #kindnessmagicians every. damn. day. 🎩💫 #goslow #weekendmood #bekind #kindnessmatters #createkindness via @drawingsofdogs
An intention for today 💫 now that holiday travel and events have passed I’m working to shift back to my baseline mentality of coping with daily head pain 💭 to get through high activity or holidays I take more meds and push past my limits more often than normal 🙅‍♀️ being home and slowing down has meant sitting with increased pain, and not necessarily jumping to treat it (which is HARD!) 🙈 this can be such a difficult shift for me both physically + psychologically, so today as I work to keep doing it, this is the mantra I’ll keep returning to ⬆️💛🔁 #embraceimperfection #softenexpectations #staypresent #mindfulmantras
Spending the whole day at home dreaming up 2019 resolutions, doodling January intentions, sipping warm tea, diffusing essential oils, unpacking and organizing, gently stretching, making lists, emotionally digesting the past few weeks, walking Finny around the block, unwinding and just being grateful to have a full day in my cozy space to quietly reflect and reset 💭🏡🌿🐾💫 love this image and inspo via @bykellymalka #intentionalliving #createcalm #selfcare #slowdown #mightytogether
Looking back on 2018 and sharing 8️⃣ of it's lessons on the blog today 📝 this is also a great get to know me piece for all the exciting new faces here 🥰 a year full of highs and lows and a whole lotta growth 🙏 through mindfulness and thought reframing so much of how I experience and move through the world has shifted 💭 can’t wait for another year of #workinonmywellness and sharing each new step with you guys 💫 link in bio to check it out 💌
My NYE self care recipe 🥳 thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here and riding the 2018 highs and lows with me 🎢 I’m filled with gratitude every day for this space, community & #instafam 🥰 here’s to a new year full of wellness and growth and love and light and allllllllllllllll the good things 💫 take care of yourself tonight and let me know below if you’ll also be ringing in 2019 from dreamland 😴🎆 #newyearsevein
Chronic migraine is rolling the dice every day and sometimes getting a bad hand 🎲 when that happens on a travel day, as hard as it is, I know the best tool at my disposal is softness and surrender 🏳️ not fighting what is, treating things & then doing my best to let it be, knowing I can and will get through it, just like every other time 💪 so grateful for the most encouraging and empathetic words from my sista @the_migraine_life after texting from a low and panicked place in the airport bathroom 🙏♥️ homeeee and ready for some serious recovery 🏠✌️😴 #createcalm #noonefightsalone #travelwithmigraine
Podría pasar todo mi día aprendiendo sobre el cuidado de la piel 🌸💄🧘🏻‍♀️ #domingo #esdechicas #maquillaje #blogger #cuidatupiel #belleza #mmblog
Travel day (slash hard day or big day or long day...ok really any day) motto on repeat 🔁💪✈️ woke up with a migraine working on my right eye so will be mindfully breathing my way through each moment and before I know it hopefully be snuggled under my gravity blanket in my own bed 🛌💫 #wellnesswarrior #travelwithmigraine #onebreathatatime
Grabbing good moments and holding them close like the magic that they are 🍯💫 when I feel good one of my favorite things to do is get outside, breathe fresh air, notice the beauty all around me, move my body and deeply appreciate that in that moment I CAN 💪🌿☀️🌊🥰 #wellnesswarrior #californiacoast #seethegood #mindfulmoment
I‘m so guilty of over-explaining my no’s 🙅‍♀️ someeeetimes it’s useful, but mostly I’m over sharing information or justifying something that doesn’t need justifying 💭 definitely a 2019 muscle I’m going to work on growing! 💪 #workinoutmyno #nomeansno #justsayno #doyou
Admittedly this is my vibe a lot of the time 🙈 but especiallyyyy during this annual & wacky Christmas-to-New Years-in-between-time-vortex 🧖‍♀️🙅‍♀️ #mood #nobra #nopeople #noproblem 😂 via @thelettergrams
It’s so easy for my thoughts to drift into picking out all the ways I wish I’d been able to do “more” or “better” over the past couple days 💭 but I did my best, and that is enough ♥️ sharing this self reminder in case anyone else’s inner critic is also trying to pipe up 🗣 treat yourself extra kindly today + mindfully feed your brain supportive thoughts (like gratitude + any lil wins) 💫 ya did good, however it was 👏🥰 #yourbestisenough #bekindertoyou #itiswhatitis #itwaswhatitwas #surrender #gratitude via @zeppelinmoon
Life with you is the best present I could ever ask for 🎁 thank you for helping me find laughter and light through every up and down 💫 your calm presence constantly boosts my hopes and dreams and I love navigating this world together 🥰🌎 hug your people extra tight today, I know I am! Merry Christmas #instafam ! 🤗🎄#grateful #seethegood #merrychristmas
The likelihood of “so what have you been up to” q’s + feeling the pull of comparison is extra high over the next few days 🌪 gentle reminder to stay rooted in deep knowing that you are worthy, loved, resilient, and strong whether your path reflects those around you or not 🌱♥️ I used to feel so much shame and embarrassment sharing my health hurdles, but (eventually) learned that *by mindfully setting the tone and telling my story with compassion, the more kindness and understanding I was met with in return* 💫 merry merry christmas eve, sending the most warm-loving-low pain-courage-filled vibes out to all of you 🥰 via @littlearthlings
This is part of the essence of why I find December so special🎄 hope feels like it’s all around, even during times of weary darkness 💫 whether it’s the soft twinkle of Christmas lights through a window, cozy smells, those first holiday hugs from loved ones or walking into warm homes infused with extra love — all of these things bring hope alive for me ♥️ sometimes we have to muster up hope for ourselves in some pretty tough circumstances #chronicillnesslyfe , but my wish these next few days is if you’re feeling low or beaten down that the holiday spirit can bring you a #hopeboost 🙏 #christmaseveeve #hopeismedicine via @letterfolk
Today my family and I celebrate the life of my Grandma Winnie 🍯💫 I’ve spent every single Christmas in her warm home that’s always offered unconditional love and steadfast tradition ♥️ as we gather in that same place this year and say goodbye to this incredibly bright soul I am full of emotion 💭 but as we venture into the unknown, the biggest generational shift we‘ve experienced as a family, I I know we’re wrapped in her grace and love 🌅 that her spirit is holding us all tightly, sheltering us from the pain of loss through unbounding love and comfort 🙏 hug your people extra tight today, I know I am 🤗 via @morganharpernichols
Tak tohle jsou ony ❤️. Moje vysněný šaty, pro který jsem jela. Byla jsem přesvědčená, že v nich půjdu k oltáři. Dvoudílný, pohodlný, bílý, jednoduchý a přitom neobyčejný. No. Už jsme zase u toho. Představy jsou jedna věc, realita věc druhá 🤭😅. Ale jedno vám řeknu. V těchto se vdávat nebudu 🤷‍♀️❤️. @salonlemonika #salonlemonika #svatba #svatebnisaty #lemonika #mmblog #wedding #weddingtime #weddingDress #Dress #bride #bridetobe #love #těšímsejakmala #svatebnípřípravy
Alright #instafam , very important announcement 📣 keep a close eye on your “I’m sorry’s” over this holiday weekend! 👀 if you wind up feeling “needy” because of your health, here’s an official reminder that you do *not* need to apologize for it 😔 as guilt inducing as advocating for your needs can be and as tempting as it can be to be a serial apologizer, it’s just not your fault ♥️ swapping your “I’m sorry’s” for “thanks you’s” can have such a positive impact on everyone involved 🔁🙏 so give it a try! I hope it’s as helpful for you as it has been for me 🥰 #attitudeofgratitude #4daysuntilchristmas via @alyserurianidesign
I find holidays can come with a lot of "shoulds" - often self inflicted + totally not true 🙅‍♀️ The only thing you *should* do is take care of you, whatever that looks like ♥️ here's a little permission slip that it's okay to drop the shoulds and focus more on the cans wants and needs 🙏💫 #selftalk #createpositiveselftalk via @alyserurianidesign
I prepare a pretty in depth summary of my migraine health in between visits with my headache specialist 📈 but sometimes it feels like just printing this chart would be more accurate + representative of what feels like is happening 😬 anyone else??? 🙋‍♀️ #thisischronicillness #upanddown #thenupanddown via @scribblesbynicole
Dropping 5️⃣ fresh tips on holiday-ing with migraine (slash chronic illness in general) on the blog today! 💁‍♀️✈️ Everything from specific things I pack to conversations I have both with myself and others about managing expectations 🤞💭 whether you're staying local or traveling, this bloggy is filled with practical tips that you can use ♥️ link in bio as always 💌 mini tip: dress like an airport celebrity always 🧢😎 #actconfidentandnooonewillquestionyou #fashunismylife #migrainetraveltips
𝑬𝒔𝒕𝒓𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒂𝒔 𝒆𝒏 𝒍𝒐𝒔 𝒐𝒋𝒐𝒔 ✨ No pude aguantar el hype que me dio @rosshannabracho en varios de sus #mmtutorial y me termine comprando su sombra favorita de @urbandecaycosmetics #spacecowboy . Es una sombra de tono champagne con la mayor cantidad de glitter pequeño que puedas imaginar. ✨✨✨✨✨ Brilla super padre pero en este caso por mi tono de piel he decido usarlo como topper para mis sombras cafes y en verdad se ve super lindo. _______________ . . . . . . . . . . . #makeup #makeupjunkie #makeuplover #makeupporn #maquiagemx #beautyjunkie #beautylover #mua #makeupaddict #makeupcollection #undiscovered_muas #urbandecaymx #mmblog
I used to be a complete slave to worry & what I’d later learn was anxiety 😔 I had no awareness around my thoughts, regularly getting stuck in loops of fear + imagining worst case scenarios 🔁 I never considered that I might have the power to interrupt that cycle and choose supportive thoughts, or at least step back when a storm of worry rolled in, until a few years ago ⛈🧘‍♀️💭 this week I have about a million things I *could* worry about (from travel to a family funeral to botox to more doctors appts to holiday events) but I’m choosing to put my intention around it all going just fine and more importantly me being able to handle whatever comes my way 🙏💞 YOU can do that too! #igotthis #yougotthis #wegotthis #energyflowswhereattentiongoes via @theblacklinebylauren
“Let them come, let them be, let them go” 🌬 I love this mantra during meditation to move through distractions, thoughts and emotions🧘‍♀️ this pic was taken on top of the mountain my parents live on outside of San Francisco, and I like to imagine myself just sitting up there watching the fog waves roll by and listening to the sound of the ocean waves crashing below ☁️🌊 5 sleeps until this girl is back on the #bestcoastwestcoast 🥰 #christmascountdown #createcalm #happyplace #meditationvisualization
The little things that fill up your cup/soul/heart and make you feel grateful for being alive matter 💫 some of mine include watching sunsets, playing music during a hot shower, making time to do @calm meditations or @yogawakeups , walking Finn, drinking ice water out of a big ol mason jar, nightly @foursigmatic hot cacao, lighting candles, dancing to throwback jams in the car, writing gratitude lists, making my bed, sending handwritten letters, listening to audiobooks, and texting people who just get it ♥️ I try to make sure to do at least a handful of these things every day to create calm and gratitude in my world 🧘‍♀️ this looks different for every person, and figuring out your own personal list is so so important 📝🥰 #weekendmood via @pickmeupincuk
Čím dýl jsem měla jakýkoli šaty na sobě, tím víc se mi líbily.❤️ Tyhle mi nejdřív třeba přišly málo bílé. No....dneska mi přijdou naprosto nádherný 😍🙈. Krásně seděly, podtrhly mi úzký pas a mají dokonalá záda 🤷‍♀️☺️. @salonlemonika . #salonlemonika #svatba #svatebnisaty #lemonika #mmblog #wedding #weddingtime #weddingDress #Dress #bride #bridetobe #love #těšímsejakmala #svatebnípřípravy
El día de ayer conocí a @rosshannabracho la creadora de @mm.blogg y fui la más feliz. Ella es una chica venezolana comprometida a cultivar en las personas el hábito del cuidado de la piel #skincare por medio de workshops, ebooks, post y vídeos en YouTube. Básicamente es una experta en cómo tener piel hermosa 💆 Y creanme que desde que sigo sus consejos mi piel se ha visto mucho más bella y saludable. Ve a ver su contenido y dale amor a tu piel ❤ . Gracias Rosshanna por todo el contenido que creas y por ser un amor con patas. ☁👭 . . . #rosshanabracho #venezuela #mmblog #skincare #blogger #youtuber #modofan #labruja #labrujamakeup
WHAT A WEEK 🌪 doctors appointments, stool tests, urine tests, fasting, fedex specimen drop off after drop off, so. much. lab. work.... all in the pursuit of working towards wellness 🙏 I turned the lights down in appointment rooms, asked people for help, closed my eyes and held hands and breathed in and out 🌬 I advocated for myself and put my trust in things I can’t quite see or understand yet ♥️ sometimes I’m amazed at our ability to get through hard things, to persist and do what needs to be done 💪 happy friday and here’s to a calm cozy christmassy weekend 🧘‍♀️💫 #wellnesswarrior #onedayatatime #chronicandwell
Is that weird? I don’t even know anymore 🤷‍♀️😎🎧 #chronicmigraine #migrainelife
I have some big tests I’ve been putting off for a while today and just keep reminding myself of this 💨 my only job is to breathe and be, and let the pros take care of the rest 🙏 anxiety can be *so* loud and persistent and I’ve been having to really be observant of my thoughts all week 💭 but in a few hours I’ll be done and have accomplished another thing that just a few years ago I would have said “omg no I could never do that” 🙅‍♀️ chronic illness sure can put you through the ringer, but goodness does it make you tough 💪😎 #bebrave #justkeepbreathing #tensecondsatatime via @abeautifulbpmind
Nádherný šaty😍❤️. Ale ne na mně 🙈😬. Mně přidaly tak 10 kg a fakt jsem si v nich přišla jak oplácaná Mařena 🙈🤷‍♀️😂. Jinak byly ale hrozně pohodlný a příjemný. Jen mi vůbec neslušely, no 🤣😅. I prsa v nich mám tak o 2 čísla větší 😱. . #salonlemonika #svatba #svatebnisaty #lemonika #mmblog #wedding #weddingtime #weddingDress #Dress #bride #bridetobe #love #těšímsejakmala #svatebnipripravy
"Ho ho ho and welcome, Finn and I will be your holiday gift guides this year!" 👋🐾🤶🎁 I absolutely loveeee coming up with creative, thoughtful and practical gifts for those I love most and (we) had so much fun putting together a list of #winners to share with you guys 🥰 on the blog today you’ll find all kinds of goodies + a lil wisdom re: gifts that can't be bought (think patience, luv, empathy, presence and hugs 🤗) I sooooo hope you enjoy checking it out, link in bio to go straight to the good stuff! 💻 *bonus: allllllll items orderable online bc #duh *🎄 #chiefelf #santapaws #happyholidays #mmgiftguide
I’m so grateful every day I can get outside and walk 🐾☀️ last night my boyfriend and I were talking (as he got ready to go to a Christmas party + I got ready to sit on the shower floor with my migrainey eyes) about just how challenging the hard moments with chronic illness can be 😔 it’s those unfair, lonely, and frustrating moments that also make us acutely aware of the *good* 👀 that allow me to feel deep gratitude for something as mundane as a 10 min walk around the block 🙏 I’ve found that often the hard is extra hard, and the good is extra good 🌓 hoping you soak in some good moments this Sunday and sending big love out to everyone 💫 #onawalk #partyinthestreets #handsintheair #seethegood #chronicandwell
Like a fairy 🧚‍♀️. Co říkáte na tyhle květinové krásky? ❤️😍🤗 Já je vidím někde v přírodě na louce 🙏❤️🌼. #salonlemonika #svatba #svatebnisaty #lemonika #mmblog #wedding #weddingtime #weddingDress #Dress #bride #bridetobe #love #těšímsejakmala #svatebnipripravy
Byyyyyyye 👋😘 it wasn’t until I created this space that I realized what a drain some of my other social media accounts were on my emotional energy 🌪 I honestly used to worry about offending people by unfollowing them, more than I considered my own mental health and emotional state 💭 our online space should be cleaned up and tidied just like our physical space, and anything that adds clutter or makes me feel “less than”, guilty or stirs up negativity is no longer welcome in my #interwebhome 🙅‍♀️🏡 so detox, unfollow, unsubscribe, even *block* anything or anyone that doesn’t feed your soul, help you grow and make you feel like you are worthy and accepted just the way you are 🥰 #saturdayhomework (ps: love you all thank you for helping create this wonderful high vibe internet oasis 💫) via @selftherapista
Friday mood 🎉 make sure to say some kind things to yourself today, you deserve it 🥰 #goyou #gome #gous #personalpeptalk #fridaymood words via @cleowade
December intentions! 🎄📝 this ritual is one of my favorite tools for looking inward and setting the tone for the weeks ahead 💭 this month I’m really trying to slow down and allow myself to feel. it. alllll. ♥️ the good moments and the hard ones 🧘‍♀️ treating myself gently and soaking in all the love around us that the holiday season brings 💫
These words were the first thing on my insta the other day and they hit me so hard, almost bringing me to tears 😥 it’s been rough lately and I’d been lying in bed strategizing how I was going to tackle the morning...take meds now? shower first? try and push through then decide what to do?.... all before even opening my eyes 👀 after reaching over to grab my phone, these words immediately made me pause + consider how much frustration I was feeling and holding toward my body and symptoms 🤯 maybe that same body needed...love too? ♥️ just the way it was, in that moment, and without condition 🙏 maybe your body is craving the same message, that even when it’s sick or symptom-y, it is enough, it is loved 🥰 thank you @autointune for giving me the comfort I didn’t know I needed 💭 #listentoyourbody #selflove #selfcare
My experience with one of the new migraine meds, aimovig, is fresh on the blog today #linkinbio 💉 I discuss side effects, my next steps and have the honor of sharing a handful of positive experiences from migraine warriors in our community who've found relief with this new treatment 🙌 unfortunately, aimovig was not effective for me, and as disappointing as that initially was, I'm now one step closer to finding out what *will* help me 🕵️‍♀️ treating chronic migraine is messy and confusing 🧠 but I'm so deeply committed to getting better management of this condition and sharing each step of that wellness journey with you 🥰 I'd love to know who else has tried one of the new CGRP meds...comment below with which one you’ve tried and a 👍👎 for effectiveness if you feel comfortable sharing! ⤵️ thank you all for being here, I am so grateful for this space #noonefightsalone ♥️
(AD) It’s holiday gifting time! ❄️ Everyone loves a gift card & at Walmart you can get one for everyone on your list! Whether they are into dining or entertainment or shopping, @incommworldwide has a card for everyone. The perfect idea for stocking stuffers, teachers gifts, and more. Grab a few on your next trip! 🎄 . If you had a $50 gift card to spend on yourself, what would you treat yourself to? #hinthint 😉#SaveMoneyGiveBetter2018
A little phrase to combat any monday doubts about your worth or meaning or place in this world ♥️ you belong here just by being, you are enough just the way you are and even when you can't see where you are headed, your breath breathes purpose into this world thousands of times a day 🥰 words via the amazing @morganharpernichols #mondaymotivation #mondaymood
I am calm • I am light • I am loved • I am okay 💛 one of my favorite mantras to post-it on my mirror 📝 riding the ups and the downs and reminding myself that every migraine cycle, just like every wave in the ocean, eventually breaks 🌊 #sundaymood #dailyaffirmation #onemomentatatime #onedayatatime #ridethewave #seethegood
December is here!!🎄this month fills up my heart like no other, I soak in it’s energy every single day and let it fill my soul in a way that only the “weeks before Christmas lead up” can 💫 to me, the effect of “December” has always felt like true magic - holiday music, deep gratitude, steadfast traditions, family time, twinkly lights and a shift in the way grief feels in the moments I’m missing those no longer here ♥️ to me December is like a giant hug, that brings love, softness and warmth 🤗 and I’m so so happy to be wrapped up in it again this year 🥰 can’t wait to get to work on some #newmonth intentions 💭📝 happy weekend, happy December and happy holiday season! ☃️✨ #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear #decemberishere #elflife #calmandbright #decemberdelights via @decadetodoodles
You're telling me it's Friday already?? 👀 Chronic illness can take a week, throw it in a virtual washing machine on a high spin cycle, and leave you days later a little stunned and thinking “whaaat”, “how” and “whoaaah” #migraineblackhole 🕳 time to throw on my shades, go walk Finny and soak up the fact that the weekend is here and my lil pack has extra time to hang together 😎🐾 #fridaymood via @drinkbalance
Thank you so much for the outpouring of support when I shared such a migraine-low moment on my feed yesterday ♥️ I know so many of us here “get it” completely and that comfort alone is something I have deep gratitude for 🙏 I’m inspired every day by the immense courage in this community and how many people get through these moments over and over again 💪 they’re brutal and unpleasant and everything in between, but you are stronger 👊
You know those texts that make you feel warm and fuzzy and like you matter and are connected to others??? 📱🥰 talkin all about them on the blog today 🙌 how I learned to ask my friends and family for this type of support once my health circumstances changed + what it has does for my relationships ♥️ link in bio as always 〰️ what texts from friends and family put a smile on your face? 💭☺️⤵️ #chronicillness #friendship #communucation #support #relationships
Ve dne taková, v noci jiná 💘. . To přesně splňují tyhle krásky 💕. Na obřad, focení, první tanec s krásnou zdobnou sukní a večer pohodlně bez ní 🙏😍. Prostě 2v1. A víte co? Nemusíte už řešit popůlnoční šaty 👗 🙏😁. Mně teda byly trochu větší, což by nebyl problém, protože v @salonlemonika šaty upravují na každou nevěstu individuálně, ale prostě to nejsou ony. Ačkoli jsou nádherný a výjimečný, tak varianta bez sukně mně prostě nejak nesedí . Je to zřejmě tím střihem. Potřebuju podtrhnout úzký pas 😁🤔. . No a co na ně říkáte vy? 😍 . #salonlemonika #svatba #svatebnisaty #lemonika #mmblog #wedding #weddingtime #weddingDress #Dress #bride #bridetobe #love #těšímsejakmala #svatebnipripravy
It’s felt like a major struggle lately and yesterday these words washed over me and helped me let go a little 〰️ unfortunately high pain and long flares often come with a whole slew of difficult feelings + emotions 😔 it’s so frustrating when our bodies feel out of control that it’s easy to forget to love them, to love ourselves 🥰 today, going gently and with deep compassion for how hard we’re all trying 💫 via @hayhouseinc
Mondays in general I can feel a little behind in life, but especially after a holiday weekend where everyone jumps back into their normal routine, I have all kinds of mixed feels about my version of normal 💭 the comparison trap is just that....a trap that pulls us into negative thinking and spiraling 🌪 sharing a reminder that I need today ➡️ just go one step at a time, one breathe at a time 🌬 small things, when done consistently overtime, have the ability to change your life ♥️ so if you’re feeling behind + stuck, pick one tiny thing to do and celebrate putting yourself closer to the direction of your goals 🙌 via @littlearthlings #mondaymotivation #chronicillness
“I will just do the next right thing, one thing at a time” from life guru @glennondoyle ♥️ yesterday that thing was getting this Christmas treeeeeee 🎄 today it is sitting with throbbing eye pain at wakeup and knowing my high activity yesterday might have impacted today💥 migraine life can feel crazy, confusing and sometimes cruel 😔 but the more I stay present and just focus on “what am I going to do *next*?” vs “what am I going to do...?” 〰️ the more peace there is 🧘‍♀️ #chronicillness #lovewarrior
Even if healing is (painfully) slow, it’s worth it 🙏 sometimes I struggle to be patient with the process and just want to fast forward or at least get a *glimpse* of things better managed 👀😔 but these thoughts lead to anxiety and frustration, and where I find calm is returning to surrender and trust 💛 to knowing I’m moving toward wellness even when it feels far away 🌓 today I’m letting goooo a little, of the trying to figure it out and planning my next move 💭 instead I’m just being with where I am right now and letting that be enough 💫 #gratitude #healing #wellness #acceptance via @yung_pueblo
#svatebniokenko je konečně tady 😍🙊. Nová kolekce svatebních šatů v @salonlemonika je SKVOSTNÁ a já mezi nimi konečně našla ty pravý! ❤️ Moje vysněný svatební šaty 👗. Tyhle to pochopitelně nejsou, ale skončili na 2. místě, takže si zaslouží čestný místo i tady. 😁😅 Co na ně říkáte?! 😱🙊♥️ Já je ze začátku dost podceňovala a vlastně jsem je ani netoužila zkusit. 🙄 Stačilo je ale obléct a zrodila se láska 😍 🤭. Jsou dokonalý, něžný, výjimečný. Ale já přesto našla jedny ještě o fous krásnější 😍♥️🙊. Strašně moc děkuju @lemonikaphotography , že stvořila tak nádherný místo a že pro nás, nevěsty, vybírá tak božský šaty 👗. A taky za čas a ochotu, kterou nám věnovala po celou dobu návštěvy. DĚKUJU! ❤️ #salonlemonika #svatba #svatebnisaty #lemonika #mmblog #wedding #weddingtime #weddingDress #Dress #bride #bridetobe #love #těšímsejakmala #svatebnipripravy
On repeat today 🔁 sometimes I struggle over holiday breaks with the unfair feeling of just how much rest my body demands 😔 it’s hard for me to watch the rest of my fam jump from activity to activity, after I spend allllllllllllll my energy on just one and need a full night + day(s) of recoup time 😴 here’s a reminder that even if your pace is different *you are doing just fine* 🙏 please don’t feel guilty while you’re resting, spend that time congratulating yourself on the efforts you made that are now requiring some recharging ♥️ via @morganharpernichols - so thankful for your words 🥰 #wherethetiredgirlsare #guiltfreerest #dowhatyougottado #investinrest
Another holiday where a lil migremlin decided to come along for the fun 👹🦃 unfortunately migraine doesn’t really care if it’s Christmas/your birthday/or a regular Tuesday 🤷‍♀️ on special occasions where I manage to make it out of bed, push through and show up, this is my motto always 💭 “I will do my best and *nothing* more” 🙏 anyone else strugglin today, please don’t put any expectation besides that one on yourself ♥️
THIS grateful for every single person in our #instafam and all of the supportive and loving energy shared here daily 🥰🙏 thank you thank you thank you for being here and following along ♥️ also so thankful to be alive in this wonderful beautiful world full of sunsets and magic 🌅 wishing you a happy + safe thanksgiving and sending loooow pain vibes to all! 🦃💫 #noboundsgratitude #happythanksgiving #hugsacrosstheocean
*Very important reminder for thanksgiving week with increased interactions friends + fam* 📣 I really struggle with energetic boundaries and often feel responsible for others’ feelings 😔 two of my fav tools for better boundaries are from @autoimmunetribe 1️⃣ imagine literally zipping up your energy before events, like putting on a onesie that bounces off any vibes/emotions that aren’t yours to take on 2️⃣ repeat the mantra “what’s yours is yours, what’s mine is mine” when you’re wondering if someone is upset because of something you did or if you should be doing something to “fix” how another person is feeling 💭 empath livin can be a little blurry and messy but it’s worth it for that big love we get to feel and be a part of ♥️ #empathlife #boundaries #whatsyoursisyours #whatsmineismine via @skybanyes
It’s just the truth 🙌 as if #fashun and comfort weren’t convincing enough on this case, between painful bloating and bladder discomfort I can guarantee the only thing I’ll be wearing allllllll winter long are leggings and joggers 🖤 who’s with me? 🙋‍♀️ #cantstopwontstop #leggingsforlife #jangry #behappy #wearleggings via @letterfolk
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