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There’s always that one thing that helps elevate you to the next level !?!? ⠀ In easier words, comment below what motivates you to keep moving forward ?? ⠀ I will reply to everyone 😎🔥
Why do I like Fridays? $5 fill up yo cup night at menchies!🙌 Hashtag not sponsored but wish it was😂 I swear y'all they have the best flavors (low fat, non fat and low carb options) and a million toppings! Oh and all the nutrition is online if yah wanna track it or just keep tabs! It's also date night and I cannot wait!! Anyone else seeing Fantastic Beasts!? Happy Friyay!!!
Who said you need to do crunches to get a mean set of #abs . Everytime I add in overhead work my core is sore for days. This combo is a perfect finisher to #legday . . Overhead Front Lunges (12reps/side) * Overhead Pulse Squats (15reps) * Overhead Squat Jumps (20 reps) . . #fitandfierce #bootywork #legday #bootygains #girlgains #chickswholift #strenghttrainingforwomen #powerworkouts #hiitworkoutforweightloss #hiitworkoutforwomen #hiitworkouts #lessworkwithmoreresults #shorteffectiveworkouts #reversedieting #reversedietingforthewin #macrocoaching #macrosforwomen #flexibledieting
@the_flexible_baker #flexfriday on the cookie game. Stop what you are doing and go place your order. Don’t say I never did anything for you. These things average 1/2 a POUND and are baked to near perfection! — Pictured is his Birthday Cake cookie with Circus Cookies mixed in. Can’t wait to dive into his other flavors of the month 🤤 . . #halfpoundofheaven #cookiemonster #iifym #offseason #foodies #foodporn #cookieporn
Today's the day I have been wait for! My team is doing a HUGE before black friday sale! - We want YOU to crush your goals BEFORE new years! If you wait until New Year's you will be just like everyone else and FOLLOW the crowd. In MY gym we don't follow the crowd we LEAD the way! Therefore, we are giving away tons of deals on our programs and nutrition plans so that you will get that kick start BEFORE the holiday season and continue through the freaking New Year! #healthandfitnessjourney - PLUS We are giving away amazing deals and $50 AMAZON gift cards!!! - - I love you all so FREAKING much and want to see your RESULTS! - - If you want in just DM me and I will invite you to the group for our massive sale with no obligations to get absolutely anything.
Just a little hip flow from my warm-up before cardio this morning ✅ To increase the intensity, add weight 🔑🔑 Don’t wait until the first of the year to start getting yourself in better shape! Message me today to find out more about my custom workout plans and macro coaching 👍🏻👍🏻 #trifitmurfreesboro #mobility #mobilitytraining #hipmobility #strengthcoach #murfreesborofitness #nashvillefitness #nashvilletrainer #nsca #cscs #customworkouts #macrocoaching
Eine Ernährungsumstellung mit neuen Gewohnheiten nimmt Zeit in Anspruch und ist keine über Nacht Sache. Am Anfang fällt jede Umstellung etwas schwer und ungewohnt. Unsere Gewohnheiten sind wie ein bekannter Weg im Wald - wir gehen ihn ihn ohne darüber nachzudenken. Vielleicht gibt es andere Wege, die kürzer sind, besser sind, sonniger sind. Am Anfang fällt es uns schwer sie zu sehen. Mit der Zeit wird das leichter. Ähnlich wie die neue Wege im Wald, sind auch unsere Gewohnheiten und unser Essverhalten. Schritt für Schritt können wir sie verbessern und das nimmt Zeit in Anspruch. Bei AngeLove Nutrition geht es um Nachhaltigkeit - und sie sieht für jeden anders aus, je nach Zielen, Ausgangssituation und wo sich diese Person in ihrer Ernährungsreise befindet. Möchtest du einen Coach, der dich zu deinen Zielen unterstützt? Unter dem Link in der Bio findest du mehr Infos über unser Coaching. #AngeLoveNutrition #Macros #ALNtribe #nutrition #nutritioncoaching #flexibledieting #flexibleernährung #macrocoaching #nutritioncoach #ernährungscoaching #ernährungscoach #gesundeernährung #makronähsrtoffe #abnehmen #crossfitgermany
The common misconception when cutting is “high reps/low weight” when in actuality you don’t want to change your training intensity at all👊🏾 of course you will lose strength on certain lifts due to being in a caloric deficit but overall why would you change a training style that helped you build your physique 🤔 keep the intensity the same while in a deficit to ensure muscle preservation and density 👊🏾💪🏾💪🏾 - @hard_body_jtimo - 2019 season is quickly approaching so don’t wait til the last minute to hire a coach👍🏿 visit www.HARDBODYbyJTIMO.com and let’s get started today💯💯💯 - no tricks or magic potions just proper diet (macros) and exercise 💯 - For macronutrient based coaching visit www.HARDBODYbyJTIMO.com and lets get started💯💯💯 #HARDBODYJTIMO #HARDBODYbyJTIMO #PAINFUELSMYFIRE #Naturallyfitforlife #lamarpridetraining #miaminationals #training #bodybuilder #contestprepcoach #gym #motivation #fitness #fitspo #flex #fitmotivation #aesthetics #flexibledieting #Letsgo #macrocoaching #glorybetoGod #contestprep #naturalbodybuilding #npc #ifbb
Why you May Need More Carbs to get your Period Back # In the past year, an army of women are rising up and fighting for our health and hormones - it’s an amazing revolution to be a part of! # One of the most common populations we work with are women who have lost their period due to over-exercising, over-stressing, and under-eating. Sound like you? Then you’ll want to read more! # When it comes to hormonal health, most people will tell you that proteins and fats are essential for the production of hormones. And they are right - they are essential. But for women who have lost their period, carbs may be just as essential to regaining their period. # Why are periods important for your health? # In 2015 the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommended that physicians evaluate every woman’s menstrual cycle as a vital sign — just like they do with blood pressure, temperature, respiration, and pulse. # So if you aren’t getting your period, then your body is telling you important information that are clues about deeper underlying conditions, just like a high blood pressure reading would tell us insights into your health. If it’s not addressed, your risk of developing even more debilitating conditions in the future increases. # Women’s periods are not just a monthly nuisance, they provide incredible insights about hormones, nutritional and stress status along with overall health. # How Carbohydrates Restore Your Period: 1. Calm your Adrenals 2. Nourish your Thyroid 3. Feed your Gut Bugs 4. Increase your Caloric Intake # To read more about this in detail along with the types and amounts of carbs that will fit your needs, click on our link in the bio :) # Happy Thursday Loves!
We are so excited to announce!!!... # Just another opportunity for you to live a healthier and happier life (read on...we'll spill the beans in a minute)... # We know not everyone can afford nutrition coaching or commit to the time and dedication it requires for whatever reason... # But what if there was a way to jump-start your journey without the time and financial commitment? # There is! And that's why we're now offering >> One-Time Nutrition Consult Calls << # This option may be for you if you are already structured on your nutrition and training strategies, but need an extra pair of eyes to ensure you are on the right track with your macros, hydration, nutrient timing and supplementation. # Or perhaps you to discuss a specific topic you are cruiosu about such as: acne, digestion, thyroid or adrenal issues (low energy, unexplained weight gain, addiction to caffeine, insomnia), infertility, or sex hormone imbalalnces (PCOS, endometriosis, irregular periods, absent periods, transitioning of hormonal birth control)? # Then let's schedule a 60 min call and we'll take a deep dive into your current food diaries, lifestyle habits, environmental factos and training regimens to point you in the right direction. # As a bonus, if you have lab work, food sensitivity tests, and/or DUTCH test results, but are unsure on how to interpret them, this would be a prime opportunity for us to talk about them so you can learn what's going on with your inner workings and what to do next. # Click the link in our bio to request a consult- can't wait to chat!
Do you want to to look banging on the beach? . . Do you think the answer to this is to spend hours on the treadmill and eat under 1000 calories a day? . . Do you think the reason you aren’t losing weight is because of your age, your genetics, you bad luck? . . I did too - and was I WRONG! I fell for those same storylines for year. I thought my metabolism was trash and I was destined to carry extra weight, never enjoy food, and live at the gym. . . Then I cut back on the cardio, started lifting weights, and started eating food. I figured out how to, workout smart and not harder, and learned to eat to fuel my body not to punish it. And all those storylines faded away and so did the weight! . . I share all these details with my 1:1 coaching clients and would love to share them with you too. Check on the link in my bio for more info! . . #fitandfierce #exerciseaddiction #disorderedeating #ditchthedietsforgood #ditchthediet #gainsforgirls #flexibledieting #macrocoaching #macrocoachingforwomen #macrocoachingforwomen #reversedietingwins #shorteffectiveworkouts #workoutlesswithmoreresults #eatmoreweighless
—-G I V E A W A Y —- I’ve teamed up with two of my favorites to give you one sweet giveaway! • • • • • • • • • • • • Heres the Scoop: Im giving away: 4 Week Macro Coaching Plan Includes customized macros, meal plan, recipes, grocery guide and all the tools you need! Also suitable for pregnancy and post partum! • • • My booty building, treat lovin’ soul sista @flexliving is giving away a $100 Dollar @flexlivingcollection Gift Card!! These pants 😍! • • • @core_cakes is giving away a sample pack of their protein mug cakes! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ENTER TO WIN: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1. Follow @shapebynat @flexliving , and @core_cakes ! 2. Tag a friends! Mulitple Entries Allowed! 3. Bonus Entry for adding it to your story! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Giveaway winner will be announced on this post, Sunday at 5pm PST. Giveaway not affiliated with or sponsored by Instagram. Good luck! 💋 #38weekspregnant !
🏆The WINNER of the 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge is....... Jessica Wiley! She lost 35 pounds in 12 weeks and did ALL her workouts with the McClure Fitness Online “Weight Drop” Program! She never even set foot inside MF! (The two runners up did all their workouts at MF.) Read her experience in her own words. “I signed up for the fall fitness challenge with hesitation. I mean, how much progress can you really make in 12 weeks? But, I decided I was ready for a change and needed some accountability in the process. At the first meeting and weigh-in, I set a goal after talking to Marietta. When I left, I thought about that weight and felt motivated, but still skeptical. I live locally, but due to my work schedule and my family life, I knew I couldn’t routinely do live classes. I signed up as a virtual challenger and have done all of my workouts through McClure Fitness Online. If the online classes hadn’t been available, I would not have been able to sign up for the challenge. And, here we are, 12 weeks later... I’m below my goal weight I set for the challenge. I have been able to meet really great women with like-minded goals and I have lost weight in a healthy, but efficient manner. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight by skipping meals, avoiding carbs, or staying below 1500 calories in a day, I’d highly recommended jumping in on the next challenge. I’ve lost weight before with plans that just cannot be maintained long-term. But, this has truly been different than anything else I’ve done. There’s hard work and dedication required, but no starvation or extreme restriction. And, it turns out, you can do a lot in 12 weeks!” Results: 35 lb and 22 inches lost in 12 weeks. Want to get on the wait list for the next challenge in January? Link in profile!
Super quick and easy meal prep right here! Not much time this week to prep for a busy weekend at work but this is what I've been craving lately. Everything is all set to take for taco salad lunches! - - I added garlic powder, salt, pepper flakes, lime, and avocado of course to make my guacamole!
10 things losers say 🙅🏻‍♂️ ⠀ Winners find solutions to problems, while losers find problems for every solution. ⠀ Winners act, while losers don’t. ⠀ Are you a winner ? ⠀ Tag a friend who needs to see this! ⠀ P.c @musclemonsters
Changing fitness goals is not bad - it's actually a good thing!⠀ ⠀ I certainly stirred the pot a few years ago when I stopped running marathons in favor of joining CrossFit - and I’m about to do it again! We’ve decided to put our CrossFit membership on hold to join the YMCA (and take the occasional class @msc_strength @otfhingham and @ironwayfitness ). Trust me, I was as shocked as you are when we first made the decision. But the truth is, I haven’t been motivated in a while, and that’s not because there’s anything wrong with CrossFit. I just need a change of scenery to get my mojo back. I know when I hit a rut, the best way out is to switch things up!⠀ ⠀ Just like our diets need variety, so do our workouts. This prevents boredom and ensures that we reap the benefits of all types of movement. While we may see improvements by focusing solely on one type of exercise, we might also be neglecting other areas of physical fitness, which can lead to imbalances, overuse injuries, and, well, a sheer lack of motivation. I’m a firm believer that healthy living shouldn’t be black and white, and that extends to fitness. There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a workout, and just because you switch up your fitness goals once in a while doesn’t mean that you can’t commit. It just means that you'll reap the benefits of a well-rounded fitness routine. Besides, as the saying goes, variety is the spice of life!⠀ ⠀ How have you switched up your workouts/fitness interests over the years?⠀ ⠀
Celtics CRUSHED it last night! - - This man is such a blessing in my life. We don't spend a lot of time together because are both working so much right now. The time that we do get to spend together I try to make absolutely perfect. I try to laugh as much as I can. I try to have everything fall into place perfectly. I try to be in the most joyful mood. Then when something goes wrong it ends up ruining my entire day. Last week I had this realization. I'm NEVER going to be perfect. Things WILL happen. Guess what...we can still enjoy those moments and battle through it together. That's what we did last night. There were so many things that were against us but we had such an INCREDIBLE night and I was NOT going to let the obstacles ruin it! I let things go as they came my way and I am freaking proud of myself for that! - Are you working on personal development? Is this a priority in your life? If not, I have some amazing books, podcasts, and speakers you can have at your fingertips! Comment below if your be interested in a post all about those!
LLES ODER NICHTS" - diese Einstellung zerstört deinen Fortschritt. Wir wissen, wie es funktioniert - du bist auf Diät und dann isst du die 'verbotenen' Dinge. Jemand im Büro bringt einen Geburtstagskuchen. Du bist verlockt und isst ein Stück. Das eine Stück verwandelt sich in ein "Jetzt ist eh alles egal" Verhalten und du isst alles was dir über den Weg läuft. Es spielt jetzt sowieso keine Rolle. Oder doch? Es ist, als würde man sich den Finger brechen und weil das passiert ist, dann wäre eh alles egal und man würde sich dan den ganzen Arm brechen, da man nun eh nicht mehr schreiben kann... Nun, es ist unnötig zu sagen, dass bis der ganze Arm geheilt ist, vergeht längere Zeit als beim Finger. Das gleiche gilt, wenn man ein Stück Kuchen isst - es hat 400-500 kcal pro Stück. Warum sollte man diese in 3000 kcal oder umwandeln? Die #ALNtribe Mitglieder wissen, dass Maß und Beständigkeit bessere Früchte tragen, als das Anstreben an Perfektion und das Aufgeben wenn diese nicht erreicht wurde. Gut genug ist fast immer besser als perfekt. Es ist wichtig sich seine Fehler zu vergeben und mit dem Leben weiter zu machen, ohne dabei das größere Bild aus den Augen zu verlieren. Brauchst du einen Coach, der dich auf dem Weg zu einer besseren Ernährung unterstützt? Dann schaue dir den Link in der Bio an. • #AngeLoveNutrition ​ ​#ALN #flexibleernährung #ernährung #abnehmen #gewohnheiten #gesundessen #gesundeernährung #beständigkeitvorperfektion #selflove#alntribe ​ ​#nutritioncoaching#morethanmacros ​ ​#macrocounting#macrocoaching #ALNmindset#FlexibleDieting ​ ​#mindset#mindsetistalles #positiveeinstellung #macros #makros #calories #kalorien #fitfamde
Nutrition is KEY! Last week was a "deload" week for me. Today was my first day back in the gym since, and I felt great. My last weigh in was Oct 26 (151.1lbs), and I managed to put on 1.2lbs, in that time(today's weight, 152.3). Although I let my body rest, I hit my macros every day, and I managed to keep off excess fat. In fact, my waist went down a half inch in the past 2 weeks. That's pretty good considering the time off I took from the gym...so I repeat, nutrition is KEY!...eat right, and keep it tight! • #lonjalibrefitness #llfit #flexcomics #antman #fitness #fitfamsa #fitdad #nutrition #dieting #personaltrainer #sportsnutritionspecialist #macrocoaching #iifym #entrenador #ejercicio #nutricion #aptitud #SanAntonio #maineventers #gym #gymrat #noexcuses #motivated #luchalife #luchalifestyle #sisepuede 💪
Wayyyyyyyyyy past my dinner time, and starving so overstuffed wrap to the rescue! Pork tenderloin, cucumber, iceberg, peppers, honey mustard, in a Joseph wrap! Quick, easy, filling, delicious! 😍 #macrocounting #macrocoaching @bbacksmeyer
Quick chest and arm session earlier 💯 although I won’t be competing next year I am looking forward to the 2019 competition season💯 it’s one thing to prep myself for shows but to prep other athletes is the real reason why I got into this sport💯 “new coaches” seem to be frowned upon by the veteran coaches 🙄 but I could careless because they had to start at square one just like everyone else👊🏿 I am truly grateful for EVERY client that has trusted me and I promise to give y’all 10000% quality coaching to the best of my ability 💯 2019 will be something special 👀 stay tuned 💯💯💯 - Follow my athlete page @hardbodybyjtimo - 2019 season is quickly approaching so don’t wait til the last minute to hire a coach👍🏿 visit www.HARDBODYbyJTIMO.com and let’s get started today💯💯💯 - no tricks or magic potions just proper diet (macros) and exercise 💯 - For macronutrient based coaching visit www.HARDBODYbyJTIMO.com and lets get started💯💯💯 #HARDBODYJTIMO #HARDBODYbyJTIMO #PAINFUELSMYFIRE #gbonaturals #natty #Naturallyfitforlife #houstoncoach #armday #training #bodybuilder #contestprepcoach #gym #houstontrainer #fitness #fitspo #flex #fitmotivation #aesthetics #flexibledieting #Letsgo #macrocoaching #glorybetoGod #naturalbodybuilding #bisandtris
Men’s Physique competitor @lamar.vaughn2 was on a mission to become qualified for nationals and that mission was accomplished 💯 he absolutely obliterated the “competition”💯 cruising into Miami with our foot still on the gas hopefully to capture the coveted IFBB Pro status💪🏿 just under 3 days out💯💯💯 - 2019 season is quickly approaching so don’t wait til the last minute to hire a coach👍🏿 visit www.HARDBODYbyJTIMO.com and let’s get started today💯💯💯 - no tricks or magic potions just proper diet (macros) and exercise 💯 - For macronutrient based coaching visit www.HARDBODYbyJTIMO.com and lets get started💯💯💯 #HARDBODYJTIMO #HARDBODYbyJTIMO #PAINFUELSMYFIRE #Naturallyfitforlife #lamarpridetraining #miaminationals #training #bodybuilder #contestprepcoach #gym #motivation #fitness #fitspo #flex #fitmotivation #aesthetics #flexibledieting #Letsgo #macrocoaching #glorybetoGod #contestprep #naturalbodybuilding #npc #ifbb
@codename.jam really killed it this year for his first show💯 we briefly talked today and he’s considering hoping back on stage in 2019💯 we shall see tho 👀 - 2019 season is quickly approaching so don’t wait til the last minute to hire a coach👍🏿 visit www.HARDBODYbyJTIMO.com and let’s get started today💯💯💯 - no tricks or magic potions just proper diet (macros) and exercise 💯 - For macronutrient based coaching visit www.HARDBODYbyJTIMO.com and lets get started💯💯💯 @hard_body_jtimo #HARDBODYJTIMO #HARDBODYbyJTIMO #PAINFUELSMYFIRE #tranformationtuesday #Naturallyfitforlife #NoEllz #training #bodybuilder #contestprepcoach #gym #motivation #fitness #fitspo #flex #aesthetics #flexibledieting #Letsgo #macrocoaching #glorybetoGod #contestprep #naturalbodybuilding #gbo #classicbodybuilding
Treat yourself today. - - I have been craving hot chocolate lately so I did an experiment this morning. I made a SUPERFOODS hot cocoa! Oh my goodness. This is going to be my new holiday drink! ☃️
The plate method is a great tool to use for balancing your meals and keeping your portions in check. It is also a super helpful tool when eating out. . 🍽 Start with a standard 9 inch plate. . 🥬🍎 Divide the plate in half, and fill it with non-starchy veggies and/or fruit. . 🌽🍠 Divide the other half of the plate in half, and fill 1 portion with starchy veggies and/or whole grains. . 🍗🥚 Fill the remaining portion with lean protein. . 🥛☕️ Add a low calorie or non-calorie drink, such as water, coffee, or tea. . Do you use the plate method to balance your meals?
Happy wellness Wednesday everyone! . . 💬I get asked alot about what I do or what my company does.💬 . . 💥I'll give you a quick run down today!💥 . I own a local Fitness and Nutrition company called @fitwoonutrition . 🥕We provide in-home training, online workout programs, full- meal prep programs, supplemental meals, family meals and now a clean eating cookbook! . . 🥦Our full meal prep program is what the bulk of our clients use. . . We match their health goals (whether it be toning, weightloss, medication purge, adding muscle, etc) with the right portions of clean foods to achieve success🏅 . . 🏆We are the only company around Indiana that gives you all the meals you need for the week strategically mapped out into 5 portions and brings everything to your door! (Most of the time for FREE!) . 🥒What is clean eating? . 🌶Clean eating is easily define as real, whole foods without preservatives, processing, sodium, added sugars or dairy. . Post questions below or For more information check out our IG page @fitwoonutrition or Www.fitwoofitness.com ! . 🌐We have been open for the past 5 years and have worked with hundreds of Indiana residents as well as trained in 3 different countries. 🌎Thanks for all your business and the constant inquiries guys!
Shoutout to my client @re.ne118 for killing his 2018 contest prep💯 - no tricks or magic potions just proper diet (macros) and exercise 💯 - For contest prep and/or macro coaching visit www.HARDBODYbyJTIMO.com and lets get started💯💯💯(LINK IN MY BIO) - #HARDBODYJTIMO #HARDBODYbyJTIMO #PAINFUELSMYFIRE #Naturallyfitforlife #NoEllz #NFF2018 #training #bodybuilder #NFFPro #contestprepcoach #gym #motivation #fitness #fitspo #flex #fitmotivation #aesthetics #flexibledieting #Letsgo #macrocoaching #glorybetoGod #globalbodybuildingorganization
Last time @reppinchristfitness was on stage we came in and swept the show clean 💯 don’t know how many trophies he won but most importantly we gained PRO STATUS 👊🏿 if y’all follow him I’m sure y’all seen the gains he’s made over his long off season 💪🏿 a few more weeks until we start prepping for that PRO DEBUT👊🏿 stay tuned y’all 👀 - 2019 season is quickly approaching so don’t wait til the last minute to hire a coach👍🏿 visit www.HARDBODYbyJTIMO.com and let’s get started today💯💯💯 - no tricks or magic potions just proper diet (macros) and exercise 💯 - For macronutrient based coaching visit www.HARDBODYbyJTIMO.com and lets get started💯💯💯 #HARDBODYJTIMO #HARDBODYbyJTIMO #PAINFUELSMYFIRE #Naturallyfitforlife #NoEllz #gbolegacyclassic #training #bodybuilder #contestprepcoach #gym #motivation #fitness #fitspo #flexFriday #fitmotivation #aesthetics #flexibledieting #flashbackfriday #macrocoaching #glorybetoGod #contestprep #naturalbodybuilding #gbo #classicbodybuilding
Let’s get it y’all!! Don’t do a weight loss resolution ever again! Start your goals now! Follow the contact info on the flyer and let’s get it started!! #newyearsresolutions #bringon2019 #fitnessgoals #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitness #onlinefitnesscoaching #macrocoaching
Tomorrow is not given, so what are you waiting for ? 🔥 ⠀ I wanted to take the time and tell all of you that our time in this beautiful planet is limited and that tomorrow is not guaranteed. And i don’t mean to scare any of you. ⠀ I just wanted to say that there should be absolutely no reason for you not to follow your heart and do whatever YOU want to do. ⠀ Your time is NOW! ⠀ Follow 👉 @assaelleonfit for fitness tips!
Just the other day, Quinn grabbed his coat, put it on, and zipped it up. As I watched him, I thought “where did my little boy go?” I was so proud, but also a little sad. I swear, you blink your eyes and suddenly your "baby" isn’t so tiny anymore. ⠀ ⠀ Despite how busy my day can get, I work hard at spending quality time with Quinn - even if that means just snuggling on the couch together while watching TV because I know how fast it goes. At four years old, he’s super energetic, kind, and hilariously opinionated (there’s a lot he loves, and also a lot he “hates”). He’s also smart, extremely silly, and the most loving little boy any parent could ask for. I’m cherishing every single one of these sweet four year old moments before I blink again and he’s graduating elementary school!
4 WEEK BLITZ 🌟 —— The last online programme for 2018. —— ✅ Get your results before Xmas and learn to maintain them throughout the holiday period. —— ✅ Learn the “flexible dieting” technique to drop those extra kgs while feeling satisfied. —— ✅ Work through a series of short workouts to boost your metabolism while increasing strength. —— ✅ Coaching support from myself for any questions, concerns and support. —— $120 upfront OR $30 weekly payments. —— The time is now. 💌 DM to sign up.
This is one of my favorite places to eat. It's fresh and I can always get something different because of how many vegan options they have! - - I tried a tofu bowl with lots of veggies and quinoa! I thought tofu was the weirdest texture for the longest time because of how I had cooked it at home. Then when I tried it at a restaurant I actually enjoyed the taste! Try new things and you may actually find a liking for it!
Learning the Hard Way # “Our bodies are incredible. They can do unbelievable things They will also tell you exactly what they need if you’re willing to listen And if you’re not, if you try to do too many things without rest, they will absolutely shut down to get what they need.” - Rachel Hollis # This summer I started to get really burned out. # My fatigue was a physical response to an emotional problem. And I could either listen or I could keep pushing on and ignore it. # For the first time I listened... # I needed to make a drastic life change. I needed to stop working so many hours. I needed to prioritize myself and family over the everyday hustle. # So what did I do? I worked less, I set limits, I capped clients, I made time to rest, I took up new hobbies, and I enjoyed my first ever vacation without taking calls in ubers and answering emails on planes. # Was it hard? Fuck yes - any person addicted to anything will tell you it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever done to pull back from the very thing that fills the void in their life. But when you do pull back, you are able to see the gaping void and fill it responsibility. # For me, I was always yearning for recognition and appreciation. And if I wasn’t getting it all the time, I felt worthless and like a nobody. So with that kind of relentlessness, it’s no wonder I’m constantly on the run achieving, pursuing, and hustling with my blinders on. # But like anything that is sought for the wrong reasons, no matter what you achieve, you will inevitablu feel empty. You will feel so empty and burned out because you realize ‘oh fuck, that achievement didn’t bring the kind of recognition and fulfillment I thought it would - now what?” # And after doing that for so many years (like all the years I can remember) and wind up with the same result at the end every time, you finally realize, maybe this is not what I should be chasing… # My message for you to today is take a hard look at what you are chasing. Why you are chasing it. And what is getting left in the dust because of this pursuit? # Are you running over yourself and others? (Cont. in comments)
Don’t be afraid to lift weights!🙌🏽💪🏽More muscle equals more metabolism. The most important reason that you should be lifting weights is to lose fat and build muscle. The effect that lifting weights has on your body composition is BIG! The more muscle you have the more calories you’ll burn at rest. So basically, muscles speed up your metabolism, resulting in fat loss. You will then see a faster change in you body composition. So how many days should you lift? Depending on your goals but shoot for at least 2-3 days! One of the many reasons I love CrossFit, it taught me how to lift and every workout includes strength training....Just do it, It will be worth it... Happy lifting!🏋🏽‍♀️ . . . . . #fitmom #momlife #fitnessmoms #postpartumfitness #fitmomslife #fitmomsinspire #inspireothers #momswhoworkout #bodyafterbabies #healthymoms #momoffour #fitnessgoals #boymom #changinglives #helpingothers #fitmomsofig #crossfitmom #healthyliving #healthylife #momofboys #momboss #momonamission #macrocoaching #macrocounting #fitnessjourney #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #eathealthy #accountability #coaching
🎂 What is online personal training exactly❓ I think I'm interested, but I don't really know... tell me more... 🧐 . . 👉🏻 A common question... so let me clarify on what HLB lifestyle online personal training entails so keep reading❗️ Soak it all in, then click the link in my bio to submit your service inquiry so we can get up and running toward your goals 🤩 . . 👉🏻 I start all new clients with a CUSTOMIZED fitness and nutrition program with a 3️⃣ month minimum start up, then we go month to month in pursuit of goals and metabolic health 💪🏻. Based 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣% on your current status, fitness 🏊🏻‍♀️ and dieting 🥦 history, injuries, food preferences 🥑 and allergens, and GOALS I make a program for YOU.  I take everything into consideration and completely run your fitness and nutrition... you get everything hand delivered on a silver platter 💁🏼‍♀️.... errr... in an email 📧 . . 👉🏻 While developing a resistance training program 🏋🏼‍♀️, cardiovascular training guidelines 🏃🏼‍♀️, and your daily calorie goal 🌮 with a breakdown of each macronutrient, I take everything above into consideration.  I use foods YOU tell me you love 😋, brands you have, and equipment you have access to when I make your program.  Nothing is "cookie cutter" or pre-made because I don't know YOU yet 🤯 . . 👉🏻 Oh and don't forget formal check ins with me 🙋🏼‍♀️... your witty, charismatic, nerdy, coach 😉 and unlimited communication every single step of the way 🙌🏻 . . 👉🏻 What questions do you have?  Ask away below, DM me, or click that link in my bio for service inquiries and we can move forward with a free consultation phone call 👈🏻 . . #onlinefitnesscoach #fatloss #weightloss #weightlosstips #fatlosscoach #macrocoaching #macrocoach #iifymcoach #flexibledietinglifestyle #onlinepersonaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #havingandeatingcake #haveyourcakeandeatittoo #hlblifestyle #exercisespecialist #nasmcertified @nasm_fitness #personaltrainer #logo #womanentrepreneur #womantrepeneur #smallbusinessowner #logocoast
A protein shake a day keeps catabolism away and makes the gains stay. ..... On a serious note Scivation is now @xtend and they just launched the protein line. With amazing ingredient profile that you can trust. ....... Tried the Cookie Butter flavor (watch my story) its pretty good and if you are not a cookie butter fan don't worry they have other flavors out that might peak your interest. ..... Protein is important for muscle growth, and having a high quality Whey Isolate readily available to turn that MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis) on is crucial for muscle growth. ..... If you are going to invest in a protein supplement invest in quality protein supplement. ✔25g of Protein ✔7g of BCAA ..... www.samokfit.com ...... #proteinshake #protein #supplementsthatwork #proteinpowder #XTEND #XTENDPRO #supplement #foodie #quality #gains #musclegrowth #muscleprotein #MPS #fitness #recovery #science #macros #macrocoaching #nutrition #healthyfood #weightlossjourney #fatlossjourney #athlete #goodmorning #onlinecoach #healthiswealth
I had an incredible workout this morning. I haven't been this sore in a while. The only thing I can give credit for that is my Energize. I had two cups of SUNSHINE this morning!🌞 - - What is it? Funny you should ask. It's made from green tea extract and is a naturally caffeinated prework to get your body pushing it's limits. This is how you get RESULTS! This morning I had not one but two cups! I don't regret it one bit and my body is thanking me! - - Lucky for you it's on SALE this week! I am having a pre black Friday sale! If you want to be a part of the shopping then comment below and I'll add you to the group! Theres no obligations tied to it but you HAVE to be in the group THIS WEEK to get the sale! SALE! - I love you all so much and I hope you have an incredible Wednesday!
This week we are taking #onehiitworkoutwednesday up a step (literally). Grab a box, step a timer for 20 minutes, and knock out as many rounds a possible. Rest as needed. . . 15 Box Jumps * 20 Dips * 10 (per leg) Split Squats * 10 Burpee Box Jumps * . . #onehiitworkoutwednesday #onehiitworkout #hiitwithweights #powerworkouts #boxworkouts #hiitwithbox #deathbyburpees #hiitworkoutforweightloss #hiitworkoutforwomen #hiitworkouts #lessworkwithmoreresults #shorteffectiveworkouts #reversedieting #reversedietingforthewin #macrocoaching #macrosforwomen #flexibledieting #fitandfierce #chickswholift
Fitness isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of life! It doesn’t’t matter if your trying to gain muscle, get leaner or just live healthier. Nothing works unless you put in the work. @lua.lemos_ #cffitness #fitness #workout #motivation #muscles #healthyliving #wayoflife #goals #couplesfitness #itsourfitness #gymgoals #macrocoaching #results #swolenation #nutrition #looseweight #swoldier
✨How to find balance on your health and fitness journey✨ - - - - - For the longest time, I found myself in this vicious cycle that I could never be satisfied in. I was either over restricting or obsessing over something within my fitness journey and it was literally consuming my life. I would follow this cycle during the week and when the weekend hit, I would just give up and throw everything out the window and say I’ll start again the next week. Sound familiar? - - - If there are three things I learned from getting out of this cycle it is this…. - - - 1️⃣ Results don’t happen overnight: I think a lot of the times, I was only chasing this huge goal and never celebrated the small victories. I was never satisfied because I only wanted to reach my end goal. 2️⃣ Find a plan that works for you: I cannot stress enough how important it is to find a health and fitness plan that works for you and your lifestyle. Which is why I am now a huge advocate of flexible eating because to me, it’s not a “diet”, it’s a lifestyle. 3️⃣ Accountability: When you have someone holding you accountable, it gives you more structure. I am the type of person that NEEDS structure in my life so this one was huge for me. Now go set your goals and have a GREAT week. - - - 💪🏼Link in bio for 1:1 online coaching. 🎥 Find me on YouTube (link in bio) - - - - - - - #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #gymmotivation #gymbeginner #weightlosstips #gymtips #coloradofitness #onlinepersonaltraining #fitnessinspiration #girlswholift #fitchicks #healthtips #fitnesstips #onlinefitnesscoaching #fitfam #dailymotivation #healthandfitnessjourney #healthandfitnesscoach #workoutmotivation #lifestylechange #mindshift #coloradoliving #fitnessgoals #workoutroutine #fitspo #busylife #macrocoaching #personaltrainer
Post Work-out Eats! To break this down simply: 1️⃣ Have a solid meal within 1-2 hours of your training session. 2️⃣ Eat Carbs Post Workout to refill muscle carbohydrate and energy stores. You need to eat enough carbohydrate to promote an insulin release, which is responsible for shuttling carbohydrates and amino acids into the muscle. 3️⃣ Research Shows that Carb Intake of .8-1.2 g per 1 kg of body weight maximizes glycogen synthesis and accelerates protein repair. This amount depends on body composition goals as well as intensity of your session. 4️⃣ Eat protein post workout! This helps rebuild and remodel structure! Eat a meal with at least .4 g protein per kg of body weight. 5️⃣ This meal does not need to be extremely low in fat. Eating fat post workout will slow the digestion of the meal, but it doesn’t mean you wont see any benefits in muscle growth or glycogen replenishment. I find that having some fat helps my satisfaction levels and stabilizes my blood sugar. I typically stay under 15 g fat for that meal. 5️⃣ Also try to have a meal before your training session, even if its something small! This is a typical Post Workout Meal for me! Roasted Sweet Potato with @kerrygold butter, cinnamon, and @redmondrealsalt and Berry Protein Shake! (Has a secret ingredient that adds a veggie and makes it thick as soft serve!) I do a protein shake with whey protein post workout because it is easy, quick, fast absorbing, and full of volume! I use @gainsinbulk CutCake Whey Protein! Grassfed whey, added enzymes for digestion, and sweetened with stevia! (No artificial sweeteners ) Heres the Recipe: 1️⃣ 1 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk 2️⃣ 12 g Chia Seeds 3️⃣ 30 g @gainsinbulk CutCake Whey 4️⃣ 10 g Collagen Peptides 5️⃣ 85 g Cooked and Frozen Cauliflower Rice 6️⃣ 28 g Frozen Banana 7️⃣ 110 g Frozen Mixed Berries 8️⃣ Ice 9️⃣ 10-15 Drops @sweetleafstevia to taste 🔟 Couple dashes of @redmondrealsalt which I add to everything! I like to have a shake along with Oatmeal or Sweet Potato! Because I like to chew something too! This is 6 oz of Roasted Sweet Potato w/ 1 tsp of Butter! Macros for this meal for me: 70 C/11 F/40 P Use Code Nat10 on @gainsinbulk website to try!
🧡Enjoy each season of your life 🧡
If you MUST snack, you must #treatyoself to these incredible Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter amaze balls. . Check out the whole video, link in my bio!😊 . Takes no time to make them because you whip em up, throw them in the freezer and they’re ready in 20 mins! . Guys. No joke. Control yourselves. Once you make these there’s no going back. @drinedrinee why did you show me this recipe 😭😩😩 . #CrossFit #gains #powerballs #protein #macros #carbs #fat #eat #eating #eatguide #health #healthy #recipes #healthyrecipes #healthandwellness #women #womenempowerment #tasty #tastyfood #healthyjunkfood #crossfitfood #macrocounting #macrocoaching #treats #ifitfitsyourmacros #macrofriendlytreats #yummy #snacks #muscles
Someday I will get a great camera, learn proper lighting, and whatever else an insta perfect picture needs. Heres reality though, lifes not perfect. My life right now is far from it. My health is lightyears away from perfect. Guess what, I dont find excuses. I show up. - - This morning during my workout I caught a quick glimpse of my back and I thought to myself, "damn you are doing phenomenal girl!" The results come when you come! - I haven't been doing leg day for three months now due to injuries. Did I find an excuse, no. I have pushed my arms harder than ever before. I have had to learn to decompress without being able to run. You can grow in unimaginable ways when you SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF!
"A healthy outside starts from the inside." -Robert Urich . Clean eating isnt a diet, it's a form of self respect. . I published my first cookbook to inspire others to take a step in a direction towards their health. . The cookbook has over 50 recipes made clean and without sugar, salt or dairy. . I also have made several of these vegetarian and gluten free! . Check it out on pre-sale at Www.fitwoofitness.com . Love yourself first✌🏼
Do you NEED to take supplements?? . . . NO. Supplements are there to SUPPLEMENT your diet. But ☝🏼 they are useful to help fill in any holes. . For example, don’t feel like chewing on chicken all day long to hit your protein for the day? Fill in a meal with a protein shake after your workout, and then eat an actual meal later. . . . The supplements I regularly take are whey protein, fish oil, and occasionally cycle in creatine to promote muscle building. . If you are sticking to your specific macros or nutrition plan, you should be getting all the necessary nutrients you need for your body 👍🏼 . What supplements do you guys want to know more about? What supplements do you already take? Lemme know! 👇🏼 . . . #nutritionbybabz #nutritioncoaching #macrocoaching #onlinecoaching #supplements #supplementsintake #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #learntomakeitalifestyle
How can you have abs and still be unhealthy 😨👇 ? ⠀ 23 weeks of preparing for a competition. I felt shredded/skinny but i hated the world. ⠀ Reaching such low body fat percentages when competing for a show is no longer healthy and it can affect you. ⠀ Listen to this story if you actually care 👇 ⠀ 1 day out from my show Friday afternoon i cut water completely. It wasn’t until show day that i felt it all... ⠀ Tired Dizziness Having digestive problems Had aching joints ⠀ Through this phase i could’ve developed something called kidney stones 😨 ⠀ While most are small and can be passed out by the body, if kidney stones are large enough, they can block the urinary tract and cause stomach or groin pain. If you become severely dehydrated, there’s a chance you could develop acute renal failure. ⠀ I am not saying that competing is terrible because i respect anybody who steps on that stage. I respect them for the immense work they put in. TRUST me its not easy 🙏 ⠀ I am simply saying that i prefer to feel healthy 😎 the goal for next year is to be lean with abs and to enjoy the simple things. ⠀ Comment “🙋🏼‍♂️” if you want to be lean for next years summer time 🔥 i will dm you
Do you look in the mirror and love what you see? // We all deserve to look at ourselves and love the person we see. Love the physical body we see. Love the being that we see. // So if we don’t, then it’s time we ask- why not? What’s the root cause of why we don’t like that person in the mirror? // Is it because of weight? Is it because of bad habits we’re in? Is it because we aren’t doing what we always thought we’d do? Life doesn’t look like we pictured? Uncomfortable in our skin? // Whatever it is- nail it down. Then, take action. // We have 49 days left in 2018. Don’t wait until the New Year to make all sorts of promises you will most likely break. Those big promises we build up and wait all year to start on one day just because it’s a “New Year,” almost always fail. Instead, start making small changes and small promises today. // Maybe it’s waking up and saying one positive thing to yourself in the mirror, like, “hey, nice face, babe😏” Or maybe it’s getting up the first time your alarm goes off- showing yourself you and that day are a priority. Maybe it’s walking for 5 minutes at lunch. Or switching out that soda for a water. // Start small, start today. You deserve to look in the mirror and love that person more than anything else 🥰 ~•~•~•~•~•~••~•~•~•~•~•~ #flexfuel #nicefacebabe #flexfuellife #startsmall #crossfitchicks #weightloss #macrocoaching #coaching #accountability #startnow #crossfitsentry #fitfam #dietingisdead #bornprimitive #micros #iifym #intuitiveeating #keepitspicy #makeyouapriority #nutrition #nutritioncoach #goals #smallgoals #biggoals #tuesday #goinuponatuesday #crossfit #confidence #mindset #growthmindset
When was the last time you gave to yourself as much as you gave to others? Start today! Tell me one way you are going to show yourself some love today! . . #fitandfierce #youareabadass #getitgirl #gainsforgirls #flexibledieting #macrocoaching #macrocoachingforwomen #macrocoachingforwomen #reversedietingwins #shorteffectiveworkouts #workoutlesswithmoreresults #eatmoreweighless
The inaugural Legacy Classic 2018 was an EPIC event you don’t want to miss 2019💯💯💯 - 2019 season is quickly approaching so don’t wait til the last minute to hire a coach👍🏿 visit www.HARDBODYbyJTIMO.com and let’s get started today💯💯💯 - no tricks or magic potions just proper diet (macros) and exercise 💯 - For macronutrient based coaching visit www.HARDBODYbyJTIMO.com and lets get started💯💯💯 #HARDBODYJTIMO #HARDBODYbyJTIMO #PAINFUELSMYFIRE - #Naturallyfitforlife #gbo #globalbodybuildingorganization #gbolegacyclassic #training #bodybuilder #gbonaturals #contestprepcoach #gym #motivation #fitness #fitspo #flex #fitmotivation #aesthetics #flexibledieting #Letsgo #macrocoaching #glorybetoGod #contestprep #naturalbodybuilding #gbo #classicbodybuilding
Our family (well, technically, @murphnmal ) used to be such sticklers for waiting to celebrate the "Christmas holiday" (as Quinn says) until after Thanksgiving. This year, though, has been different. Our family is already embracing the holiday season. I mean, we wore our matching holiday pajamas the other day! :) We haven't started drinking eggnog or listening to holiday music quite yet, but I don't give us much longer until we're in full-on holiday mode! How about you? Are you holding off on getting into the holiday spirit or are you already celebrating it? ⠀ ⠀ Speaking of celebrating the holidays season, we recently had the oppotunity to visit the #derbywoodywall @derbystshops. It's located on the Kohl's wall in the alcove next to REI, and it's the perfect spot for family holiday photos. If you're local and snap a photo in front of it, be sure to tag @carrotsncake and @derbystshops and hashtag #derbywoodywall for a chance to win a $50 gift card to the store of your choice!
The less I undereat the less I overeat. It’s a simple concept actually. If you find something that you can stick to long term, there is no need to crash diet and restrict yourself. If you’re consistent enough, results will come. And probably faster that if you are in a miserable circle or restriction and overeating. Just some food for thought. 🙏 • • #AngeLoveNutrition #Macros #ALNtribe #nutrition #nutritioncoaching #flexibledieting #flexibleernährung #macrocoaching #nutritioncoach #ernährungscoaching #ernährungscoach #gesundeernährung #makronähsrtoffe #abnehmen #crossfitgermany #plantbased #successmindset #eattogrow #eattofuel #fitfood #Onlinecoaching #weightlosscoaching #fatlossgoals #thatmacrolifestyle #macrocoaching #crossfitschmelztiegel
🤗SO proud of Cory, mom of two, for finishing the 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge! She did ALL five workouts a week on @mcclure_fitness ONLINE on the Weight Drop Program. Read her story in her own words.👇. . “This challenge has rocked my world in a great ways! 1. I hit my goal weight on week 6. ( I set a new one and I am currently 3lbs from that goal now). 2. I can eat bread and IT IS OKAY! 3. Eating more than 1200 calories a day you can still lose weight. Literally blows my mind! 4. Running miles and miles for a workout will not flatten your belly! . 5. @mcclure_fitness Online Workout Program is Awesome! So glad it is available. 6. TRUST THE PROCESS! Some weeks seeing the scale not move sucks, but literally trusting the process you WILL see results. 7. I have met some pretty amazing women who encourage me and motivate me daily! My Results: 18.01 lbs & 23 inches GONE! Thank you all for the awesome support and congratulations on all the results!” . . #McClureFitness #TransformationTuesday #BeforeandAfter #WeightLoss #wellnessblogger #wellnesscoach #fitmomofig #mommymakeover #8020rule #caloriedeficit #carbs #myfitnesspal #weightlossjourney #macros #macrocounting #macrocoaching
🤗SO proud of Cory, mom of two for finishing the 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge! She did ALL five workouts a week on @mcclure_fitness ONLINE on the Weight Drop Program! Read below in her own words. . “This challenge has rocked my world in a great ways! 1. I hit my goal weight on week 6. ( I set a new one and I am currently 3lbs from that goal now). 2. I can eat bread and IT IS OKAY! 3. Eating more than 1200 calories a day you can still lose weight. Literally blows my mind! 4. Running miles and miles for a workout will not flatten your belly! . 5. @mcclure_fitness Online Workout Program is Awesome! So glad it is available. 6. TRUST THE PROCESS! Some weeks seeing the scale not move sucks, but literally trusting the process you WILL see results. 7. I have met some pretty amazing women who encourage me and motivate me daily! My Results: 18.01 lbs & 23 inches GONE! Thank you all for the awesome support and congratulations on all the results!” . . #McClureFitness #TransformationTuesday #BeforeandAfter #WeightLoss #wellnessblogger #wellnesscoach #fitmomofig #mommymakeover #8020rule #caloriedeficit #carbs #myfitnesspal #weightlossjourney #macros #macrocounting #macrocoaching
What's this yellow cup of sunshine I drink every morning? ENERGIZE! It is a whole lot of caffeine from green tea leaf extract but tastes like a yellow pixie stick in a cup!!! Most pre workouts I get itchy and anxious from. This is the only one that does not cause these side effects! - - You should totally try it! Lucky for you...its going on sale in my FLASH SALE this FRIDAY! If you want to be a part of this super sale send me a DM and I will add you to the group. No obligations at all! - - This is how I got my fitness journey kick started. This is how I changed my life! I got an AMAZON giftcard, an entire year of crazy workouts, the supplements I wanted and an incredible community all in one! - - I want to see your results, I want you to be a part of this, I want to run this fitness journey with you!
Und die vegane Ausgabe von unseren Protein Guides ist hier! Dieser Guide ist für alle die sich rein aus pflanzlichen Produkten ernähren. Eiweiß ist essentiell in vielen Prozessen im Körper und egal für welche Ernährungsform wir uns entscheiden, sollte Eiweiß in unserer Ernährung präsent sein. ⠀ ⠀ Dieses Mal haben wir auch die Kohlenhydrate aufgelistet, denn pflanzliche Proteinquellen beinhalten auch gleichzeitig oft eine relevante Menge an Kohlenhydraten. ⠀ ⠀ Stay Strong and Eat On!⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #AngeLoveNutrition #Macros #ALNtribe #nutrition #nutritioncoaching #flexibledieting #flexibleernährung #macrocoaching #nutritioncoach #ernährungscoaching #ernährungscoach #gesundeernährung #makronähsrtoffe #abnehmen #crossfitgermany #plantbased #successmindset #eattogrow #eattofuel #fitfood #Onlinecoaching #weightlosscoaching #fatlossgoals #thatmacrolifestyle #macrocoaching
Bad Form ❌ or Good Form ✅ do you keep a good form ? ⠀ Bad Form: too much swinging, no contraction on the back, no squeeze at the bottom, and too fast. ⠀ Good Form: Not too much swinging, contracting the lats/ back muscles, and squeezing at the bottom for 1 sec. ⠀ TAG a friend that needs to see this! ✅ ⠀ Follow 👉 @assaelleonfit for fitness tips!
Was feeling a cozy meal tonight with all this rain! I put a whole chicken in my crockpot this morning and let it cook all day! I then made a lighter gravy with the broth from the crockpot, 1 tbsp gf flour, and a little salt and pepper! Served with potatoes “mashed” with just 1 tbsp @kerrygoldusa butter, and @traderjoes cauliflower stuffing (it was ok, but didn’t love it!) Feeling warm and satisfied after this meal!!!
No tonight's workout was not cute. No this picture does not reflect how happy I was through the entire thing. No my fitness journey has not been a consistent positive experience. - - I will NOT sugar coat my life. I will NOT lie to you about my struggles. I will NOT tell you it is going to be easy. - - However, I will say you ARE capable. You HAVE the resources if you want them. You WILL get results if you push! - - Tonight I will be sharing my story live! Go check it out, be inspired and know YOU CAN FREAKING DO IT TOO!
There is no magic pill to weight loss, or to get you where you want to be - the key to success is the work you put in. Stop viewing food as a way to lose weight and start viewing for what it is - fuel, a very important part of recovery, and part of your everyday life. - Follow @coachjoebboone - #onlinecoach #strengthandconditioning #powerlifting #olympiclifting #weightlifting #bodybuilding #performancecoaching #strengthcoaching #deadlift #bench #squat #clean #jerk #snatch #hypertrophy #strength #food #fitnesscoach #nutritioncoach #macrocoaching #nutritioncoaching #fitnesscoaching #liftruneat #lift #physigue #fatloss #muscleandstregth #fitnessbook #goalsetting #usmcvet
Getting back to my true passion of bodybuilding. For now the powerlifting singlet is going to be collecting dust. #remotecoaching #naturalbodybuilding #macrocoaching #hypertrophy #metroflex #coach #fitness #fit #physique
Root Cause #2 : Gut Dysbiosis # Our skin microbiome is an extension to our gut microbiome and maintaining the proper balance is crucial for its function and appearance. # Even if you don’t have a lick of digestive woes (like bloating, intolerances, constipation, etc), you likely have an imbalance of gut bacteria if you are chronically dealing with skin problems such as acne or eczema. # This was the case for me - I thought I had solved all my digestive issues after I removed gluten, dairy and eggs (foods that came up as highly reactive on my food sensitivity test), but I still had constant acne. I took a functional GI test (more on this later) and found that I had some dysbiosis that needed clearing up in order to clear up the acne. # Internally, our digestive system contains a delicate balance of microorganisms that we obtain from childbirth. But as we age, this balance can become off kilter due to exposure to toxins, infections, antibiotics, poor food quality, and even medications that can negatively alter the species of bacteria in our gut. # Externally, your skin has a microbiome all to itself as well. When the ecosystem is balanced, your skin is protected from pathogens and promotes a healthy lipid barrier and immune system in case of a threat of infection. But when you have acne, your skin microbiome becomes disrupted, because of this, you will need to take an internal and external approach to address the dysbiosis. # So how do we begin to balance our gut and skin microbiome? Here’s what to consider on top of a nourishing diet, plenty of sleep, and stress-managed lifestyle: # -Probiotics -Prebiotics -Digestive Analysis Test -pH Balance # Need help and accountability on balancing your gut microbiome? Click the link in our bio to read more about each of these components, where to buy them, and how to use them to help fix your gut dysbiosis. # Questions? We’d love to hear your thoughts below!
The number 1 thing people fail on all the time ? 💆🏻‍♂️ ⠀ Consistency. ⠀ Afraid of putting in the time.... ⠀ Afraid to do something different.... ⠀ Afraid about what the people around them are going to say.... ⠀ Fear is what’s stopping everyone from doing what they truly want to do... ⠀ It wasn’t until i took a big risk, that i felt a big change within myself. I feel Healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. ⠀ Don’t be afraid to be a risk taker, the worst thing that can happen is you failing.... ⠀ then try again. ⠀ Failure is what helps you elevate to the next level 💯 ⠀ Follow 👉 @assaelleonfit for fitness tips!
The day has finally come! . This was just an idea I had about 3 years ago. . I am grateful beyond belief to see it come to fruition💚 . My very 1st Cookbook is now AVAILABLE for Pre-Sale starting today! . Order online at Www.fitwoofitness.com . Thank you all so much for your generosity and support ✌🏼
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