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Tuesday is OPTIONS for Sexual Health Clinic day!! from 11 - 2pm in the Wellness Centre at SAS Sullivan - get confidential advice and sexual health counselling and low cost birth control too (no dispensing fees!). @optionsforsexualhealth . . #sd83 #salmonarm #shuswap #salmonarmbc #wellness #mentalhealthmatters #sassullivan #fnhawellness #wellnessCentre #wellbeing #united4cymh #mentwellness #safespace #safesex #sexualhealth #sexed #safesex
🌺💖🦄I hope your Monday was magical!🦄💖🌺If it wasn't, I promise you a new day is coming. The sun will rise in the morning. 🌤️It will be a NEW day. A fresh start for positive changes. . . . How will you live your best life tomorrow? Will you show kindness to a stranger? Will you swap out your daily soda for some water or tea? Will you put some money away to your savings? Will you take the time to say 3 things you're grateful for? There are SO many ways to live your best life, to live a healthy life. Start with just one. . . . #strongereveryday #beyourbestself #bossbunnysportswear #bossbunnysport #youagainstyou #consistencyiskey #findyourhappy #positivevibes #mentalhealthmatters #magicalmondays #financialhealth #physicalhealth #fernandezfit
I've been feeling blue all week thinking I am a burden to my family due to my expensive treatments, therapy, flights to see my doctor, etc. I didn't even want a hearing aid or a private therapist because I know my ensurance wouldn't cover it and my parents don't have the money. I constantly feel like I shouldn't have born because I only worry them with my problems and I can't live a happy life (I'm always fighting to see the bright side). I hope this feeling fades away.....remember, YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN . #selfharmrecovery #raredisease #autoimmunedisease #bpd   #lowimmunesystem #mentalillness #mentaldisorder #invisibleillness #InvisibleFight #invisibledisease #invisibledisability   #phycosis #autism #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #butyoudontlooksick   #recovery #autoimmune #chronicillness #chronicpain #painsomnia #spoonie #hypothyroidism #chronicfatigue #marphansyndrome #arthritis #EDRecovery
Fall is here, and I’m already wishing for the green of spring. 🌿 The crunchiness of fall leaves and the crispness of the air can not conquer the deafening melancholy of Autumn days. • • • pc: @stephie.stewart @stephanielaurenstudio
We held a Twitter chat earlier this month on #SuicidePrevention with mental health experts, advocates, journalists...and here's what Tanmoy Goswami has to say to sum up our conversation: General: 1. Don't think #SuicidePrevention is some expert's business 2. Sign up for programmes like the ones Sanjivini in Delhi or Nelson Vinod organise (Founder of Suicide Prevention India) 3. Kindness and empathy doesn't cost money or time. . . . If you or anyone you know needs help, check out our "highlights" section for helpline numbers. #MentalHealth #HealthCollective #MentalHealthMatters #MentalHealthAwareness #SuicidePrevention #Therapy #Healing #Kindness #Motivation #Empathy #Support #SafeSpace #Conversations #Communication #Holistic #Health #NotAlone
Day 22: You see me smile You don’t realize it’s hiding a broken heart You hear me laugh I hope you don’t hear me falling apart You see my eyes But not my tears at night You see my body Hiding a soul that’s trying hard to survive! 👒 #myhealingjourney 🧜‍♀️ #myhealingjourney #thestronggirl 🐣 #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthquotes #mentalhealthblogger #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthworker #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #love #lovequotes #life #lifequotes
💪You are stronger than you think.
#Repost @henryhealthapp ・・・ Thank you for all the love this morning! Our goal is to ensure therapists, regardless of their color, are culturally sensitive and competent to meet the needs of black men, regardless of where each of them live. #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #10moreyears #moonshots #healthtech #digitalhealth #startuphealth #1776dc
This Friday.September 28th.7:30pm. You Are not alone ,join us , be a warrior , as we pledge our commitment by writing “COMMIT” on our hands towards ending the stigma associated with mental health and illness . If you would like to be apart of it the link it @commitcampaign bio has easy access to the tickets !! If you have questions feel free to reach out to me :) • • • • • • • • #StopSuicide #MentalHealth #MentalIllness #EndTheStigma #EndStigma #YouMatter #LoveYourMind #MentalHealthMatters #YouAreNotAlone #StigmaFree #Ally #Strong #Hope #Success #Warrior #Positivity #Listen #Conversation #Nonprofit #Charity #Heal #Friend #Listen #Survivor #SuicidePrevention #SuicidePrevention #jesuslovesyou #Godbless
Trust your instincts. Don't be afraid to say yes, don't be afraid to say no. . . . . . Have a personal mental health story to share? Submit anonymously at http://bit.ly/smhff_personalstory (link in bio)
Heal yourself, first. The rest will come later 🌸⚡️
Who else is going to Art Reflecting Life Youth Retreat at the Gold Coast next week? 3 whole days and 2 nights of fun right before Aussie Gold where I can work on my tumbling skills, and so much more. *comment or message me if you would like to join in the fun and come along too!!! #artreflectinglife #youthretreat #mentalhealthmatters #tumbling #cheer
It's #DefiantMindsMonday ! Let’s talk about the impact of natural disasters on mental health. One year after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, its people continue to suffer. One in 10 Puerto Ricans fled to the mainland in the wake of Maria. Some homes are still without electricity or roofs. Calls to the island’s suicide hotline have jumped 246% and there has been an 83% rise in people thinking about suicide. Puerto Rico is in the midst of a mental health crisis and it deserves our attention. Every Monday, keep an eye out for stats, tips, and resources to help you develop a defiant mind. 👊🏽 #defiantminds #hurricaneflorence #hurricanemaria
#Repost @more_fitkait ・・・ I’ve learned the key to consistency is keeping my eye on the reward and enjoying the moment. Giving myself space to not be perfect, but steady. I want my moment to moment decisions to describe my future success. . Stay steady. Stay consistent. The fruit will be produced by what you commit yourself to in this moment. . . . . #wodordieapparel #wodordie #wearwhatmovesyou #crossfit #crossfitapparel #fitspo #fitfam #gains #gym #fitnessmotivation #hardworkdedication #fearisaliar #progressnotperfection #crossfitgames #mentalhealthmatters #girlswholift #guyswholift #romwod #hiitworkout #hiit #crossfitter #crossfitgirls #fitnessapparel
😀 Need to improve your gut? New article on Teelixir.com discusses how superfood mushrooms can help support and heal your gut health issues. - 🔥 Gut health is one of the hottest topics in health and wellness right now. Perhaps, it's because the delicate ecosystems within our bodies are constantly being bombarded by the toxic environments we live in and all the contaminated foods we consume? - We're forced to live in a world where both friendly and unfriendly microorganisms coexist in our bodies. But if we're healthy, the friendly bacteria will outnumber the bad and our guts will be happy and healthy. - 🍄 Historically mushrooms have been used to support digestion and gut health. We’re so fortunate to have access to the incredible gut-loving super powers of medicinal mushrooms to support our best digestive health– Turkey Tail, Reishi, Lion's Mane, Chaga, and more. - Superstar Eliza Hedley aka @themillennialnutritionist explains how these mushrooms can help feed and nourish our microbiome, prevent intestinal permeability, eliminate Candida, and more. - Which gut-loving mushrooms do you enjoy? - 👉 Read more at Teelixir.com/blog
This is important! We need to be talking about mental illness. Your Mental Health is important. You are important. I am here for you! Having Anxiety is not easy. I wish I could just choose to stay calm and not worry. If it were that easy, I wouldn’t be dealing with it. I am okay! But I know that it’s okay for to have a not so okay day. ・・・ Repost from @__itsokaynottobeokay__ It’s okay, not to be okay . . . #itsokaynottobeokay #itsoknottobeok #suicideawareness #mentalhealth #stigma #iamthechange #anxiety #suicideprevention #ruokday #mentalhealthmatters #beyondblue #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #awareness #ruok #MentalhealthMonday #projectsemicolon #semicolon
To us, this is a grand meditation... . We’ll be meditating on who we’ve been, who we can be, and what possibilities there are to create real change in the world. . In addition, there will be actual meditations on offer at this festival, and they’re free to attend! . Limited places are available so sign up via our link! 🙏🏼
Con la cinta verde se representa el movimiento de #concientización sobre la #saludmental . Es por eso que verán que quienes luchan por esta causa utilizan pines, cintas y otros objetos con este color. A algunas personas, cuando se utiliza el término Salud Mental, lo primero que se les viene a la cabeza son enfermedades como la esquizofrenia o trastorno bipolar (que he notado que algunas personas suelen pensar que los síntomas son los de la esquizofrenia, pero en realidad forma parte del grupo de trastornos del estado de ánimo -está en el mismo grupo que la depresión). Y para colmo, tienen una imagen distorsionada sobre cómo actúan las personas que viven con estas enfermedades. La realidad es que dentro de este espectro entran condiciones que van desde el estrés, pasando por las adicciones de cualquier tipo, anorexia, fobias y estrés postraumático. Por eso es que se dice que casi todo el mundo debería pasar aunque sea una vez por el psicólogo; y también podrán observar que los grupos de #mindfullness y los tratamientos para dejar de fumar incluyen el apoyo de uno de estos especialistas. El Día Mundial de la Salud Mental se conmemora el 10 de octubre de cada año y la Organización Mundial de la Salud suele elegir un tema distinto todos los años. ¿Saben cuál será el tema de este? ¿Tienen más información que quieran compartir? Siéntanse libres de expresarse ⤵ #MentalHealthAwareness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthhacks #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthquotes #mentalhealthwarrior #hope #itsoknottobeok #strength #strong #keepcalm #keepgoing 💪
you don't grow when you're comfortable.
Meme therapy: bahahaha lmao me when they tell me that mental illness is a choice. Rp: @bpdqueenxo @bpdqueenxo 😂
Hola, 👋 Sabemos que a veces puede parecer que no estás haciendo lo suficiente, especialmente cuando estás luchando con tu salud mental o física. Es por eso que le enviamos este recordatorio. Porque estamos orgullosos de usted sin importar lo que haya logrado o no esta semana.
I’m feeling pretty badass at the moment. I often come up with quirky ways of helping myself through difficult aspects of life and therapy. I come up with stuff that helps me feel safe, comforted, and in this case powerful & hopeful. My therapist had the idea of a special garment for doing my exposure stuff that I would find comforting, and I came up with the idea of putting iron on badges to help with other things. I put in some orders on EBay, I got these BADASS Star Wars patches, and put them on tonight. I love it so much!! I ordered some others that are more silly like “not today Satan” & a cat giving the finger, and a few more I found empowering. 🤓 I’m the best.
Therapy is a process of growth and self-discovery. In my therapy sessions, I promote behavioral transformation by encouraging a changed outlook and the adoption of new attitudes and feelings. Typically we can intervene in our lives through our thoughts, our behaviours, our emotions, or our bodies. Each person is different though, so it’s important to take your own values, beliefs, and preferences into account to find a plan that works for you. ​. . . It can be tough to find a therapist you connect with, and feel safe enough to share what you cannot tell others about. A trained professional can hold space for you during these times. I’ve written about some frequently asked questions that come up when looking for a therapist, as well as considerations for you to be mindful about. Check out my website (FAQs) to read about 1) why credentials in your therapist matter, 2) what is confidentiality in sessions and when would it be broken, & 3) social media considerations in today’s world as it relates to therapy. . . . I’ll be practicing out of a couple of locations, and volunteering at a free walk-in counselling service. Connect with me if you want resources, want help navigating how to find a good fit for you, or are unsure if you need therapy. I’m happy to connect.
We live in a busy, fast-paced society where it's all to easy to become consumed by our personal and professional challenges. Unfortunately, this type of self-focused mentality can lead to overwhelming levels of stress and anxiety. 🔆 A growing body of research shows that people who reach out to help others experience less stress, are more grateful, have improved relationships, build more skills, and even live longer. Who wouldn't want that type of return on investment? 🔆 The following are simple ways that you can reach out and help someone have a better day starting TODAY. 1. Smile at a stranger. 2. Listen. 3. Wave as you pass another car or a person walking. 4. Hold the door open for the person behind you. 5. Pay for the next person-in-line’s coffee or meal. 6. Send someone a greeting card instead of a text message on their birthday. 7. Engage in conversation with someone you just met. 8. Tell a stranger to have a good day. 9. Offer to help someone for no reason at all. 10. Look someone in the eyes and acknowledge them when they are speaking to you. 🔆 What are some other random acts of kindness that you can engage in? 🔆 #mentalhealth #psychology #mentalhealthmatters #mindfulness #awareness #mindfulliving #selfawareness #personaldevelopment #coaching #therapy #mentality #mindset #mentalitymatters #mindsetmatters #mentalityexchange # #positivity #positivevibes #consciousness #mindful #gratitude #awakening #psychiatry #abundance #therapist #counseling #positivethinking #lawofattraction #transformational #performance # #manifest
For a long time, I haven’t felt that “happy” could be something simple. But today my girl @eatwelllivefree told me I looked happy, strong, and healthy. So I started looking at my life a little differently. - I’ve had a lot of grievances with life over the past month. I’ve had two family members die, one on each side. I’ve felt like I’ve been setting myself up to fail at school, even though I’m working harder than I ever have. I’ve been experiencing life as a sprint, not the marathon it’s supposed to be. I’ve learned what it truly feels like to be lonely. And I’ve repeatedly chose to wallow in that. - But then I look at the girl here in this picture. She just shared one of her favorite things in the world with one of her favorite people in the world. She looks happy. She looks strong. She looks healthy. So why shouldn’t I work to make the inside match what’s showing on the outside? - It takes a whole lot more effort to put on the show that you’re okay. I’m not saying it’s easy in any capacity to work through your shit and be confident in who you are and be happy about the life you’re living. It’s not. But all it takes is one reminder from someone that you in fact ARE keeping on to wake you up to what’s been in front of you the whole time. - I am getting a college education. I have a place to live. I work two jobs that I love. I’ve established positive coping mechanisms to deal with my mental illness. I have amazing friends, even though most of them are long distance. I have a drive. I have dreams. I have hope. It’s a lot simpler to live in that world than it is to constantly be putting pressure on myself, than it is to be angry at the universe, than it is to throw in the towel and end each day by giving up. - This month is coming to a close. And it’s been one of the hardest I’ve had since my diagnosis. But a new month is coming. 31 new chances to just be, to just learn, to just love, are just around the corner. Bring it on, bitches. I’m ready for the next challenge: embracing happiness.
🌟Before I joined the coaching community and started regularly following workout programs, I struggled big time with my mental health. For years I just went through the motions and didn’t feel like I had anything to look forward to. I was super negative, went out drinking too much, and didn’t feel like I had a place in the world. I regularly contemplated what the point of my existence was because everything felt so damn hard all the time. I was taking a couple different kinds of medication and seeing two therapists, but I still didn’t have that fulfillment or sense of belonging that I craved. . So now that it’s been almost 4 years since I started - I can wholeheartedly say that coaching and online workout programs changed - no, SAVED my life. I learned how to effectively exercise to finally see the results that I wanted. I learned how to eat to fuel my body instead of being afraid of food. I learned how to train my mindset to see the good in everything, no matter how bad things may seem at the time☀️ . While I still have bad moments every now and then, joining this community was the best decision I ever made! I didn’t join my company to randomly sell products or to make a quick buck. I realized that there were so many solutions to my problems and it was up to me to take a chance, stop making excuses for myself, and just go for it. 🙌🏻 . Ultimately, I joined because I knew that if I could help just one person out there feel a bit less lost in the world, then that would make all the difference 💕
It's Monday! You know what that means, it's time for some #relationship advice on #igstories . Today we are going to share a personal story of how not to let your #insecurities and #anxiety affect your #relationship . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #epifaniamag #magazine #latinamagazine #relationships #marriage #couple #love #california #mentalhealthmatters #sanfrancisco #weallgrowlatina #latinaboss
When you hear a woman get called a liar or a political obstruction because "teenage rape doesn't count," please back her up. Entitled men believe they know something the rest of us don't, but they are simply under the spell of their own significance and their illusions of importance should not be pacified. When you see a woman clearly getting harassed by a man in a coffee shop, please back her up. Entitled men don't respect the voices of their victims, no matter how loud they are. It takes a village to send the simple message that women are not here to be told how we can improve the lives of men. Won't you join us in spreading that message? . -------------------------------------------------------- . #mentalhealthmatters #progressnotperfection #bopo  #antidiet  #depthpsychology #unconscious #metoo #bingeeating #edrecovery #psychology #coaching #counseling #emotionaleating #mentalhealth #psychstudents #foodpsych #psychgrad #selfcare #quotes  #human #feedthefeminine #harassment  #believewomen #blaseyford #anitahill
*Fast Minds, Fast Foods and Mental Health* 21st venture is the fastest changing decades in histor. The human brain is developing at a super speed and the youth today wants new foods/ fads, new fashion, new trends to keep them intrigued and excited. The fast life brings with itself a spiral of emotions, which the youth finds difficult to cope with due to lack of coping skills and this influences their food choices and mental health. What we do not realise is how what we eat influences our Minds greatly. Introducing our first speaker *Dr. Sitesh Roy* for Young Mind Matters, an evening event to Celebrate World Mental Health Day 2018. Join us on 10th October 4pm onwards at Pejawarmath, Santacruz East. Register on : http://goo.gl/vgXZcg #mentalhealthmatters #worldmentalhealthday #youngmindmatters #mentalhealthawareness #outaloud
Anxiety and medication update: . . . As I’ve mentioned in my stories recently, I am currently reducing my dose of Prozac, as a step towards eventually being medication free. I’ve cut my dose in half, and I’m currently on day 5 of 10mg. . . . I’ve definitely been struggling with withdrawals from being on a lower dose. One thing that has helped me immensely is switching my dose to the morning rather than taking it before bed. The switch in timing causes me to experience most of my withdrawal symptoms in the evening and while I am sleeping, rather than during the day while I’m studying. . . . So far I’ve been feeling better than I expected. I’ve been experiencing some physical symptoms of anxiety such as shakiness, tight chest, and nauseousness, but my head has been in a good space despite this. I haven’t had a panic attack yet during the dose change, and I haven’t felt overwhelmed by anxiety, or depression. . . . I hope that I can stay steady on my 10mg, and that the physical withdrawal symptoms will improve soon! . . . #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #anxiety #depression #prozac #antidepressants #breakthestigma #mentalhealthmatters #generalizedanxietydisorder #panicattack
So things got a little hectic, both with schedule and emotions - and my 15 minute cleaning plan kinda died off. But not totally as in the last 2 weeks I’ve been slowly working through my ginormous laundry pile. I hang most of my stuff to dry and can put 15 things on my drying rack and about 25 on the shower rod. I really only put towels and like old T-shirt’s in the dryer. So that slows the process. Regardless I think I’ve made my way through about 6 loads, with I think 1 to go. And then I want to go through my sweaters and probably wash a bunch to get them fall & winter ready. So 2-3 more loads to go. 😎💪. And if your wondering did she have like 7 loads of laundry laying the floor? The answer is yes. (Not to long ago I donated multiple bags of clothes, but I think after this I’m going to try and fill at least 1 more bag.)
You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first. Type "Yes!" if you agree 👇 - Follow @sossafetymag for more!
@chopracenter ・・・ 🙏 Press Pause 🙏 “Life moves so quickly that we sometimes find ourselves simply trying to get through the day in one piece. Today, press pause for a moment and meditate. Even if it's just for 5 minutes, regular meditation will help you get in touch with who you really are and what you really want out of life. At the beginning of meditation, you can ask yourself 3 questions: "Who am I?" "What do I want?" and "How can I serve?" Honor any answers that may appear without forcing them to, then plant them in the fertile soil of your deep awareness during meditation.” #mindfulness #mindfulliving #mindfulnessmeditation #meditation #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #selfcare #selfcarefirst #parenting #motherhood #selfcompassion #healthandwellness #recovery #edrecovery #mentalwellness
Truth time: Between a sick husband, phone calls from the school about both boys, potty training our daughter, moving into a new office - I started off managing anxiety well but by this weekend I was in my head way too much. I put my kickboxing on the back burner for a week and I could tell - just one week off, giving into my excuses and I could feel a difference. And just one workout back into the groove and I’m sitting here typing this feeling gooooood. Stinky and sweaty but good. My point is - when things are starting to get rough, don’t skip your daily self care steps. Take care of yourself. You have the time, your brain is lying to you saying you don’t. Shush amygdalas - we have things to do 💪🏻 Sweat the stress. Sweat so much that you come through dripping. 😜 #dripdrip #selfcare #makeyourselfapriority #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #anxiety #youmatter #sweatymess #youareworthy #youareenough #anxietyrelief
Who else considers themselves a part of the grammar police?🙋🏼‍♀️🤣
Mind over matter. You got this! Tag a friend & pass it along 💣 _ #BOMBVIBEZZ #liferules
It all starts in the mind. Achieving it starts with believing it. 🌻 _ #BOMBVIBEZZ #mindset
💪🏽STRENGTH comes in many forms! _ #BOMBVIBEZZ
I’ve never hid this part of me, nor have I worn it around my body like a sandwich board (pardon the pun). It is a part of me and my journey, but it is not me nor is it my only tale to tell.
महफिल मे चल रही थी हमारे कत्ल की तेयारी..... हम पंहुचे तो बोले बडी लम्बी उम्र है तुमारी ! . . . #mentalhealthawarness #healthandwellness #mentalwellness #mind #mindset #bewell #bipolar #help #stress #mentalhealthmatters #control #mindfullness #wellness #health #mentalhealthrecovery #depression #overthinking #mentalhealthday #mentalstrength #invisibleillness #mentalhealth #healthymind #anxiety #recovery #livingfree #mentalgains #snypechat #healthylife #mentalhealthsupport #mentalhealthwarrior
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