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Beautiful event last night just for you bro Tafa 🤗 #TAFAdenANYBODY #YouWillBeTrulyMissed #ManuiaLouMalaga #KINGINPEACE
It’s going down tonight! Come out and show your Love & Support @ the Pure Night Club from 6pm till Midnight. It will be $25 @ the door 🙌🏼 All proceeds will be going to Tafa family to help his special day 🙏🏼 Don’t miss out! Door Prizes (if you have a pre-sale ticket), Pupus, & Entertainment by your one & only Rebel Souljahz, Nesian Nine & many more. Raffles will be sold @ the event and you definitely don’t wanna miss out on these prizes! Come out & show your LOVE! #AllForYouTafa #ManuiaLouMalaga #YouWillBeTrulyMissed #94Family
My dear uso Phil you will always be in our hearts thank you for always making us feel @ home every time we see you #manuialoumalaga #restinpeace Alofa atu
Our Princess’s final exit carried out by the Queens of the House ❤️ Memories of you Katelyn will forever saturate our hearts and the stories of you spoken through our tears. You will never be forgotten, not in this lifetime. #ButWePraise #PrincessKatelyn #8YearsTooShort #ManuiaLouMalaga #MyFamily
LEGENDS NEVER DIE #GOAT #55Forever #ManuiaLouMalaga
23•05•30 - 01•05•18 My stunning Nana graduated to heaven tonight. Flashbacks & sweet memories flooding to mind. Thank You Jesus for such a gracious, fierce, well-known & respected, loving, trail-blazing, sociable, creative & stylish woman. I remember her gangsta fur coats, matching outfits with purses & lipstick <- - - she was always dressed to the NINES if she was going out, but wore a farmers shirt & trackies at home with one pant leg up like a true thug 😂; her beautiful handwriting; helping me with my White Sunday gigs @ church; cultivating her tomato patch lol; getting me out of trouble; the way she called my name 🤣 how do you summarise how radical this wonderful woman was? I love you soooooooooooooo much Nana!!!! Hope you’re partying it up with Poppa & Tutu!!! Give them sloppy kisses for meeeee!!!! 😭🙁❤️ #InLovingMemory #LoveYouNan #ManuiaLouMalaga #Pineapple #StyleAndGrace
R.I.P Ted Devoux aka The Godfather ❤ #booyaatribe #suwoop #manuialoumalaga
#RIP to the triple OG #Godfather 👌🏽🔴🇦🇸🇼🇸🕇 #ManuiaLouMalaga #BooYaa #BooYaaTribe #WestCoast #Barson #PFonk #Samoa #FaaSamoa
We have been friends since we were 16. She was always my palagi sister from another mister. But in my eyes, she was my light skinned Samoan sister. 💞 She was gorgeous, hilarious, humble, loving and truly an amazing example of forgiveness. Even with her being in Idaho, and I, in Cali...our friendship remained strong. There would be times when I would message her, so angry and hurt about something someone did to me, and she would always come back with honesty, love, without any kind of judgment. When I tried to take my own life this past October, she was there for me. She held on tight to me as I tried to let go. I would not have been able to get through my darkness if it weren’t for her love and friendship. This morning, I woke up to the news of her passing and my heart breaks. For David, for her precious children, for her family. My tears have come, for the loss of a tremendous woman. The selfish part of me misses her, but I rejoice in knowing I will see her again. The grace in Shannon’s passing for me, is knowing the reunion with her beloved father on the other side of the veil, is undoubtedly a joyous one. I know how much she missed him. So to a woman that has been such a blessing in my life, Shannon, in your adopted culture’s words “Manuia lava lou malaga”, may your journey home be a blessed one. Til we meet again sis, please hug my mom and my niece Lo for me. And as you watch over us, I hope you’ll see that you left me a stronger woman, and I am finally loving myself like we’ve always talked about. I love you, eternally. 💛 #familiesareforever #iloveyou #iammysisterskeeper #lds #eternalbonds #rip #tilwemeetagain #theplanofsalvation #manuialoumalaga
Posted at Uncle Pelenato Faleniko funeral. #RestInLoveUncle #ManuiaLouMalaga #SissySissy
Tonight we begin our final goodbyes @toafa ... and my heart is not ready 💔 Who’s gonna sasa the ppl that hurt me and then take me to the Chinese buffet? Who’s gonna take me on random adventures in UT, that always end at BYU Creamery? & Who else is gonna mock the “new” Icebergs with me? Lol You were one in a million bro. Miss you 😌 #manuialoumalaga #favorite
Two things are certain in life - we are born & then death. It’s what we do in between that matters and sets us a part! ☝🏽 ...Of humble and humorous nature with goals for yourself and your family that you had accomplished and I’m sure with more on the cards, you were not one to make it known but I was proud of you and the things you shared. I still have that copy of your payment slip you showed me for the deposit on the land in Samoa you bought so your kids would have a place and connection back to the homeland. You were one of the first & brave of our generation raised outside Samoa to get your pe’a done honouring your Dad’s wishes or getting your ‘mull sasad’ as you put it lol. I admired your passion and dedication to kick boxing and generosity and heart going out each weekend to give out meals, company and conversation to the homeless in Melbourne. Then when I had those reservations about moving to Aus you offered such good advice and encouragement and not to forget all the laughs over beersies like we Sa’us do lol. We have such a large and wide spread network of Sa’u cousins and you are definitely one many of our younger generation could’ve unknowingly learnt a lot from. Blessed to have had you with us cuz. May you rest in eternal love. Love you Ken ❤️🕊 #ManuiaLouMalaga
Lead me to rest, sweet Lord. Lead me to rest, from my journey here lead me to rest. #YouAreMissed #MaisaLefao #ManuiaLouMalaga #PhotoCredChris
Thinking of you tonight Fini. Love and miss you sis. I promise to always keep my eyes on God and to remember I am His child. I love you, always. #rip #iamachildofgod #iammysisterskeeper #manuialoumalaga #tilwemeetagain
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