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wide eyed & in love with our world ꥟ catching sunrise can take sacrifice.. such as the ability to feel your face 😜 but the question of whether it’s worth it doesn’t even exist in my mind
Dec 2017 . . . #ShotoniPhone #ShotoniPhoneX
After waiting six months, Vinna finally got her @indostreetboys hoodie! Btw if you eat at a restaurant with her, prepare to get ambushed by her fans. Shaking my kepala 🙂
Paris was different than I thought it would be and actually really liked it. 10/10, would recommend. Miss ya Paris.
but our eyes still haven’t met
- 📍 Palm Jumeirah, Dubai - 📷 Photo by @pindropchaos - ⃣ Use for your chance to be featured. - 👥 Tag friends you'd love to come here with! - --------------------------------------------------- 📌Tag us, or mention us for a chance to be featured! --------------------------------------------------- . . . . . . #artistic #hdr_captures #twentyonepiolts #bluesky #naturaleza #mask #traveldiaries #awesomedreamplaces #cool #upperleftusa #greatswamp #canonphotographer #nikon #mobilemag #leri #beautiful
In the middle of winter. A sunset. ❤❄ • @oyaromedia
Take one, rolling, Action !!
Pink phone cases are always in style 💞 click the link in our bio to shop the ultra soft, ultra stylish Trainr case! 📷: @christinaeom
Berdoalah, kau akan diberikan. Berupayalah, kau akan dicukupkan. Maafkanlah, kau akan didamaikan. Berbagilah, kau akan dimudahkan. Jumat berkah
Jan 2018 | I just can’t...😂😂😂 . . . #ShotoniPhone #ShotoniPhoneX
SET PHASERS TO FUN 😎 // Read below for model and photographer _______________________________________________ Check this guy out, he poses for some amazing pictures @spencerthurstn | All credit and creative properties regarding the photo taken of the model and it's subject do not belong to me but belong to its creator @malachizzle . I have only altered the original work but do not claim to own it, check his pictures out, good stuff.
by 🌘👀 | victoria, BC canada 🇨🇦#victoriabcharbour #britishcolumbialegislature
La decisión más difícil que un creativo tiene que tomar, es escoger un enfoque y decidir caminar rumbo a la experticia sin mirar atrás, pues para el creativo no es natural limitar sus opciones, y siempre preferimos mantener el mayor número de estas a nuestro alcance. Sin embargo, eso únicamente limitará nuestra opción de crecer como marca en la industria creativa.
Down 🤸 . . . #vsco
Senior session anyone?!
Birds eye view, 2017
Day 4. The Magic Fountain was majestic 👑 Make a wish! As I sat there on the ground in my pretty dress with my heels deep in the grass, my wish was to share this moment with someone special one day. Indeed, this may be sooner than I thought 😉
Menino dos olhos pequenos
Di hutan seratus ribu pohon, tidak ada dua daun yang sama. Dan tidak ada dua perjalanan di sepanjang jalan yang sama. 📍Tangga seribu - Sekupang
☘ Land ☘
👉⏺ We live in an apprehensive world these days. It's easy to lose sight of what holds us together. I took a solo walk through the woods and thought about all the similarities of me and everything outside of me. These photos are a reflection of that bizarre feeling of tension between other walks of life. Two sides so dreamily familiar but vastly different. The visual effects were not done in photoshop. Shot on #fujifilm_xseries more to come✌️
I don’t always post sentimental/motivational things necessarily, BUT I came across this and it speaks volumes to me and I’m sure these words mean something slightly different for everyone. You can call it cheesy, you can call it a trend that everyones following these days, but what matters the most is the fact that MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. I’ve learned the hard way to ‘Always unapologetically be yourself’ and I live by that religiously now. Ain’t nobody else walking through life in your shoes but you. Find what makes you, you and get to know those things a little more everyday. Be obsessed with your personal growth. Reclaim your identity. Become obsessed with your inner peace and never stop asking WHO ARE YOU? ♥️🤟🏻
Kalo betul "buku adalah jendela dunia", yang jadi pintunya apa? . #melbourne #aussie
Reminiscing on conversation with mountains.
Jan 2018 . . . #ShotoniPhone #ShotoniPhoneX
The Lions in the world 🦁#explorebanyuwangi #banyuwangi #vans #nike
Barbie 🐶❤️ . . . . . #beaglesofinstagram #beaglexlhasa #dog
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