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Blade Runner vibes
Had a great time with Courtney @kingsislandpr winter fest.🔥😍 - It’s easy to get caught up in what your doing but make sure to spend time with the ones you love and care about.💯 - Relationships are important in life and in business... - Love you Courtney😘
Yesterday served as a reminder of the importance of always having your dog on a leash in the backcountry. Admittedly, we're pretty lax about this rule. Especially when we are out in the open and can see what's around us for miles in all directions. What we sometimes forget is that the wildlife is literally designed to blend in with it's surroundings. We didn't see the bighorn sheep next to us until we were right up on him. Kuno had taken note of him though. . And in a flash he tore off after the game and it wasn't long before we somehow found ourselves with a terrified sheep between us and our idiot dog. Time stopped and I swear I saw the moment the sheep decided he would rather mow us down than contend with Kuno in the other direction. And as quickly as it had stopped, time raced back into action- Kuno after the sheep, the sheep after us and Stephen and I scrambling to remove ourselves from it's path. . The two of them blew by us and no amount of recall training could snap Kuno from his sport. We watched helplessly as they raced over steep, icy terrain. We had no hope of catching them, even if we could follow them over the hazardous ledges they so easily navigated. . Inevitably, it wasn't long before the sheep outran him and Kuno came panting back to us, absolutely tickled over the fun of his latest side adventure. . This story has a happy ending. This time. It could've been so much worse. From now on, Kuno will be leashed regardless of how clear the surroundings appear. And I'd suggest you do the same.
Same shirt, different day. Can't wait to show more soon. @benhilzinger from @eve6
Monday Monday Mondayyyyy!!!! Who’s ready to ROCK this week?! 🙋🏼‍♀️💃🏼🤸🏼‍♀️ We’ve got a ton of fun things in store for you ladies this week... Including a DELISH recipe drop that would be such a yummy addition to your Christmas morning!! What are you looking forward to this week? 💕
from autumn, with love.
It’s been a while I posted here. Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing great! Happy to be back to this space of beauty and inspiration. I’ve been craving creativity after taking some time off from IG, I’ve been missing connecting with all of you. ❤️Thank you for your kind DMs and messages! I really appreciate your loving attention. Life is good! Life is amazing and I can’t get enough of all the great people and opportunities that have been flowing into my life and taking me to another level of growth, sharpening my ambitions and setting my goals even higher yet reminding me again and again that happiness lies in the joy of achievement, in the process of getting there, in this present moment. How have you been my friends? What’s new and exciting? Are you getting ready for the holidays?🎄 . . . Для моих русскоговорящих подписчиков, которые не владеют английским, предлагаю воспользоваться опцией перевода. Она довольно точно переводит содержание постов с английского на русский. ❤️
So entspannt unser Wochenende in Brandenburg begonnen hat, so blöd hat es geendet. Henry ging es schon am Samstagabend nicht gut, sodass ich die Rückfahrt übernehmen musste. Zum Glück war ich bis dato noch fit aber kaum Zuhause angekommen wurde auch ich dann krank 🙈 Jetzt sind wir beide krank geschrieben und werden die nächsten Tage auf der Couch verbringen. Habt ihr vielleicht Filmempfehlungen für uns? 😅 Leider habe ich es auch noch nicht geschafft, den Gewinner aus unserem #santakurt2018 Gewinnspiel zu ermitteln, das hole ich morgen nach 😘 #christmas #winterzeit #weihnachtszeit #dezember #comfycozy #kuschelig #ilovemydog #petfluencer #dogtraining #hundeliebe #pfotenliebe #dogoftheday #dogumented #hundebesitzer #excellent_dogs #agilitydogs #dogagility #petstagram #herzenshund #makemoments #hunde #dogsofinstagram #instadogs #hundeblog #dogblog #borderfame #bordercolliesrock #bordercollielovers #BorderColliesoftheWorld
It’s #mondaymorning and I’m sipping on my coffee, dreaming about Wyoming 😍🏔 I’m working on a blog post about all the amazing things to do in #jacksonhole area. For now, photos & videos are in my story 😊
On newsstands now! Our gorgeous couple, Katie and Mathew, are gracing the pages of @rockymtnbride and we are so thrilled to see this beautiful couple and their wedding in print! We worked for a year with Katie and Matthew, who live in New York City, and the day of the wedding was everything Katie wanted and more! Their wedding was such a wonderful collaboration with the dreamiest team of creative partners who we couldn’t have done this without! . . Photographer | @lauramurray Florals | @barerootflora Decor + draping | @eclectichive Lighting | @myelitedj Wedding gown | @inesdisanto Paper goods + calligraphy | @jolieandcompany Rentals | @eventrents Cake | @meganjoycakes Cinematography | @sherriinnis_lovestory Hair | @hairbyandres Makeup | @jshinyeda Venue | Donovan Pavilion Ceremony Music | @cloud9strings Band | Soul X . . . . . #vailweddingplanner #luxuryweddingplanner #luxurytravel #instatravel #vailmountain #dinnerwithaview #travel #luxurywedding #letsgo #liveauthentic #mytinyatlas #wanderlust #vailwedding #makemoments #huffpostweddings #destinationwedding #passionpassport #instatravel #vailwedding #weddingplanner #callunaevents #callunaontheroad #venuereport #destinationevents #wherewillyoucelebrate #themountainsarecalling
Happy birthday @jasonlanierphotography Thanks for helping so many learn more about photography and for being a great guy... . . . . . . . . . .
Why so serious? << Name that movie :) - I bought this plant a few months ago, after having a rough week. I was at this huge greenhouse and I weaved through every aisle to find this guy. He was the very last plant in the very last aisle. I loved the bright top growing out of a classic bottom. I told myself it’d be a reminder to keep my life vibrant and fun. I carried it like a child home. It rode 30 min on the bus with me.. it even had its own seat hahah. Give yourself a reminder to keep it light, keep it vibrant, keep it fun.
we decorated the tree today, and Sarah and Alice ‘helped’. I counted 14 candy canes in one square foot area of branches. so we did a little reallocating after bedtime. 😂🎄
Jason nailing the shot! I love seeing his images and all the knowledge he consumes playing into his work. Colleen happens to be a stunning subject as well!
Коли почув, скільки ще всього зробити залишилось)
The Ivy and Christmas decorations are 2 of my favourite things. Put them together and you've got a very happy girl. This was quite possibly the most festively decorated place I've come across this year so far. I mean I love it. . . . Okay so I am absolutely loving the tartan trend this year so when I saw this dress in @zara it had my name written all over it and I couldn't resist. Bag is also from Zara. Boots are from @asos and have been a staple in my wardrobe this winter. They go with everythinggg. My new found obsession is baker boy hats and this one is from @topshop
**G I V E A W A Y** In honor of the holiday season I want to give back to YOU! I’m teaming up with: @janacontrerasphotography @frankiecameroncollection @buckhorn_vintage @mua.samanthak to give you guys: •$100 Airbnb Gift Card •$100 REI Gift Card •Coin Pouch of your choice •Vintage Rug from Buckhorn Vintage •Makeup Palette + Highlighter >>>> TO ENTER: •follow all of the accounts listed •tag as many friends as possible! (Each tag is an entry) •repost into your stories and tag me for an extra entry!
Explore the most beautiful places in Denmark ▶️ @best_denmark_photos . . . . Technicolor biking 🔸💗🔸 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷Perfect photo by @ninahorne ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🏘😉Mark your photo with tag and we`ll post it! #livefromcph #copenhagen #cph #livefromcopenhagen #denmark #mitkøbenhavn #kbh #københavn #voreskbh #mitkbh #delditkbh #sharingcph #københavnerliv #copenhagenfacaedes #streetsofcopenhagen #visitdenmark #europe_vacations #urbanromantix #makemoments #colorfulcopenhagen #visitscandinavia #nyhavn #topscandinaviaphoto #igerscopenhagen #ig_copenhagen #wonderlustcopenhagen
Another tequila killa night with the best team ever! P.S Excuse my puffy eyes. I get emotional when I’ve reached my alcohol limit. 🤪 I love you all. ( yeah! I know i said that all night #TitansForever
Not every day can be perfect. Not every day is hot air balloons and smiles. But because of them every day is an adventure, every day is a gift, something to look forward to.
Doors of Ireland 🌱
I was the most extra version of myself on this Mexico trip and loved every moment of it. 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 BTW this entire outfit except the shoes were thrifted at @goodwillsocal 🙌🏼
#🎬59- Mal etwas OP-Luft geschnuppert. —————————————————————*Werbung, da Markennennung/ Erkennung*———————————————————— #guckdichschlaumitkuktv #followus #cameracrew #cinematography #pictureoftheday #artofinstagram #fernsehen #kameramann #kuktv #kamera #fun #film #medien #instagood #instamood #motivation #makemoments #blogger #work #lovemyjob #videoart #cameraman #doktor #arzt #op #operation #krankenhaus
A little chemistry on camera w/ @dex_money and @alanakschoen
We are open today! Come get rid of your cabin fever!
You must drop confusion. You must drop fantasy. You must stop dreaming and become present to experience love. You must drop options and listen to your inner guidance. Drop your ideas. Drop possibilities. Drop twirling in a dream. 🌟 🌟 Be here now. Ground yourself and let your heart lead you. 🌟 🌟 Trust that good is here. Good is on the way. A good beyond anything your mind can conjure. A good vastly different than your limited perspective can offer. 🌟 🌟 You are a blueprint of divine origin. You are love and lover. Dance in ecstatic union with the Divine.
Эта маленькая гого слева учит меня картули. Я уже могу читать на грузинском, только вот ничего не понимаю🤦🏽‍♀️. Говорю мало, но почти без акцента. Очень надеюсь скоро балакать, как на родном. Вижу цель - иду к ней 😁🤟🏼 P.s. Сагамо мшвидобиса!
*Anzeige durch Namensnennung/Produktnennung / Seitennennung gekauft von meinem eigens hart verdientes Geld! . . Guten Abend Babes!!!💕 . Kurz und Knapp: Geiler Lidschatten! 💗 . Schlapp und das nicht zu knapp bin ich...ich hoffe Euer Wochenstart war besser!? . Wer mich sucht, bin auf der Couch! . Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Abend!!! xoxo😍💗😘 . 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 #beautycommunity #liveauthentic #livethelittlethings #nothingisordinary #instamagazine #instadaily #instabeauty #colourpop #potd #daily #myblog #livelaughlove #lifestyle #styleblogger #ontheblog #instablogger #lifestyleblog #blogger_de #germanblogger #germanblog #bloggerin #lifestyleblogger #bloggerstyle #miniblolg #makemoments #advent #christmas
Wishing my best friend the happiest birthday ever! There’s so much I want to say! But definitely want to remind you that you are the most kind, loving and loyal person I know. You always stand by the ones you love and are always there for them, no matter what. You are so strong and beautiful and I hope you never forget that. Love you just the way you are! Thank you for being a part of my life! I hope all of your birthday festivities continue being grand. You deserve so many wonderful things! Love you and miss you so much!💗🌺
Можно сегодня тут побудет мой муж,в очень,на мой взгляд,новогодних шортах(ну вот,такое у меня сейчас ощущение праздника😅)А раз,сегодня здесь муж,то я вам немножко о нем расскажу,вдруг кому интересно ⬇ ✨Диме вечно жарко,и даже зимой,он с радостью выйдет на улицу в шортах,ежели в штанах.Когда мы ездили отдыхать в Карелию в марте,а там ещё во всю сугробы,он всех пугал своим "морозным" видом😅 ✨Он очень любит грозу,мечтает увидеть торнадо,и его глазки блестели,как у ребенка,когда я сказала,что в Удмуртии летом,гроза почти каждый день. ✨Он у меня очень творческий,играет на гитаре,писал стихи и любит фотографировать,так что,нет,ему не сложно меня вечно щёлкать,как некоторые думают,даже более того, за фотоаппаратом он бежит быстрее,чем я,и большинство природных кадров,и даже фото раскладок сделаны не мной. ✨Он не любит сладкое,и именно поэтому,ворует мои сладости,и на Рождество обрадовался огромной шоколадке с орешками,а на 23 февраля,шоколадному шуруповерту.(а я то думала,все мне достанется😅) ✨Как можно догадаться,муж у меня очень сентементальный, и умеет радоваться обычным мелочам,например, духам с запахом травы,которые я теперь везде ищу. ✨Кстати,о парфюме😅,он с радостью выбирает мне духи,лаки для ногтей,и прочую бутафорию для красоты.Да и в целом,помогает он мне во всем,и все мы делаем вместе. ✨Если я ленилась,и не приготовила ужин,он может сделать это сам,не дуясь или психуя,тем более,большинство его вкусовых предпочтений не совпадает с моими и он готовит себе отдельно.Кстати,он готовит очень вкусные салатики,из всего,что попадет под руку,и очень любит жареные пельмени. ✨А в общем и целом,Дима-большой ребенок(как и мой папа😅),ему нужно внимание,забота,поиграть за компьютером и посмотреть мультики, и своим "ребячеством" и "простым" подходом к жизни он всегда поднимает мне настроение,и за все,что в нем есть,я безумно его ценю. Всем отличного вечера, простого взгляда на жизнь и любви ❤ #kkuntieva_home #воспоминания #волшебство #счастье #photo #beauty #фотоархивы #СанктПетербург #saintspetersburg #vsco #vscolife #2018 #mood #memories #happy #inspiration #зима #life #makemoments #lifestyle #magic #winter #snow #happynewyear #love #day #newyear
Serien Bild Nr.3 📸 Ein entspanntes Shooting mit @celinaquidado im Botanischen Garten #elbpicturez #fotografie #shooting #canonfotografie #hamburg #040 #benbose
Serien Bild Nr.2 📸 Ein entspanntes Shooting mit @celinaquidado im Botanischen Garten #elbpicturez #fotografie #shooting #canonfotografie #hamburg #040 #benbose
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