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*Very important reminder for thanksgiving week with increased interactions friends + fam* 📣 I really struggle with energetic boundaries and often feel responsible for others’ feelings 😔 two of my fav tools for better boundaries are from @autoimmunetribe 1️⃣ imagine literally zipping up your energy before events, like putting on a onesie that bounces off any vibes/emotions that aren’t yours to take on 2️⃣ repeat the mantra “what’s yours is yours, what’s mine is mine” when you’re wondering if someone is upset because of something you did or if you should be doing something to “fix” how another person is feeling 💭 empath livin can be a little blurry and messy but it’s worth it for that big love we get to feel and be a part of ♥️ #empathlife #boundaries #whatsyoursisyours #whatsmineismine via @skybanyes
Blablabla... Vielredner zu stoppen, ist nicht so leicht. Im Miss Moneypenny Blog haben wir Tipps, wie man Quasselstrippen mehr oder weniger elegant loswird. #assistants #missmoneypennymag #blog #mmblog Link ist im Profil 📱
It’s just the truth 🙌 as if #fashun and comfort weren’t convincing enough on this case, between painful bloating and bladder discomfort I can guarantee the only thing I’ll be wearing allllllll winter long are leggings and joggers 🖤 who’s with me? 🙋‍♀️ #cantstopwontstop #leggingsforlife #jangry #behappy #wearleggings via @letterfolk
One of the ways I cope with chronic migraine is having a bunch of comforting go-to’s that I have control over when I it feels like I don’t have *any* over my physical pain 🤯 doing these things reminds me that my pain is temporary + I still have some powaaa💥 #onedayatatime #motivationmonday #mindovermigraineish
A big YAY for 5K!!!!! 🎉🙌 oh my goodness, I’m just completely overwhelmed with gratitude and love for this little corner of the internet that all of you have helped create 🥰 I never imagined this being more than a personal collage of inspo pics 💭 but to my surprise it has grown into one of the most special areas of my life 🙏 every day I look forward to sharing and connecting with our #instafam , and words cannot describe the immense impact of your support 🤗 thank you for being here and listening to my story, it has truly helped heal a part of me I didn’t even know was hurting 📖 thank you for following along through the good moments and the bad moments & inspiring me daily to keep striving for that magic combo of wellness + chronic illness 🌗 we can and will get there ♥️ #onedayatatime #chronicandwell #mmsquad #mmfam #thankyouthankyou
Just in case anyone else had a week of symptom wtf-ery...here’s a little reassurance that you are not alone, answers are on the way and we will get there ♥️ #onedayatatime #youarenotalone via @scribblesbynicole
Just the way you areeeeee 💫♥️ #happyfriday #signsfromtheuniverse
One of my favorite gratitude definitions I’ve seen to date • "Gratitude is being happy with who and what you have in your life. It's the realization that you have and are enough. Gratitude isn't dismissing the hardships in life but rather choosing to shine a light on all the good things we have and making them matter more than the bad" -Beth H ♥️ via @iamthatgirl #attitudeofgratitude #gratitude #seethegood
My mom has been staying with us for a week and I already miss her even though she hasn’t left yet 😭 she’s nourished me in every way - cooking healthy food, listening to my fears, supporting me in exploring new treatments, filling up my elf-soul with early holiday shopping, reassuring me that I am doing a great job - and I am so grateful for *every little bit* ♥️ I know that when I cry tonight (anyone else get teary with goodbyes? 😥) it’s just because I’m beyond lucky to have such a magnificent mama in my life 🙏 thank GOODNESS for texting, insta and phone calls that keep us connected to the ones we love most when we can’t hold them tight 💫 #butpleasedontgo via @thepacificstudio
𝐁𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐜𝐨𝐬 𝐝𝐞 𝐭𝐞𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐚. Ya me he repetido hasta el cansancio intentar probar otras cosas pero pues, la económica para ser una real #beautyjunkie no me da chicuelas. 😁 Y además, tampoco es como que no me guste lo que tengo. 🤨 Creo que usaré este combo hasta el cansancio porque de verdad me gustan demasiado. El corrector de @maybelline : #Agerewind al principio seré super honesta; lo odiaba 🙄 hasta que @rosshannabracho en uno de sus videos comento sobre quitarle la esponja y pfff!!! 😲 Problema resuelto. Se ha vuelco mi favorito! Tapa super bien las ojeras, el color me queda al pelo y un tip que me ha funcionado es tomar un poco con los dedos y calentarlo antes de aplicarlo directamente debajo de los ojos; esto hace que sea más fácil difuminarlo. ❤️ El bronzer de @physiciansformulamexico desde que lo compre me enamoró. Y es que hasta abrirlo es una experiencia deliciosa por su olor a playa 🏖 😍 el color es algo claro pero me gusta para el diario y es cremosito chido. La base de @wetnwildbeauty creo que ya esta super probada para mi y mi #oilyskin sebocilla 😁 y la cobertura ligera me gusta para usarla diario. Ese rimel de @benefitmexico #rollerlash es lindo si buscas un rimel que alargue las pestañas y no te las baje como paraguas ☔ pero tampoco esperes demasiado volumen de ella. 😅 Finalmente la paleta de @makeuprevolution #iconicdivision , 😍😍😍 maaaaaigod!! Me encantan los colores! Los satinados son preciosos y me encanta como se difuminan ❤️ Tiene LOS colores de temporada ✨🌟 Evidentemente en skincare hay otros indispensables pero en cuanto a maquillaje estos son mis básicos. Y los amo 💖😎 ____ . . . . #makeupRevolution #makeupjunkie #makeupcollection #makeupartistsworldwide #muas #undiscovered_muas #instablog #instapic #beauty #beautyBlogger #maquiagens #maquillaje #eyelook #benefit #benebabe #skincare #otoño #mmblog #fallmakeup #makeupbasic
Starting a new thinnng and breaking down migraine types on the blog 🧠 under the umbrella of migraine disease, there are soo many different specific disorders and symptoms ☔️ to make it even trickier, the meaning of "I have a migraine today" often varies day by day, and individual by individual #confusing 🤦‍♀️ it's no wonder migraine is so crazy misunderstood and stigmatized, so I'm trying to do my lil bit to help #breakitdown 🤓 on the blog today I share all about what I’ve named *the slow build* 📈 have you experienced "the slow build"? 😣 what are some of your migraine subcategories? 💭As always, link in bio, and THANK you for reading along! ♥️
The GI dysfunction game is real 💥🤰 #sigh why am I so bloated? why do I have such sharp abdominal pain? why am I nauseous? 🤔 the gastroparesis, SIBO, leaky gut lyfe can be frustrating af sometimes 🤦‍♀️ anyone else find themselves asking themselves these questions often, even when you feel like you’ve done everything “right” food wise in a day? #tummytroubles
I truly never under estimate the *power of a shower* 🚿 I usually take 2 short showers a day (minimum) because warm water on my eyes often allows me to do a "reset" on my head pain 💧I don't always get my hair wet bc #exhausting , but even two quick minutes can make a huge difference in how I start or end my day 🙏 anyone else use showers *medicinally* to manage pain? 💊 closing my eyes and pretending this is my shower scene this morning... 💭 #dreamy #showergoals #instacalmvia @saraparaons
If you're stressing about why you can't lose weight, use this checklist. Avoid these simple everyday pitfalls! http://ht.ly/GfNO30mpROz #bodywraps #minimibodywraps #MMblog
You know those texts you get sometimes? 📱where a friend or family member says “hey, just want you to know I’m thinking about you and love you and think you’re doing great” ♥️ *be the person who sends one today!!* 🤗 let’s create a virtual kindness wave and let the people we care about most know by setting aside 30 seconds to type one short kind sentence 💫 I’ve found the more love I am able to send out, the more kindness I receive back 🙏 chronic illness life can be hard, but being kind makes it easier 😍 #createkindness #hurrytobekind #saturdaysmiles via one of my favs @skybanyes
1 of 3: Our latest #MMBLOG is out now! Visit www.mansfieldmonk.co.uk/blog to discover more about the hidden architectural gems in #Essex , from the iconic to the astonishing... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷@cathyland1 for @focalpointgallery ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #silverend #crittallwindows #crittal #artdeco #essexarchitecture #britishmodernism #architecure #buildingporn #architecturalgems #iconicarchitecture #modernism #modernist #design #britisharchitecture #architectureporn #archilovers #architects #englishmodern #architecturehunting #pioneeringarchitecture #architecturelover #architecture_hunter #buildings
Perspective 💭 I used to haaaate grey days 🌫 I grew up in a foggy coastal town and spent so much energy being annoyed at days where I couldn’t see the sun shining 🌥 now I find beauty and peace on grey days 〰️ my migrainey eyes are far less bothered and I can take longer walks outside + cozy up to the gloom instead of fighting it ☁️ I believe that one *major* gift chronic illness has given me is the perspective to see all kinds of silver linings in places I never could before 👀 to #seethegood in what otherwise might appear bad 💫 whatever your weekend looks like, I hope you can peek around for the good even if it’s hiding in a corner and you have to look a little harder 🙏 sending love love love to everyone, I am so grateful for you and this community 💛 #silverlinings #surrender #gratitude #happyfriday
Always trying to make this my “autopilot” way of thinking 💭💫 it’s amazing the assumptions our minds can make and without consciously realizing it we start to pick out the things that bother us about others, instead of focusing our attention on the *good* 😊 obviously this doesn’t work 💯 of the time, but it’s definitely how I’d like to spend the majority of my brain power 🧠 #seethegood #bethegood #hurrytobekind
We will be celebrating Thanksgiving this month. Let’s give thanks for all our blessings. I suggest that you express your gratitude daily and become a role model for your children. . . As a project, you can create a board, a wall, or a tree that represents your thankfulness as a family. The most important thing is to feel the gratitude from your heart. . . As an activity, you can go through the letters of the alphabet from A to the Z and try to name different things that start with each letter for what you are thankful for. . . Ideas for the letter B. . . I am thankful for all the blessings that I have received throughout my life. . . I am thankful for being bilingual and for balancing my life between two cultures. . . I am thankful for the beautiful beaches that I have visited where I have created memorable times with family and friends. . . I am thankful for my brain. Your brain is as important as your heart. . . I am thankful for all the birthdays that I have celebrated. . . I am thankful for being able to breath. . . A few ways to express gratitude to model conscious discipline. . . Thank you very much for being yourself. I am so proud of you. . . Thank you very much for behaving yourself, you are growing so fast. . . Thank you very much for your kindness towards your friends. You are a beautiful person. . 🙏🙏🙏. . En español, lean el post anterior donde está la letra A y las sugerencias para hacer en familia. Con estas actividades creamos momentos memorables y la disciplina consciente. Ahora decimos GRACIAS por todas las bendiciones recibidas con la letra B. Bebés, besos, barcos, brazos, bendiciones, etc. Decimos también el porque estamos agradecidos. . Gracias por ..... Coloca abajo otras ideas de agradecimiento. . . Únete a JESMART🤝 Juntos Educamos Sociedades con Más Amor y Tolerancia. 🧠❤. . . #jesmartchildren
On this platform and in my mindset I focus a lot on #seeingthegood and positive thinking 💭 but that doesn’t mean that I never have feelings of frustration and fear 😣 I’ll admit, when they do pop up, I’m quick to try to move through them and onto a higher vibe ✨ but feeling exhausted, frustrated, annoyed, stuck, trapped and angry at pain *is* valid and there’s no reason to carry guilt when that happens ♥️ it is okay to feel whatever you are feeling, just hold yourself with compassion while you do 🙏 and know that #thistooshallpass via @littlearthlings
One thing I know for sure is that on days where I’m up to it, movement makes me feel good 🤸‍♀️ integrating movement and exercise into life with chronic illness has been super challenging 🤔 but not impossible! 💪 sharing some of my top resources for at home yoga + meditation + exercise on the blog today 🧘‍♀️ including some of my insta-faves/fam like @activelyautoimmune , @elle_fit , @calm , @autoimmunetribe and @yogawakeup 😍 link in bio! 💻 would love to know if you guys have additional recs or if you use some of the same resources 💭 #movementismedicine
Monday can bring a lot of pressure to go-go-go 🌬 so here’s a reminder that it is also okay to choose or surrender to slow 🍃 via @thepacificstudio #mondaymood
Hablemos del aloe Vera buenísimo gel , lo recomiendo demasiado no saben lo. Imita que deja la piel , no olviden su protector solar @vichymexico mineral 89 otro producto que me ayudo mucho y el tónico de @cosrx el mejor para eliminar espinillas y poros abiertos lo pueden conseguir en @meikkimx al igual que los parches son hidratantes y el @urangnatural bálsamo buenísimo amo todo 😍😍#beauty #koreanbeuty #mineral89 #jayjunpatches #cosrx #aloevera #skincare #larocheposay #urang #beuty #skincare @mm.blogg #mmblog
Daylight savings feels like the real #finalfarewell to summer (especially bc it’s still 75+ in Nola) 👋✨ the past 7 months have been so full of over-coming and change, but also beauty and calm ☁️ just a lil reflective moment of gratitude for both the light and dark as we shift into a new season 🌗 #daylightsavings #lightandshadow
Make sure you’re keeping up to date with all the best news in UK Rap/Drill & Wave from our #MMBlog on MixtapeMadness.com
Very important in life but *especially* in dealing with communication and relationships relating to chronic illness 🗣 it can be uncomfortable to ask for what I need sometimes, but know that it is a skill you can strengthen and something you so totally deserve 💛 #weekendthoughts via @gorkiegork
Pro velký úspěch u @lucie.ouradova a @similifecz si soutěž o deku od @mamasandpapascz dle vlastního výběru dáme ještě jednou 💙🙆‍♀️. . Podmínky soutěže💓 : ✖️Dej like této fotce ✖️Sleduj mě a sponzory soutěže @trendybaby.cz a @forbaby_cz ✖️ Do komentáře mi napište, o jakou deku byste měli zájem ( výběr dek zobrazíte posouváním fotek) . ℹ️ Jedná se o kvalitní pletené deky, vhodné jak do kočárku, tak do postýlky 🌸😊. ℹ️ Soutěž poběží do pátku 9.11. do 20:00. Poté vylosuji jednoho vítěze 😊✊💕. 🍀HODNĚ ŠTĚSTÍ 🍀 #soutez #mamasandpapas #trendybaby #forbaby #deka #miminko #instamama #mmblog
Comenzamos nuestra lista de AGRADECIMIENTO con la letra A. Cada día, lo haremos con una letra del Abecedario y ustedes lo pueden practicar con los niños. . 🙏. Gracias por el AMOR que hemos recibido a lo largo de la vida. El Amor de Dios, de nuestros padres, hijos, familiares, maestros, parejas, conocidos y desconocidos que trabajan cada día por nuestro bienestar. Cuando digo desconocidos, me refiero a TODAS las personas que, con su trabajo diario, nos hacen la vida más simple. Los agricultores, ganaderos, los comerciantes, doctores, los que hacen los Automóviles, etc. (Pueden nombrar profesiones que empiecen por la letra A). . Gracias por el ALMA , que para los creyentes, es eterna y es nuestro motor de vida. . Gracias por los AMIGOS, los que están presente y por los ausentes. Ellos, en su momento, formaron parte de nuestra vida, sólo que ya están de partida. . Gracias por los ALIMENTOS que hemos consumido a lo largo de la vida y por todos los que podemos comprar y cocinar para Alimentar nuestro cuerpo físico diariamente. Los Alimentos son como la gasolina de nuestro organismo. . Gracias por el AIRE; por el Aire natural y el Aire Acondicionado. ¿Qué pasaría si nos faltara el oxígeno? ¿Si no podemos respirar? Cada suspiro involuntario, es un símbolo de vida. El aire, oxigena nuestro cerebro y nos ayuda a mantenernos saludables. Las prácticas de respiración y la Atención plena (mindfulnes), son ejercicios Excelentes para practicar en familia diariamente y mantener la salud física y mental. . Gracias por la alegría, estar felices cada día, es uno de los regalos más preciados que nos da la vida. . Gracias por la adversidad, porque nos renueva la fuerza interior. . Gracias por nuestra Autoestima y Autontrol que aunque a veces no lo consideramos son la clave para vivir en armonía con y desde nuestro interior hacia el exterior. . Gracias por la ayuda de los Ángeles. Gracias a ustedes Ángeles y Arcángeles por cuidarnos, guiarnos, acompañarnos y por ser los Amigos del Alma. . Como actividades adicionales, en familia, pueden reflexionar sobre cosas, circunstancias y personas que empiezan por la letra A. Agua, Autor, Abuelos ⬇️👇 Sigue leyendo la lista.
𝑺𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒄𝒂𝒓𝒆 💆🏻‍♀️ ¡Es que ya lo necesitaba en mi vida! Y justo ahora que estoy en mi búsqueda implacable de mi rutina de skincare perfecta, necesitaba probar el #mineral89 . Aunque he de decir que super linda la cosmetóloga de @vichymexico me hizo una rutina completa y un diagnóstico de piel super ilustrativo. Y es que neta... Podía ver a traves de esa cámara micro pequeña cada pecado de mi piel y ah! Dios miah 😫. So 😁 aproveche a comprar esta belleza en un full paquetito con bloqueador solar incluido. Ya serán estos días de incluirlo en mi rutina y ver que tal esta. 🤓 Así que les andaré informando. ✨ . . . . . . . . . . . . . #skincare #vichy #cuidadofacial #skin #oilfree #pielgrasa #hidratation #skingoals #makeupjunkie #beauty #beautyjunkie #mmblog
Happy November! 🍂♥️ since 2 is my favorite number I figured the second was the perfect day to sit down and write out my intentions for this beautiful month 💭 I love the warmth and gratitude that nov always brings, and this year a lot of my focus is on *love* and *trust* (...with a side of puppy obedience 🐾) sending warm loving vibes to everyone ✨🍂🤗
Some days I feel so so productive and that helps me feel like “yeah, I got this” 😎 then there are other days....where my brain fog is out of control or I spend half the day in a dark room 😔 and on those days that confidence in my worth is harder to see 👀 but every day it is there whether we feel it or not ♥️ a very important reminder that your worth is *not* tied to your productivity 🙏
Just a reminder there is no right or wrong way to *do* Halloween 🔮🧡 holidays can come with a lot of pressure to keep up with everyone else, so here’s a fresh lil reminder to do what makes YOU happy today/tonight! And that no matter what that is, it’s okay 🎃🤗 #justdoyouboo 👻
Reporting back with my weighted blanket review! ☺️🙌 I ended up pulling the trigger on @gravityblankets , and could not be happier with my decision 😍 on the blog today (link in bio) I'm sharing why I am so obsessed with this product, how I use it, pros/cons and other brands recommended by our insta fam 🗣 checkkk it out and if you have a weighted blanket, let me know below! 🖤 *not sponsored just luvin my new blanket* #teamweightedblanket #chroniccoziness
One of my favorite ways to #createcalm when I’m feeling too fidgety to meditate 🤸‍♂️ breathe and stretch 〰️ I find this helps me to quiet my thoughts especially when I’m anxious about head pain 💭 @elle_fit ’s get bendy ebook is one of my favorite do-at-your-own-pace guides! 💛 *full disclosure: I was doing this last night on the bedroom floor in the dark and scared my boyfriend silly when he walked in #boo * 😂 via @aolanow
So much talking with my Dad in town this weekend about my progress since moving across the country three months ago ✈️ there have been so many twists and turns and days where it feels like two steps forward then twenty back 🤦‍♀️ but rest assured, if you’ve been feeling the same, we are *not* going in circles 🌀 just learning and growing and taking things #onedayatatime (sometimes even #onemomentatatime ) ♥️ via @justpeachycomic
Just a lil *very important reminder* 🚨 there are people all over trying their best to weekend-and-hang and put on a brave face but really struggling and kind of feeling like 💩 to all of you, I see you and think you’re so strong 💪 and just to the world, #bekind because why not ♥️ via @spoonie_village
Keep it simple and take care of yourself this weekend 😌 going to try to hit every one on this list before Sunday night! ✅ happy friday! 🤗 via @cartoonsbyhilary
#svatebniokenko Esmeraldy💚. Tak by se rozhodně měly jmenovat. Jsou jako olivy. Buďto je nesnášíš, nebo miluješ. Není nic mezi tím 👗 Já sice miluju mint barvu, ale tyhle to nebudou 😁🙏. #salonlemonika #svatba #svatebnisaty #lemonika #mmblog #wedding #weddingtime #weddingDress #Dress #bride #bridetobe #love
This has been a tricky one for me to navigate 🗺 before starting this account, communicating about my health and symptoms was something I felt guilty about 😔 I didn’t want to be negative and was overly concerned about what others thought about my situation 💭 but this distinction is SO important 🙏 we must open the door for compassion and understanding through thoughtful communication about our struggles 🗣 not everyone will get it or you (and it really sucks when that happens) but you should never be ashamed to share your story because it is valid and important and true and worthy of being recognized 💛
A little nod to all my fellow invisible illness magicians today on the bloggy 🎩 it’s nothing short of magic how much pain can be endured on the inside and the bravery required to navigate the world with these struggles🔮 check it out and let me know what you think, as always, link in bio! #migrainemagictrick #magicclub #letsmakethisathing ?
Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone and found myself saying “I don’t think I can do this” or “I’m too scared to try that” 😔 sometimes it feels like being brave is something that needs to be supersized, but the reality is that brave often lives in the little moments where you think it’s all too much, but you keep going 💪 I found it ironic that at many of the points I said “I don’t think I can do this” - I was in that very moment... “doing it” 🍃 getting through the most challenging moments one breath at a time 💨 even if your brave doesn’t roar, I see you, and I’m really really reallyyyy proud of you 🦁 #chronicallycourageous via @drrebeccaray
Welcome to visual #chronicillnessland ! (esp chronic migraine land for that matter...) 🔁 this cycle that can feel so frustrating and unnatural is one that so many of us must learn to patiently and gracefully navigate 😌 whatever step you’re on today, IT’S OKAY, you are doing your best and you will get to where you need to be 💛 thank you @spoonie_village for this perfect graphic 🙌 #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #lifeintheslowlane #thisischronicillness
#𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓯𝓲𝓮𝓽𝓲𝓶𝓮 Háganse un favor en conocer a @rosshannabracho y su maravilloso blog @mm.blogg Tiene excelentes consejos de skincare y maquillaje. Además sus videos en YouTube son muy entretenidos y explicativos en estos temas. Es un amor de persona y super sencilla. Excelente platica por el #fashionfestliverpool de @liverpool_mexico love her ✨❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . #skincare #mmblog #rosshannabracho #beautyvlogger #skinvlogger #fashionfestliverpool
Nice cream + cozy blanket + balcony + long sleeves + puppy (not pictured) + fall temps 🍂 #happyplace ☺️ hoping you catch some good moments like this today! 💫 if you have any nice cream tips pleaseee drop them below🍦(also check my stories for directions on how to make this bomb concoction) 👀 oh and ps this is a healthy breakfast friendly deeeeelight full of real ingredients that taste like heaven 😋 #instayum
#svatebniokenko Tak třeba tohle jsou přesně jedny z těch šatů, co na fotce vypadají dělo a ve skutečnosti to byly jedny z nejhorších, co jsem měla na sobě 😅🙏. V první řadě je to starší model, který si v roce 2016 zkoušela i moje ségra 🤷‍♀️. U nevěst hodně oblíbený, což je super, ale na druhou stranu už je na sobě mělo hooodně koček. 👗 Záda mají nádherný. Vo tom ani potom. Zepředu to však nejsou šaty, který by moji postavě lichotily. Jak říkám. Fotka klame 😅😁😍. #salonlemonika #svatba #svatebnisaty #lemonika #mmblog #wedding #weddingtime #weddingDress #Dress #bride #bridetobe #love
Maybe it’s been a tough hour, morning, week, month or even year. But look at you, right now, living and breathing and making it through even when it feels like you can’t. I’m so proud of all of us #goyou #gome #gous #chronicallycourageous 🏆💞 via @jessrachelsharp
To anyone else struggling with anxiety today 💭 here is a permission slip to make a cup of tea, take medicine if you need it, breathe, breathe and breathe some more 〰️ you do not have to sort it all out tonight 🖤 via @morganharpernichols
Sometimes what breaks me the most is missing the little “normal” things 😔 blasting music in the car, laughing with friends without worrying about my pain kicking up, dancing at bars, pouring a glass of wine, spontaneous dinners, staying up late just because I feel like it or lazy long talks on the phone 💭 it's okay to miss these things and feel sad sometimes, especially when they happen and you super notice how long it’s been since you’ve had one 〰️ some days I look back at my healthy self, a self before constant calculations and preparations for physical *meltdown*, with grateful eyes and just a little bit of an aching heart 💛 #onedayatatime #chronicwellness
Sometimes you need to stand up for yourself to yourself 👊♥️ via @lj_dyer
Tuesday #blogday ! 💭 today I’m sharing about how I made the shift from labeling good days and bad days to focusing on good moments 💛 this is one of the most powerful mindset coping tools I have in my arsenal and has completely transformed my perspective on chronic illness 👀🙏 it can be exhausting when you feel slammed with bad day after bad day, and I found that looking for the shiny in between the shitty really helped me 💫💩 link in bio as always - can’t wait to hear your thoughts and sending good goooood moment vibes your way 🤗 #seethegood
The first thing on my to-do list most days...is to write it! 📝 living with extremely unpredictable symptoms makes it challenging to plan out sometimes even a day in advance 💭 so for now, every day I write a little list to check off through the day ✅ no task is too small to include (shower, text Mom back, breathe for 3 min, sit outside) and there is *no punishing myself* if I can’t get to something 🙅‍♀️ it just keeps getting plopped onto the next day until I’m up to it 💪 via @lj_dyer
#weddingtime okénko 💍💒👰🤵 Co vlastně říkáte na boho svatební šaty? 😍🤔 Kolekce 2019 je tak z 90% v tomhle stylu a nevěsty se toho prý zatím 'bojí'.🤷‍♀️🙄 Osobně mám trochu problém s tím, že šaty nejsou na tělo. Já jsem na tohle prostě úchyl. Jakmile mi rifle úplně neobepínají kotník, tak je prostě nenosím. 😅🙈 Tady se to týká vršků a samozřejmě i rukávů (u jiných modelů). Jo a taky barvy. Boho šaty jdou hodně do pudrova. A já mám trochu pocit, že chci být prostě v bílém. Noooo, takže zas nevím 😅😂. Na druhou stranu jsou strašně lehký, pohodlný a je to něco nového, neokoukaného 😍❤️. . #salonlemonika #svatba #svatebnisaty #lemonika #mmblog #wedding #weddingtime #weddingDress #Dress #bride #bridetobe #love #mom
Mantras on repeat 🔁 #mindfulmantras
A true week of wtf-ery with chronic illness 🤦‍♀️ first paramedics encounter, double ER visit, first catheter... I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m struggling physically and emotionally 😔 it feels so scary to have our bodies feel so out of control and not know why or what to do 💭 but practicing as much surrender as possible and knowing deep down that I will be okay, and this will pass 🙏 and so grateful for the support around me ♥️ #wherethetiredgirlsare #thespooniesisterhood
Tyhle krásky se ani na fotku nevejdou 😍👗😱. Cítila jsem se v nich fakt jako carevna a jsem šťastná, že jsem na sobě mohla mít něco tak obyčejně neobyčejného 😁. Rozumíme si, doufám 😅❤️. I když jsou úžasný, určitě to nejsou šaty na louku, do přírody. Spíš je vidím v kostele na někom, kdo už není jednou nohou puberťák a hlavně mu je nezašpiní 2 děti a pes 😅. Ale v @salonlemonika si fakt přijde na své každá budoucí nevěsta 👰 💍🤭. #salonlemonika #svatba #svatebnisaty #lemonika #mmblog #wedding #weddingtime #weddingDress #Dress #bride #bridetobe #love #mom
Your child's mental health is just as important as your own mental health. Español 👇. . . 1. Reach out and hug them while expressing your love and value. 2. Make play, exercise and relaxation daily practices. 3. Recognize positive choices with completed senses. "I like when you take a shower at the first call." "Thank you very much for helping me to clean your room. I am so proud of you." . 4. Limit electronic time for everyone. 5. Respond calmly when their emotions are elevated. 6. Consider their behavior as a window to their needs and feelings. . JESMART Join Us 🤝 to Educate a Society with More Awareness, Respect and Tolerance. Need help? Contact us. I provide free consultation. . . La salud mental de su hijo es tan importante como su propia salud mental. Promover la inteligencia emocional, es un reto que nos compete a todos. En Jesmart podemos ofrecerte asesoramiento gratuito. . 1. Abrácelos mientras le expresas su amor y su valor. 2. Practique el juego, el ejercicio y la relajación diariamente. 3. Reconoce sus elecciones positivas narrando sus acciones con experiones completas. Ej. "Me gusta cuando te vas a ducharte en la primera llamada.". 4. Limite el tiempo de los electrónicos. 5. Responda con calma cuando sus emociones estén elevadas. 6. Considere su comportamiento como una ventana para expresar sus necesidades y sentimientos. . . Si necesitas ayuda en Inteligencia emocional y manejo de emociones. Podemos ayudarte gratuitamente. . . . JESMART 🤝 Juntos Educamos Sociedades con Más Amor, Respeto y Tolerancia. . . . . . . . . . . #WorldMentalHealthDay #DiaMundialSaludMental #inteligenciaemocional #emotions #coaching #jesmartchildren #motherhood #parenting #mmblog #ece #discipline #consultant #florida #sarasota #teachers #providers #hijos #niños #happines #mentalhealth #miamimomsblog
Ženy moje ❤️. Úplně jste mě zabily zprávami 💬👗. Přísahám, že všechny čtu a klidně i nadále pište, který jsou vaše favoritky, alespoň budu vědět, co se tak obecně líbí. Jen mi, prosím, odpusťte, že ne na všechny zprávy zvládnu odpovědět 😚🤷‍♀️🙈. Myslela jsem si, že přijdu, vyzkouším troje a budu vědět. Hahahaaa 😅🙄. Vyzkoušela jsem tak desatery a vlastně vůbec nevím. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Kdyby se mi alespoň líbil jen jeden typ šatů, ale mně se líbí boho, obyčejný, zdobený, bílý, růžový, korzetový.... No všechny🙈😶. Možná je to i tím, že v @salonlemonika mají prostě neskutečný výběr (nejen svatebních šatů) a kdybych se ten den mohla 15x převléknout, byl by můj život v tuhle chvíli daleko jednodušší 😅😂. V každým případě to nebyla poslední zkouška šatů, protože tam furt nebylo takovýto "To jsou ONY!" 😍👗. Nicméně pár žhavých adeptů mám, ale ty sem nemůžu dát. Táta to tu dost sleduje a oba chceme, aby mě v nich viděl až v náš den 💍💒. Na jaký styl mě nakonec typujete? 😍 . #salonlemonika #svatba #svatebnisaty #lemonika #mmblog #wedding #weddingtime #weddingDress #Dress #bride #bridetobe #love #mom
Chronic invisible illness and mental health are inexplicably intertwined 🧠 One of the most difficult aspects of living with chronic illness for me has been learning to identify when the negative self talk dragon is taking over my thoughts 🐉 the things our inner voice tells us can be soooo very cruel 🗡😔 I find that often when I’m feeling bad about myself, it has a lot more to do with the way l am talking to myself than the what others are saying 💭 today is #worldmentalhealthday , and if you’re struggling with mental health please use it as a sign to reach out and build some resources 🌎🙏 those words that cut so deep can be lightened, are not true and are not your fault ♥️ my DM is always open if you need someone to talk to or ideas for support #mentalhealthmatters #selfjudgement #stopstigma via @wonder_doodles
#heygirls Tip para cuando se te acabe tu limpiador de esmalte en gel 😉 . . . . . . . Les cuento, desde que me compre mi lampara para aplicarme esmalte en gel todo es mas fácil para mi, ya que no tengo que ir a ningún lugar a aplicármelas, pero como absolutamente todo lo que compramos llega a su fin, mi limpiador se acabo, sufrí horrores, porque en @sallybeautymx donde lo podía conseguir me quedaba muy lejos o no tenia tiempo de ir, entonces deje de pintarme las uñas (sin el limpiador es imposible aplicarse solo el esmalte porque te quedan pegajosas) entonces intente buscar en internet pero muchas paginas mencionaban solo el limpiador, hasta que por fin descubrí que el alcohol en liquido o en gel (como antibacterial sin olor) funcionan igual de bien o hasta mejor, y lo puedes conseguir en cualquier farmacia o supermercado, espero y este tip les funcione tan bien como a mi 😉😊💕 . . . . . . . . . #nails #stickers #bluenails #mmblog #rosshannabracho #instagramers #instablogger #beautyblog #sallybeauty #nails
5️⃣ fall faves on the blog today! 🍂☕️🎃 you can try to spot the two of them that are in this pic 😉👀 link in bio, enjoy! 🧡
I just took her name and made it a LLC💁🏾‍♀️. #mmblog
Today I’ll be nice 😂 .. and by the way, if I had lipstick on my teeth, would y’all tell me? Lol #mmblog 💎
My *migraine* in lights 💫 so hoping this week brings a shift from bright and blaring to soft twinkly and bearable 🤞 via @decade2doodles #onedayatatime #chronicmigraine
Jo a tady je ten recept. Skoro jsem na to zapomněla, tak pardon za zpoždění 🙈😶🤭 Tentokrát jsem splácala asi 3 recepty dohromady, takže je to takový #pokusomyl dort, ale všem chutnal😍. Všem, až na mě🤭. Co se jablek týče, tak štrůdl je štrůdl. 🤷‍♀️. ⚫KORPUS je moje klasika : 125g polohrubé mouky, 125 g cukru, 2 vejce, 4 lžíce teplé vody, 1/3 hrnku oleje, 1/2 prášku do pečiva . Péct na 160 ° cca 10 minut. ⚫JABLKA jsem dělala podle receptu od @denisa_vybiralova (u ní mimochodem často najdete super recepty) ❤️ : připravíme si 500 ml vody do které přidáme 150 g cukru ➡️ přivedeme na teplotu 38-40 °C ➡️150 ml sladké vody odebereme a smícháme s vanilkovým pudinkem➡️ směs vrátíme zpátky do hrnce a přivedeme k varu ➡️ stáhneme plamen, přidáme 500 g jablek nakrájených na kostičky a za občasného míchání vaříme do měkka ➡️přidáme šťávu z 1/2 citronu. ➡️Necháme vychladnout a dáme na korpus ➡️ necháme v ledničce ztuhnout ⚫2 ŠLEHAČKY jsem vyšlehala se 2 smetafixy, rozetřela na jablka a posypala plátky mandlí. . ℹ️ Příště bych určitě dala méně cukru do jablek, ale já obecně míň sladím, takže to možná není úplně objektivní 😁😅. #smmblogvkuchyni #baking #recept #bakingwithlove #mmblog #marttula #cake
A little #instacalm from the most peaceful place I’ve ever been 💫 closing my eyes and going here for a few seconds ☺️ where is the most peaceful place you’ve been?? ⬇️ please share below! #happyplace #visualizecalm
Sending out a MASSIVE thank you ♥️ to wake up after such a difficult ER trip and have this page so flooded with kind messages of support and encouragement means more to me than I can express 💫 thank you for helping me to stay anchored in hope even on the most stormy days and creating a space built on so much shared compassion and strength 💪 because nobody can quite put it like @morganharpernichols , I of course had to use her words above 📝 if things are stormy for you right now, please stay grounded in hope and know that a bunch of good vibes are being sent your way 🤗 **update, my pain is under control atm and I’m taking the day to recoup and rest**
Where’s my twin?😁😘😘😘 Oh, for those who don’t know, I love being my own stylist. I love putting cute looks together #mmblog #GirlTing 💎💎💎💎💎💎🐉
💎💝💝💝💝💝Felt like trying some new hair. Pre birthday pics #birthdayweekend #PinkHair #8 #LibSeason #justwantedthreeimportantthings on my list #mmblog #GirlTing
Last night I felt trapped in my illness 😣 a solid twelve hours of active migraine pain (usually my rescue meds will at least take the edge off) left me exasperated and beaten down 💊🧠 my emotions took over and I cried and cried, fully feeling the crashing waves of frustration and fear 🌊 (and totally kicking up my pain but sometimes you just need to 😭) but as the waves settled, and I chose to focus on my inhale and exhale, I thought about this 💭 that I am how I deal with this problem, my choices are my power 💛 I hope this helps you today and am sending strong warrior vibes to anyone else strugglin 💫💫💫
Taking some big (patient) action on this #morningmigraine by listening to my audiobook, breathing and keeping the ice pack rotation nice and cold 🧠🤯❄️ via @thepacificstudio
I've been feeling the buuuuurn of cancelled plans lately 🙈 living in a new city without my core support squad has highlighted to me just how precious the #chronicmigraineliterate people in my life in CA were to me 💛 teaching the people I love most about the intricacies and day-to-day of living with chronic migraine was a process that took lots of time and patience, but ultimately led to positive relationships full of support and empathy 👯‍♀️ as I build new friendships, I'm reminded of how none of that happens overnight, and takes time and commitment 🗣 check out more on building your #chronicillnessliterate support team + softening the blow of #cancelledplans on the bloggy today 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ link in bio! 💻😘
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