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This is Ryley! Ry is a 6y/o male tabby and was rescued from the streets in the Apple Creek area. Ryley can be very vocal (hello food!) and has the cutest meow IN. THE. WORLD. He can be picky about when and where pets happen, but he is not aggressive. Come by and meet this food machine 😹 . 🐾More cats available on our website - link in bio!🐾 . . . #MondayIntroduction #Ryley #tabby #saventcr #adoptdontshop #adoptacat #adoptme #adoptable #rescuecats #cats #kittens #catsinneed #cutecats #catlovers #catoftheday #sheltercats #catsofinstagram #catsofinsta #ntcr #TorontoCats #toronto #yorkregion #markham #comemeetmeandmyfriends
Hi! Hannah here! Here's a #mondayintroduction . Thanks so much for being welcoming and following and being interested in what I do! I don't have the fanciest style or set up but I know I want to share the talent that I've been blessed with and meet others! I'm in my twenties, love dogs, I have 1 dog nephew. I've been crocheting for 7 years and also know how to #knit . I'm the oldest of 4 and I'm excited for all the fall shows premiering tonight; what about you! Do you have any questions? #crochet #crocheting #crocheted #crochetersofinstagram #thehookNook #thehooknookers #yarnspiration #yarnPunk #FortheLoveofhooksandneedles #hannmadebyh #ourmakerlife
4 petites choses à propos de moi en ce début de semaine. ☺️ . 1️⃣ Je n’ai jamais bu de café. De ma vie.🤷🏼‍♀️ . 2️⃣ Je mesure 5 pieds… rien à ajouter. 😂 . 3️⃣ Depuis toujours, j’ai un don spécial pour apprendre les paroles de chansons par cœur. Pour les chanter, c’est autre chose par contre. 😅 . 4️⃣ Quand j’étais toute petite, mon père avait fait inscrire les prénoms de mon frère et moi sur son camion de compagnie. On était bien fier. ☺️
A big hello to a few of our newest friends: #Cheddar #Tucker and #Benson . What does everyone think of a #MondayIntroduction where we'll feature a different furry friend currently available for adoption? Let us know! 🤗 . 🐾More cats available on our website - link in bio!🐾 . . . #saventcr #adoptdontshop #adoptacat #adoptme #adoptable #rescuecats #cats #kittens #catsinneed #cutecats #catlovers #catoftheday #sheltercats #catsofinstagram #catsofinsta #ntcr #TorontoCats #toronto #yorkregion #markham #comemeetmeandmyfriends
Are Monday introductions a thing? Halfway through year 29 and I feel like I’ve processed more info in this six months than I have in my entire time on earth! A few recent things. 1. I am almost equally a 2 and a 6 (Helper and Loyalist) on the Enneagram, according to the paid RHETI test by the Enneagram Institute. Any 2’s or 6’s out there? 🙋‍♀️ The Enneagram has revealed more about myself in a few short months than I’ve figured out in my 29 years on earth. I highly recommend it. 2. I finally decided other people didn’t get to determine what my clothing/fashion style should be and I’m figuring it out on my own. 💃 3. I recently bought a Chemex so I would stop spending $$$ on Starbucks and other coffee shops. It was becoming a problem. 🙈 4. I go to a recovery group once a week and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, to date. I go and I cry and learn and process and heal and rally together with other broken people who know they need help. Let me tell you, being around people who know they need help is healing in and of itself. They are the fighters. The humble. The broken. The strong. 5. Year 29 has brought more change than I ever expected and I’ve wanted to quit many times in more ways than one but God’s grace is carrying me every step of the way. He is all I have or need and is truly more than enough. #thisis29 #mondayintroduction #enneagram #enneagram2 #enneagram9
This month marks the ONE YEAR anniversary of my little business taking flight!💃 Honestly, it feels like it’s been 5 years. Not because it’s been hard, but because of how far I’ve come. 🌿 I NEVER thought I could create for a living. I had been rejected so many times. SO many. All I knew how to do was paint, and I was so discouraged because it felt like nobody cared about what I created - and that nobody needed me. 😑 . I felt like there was no system for a maker like me to thrive. 🤜 So I made my own. . Not because I’m some amazing person (I’m NOT) - but because I literally had nowhere else to turn. We’re talking desperation. 😂 . 🌿Last September, I had the idea to create meaningful abstract paintings based on photos - and I was *stunned* by the response. Since then, my business has expanded into several amazing avenues - and I’ve grown into a multi-passionate creative (and eternally thankful) woman! 💙 . 👉If you feel like I felt a year ago - undervalued, insecure, and directionless...I encourage you with this: You’re only in a SEASON. And guess what? Success tastes WAY sweeter when you know what it’s like to fail. 🙌🙌 . Here’s my prayer for YOU: That you’re given the energy to hone your gifts, clarify your passion, and pursue your dream. Because really, even when it seems like there’s NO way: I’m living proof that God can make a way out of nothingness. 💙💙💙 👇Tag a friend who could use this encouragement!
Hellllo all! 👋🏻 I was planning out my week and realized it has been a minute since I’ve introduced myself 🙈 so welcome to all my new followers! I’m Lindsay, a born and raised Midwestern gal 🧀 some facts about 🙋🏻‍♀️: - My order at Chick-Fil-A is always the spicy chicken deluxe with extra Chick-Fil-A sauce 🤤 - I love to workout but refuse to run, I just never could get into it 🤷🏻‍♀️ - I always need to sleep with a fan on, even in our freezing Wisconsin winters where the temp is below 0, I have my bedroom fan cranked. 😬 Okay, this one isn’t a fact, but I stayed up waaay past my usual bedtime last night to watch the Packers come back and beat the Bears. OH MY. WHAT. A. GAME. So was worth the late bedtime! 😉 who else was stayed up for the ending of that game?! What a way to kick off the season 💛🏈💚
I definitely haven’t done a #mondayintroductions in a while! Let’s keep it light & simple with some random favorites (as they come to mind - this isn’t curated or anything) and tell me if we have anything in common: . • Beach/ocean 🌊 • People who make me CRACK up are my favorite • Avocado 🥑 in everything • Dark blue/ dark green tones • Good old amaretto sour (my husband makes the best one) • Dressing up - but it takes too long for an everyday thing! ( I wish I was effortlessly Pinterest ready everyday! - but alas) • Hand written notes 📝 • Indoor plants 🌱 (the ones that survive!) • Lots of sunshine ☀️ • #coffee in the morning • Coffee with a friend 😍 • A good night’s sleep 😴 • White t-shirts! Ha! (When they stay white) • #anthropologie • Flip-flops • #jillmasell books 📚 • #filmphotography . Anything in common?
Maybe you’re a dedicated follower...maybe you’re new...either way, I want you to know that I use this account to help introduce the world our custom party supplies. 🎉 I hope it doesn’t sound boastful to say but I’m super proud of this little birdie shop. Because if I may be so bold, I think you might be into it, too! I like to think of my business as the personal touch for all life’s loveliest moments. 🐣 If you want to know more about what I offer or how to collaborate, please, reach out at hello@thecraftybirdie.com or find me at wwwthecraftybirdie.com or even call today at (832) 478-2473. ☎️ Whatever you prefer, we would love to connect with you.
Welcome new friends!!! Here’s an introduction for those new following me on this platform. At the age five I began to question my place and purpose in the world and the Universe. I soon became determined to learn how to hone my intuition to connect to the spirit world. I went on to obtain a Master Degree in Social Work from Columbia University School of Social Work and established a career in hospital based social work. I studied many psychic and intuitive teachers for years to get to where I am today. ✨ What about you?
Ya ustedes me conocen, mi amiga @nicysuperstar creo esto y yo dije si rápido. Hoy una vez más es #LunesdePresentas *Soy colaboradora, optimista y #resiliente . *Me gusta el chocolate, el café y el color violeta. *Hoy quiero contarte que admiro con todo mi corazón a todas estas personas que ves en la foto. No podía escoger solo una. *(De izquierda a derecha) *Mi mejor amiga Swanny, que esta con su hijo luchando con la batalla del cáncer #Kaleb . Es una guerrera y no se cansa en dar la talla para poder lograr todas sus metas. *Mónica ( @m.i_ )mi hermana, la mujer que más persevera para poder lograr todos sus sueños, la admiro porque aunque en gran parte ella dice que he sido ejemplo para ella, ella lo es más aún para mi. Es una mujer llena de virtudes, grandiosa y talentosa. *Mi mamá (@betzaidarodriguezcruz ) y mi Papito, como no admirar a dos seres llenos de amor, lucha, entrega y pasión por todo lo que hacen para mí y para Mónica, me muero por ir a #PuertoRico a comer de esas manos y a molestar a mi papá con que el gobernador cobrará la #luzsolar . *Y abajo y está a lo último pero es el amor de todas las vidas, mi hermano Gaby, lo admiro por su batalla contra el cáncer, por su valentía, por su amor a los demás, por decirme siempre que si ante todos mis inventos, por ser mi apoyo, por ser el mejor hermano del universo, por estar para mi incondicionalmente no importando las distancias y porque se que saldrá de esta. .Hay otras bloggers amigas e instagrammers que hoy también están compartiendo su #lunesdepresentas , pasa por su espacio y ¡comenta! ** @nicysuperstar @banderines_by_nicysuperstar @goodnessmala @islacaribepr @dearblazer @piensabonitopr @agrochic @muevetebicipr_podcast @unautuadena ** .Y tú, *¿Qué persona admiras más y porqué? *Escribe en los comentarios* . . . #mondayintroduction #introductionoftheweek #laborday #laborMonday #enjoythelittledetails #admiration #family #mypeople #brother #sister #friends #mom #dad #boricuafueradelaisla
Introductions! I don’t think I’ve ever done an Instagram introduction so here it goes! #mondayintroduction (Also, pretty sure this is suppose to be a #fridayintroductions thing but I’ve never been able to keep up with the trends 😎) Hi! My name is MacKenzie and I am a Daughter of Christ first, a wife second, and a mom third. I have two absolutely beautifully spunky little girls, age 2 and 6 months, who are definitely payback for who I was as a child 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 (I’m sorry mom, for everything.... I get it now☺️) • My husband and I have been married for just over three years and I am blessed to be able to stay at home with my girls and run a Young Living business at the same time. Our family has only recently begun to take stock in what we put in, on and around our bodies and we use Essential Oils and Young Living products to live better and healthier lives! • I am obsessed with Coffee and collecting unique and fun Coffee Mugs and I love all things banana flavored. I once found a banana flavored coffee and I swear I heard the hallelujah chorus out loud.... • We have one dog named Daisy, and a goat named Luke. We’re also about to get another puppy that we will name Bo. (10 points to anyone who makes that connection 😉) • I tend to be a little quirky and weird but I roll with it because that’s who God made me to be and who am I to try and change it 💁🏼‍♀️ So hopefully you’ll continue to follow along and laugh along with me, or at me, that’s fine too 😎😝 • #lazymomsguide #instagramintroductions #beyou #nooneelsecan
Here’s a little #mondayintroduction to start off your week! I know it’s not Friday but being as impatient as I am, I can’t wait 4 more days. so here we go!🙌🏼 Hi 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m Courtney! Whether you’re just now joining in or you’ve been with me over the past few years I can’t thank each and every one of you enough for all the love and support you’ve shown me. It’s exciting diving deeper & deeper into my dream job, and I wouldn’t be able to do that without YOU! . - #randomfacts about me: I love the start of every season, it’s such a fresh feeling, but by the end of each one I can’t wait for the next + I say summers my favorite & I love hot weather but now I’m starting to take my words back as I get older & I’m not even that old yet (I’m literally 21 help🤦🏼‍♀️) + you also may be wondering why I’m wrapped up in a blanket in this pictures.. well that’s because I’m the biggest freeze baby there is + I’m the only child to two AMAZING parents+ I can’t stand the taste of coffee, even though I really wished I like it + I’m such a night owl, if I could stay up all night and sleep all day I would 🤷🏼‍♀️ #funfact most of my picture editing gets done between 12 am- 4 am Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s+ I personally think target has too big of a hype (yeah, I said that🙄) buttttt I am addicted to buying random ish off of amazon just because it comes in two days, I mean hellloo. + & @arianagrande is my favorite person ever . - Besides taking your pictures, I work at a dentist office, and I’m a full time dog mama to my sweetie, Piper. Everything I know today about photography I have taught myself from online tutorials and trial & error. I love love LOVE learning new techniques and editing styles. As my cliental grows I grow! Woo hoo! . - Growing up in the little town of Grafton, Ohio I had dreamed of leaving one day but I just went to Virginia Beach about a month back and honestly I was home sick by like day 3 sooo 🤦🏼‍♀️ - Tell me about youuuuu!!
Happy Monday Friends! I took a week off of instagram and it was just what I needed! A little refresh and recharge before going into the last leg of wedding season ✨ four weddings in September and two in October! Let’s do this #CWcouples ! 👏🏼📷: @catherinethrelkeldphotography
Hello 👋 I’m Kellee. I live in Arkansas and live to travel and paint. ➖When I’m working on large paintings (especially the ones I like), I love using them for selfie backdrops 🤳 ➖I drink green tea as well really green smoothies that people think look disgusting. I don’t care what they think🍵 ➖🎨👩🏻‍🎨My favorite medium is oil but I’ll paint with acrylic or watercolor . ➖Plein Air Painting (painting outside) is my favorite and I can be anywhere. I love every part of the process...From packing and organizing my supplies to finding shade or dealing with the weather or mishaps (like dropping a painting in the sand) . ➖I prefer to lie in bed 🛏 rather than sit on a couch 🛋 All living room furniture would be beds if I ruled the world 🌎 ... 😉I’ll think of more things about me. ... If you have any specific questions ask me below or send me a dm. ... Tell me something about you? Where do you live? . . . #introduction #introductionmonday #mondayintroduction #selfportrait #creativepreneur #arkansasartist #arkansaspainter #artistlife #sicilyworkshop #pleinairpainting #enpleinair #paintingonlocation #paintoutside #outdoorpainting #paintabroad #landscapepainter #meetthemoment #makememories #travelandlife #travelersnotebook #travelbloggers #travelogue #thebestdestinations #ilovetotravel #travelinspiration #travelingtheworld #creativeuprising #deltamoxie
💥 IT'S OFFICIAL!💥 @ladieslifeguide has debuted! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 💖 To my friends, colleagues, family and @instagram followers, old and new; please follow my new IG page. More information below on rp. Keep an eye out for my new blog on the new website, posting on other social media outlets too! It will be featuring my published articles, my photography and other fun surprises ahead! 😊 Thank you! 💖 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #Repost @ladieslifeguide (@get_repost ) ・・・ Welcome to Ladies’ Life Guide and allow me to introduce myself – I'm Brooke, the founder of this online community and I started this for one main reason – to pay it forward. Over the years, I've had incredible advice shared with me by individuals from all walks of life, and I believe that now is the time to do the same. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I'm both excited and honoured to share these hard-earned life lessons with ladies' of all ages that are not only stepping into their own knowledge of self but are ready to navigate towards a thoughtful, purposeful life. Through shared stories, personal life advice from my own experiences, and inspirational quotes, together we will create a collective community that will encourage and enable all ladies', although men are welcome too, to learn a few life lessons along the way. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The overall mission here is to become your best version, and so if you're inspired by anything you see or read on here, I simply ask that you pay it forward too. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I look forward to connecting with all of you on this journey. Here’s to making your life better in every way possible, one day at a time. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ – Brooke Xo @brookeparkerhiggins . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ (Oh and the logo design and branding by @wildlogic , love it!) .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #LadiesLifeGuide #CommunityOverCompetition #LosAngelesBlogger #LiveUnscripted #TheVisualCollective #MondayMotivation #MondayIntroduction #PayingItForward #SupportWomen #LiveThoughtfully #FromWhereIStand #SelfLove #PayItForward #SelfCare #LLG #MindfullnessMonday #BePresent #GirlsSupportingGirls   #CalledToBeCreative #LadyBoss #MakesMovements #CreateCultivate #GirlbossMoment #Ladypreneur #LifestyleBlogging #WhereToFindMe #Creativepreneur #WomanInBusiness #CreativeLifeHappyLife
#mondayintroduction Hello world. This is me! Jen or for those who grew up with me, Jeni. I live in the high desert of Arizona. I live amongst sacred vortexes and beautiful red rocks with ravens and deer in my backyard. This life, I am thankful for. 🌵🦌🦅 I’m obsessed with hand writing and the art of lettering, which has taken me on this wonderful journey creating. I’m so thankful for the lettering artist community on instagram, the amount of talent and creativity is truly inspiring. I hope to continue my journey and business and to be able to share and network with all you amazing souls on this earth. Keep Creating. ❤️
#mondayintroduction Meet Our host Sydney💕. Sydney is a life coach, who is passionate about helping others achieve their best level of self. She is an empath supreme, mother of 2👶🏻👶🏻, spiritual light in the dark 💡🔮, risk taker and 👑 QUEEN 👑 of thinking out loud 📣💭. You can follow her and her journey @NowisBeautiful #sydney #spiritual #healer #empath #listener #risktaker #truthordare #queen #thinkingoutloud #speakingyourmind #empath #spiritualguide #lifecoah #coachingyourlife #mother #lovinglife #friends #mondayintroductions #ipreview @preview.app
Happy Monday, friends! We have a few new friends so I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. 👋🏻 I’m Anne, a Des Moines native, and I recently turned my passion for photography into a full-time gig. 🙌🏻 We’d been dating awhile but I married my husband after a quick 3 month engagement. Short engagements are the best, right?! ❤️ I love all dogs but bulldogs are the best! We have two lovable girls at home. I think it’s impossible to look at a bulldog and not laugh. They are the most hilarious creatures ever put on the earth. 🐶 I love meeting new people, and consider it a huge honor to document peoples lives. I am happiest when I have a camera in my hand! 📷 I have seen nearly every episode of the entire Bachelor franchise. My love for the show started when I used to watch it with my grandma in the Bachelor’s second season. So, tell me who do you think Becca will end up with tonight?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Drop me a note below! 👇🏻
Here’s a #mondayintroduction on my last Monday of summer vacation before I head back to the classroom to teach math for another amazing year! Hey it’s me again - Jenny. In case you didn’t know... ▫️I am left-handed. ▫️I teach middle school math and coach youth softball. ▫️I have had asthma since I was 5. ▫️I love listening to 2000s Pop. ▫️If I could wear a t-shirt and gym shorts everyday, I would. ▫️I dangerously love shopping for office/school supplies. ✏️🤓 I’d love to hear something about you!
Well hey there, friends!! It’s been a second, just wanted to pop on here in the midst of a manic Monday and introduce myself! ✨ I’m Lindsay, a midwestern creative gal based in Wisconsin. 🧀 I’ll foreverrrr have the Greatest Showman Album on repeat. 🎶 Clothes from Costco are Iike my favorite thing ever (besides their samples), so comfy and soft! 🛍 I’ve been in the Midwest alll my life and have never gone skiing or snowboarding. I KNOW. 🙈⛷
New week, new me am I right? . For those who don’t know me, I thought I would do a little Monday introduction. . -Next month I am celebrating my 1 year wedding anniversary and I still can’t get over these pics. . -I am passionate about tasty desserts. Follow me at @budgetsandbutter to see all the cookies and cakes I make weekly 😂 . -I live in the best city ever (Charleston, SC). The only way I will leave is if/when I go bankrupt. . -I love advocating for a healthier lifestyle (except for no sugar cause that would be crazy). . So glad y’all joined me for this journey called life. . #lovewhereyoulive #charleston #budgetsandbutter #cake #monday #mondayintroduction
just wanted to give you a little #mondayintroduction // i’m darilyn {just like marilyn, but with a d} my hubby @stebo90 & i have been married almost 5 years, we got pregnant with twin boys 3 months after we were married. i’m a #sahm , i have a lil sign biz {@wholeheartsigns }. i love sushi and listening to @imaginedragons. my twins deegan & roxen are named after motocross riders. I am Netflix binger and a Pinterest addict. I love sleeping late and coffee ☕️ // {📸 @of.fireandash } #aboutme #home #adamsonhouse #twinboys #blessedlife #homesweethome #farmhouse #georgialiving #adamsonpartyof4 #boymom #myfamily
Today, I wanted to share with you a statement I've made last night before heading to bed. It goes like this... 🌻 ◽ I do not seek for attention. I confirm myself to create a promising solution for people in need, who needs to be taken cared of and listenned to. I am on a mission to help artists and women with low-esteem issues glow and be happy doing what they do, with all the love they pour into. I will support people around me, no hesitations, be confident and bloom in what they find valuable and true to them. I refuse to let people down around me, knowing I'm imperfect myself and am actively participating in this route of maximum potential self-discovery. We're all in this together. I invite you to join yourself in this new chapter by introducing who you are in the comment section below. To success! 🖤 ◽ #mondayintroduction #entrepreneurlife #creativeontherise #LoveOverFear #selfiechallenge
👋🏼,,, happy Monday.😊 For those new faces here, I’m Ksenija (pronounced more like S-E-N-Y-A), but you can call me Ksen. I’m a wife, mama, daughter, sister, friend, artist, photographer, entrepreneur, writer, dreamer, believer & a gal who has always worn her heart on her sleeve. ⠀ 💕⠀ A random fact about me is that I do NOT like being in front of any camera..✨ Yep, you heard me right — video, photo, ANY of it.🖐🏼 It’s something I’m continually working on because well, it’s silly really. 🤦🏼‍♀️Why am I SO hard & critical of myself?!🤷🏼‍♀️ The only person it’s hurting is ME!!! & that’s not cool with me. ha! 😜 I WANT to be in photos for my kids & family (& myself!) to have and remember. I want to showcase the good, the bad, the everything! ALL of it. Because really, it’s all pretty BEAUTIFUL in & of itself... and even more so years later. 😉⠀ 📷 ⠀ SIDE NOTE : 👉🏼 This reason above👆🏼 was actually one of the driving forces behind my PASSION for photography.♥️ I wanted to capture people for who they really ARE (because we all know the camera is just a machine and can LIE🙄) & show them what LOVE within them & around them LOOKS LIKE. 😍⠀ ✨ ⠀ While I still certainly feel that way, I think there has to be a happy medium between iPhone photos & professional photos taken, so that you don’t let all the ‘moments’ pass you by. #amiright 🙌🏼 With how far technology has advanced these days & we can literally capture practically ANY moment at our fingertips, let’s do more of this! ...& try our best to let go of unnecessary judgement, especially when the ones we are taking them with & for see nothing but perfection & BEAUTY.😊💕💕💕⠀ 🙌🏼⠀ Anyone relate?! Tag a loved one you want to see get in front of the camera more! Let’s do this together. Much love friends. 😘⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #hello #nicetomeetyou #workinprogresshere #reallife #realthoughts #weareallinthistogether #thisisme #whoiswithmehere #mondayintroduction #writer #mama #artist #blogger #health #wellness #photographer #wife #friend #daughter #sister #loveroflife #grateful #dreamer #believer
It’s time for another #MondayIntroduction ! Today’s [Staff Spotlight] is Ashlee! Ashlee is a full-time Mompreneur and the Wonder Woman of Big O’s. She is the co-owner, marketing director, Andy’s wife, and the mom to the inspiration behind the O in Big O’s. While her tasks vary according to the day of the week (& hour of the day), Ashlee is all hands-on deck all the time. You can often find her at the shop helping customers pick out and design their perfect cart. On other days, she is up late working behind-the-scenes, or out on the golf cart paths taking pretty pictures for marketing projects. She has been with Big O’s since her husband Andy came up with the crazy idea to start this awesome adventure! She loves being a part of Big O’s because she loves building friendships with customers, constantly improving ways to serve their staff & customers, and her favorite is watching kids on their first cart ride. When she isn’t being completely awesome at Big O’s, Ashlee enjoys spending time with her favorite six-pack, doing handstands, chasing kids, going on date nights with Andy, and figuring out ways to be a successful “mompreneur” amidst all the nonstop excitement. And just to clarify, Ashlee’s favorite six-pack is Andy and their four beautiful kids. Andy + Ashlee + four kids = her six pack. We didn’t want anyone thinking that she loved hanging out with her abs because that would be a little odd. She is passionate about giving back and paying forward to causes and organizations she believes, and her motto is “To whom much is given, much is required.” While Ashlee is pretty awesome, she does love Mondays and she is the only person on the planet to publicly declare that. In addition to Mondays, she also loves Halo Top ice cream, chips and salsa, and COFFEE. Give her alllll of the coffee. Ashlee loves to have the freedom to pursue her passions that entrepreneurship has afforded her. Big O’s would be lost without Ashlee and we are thankful for everything she does! #bigosgolfcarts #customgolfcarts #staffspotlight
Hey friends! 👋I haven't done an introduction on here yet, so I figured why not switch it up and do a #mondayintroduction cause I like to bend the rules sometimes I guess 🤷‍♀️😎 Few things about me!: 1. Yes, my actual last name is Birdsong! Hence, where the "ladybird" comes from 😂my friends call me by it, or "Birds", or "Birdy", I'll respond to pretty much anything. It's actually German and not Native American like my family thought! (That story is for a different time tho haha) 2. I was born and raised in Medford, Oregon. Growing up spending lots of time outdoors, influences my work greatly to this day. 3. I am a foodie for sureeee. I love trying new restaurants and foods/interesting combinations. I am dating a chef, so it really works out great for both of us 😂 4. I love learning about space and am obsessed with celestial, whimsical art pieces 5. I absolutely love lettering. After getting into more seriously 2 years ago, I realized how integral it's been in my life the whole time. I grew up making cards and signs for family and friends. And even remember writing the titles on poster boards for almost everyone in my 6th grade class because I was the only person who could do bubble letters 🤗🤷‍♀️sometimes you don't see how all the dots connect in your life until you finally get on the right path 🤓🤓 Thanks for reading and your support in helping me follow my dream! I never in a million years thought I would ever get paid to do art, and it's been the most amazing and humbling experience 😘stay tuned for big changes and announcements! #sandiego #introduction #mondayintroduction #sandiegoartist #letteringartist #ladybird #ladybirdartworks #followyourdreams
Happy Monday, friends! How about a little #mondayintroduction ? Is that a thing? We'll make it a thing today! Here's a few fun facts about me and my family-- . I'm married to my high school sweetheart, who is also my biz partner. We've been together for 10 years, married for 6, and have two boys. They are basically my whole world 🌎 . My favorite holiday is Halloween! Christmas is great and all, but something about Halloween just really gets me giddy. What other day gives you endless amounts of free candy?! . I'm not a huge movie guru, but I absolutely love music, and used to sing when I was younger (mostly when I was home alone 😂) I still jam out with my boys in the car, and our oldest seems to love to sing, too! . Let's be friends! Tell me something about you!!
Hi! My name is Hank. I love water, ponds, mud holes and tennis balls 🎾 🤷🏻‍♀️ #yellowlab #farmlife #labradorretriever #labrador #mondayintroduction #hedidneedabaththough #farmstyle #weekendadventures #tryingtobeattheheat #farmhouse13396
Hello fam! . Happy New Week! . #MondayIntroduction . Princess Lami’ah Momoh is a trained lawyer turned wellness coach. . Passionate about people enjoying better quality life, Lamai promotes wellness through supplementation. . She is also passionate about helping people live better lives through network marketing. . Who are you and why do you do? I’d love to hear from you below! . . . #Nigerianbusiness #Naijabusiness #marketing101 #marketingonline #entrepreneursofinstagram #entrepreneurlifestyle #businesscoach #businesslife #businesstips #businessonline #nigerian #naija #startups #startupbusiness #digitalmarketingtips #contentwriting #nigeria #corporate #copywriting #advertisement #advertise #writersofig #marketer #marketingstrategy #marketingonline #networkmarketing #networkingmarketingnigeria
Things that I love about Cayde. . 🌿When he says/does something that makes me laugh. 🌿How he support all my dreams . 🌿The patience that he has . 🌿How you love God and work hard to give us the best ... and the list goes on.
Hello! I’m Tanya! 👋🏻 Since there are some new faces around here, I thought I’d do a #mondayintroduction . 🙋🏻 Nickname: Yaya or Tana 🍫Obsessed with: Chocolate milkshakes 🏘 Home: Durban, South Africa but I was born and raised in Newcastle. 💍Married to Christiaan for six years this November. 💜 Mama to the cutest almost three year old, Ella. I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by family and I hate letting people down. I also really suck at parallel parking. 🚔 I love huge boxes of salty popcorn at the movies and I stay active by chasing after Ella while she rides her bike. Actually, I stay active just by being a mom. 🏃‍♀️ I like things to be organised and I’m working on my fear of putting myself out there. 🙅🏻 For the last year, I’ve been working on a new business adventure and I’m crossing all fingers and toes that I can launch this into the world this July.🤞🏻 I’m a wedding and family photographer, but I also really love web design and creating content that helps others. What about you? 👏🏻 If you follow me here, I’d love to hear something about you! And if you're a friend/ family, I'd love to hear one thing about you that you think I don't already know about you! 💜
I know it’s Monday and not Friday but I’ve always been a bit of a rebel so how about a quick #mondayintroduction to get this week going?! • There’s quite a few new faces here so it only seems right to share my deepest darkest secrets with almost 1,000 internet friends. #ornot • • • Anyway...I’m Eryn! With a y. Not an i. I love coffee, and chocolate. A lot. But I love Target more. • • • I’m a Mom, a wife, and a photographer. I love to travel and have a HUGE bucket list of adventures that I can’t wait to fulfill! I want to go to Paris and Italy and Banff. I want to head back to Ireland and take a road trip from one coast of America to the other! I want to travel and make memories and find my inner gypsy! • • • About 4 years ago I found a passion. A passion that I didn’t know I was missing. A prayer for wellness was answered and it opened the doors to freedom. Freedom for me. And freedom for my family. Freedom that turned into a passion to educate, empower, and motivate others to find the very same answers. I found a tribe and community full of my very best friends. All of this was non existent until I found Young Living. One box of oils...turned into so much for little ol me. I share this passion loud and proud because I want EVERYONE to feel this way. Happiness is contagious and I’m going to sprinkle it around like glitter! ✨ • • • I promised secrets. But honestly...there’s not much hidden for me to reveal. Give me food and fix me coffee and I’ll be your new best friend. It’s as simple as that! • • • So tell me...do you have any fun secrets? Any dreams and wishes that you hope will come true? Any bucket list items that you’ve added to your adventure board this summer?! ☀️
Switching it up and doing a #MondayIntroduction because it’s our fearless, fun, colorful Director’s birthday! Meet Molly! 🎉 ... Molly is a #Durm native and she loves helping people plug-in to the Triangle. 🔌 ... She once accidentally ate pizza 14 days in a row. 🍕 ... Molly brings energy and enthusiasm to every room she’s in! No one in our office talks when she’s not there. (Just kidding. We talk. A little.) ☀️ ... Drop her some birthday 🧡 in the comments!
Hey There! Happy Monday! We’re sharing a brief #MondayIntroduction to start this week off! For those of you who are new to following along on our journey, we are A & L -- A stands for Antoinette and L stands for Lauren and we are the two ladies behind our Wedding + Event Planning biz, @aandlevents. During our time at @lvl_academy , we were asked a question that got us thinking -- #whatisyourwhy ? After some reflecting, we realized that our #why is simple -- We are both doers + givers + believers in love. Having the opportunity and being entrusted to tell other people's love stories while watching them celebrate one of the most special days of their life is exactly why we do what we do. The reward and fulfillment in our hearts when friendships and relationships are formed with our clients and vendors far exceed any expectation we had when entering into this fast paced Wedding + Event Industry. Now that we've shared ours, #whatisyourwhy ? 💓 Photography: @the.mccunes Lips + Lashes: @designvisage Venue: @the_1912 • • • #aandlevents #weddingsandevents #weddingplanning #eventplanning #entrepreneurs #pittsburghweddingplanner #pittsburgheventplanner
It’s time for another #mondayintroduction ! Today’s [Staff Spotlight] is Robert - He is our beloved Service Manager and has been with Big O’s for about two years. That makes him one of the O.G.s, or Original Gangsters. He supervises the maintenance crew, organizes service work, oversees the technicians, is the Chief Troubleshooter, and performs final quality assurance checks before golf carts leave the shop. If you look up the definition of “Jack of All Trades” in the dictionary, Robert’s picture is next to it. Robert’s favorite thing about working for Big 0’s is working with the great crew of people that he gets to work with every day. When asked if he had a spouse or children he responded that he had feral “wild” cats. We aren’t sure where to go with that, but we are going to assume that he isn’t referring to a wife or kids, so Robert has pet wild cats. When Robert isn’t being Andy’s right-hand guy at the golf cart shop, he loves to play billiards, go bowling and ride his Harley. Even though Robert loves Big O’s, he is super passionate about retiring and just stopping by to say “hey” every now and then, whenever that day comes. He spent 30 years as an aircraft mechanic and has over eight years of experience in golf cart maintenance so basically, if it needs to be fixed, he can do it! He built his first golf cart from scratch in 1996 so he’s definitely “the guy” when it comes to carts. He loves all things Mexican food, has been to Mexico more times than he can count, and lived in the Caribbean and parts of South America for a few years. While he originally hails from Fremont, California, he has called “The Bubble” his home for the last 30 years. Robert, you are a huge asset to us and we are proud and thankful to have you on board! #bigosgolfcarts
Hello there! 👋🏼 I think today is the perfect day for a #mondayintroduction . I recently attended @bloomtheworkshop and was overwhelmed with all the love and encouragement from the amazing group of ladies. After talking through how we can improve our small businesses, a friend of mine from @modernvintageevents mentioned that I had never introduced myself on my Instagram! So today’s the day, folks! My name is Julia Mazzuca and I... . 1. Love people. My family and friends mean so much to me. But so does the cleaning lady who takes care of the bathroom at the office. . . 2. Am a sucker for a good road trip. I love driving, my podcasts and some Diet Dr. Pepper. . . 3. Have been obsessed with handwriting for as long as I can remember. Seriously, my second grade teacher, Mrs. Fessler, used to have contests for the best handwriting and I meticulously wrote out all the curves of an “s” and humps of an “m.” The roots of my creativity are deep! Big things are coming, people!
Happy Monday friends! I thought it would be fun to do an introduction to kick off the week. I’m a twin mama to my miracle, 3 year old girlies who keep me on my toes. I love #Barre , creating, and living a holistic lifestyle. .... Here are 5 quick facts about me... I would LOVE if you said hello and shared a fun fact about you below ☺️ .... ☀️Summer is my favorite season ... I live for warm nights, berry picking, and outdoor adventures. . 💑July 1st we will celebrate 13 years of marriage. . 🌴My favorite place to vacation is Hawaii (Maui and Kauai) . 💻 I love to write and have been blogging for 9 years. (Coffeewithkatie.com) 2 years ago I made a mistake and lost almost 1/2 my content and I am still grieving 😭 . 🏡 We have a lot of moves under our belt ... I’ve lost track but I think it’s 10 moves in 13 years. We recently bought a home and hope to find our roots.
Hello there friends ❣️ I’m seeing some new faces on here so thought I would give you a Monday introduction. ———————————————————————— 🍃If you don’t already know, this is my husband Cayde. We went to the same small town high school but never knew each other until some years later. We have been married for 8 months and loving it! —- 🍃 I am currently in school to get my bachelors in psychology, but dream of being a full time blogger. ( I’ll be starting a blog soon) —- 🍃Photography is something I’m getting in to but also love being in front of the camera. Currently I am signed with Sculp Agency —- 🍃Who doesn’t to travel? I LOVE to travel and wish that it could happen all the time. This year I’ll be going to Chicago and a cruise so if you have things to do at either location let me know. - Thanks for reading. XOXO
In honor of Fathers Day week, today’s #MondayIntroduction is the Dad of the real-life Big O. Meet Andy! The Man. The Myth. The Legend. The Owner and Founder of Big O’s Golf Carts. He is the GOAT of golf carts. (That is, he’s the Greatest Of All Time!) Andy got this crazy idea to start a golf cart company after he bought, customized and sold his first golf cart out of his house a few years back. His favorite thing about what he does every day? Working with and providing leadership for the amazing staff that makes Big O’s what it is each and every day. In addition to being the GOAT, he loves to focus on building business systems that operate efficiently, even when he isn’t around... so he is the main man without having to always be the main man. One thing that Andy values is improving himself every day by listening to other successful business owners, reading books about business, mentorship, and being the best version of himself. He also stays in consistent communication with mentors in his life to make sure he is always on the right track personally and professionally. Andy can also juggle, which seems like a random thing to throw in right now since his bio was getting kind of serious, but that’s exactly why it was thrown in. Andy is also a beast on the racquetball court, can play six musical instruments, and once opened for ‪The Beach Boys‬ with his college band. Rock on! Andy is married to the love of his life, Ashlee, whom he says is the rock of their household. They have four amazing children that they’re raising up as fearless entrepreneurs, who will one day take over the Ilg business empire and continue on with their family’s legacy. Last, but most importantly, Andy gives credit to God everyday for helping him to overcome his fears of success and going out on his own. He realized many years ago that starting a business was about pursuing a “why” bigger than any obstacle, and one that scares you out of staying where you are. “Success,” Andy says, “isn’t about being wealthy; it’s about looking back and realizing how many people’s lives were changed for the better because of a dream that we chose to pursue.” #bigosgolfcarts #dreamBIG #staffspotlight
There are a few new faces following so here is a Monday introduction: • I am passionate about using photography as a way to capture authenticity, joy, love, and real life moments. • I am Kylie Thompson - The heart behind Kylie Thompson Photography • I'm most joyful when I'm on Lake Michigan with my husband and our golden retriever. •I'm currently a marketing coordinator by day - but my dream job is to be a photographer. I've always wanted to have a job that allows me to wear my tall messy buns. • I love meeting new people and making more authentic connections in this world. I would love to get to know you (and your dog if you have a dog). Thank you so much for following along. #mondayintroduction #kyliethompsonphotography #grandrapidsphotographer #summer #florals #shopstevie #beauthentic
It’s time for another #mondayintroduction ! Today’s [Staff Spotlight] is Sean! Sean is our Master Golf Cart Builder & Technician, and he has been with Big O’s for about 2 1/2 years. His main role is to take golf carts apart, rebuild them, and customize them to the needs of the customers. He is also responsible for adding customers’ hand-picked accessories onto the already-refurbished custom carts. Basically, Sean gets paid to do what every guy loves to do – take stuff apart, put it back together, and make it better than before. His favorite thing about working for Big O’s is seeing the reaction and excitement on a customer’s face, whose cart he has built, when they see it for the first time. In addition to being really good at taking things apart and putting them back together, he is also really good at solving Mastermind Escape Rooms. Sean’s awesomeness cannot be contained! Before he worked for Big O’s, he was a land surveyor for 18 years but we are pretty thankful he came to work for us. When he isn’t making golf carts beautiful around Big O’s, Sean enjoys relaxing and spending time with his wife, three children and four grandchildren. He has lived in PTC since he was ten years old, and has raised his family here, so he has watched “The Bubble” become what it is today. Sean, we are happy to have you as part of our team every day and grateful for all you do! • • • #bigosgolfcarts #121huddlestonroad #adventureawaits #service #golfcartservice #lifeinthebubble #yourrideisourdrive #ezgo #rxv #atlanta #peachtreecity #golfcarts #cartlife #customcarts #sunbrella #refurbished #summerishere #welcometogeorgia #georgiaonmymind #florida #gulfcoast #clearwaterbeach #tampa
Como es Lunes de intentar hacer algo nuevo, le dije que sí a @nicysuperstar para comenzar hoy con un #mondayintroduction . * * Mi nombre es Isis A. Gracia, al culminar mi doctorado en psicología clínica, decidí abrir esta página para compartir aquellas cosas que practico y amo de la psicología. Como son el Mindfulness y su base espiritual, motivación, bienestar y aclarar mitos sobre el positivismo. 💙💭 * Me preguntaron ¿Cómo defino la felicidad? Para mí la felicidad es poder aceptar todas mis emociones desde la alegría hasta la tristeza sin júzgame. Para mí ser feliz es la aceptación plena de mis circunstancias, sin negar mis sombras. Para mí ser feliz es aceptarme como soy. Y ustedes ¿cómo la definen? * *Hoy algunas nuevas amigas están haciendo el #mondayintroductions 👇🏼@nicysuperstar @dearblazer @boricuafueradelaisla @muevetebicipr_elpodcast @goodnessmala * * * * #mindfulness #plenaconciencia #mindfulnesspractice #motivation #atencionplena #puertorico #psicologiapuertorico #psicologia #wellness #positivepsychology #piensabonito #crossfitmental #cambiodevida #healthylife #consejería #counseling #acceptance #sisepuede #happiness #healthymind #mentalhealth #meditation #brain #spiritualawaken #ego #gratitude * * * * *Disclaimer:La información ofrecida en esta página, no es ni está destinada a ser terapia psicológica, ni asesoramiento psicológico, ni constituye una relación paciente/terapeuta. Por favor consulte a un proveedor de salud mental para asesoramiento individual de su salud mental y bienestar.
Nicy (@nicysuperstar ) se invento el #MondayIntroduction y no pensé dos veces para decirle “¡Vamo’ allá! . . Mi nombre es Nicole Heredia Rodriguez pero mucha gente me llama “Nikki”, soy mama perruna, bloguera en crecimiento y podcaster de corazón. Cantante de nacimiento, banquera por profesión y extrovertida a tiempo completo. Me encanta la música, comer mantecado y soy fan extra número 1 del chocolate. Amo la fotografía, el arte y los libros. Estudie comunicaciones en la UPR de Arecibo y estoy estudiando para terminar un grado en Desarrollo Empresarial. . . ¿Cómo defino la felicidad? Algo que debe valorarse fuertemente, felicidad es mi familia, mis perritas Gia & Sophia, mis amigos, mis sueños, mis metas, todas las experiencias que me da la vida y por las cuales hoy día tengo resultados. . . Ahora TU… contesta la pregunta en los comentarios y déjate sentir. ******************************** Algunas de mis amigas bloggers están haciendo lo mismo, #lunesdepresentas . Chequea sus instagram y déjales amor del bueno. @nicysuperstar @muevetebicipr_elpodcast @dearblazer @goodnessmala @piensabonitopr ******************************
Mi amiga @nicysuperstar me dijo: "Vamos a hacer un #Mondayintroduction , ¿qué te parece"? Y yo le dije, pues dale. . . . Mi nombre completo es Angélica M. Flores Rivera, pero me dicen Anmarie o Angie. Me gusta modelar, el arte me relaja y desde que salí de la iUPI me gusta leer 📚 sobre la vida y otros de emprendimiento o motivación...usualmente ando con esta sonrisa, pero hay días en que ni yo misma me tomo mi propio caldo. En esos te recomiendo que te mantengas alejado(a) de mí por tu seguridad 🤣 . . . ¿Cómo defino felicidad? Cualquier momento en el que estoy haciendo lo que me gusta con la gente que amo o conmigo misma. ¿USTEDES, CÓMO LA DEFINEN? . . . Mis amiguitas blogueras también andan en el mood del #Mondayintroduction , conócelas un poquito a ellas 👉🏼 @nicysuperstar @boricuafueradelaisla @muevetebicipr_elpodcast @goodnessmala @piensabonitopr #DBbyAnmarie #Mondayintroduction #lunesdepresentas #primerlunesdelmes #model #rookieblogger #PRbloggerteam
Today I feel like doing an introduction. We get new followers every now and then and it's good to get to know each other, so I declare this day a #MondayIntroduction . My name is Eunice, everybody calls me Nicy [nee cee]. Traveling, photography, some books and some sewing... yeah, that’s a snapshot of who I am! ---------------------------------------------------- Me llamo Eunice, todos me llaman Nicy. Me gusta viajar, la fotografía, leer y coser. Ya... ahí tienes una idea de más o menos quién soy yo. Me preguntaron que cómo defino la felicidad y mi respuesta es esta: si estoy satisfecha con lo que tengo, feliz con como soy y rodeada de personas a las que quiero y que me quieren… ya soy feliz. Oh, se me olvidó mencionar el mantecado de Rocky Road en mano, eso es felicidad. Ahora tú… contesta la pregunta y déjate sentir. ——- Algunas de mis amiguitas blogueras están haciendo sus propios #lunesdepresentas hoy, chequéate sus páginas y déjales un poco de amor: @boricuafueradelaisla @muevetebicipr_elpodcast @dearblazer @goodnessmala @piensabonitopr
How about a #mondayintroduction with random music-related facts because why the heck not?! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 1. I’m newly obsessed with country music, except I’m guessing long-time country music lovers don’t really count Brett Eldridge, Chase Rice, Dan + Shay or Thomas Rhett as “country.” Country-ish??🤠 2. This probably shouldn’t surprise me since I LOVED Rascal Flatts in high school/college.🤷🏼‍♀️ 3. It’s pretty normal for me to go through weird, very specific music phases. In college I saw Ludacris, T-Pain, and Lil Wayne in concert, and there’s a semi-embarrassing video somewhere of me jumping up and down screaming over the Lil Wayne tickets when my friend surprised me with them. 😂 4. And of course if you’ve been following me for awhile, you know my long time love for Hanson. Like, seen them in concert 7 times, met them in a mall when I was 14, applied to be on that old MTV show FANatic, had my room wall-to-wall covered in posters in middle school kind of love. 😬 5. On most days I will bounce between everything from Justin Bieber (Des...pa...cito...) to some obscure indie artist to country-ish to Taylor Swift to instrumental music. Depends on my mood! 🎧 6. I sleep with music on most nights, and it helps me fall asleep immediately and stay asleep. I even bring headphones with me on trips if I’m going to be staying in a room where I can’t play music out loud. Which probably can be traced back to when my brother and I would put a CD player in the hall between our bedrooms and fall asleep to the Lion King soundtrack.🦁 7. I also play music when I’m reading, which most people think is crazy. But I swear it helps me concentrate!📖 8. I tear up really easily when certain songs come on, and if Butterfly Kisses comes on for a father/daughter dance at a wedding, I’m a goner.😭 9. At my wedding someday, I’ll dance to either a Beach Boys or Smokey Robinson song with my daddy. He’ll get to choose, and I can’t wait.😍 10. When I was little, I thought it was VERY cool that there were two songs called “Wendy.” Virtual high five if you can name both bands who sing those songs! ✋🏻
Hi Friends! I wanted to introduce myself since I haven’t done it in a while! Here are 5 facts about me: 1. I absolutely hate the taste of any kind of yogurt! 2. I love thrift store shopping. 3. While my favorite color is green since I could remember. I really like neutral colors. 4. I am turning 30 in June! Yes, 30! 5. I have a “planning problem” I seriously have a to do list for anything I do. If you read until the end, thank you! Lol come and share something about yourself in the comments! I want to get to know you too! #mondayintroduction
It’s time for another #MondayIntroduction ! Today’s Staff Spotlight is David! David has been one of our All-Star golf cart technicians for over a year, so he’s in it to win it! His favorite thing about working for Big O’s is getting to work for Andy because he thinks Andy is the best boss on the planet, in addition to being kind and understanding. When he’s not making golf carts purr like sleeping kittens, he loves to shoot 9 Ball, which is a fancy way of saying he likes to “play pool.” Mexican food is his favorite and especially tableside guacamole. (Y’all should know the drill by now. Bring the man some guac!) If we want to get real specific, his favorite restaurant is La Hacienda, so now you know exactly where to go. When he’s not being awesome at fixing golf carts or winning in pool, he loves to work on his ’66 Mustang that he is completely restoring. David lived on a ranch in Arkansas for two years and delivered over 150 baby calves, and that is by far the most interesting thing we have heard about anyone in a long time. He delivered one calf about every four to five days, so if any ladies go into labor at the golf cart shop, David has you covered! (Just kidding, he only delivers cows.) But on a serious note, David has been an amazing mechanic and we are grateful to have him on our team! #bigosgolfcarts #wehavethebestcrew #teamblue #golfcartservice #techlife #yourrideisourdrive #adventureawaits #lifeinthebubble
Woke up this morning and noticed A TON of new babes around here, so I thought I’d introduce and share a little about myself 💁🏼‍♀️ . . Hi! I’m Lacey. I started @thelacedloom almost a year ago after graduating from college and figuring out what direction I wanted to go in life. I am absolutely in LOVE with history (post-war/mid-century is my thing) and I am in the process of becoming a high school history teacher. My fiancé and I are moving in ✌🏻 weeks from our home town in Southern California to East Texas just because we want a change. I follow a strict @bravotv schedule and frequently reference the housewives. . . I’m a total Pisces. I keep to myself & go with the flow to make sure everyone is happy. I am in no way “good at Instagram” and my personal page literally has like 12 photos posted over the past 5 years. So, with that being said it really means a lot that people are interested in my work/little business. I don’t make these things to make a living, I make these things just to have fun and make other people happy. THANK YOU for following along ✨
H E L L O // I am Effie 🖑 I thought i would post a selfie, introduce myself & put the face behind the brand Efstathia Creative, for those who dont know me. #mondayintroductions Abit about me..My name Efstathia is a greek name and Effie for short & how many know me as. (Effie was simpler to pronounce growing up at school for me hehe & others) I took the plunge approx. 1 month ago to quit my full time job & start my own business. I am a believer sometimes you have to make your own happiness, try a new path & make a new leap. Having worked as a creative graphic designer for 15 years in various Studios/Companies with a vast experience creating Packaging/Labels, Publications/Magazines, Branding, Flyers, Advertising, Signage, Promotional/Marketing Material and Point of Sale Material within the Skincare, Health/Beauty/Medical/Pharmaceutical, Entertainment/Hospitality, School and Retail Industries. I am passionate about what i do, I can’t live without my coffee & love to laugh (some may say it’s a bit too loud hehe). Laughter is definitely the best medicine as they say :) Having commenced in a Fine Art course prior to my Design course my passion for painting, textures, collage, illustration & photography is where its stemmed from & where I get to draw alot of my inspiration from. Thank you for following & feel free to drop me a message if you would like to chat, Effie xx . . . . . #efstathiacreative #mondayintroduction #sydneysmallbusinessau #femalecreativebusinessau #smallbusinessau #sydneygirlbossau #girlbossau
I have a bunch of new and fabulous IG followers today, so I thought I’d do a #mondayintroduction . Hi all, I’m Tina Dahl, the designer, stylist and owner of @kissmekatestudio . I’ve been a graphic designer for almost 30 years and have had my Etsy shop open since 2014. I absolutely love being part of the party styling world and have met the most supportive and talented people. There are so many other stylists that I admire but if you made me choose my top three, it would have to be @tomkatstudio , @amyatlas and @katelandersstyle . I am the newest member of the @blacktwine Stylist Circle, and I am so honored and humbled to be included with so many other talented girls. Some other facts about me: I have 12 year old twins (Kate + Jake), I love coffee and cotton candy (just not together), I am also a very proud @rodanfields Executive Consultant (truly life-changing skin care), I am deathly afraid of snakes (but lizards and spiders don’t bother me in the least, my favorite ice cream is pumpkin from @shuberts_icecream_candy , I have an irrational love for baseball and I will some day own another Fiat Spider (I had one in high school). Last but certainly not least, my husband Jeff, who I adore and makes me laugh every single day! Thanks for supporting me and my business and stay tuned for my soon to be launching website and blog!! #kissmekatestudio #partystylist
I know this image is crooked and my head’s cut-off, but I LOVE it! 💕 Some of you know that my photographers are my daughters, who are 6 and 2 years old. My two-year-old LOVES taking pictures with my phone. But most of the time, she photographs the ground or my shoes! 😂👟 It’s hilarious to try to reposition the phone before she actually takes the photo! 📸 But I think they do an awesome job for their wannabe-blogger mom, don’t you? 😉 . . ⭐️ I thought it’s a perfect time for a #MondayIntroduction 💁🏻‍♀️ ➡️ Hiiii!!! My name is Cat and I’m a board-certified anesthesiologist. I’m a Sonoma County native and I’m proud to be practicing anesthesiology and raising my family in the community I grew up in. I started my instagram after my youngest was born because I just wasn’t feeling myself anymore... I was going through the motions of the day and never doing anything for myself, which affected me physically and emotionally. So I joined #stylechallenges and started posting my #ootd . Through this, I’ve connected with so many uplifting and inspiring people who love to share their personal style (and their stories), while providing support and giving confidence to one another. 💜 . . ⭐️ So what am I doing now as @petitedoctor ? 👩🏻‍⚕️ I still love posting outfits and sharing great finds and #onlinesales . But I’ve expanded my instagram to include my love of #SonomaCounty and #WineCountry 🍷🍇 I love exploring new restaurants, wineries and breweries and supporting local businesses. Sometimes you’ll also see a lil glimpse into my life as a #workingmom and an #anesthesiologist 😷
Hi beautiful people! There are new people to my IG as well as those who follow who may not know much abut me. Soooo, here’s goes my #mondayintroduction My name is Ashley and I’m married to the love of my life and the funniest person I know, Mick! We have two baby girls, Tenley & Lainey...who keep me very busy. I love trying new things and doing anything adventurous. On my off time, you can find me at Orange Theory @otfchicoca , getting my fitness fix in. I’m a creature of habit and eat Chipotle several times a week and would eat it everyday if I could. 😋🌮 I love Jon & Bons 🍦, In and Out 🍔and 5th Street Steakhouse @5thstreetsteakhouse 🐂. This past year I was on national TV twice playing on a game show. I was on the Price is Right and the Steve Harvey show. It was a blast!! Our family loves to travel...especially to Hawaii 🌴. I call myself an “outgoing introvert”. I love people, but I rejuvenate by being alone.😍 I love to sleep and love to nap, but wonder what naps are anymore! 🤣 My passion is throwing parties and organizing events...hence why I Started North State Events! 🍾Tell me about YOU or say HI! 👋🏻
I’ve never done this before but I have a lot of new followers so I thought today would be the perfect time for #mondayintroduction ! That way you get to know a little bit about me other than the fact that I love #legday ! 😂 So, here’s 5 things about me: 1. 👋🏻 My name is Lindsay and I am NOT a personal trainer! (Sounds weird right? Why do I have a fitness page??) I have spent most of my teenage and adult life working out and absolutely loving every second of it, so I figured why not try and motivate others to feel the same way! 2. I have two amazing kids! My daughter is going to be 5 in two days and my son will be 3 in six days! They are exactly two years and 4 days apart and they are literally my 🌎! ❤️ 3. I was a division 1 college athlete (⚽️) and absolutely loved my time in the weight room. Not something I ever thought I would like. I always thought running was my thing but over the years I’ve learned that lifting makes me feel ten times better! I now only do cardio twice a week, compared to four...big difference for me! 4. I often get labeled as “obsessed” with working out and I cannot disagree more! I love working out and all things fitness but I promise I’m completely balanced. But if I’ve learned anything about living a #fitlife , it’s that it’s a lifestyle, not just a fad. It may seem like I’m obsessed but it’s just my way of life! I still eat 🍪 and 🍦 but it’s more in moderation! Don’t judge me for that! 5. Some of my favorite things: Jesus, PEANUT butter, body pump, LEG DAY, the BEACH, my #awesome05s soccer team I coach (Lord knows if I didn’t give a shoutout, I wouldn’t hear the end of it at practice 🤦🏻‍♀️😜) and just about anything that involves my family! So that’s it! Thanks for following me and hopefully I can inspire and motivate you to get moving!! Life is short and it’s totally worth it to be healthy and happy! If you need me, I’ll be over here just trying to live my best life with my people and littles! #faithfulandfitmama #fitmomsofig #mondayintroduction #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #livingmybestlife
Hey friends and Happy Monday! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’ve been super MIA so thought I’d stop by to give a quick #MondayIntroduction for those of you who are new around here: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ • My name is Alysa Monét and I am the owner of by Alysa Monét a wedding planning, design, and consulting business. I’ve recently branched into flower arranging and am inspired by all of the beauty @petitepetalco has to offer! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ • I am obsessed with elephants, donuts, Beyoncé, $7 Trader Joe’s wine and weddings- of course! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ • I have a 3 year old dog daughter named Kai who has her own Instagram @kailociraptor (should I be embarrassed about this??🤷🏽‍♀️) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ • My birthday is this month! (Who else is a Taurus???) And I’m excited to be throwing a Spice Girls, Spice World themed birthday party - stay tuned!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Check out my insta stories tomorrow for more fun facts about me!❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What’s something others would be surprised to learn about you? Comment below! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ • • • • • • • • #wedding #love #weddingplanner #weddingcoordinator #sanjose #bayarea #bayareaweddinggplanner #florist #theknot #somethingblue #bride #groom #couple #engaged #stylemepretty #ido #destinationwedding #weddingsca
I'm taking today to do a little #mondayintroduction because todays my birthday!!! there are so many pieces of me in this image that I snapped the other day... (1) my favorite color is blue. (2) I could literally LIVE in cozy sweaters... every. single. day. if I can wrap myself up in it and its warm I am all for it. (3) I love wool socks - my husband introduced me to wool socks on our very first Christmas dating (in 2005!!!!). (4) when my hair is long enough to go in a pony tail is pretty much always have it up... which is why I often cut it short.. to force myself to actually do my hair (props to @hannahhgallup on the gorg hair color here :-*). also - I'm definitely wearing one of my #littlebunny 's highlighter color hair ties here... I seem to keep being drawn to these lately. and (5) I really love barn wood - and right now I especially love it as we are currently designing our very own home in the country <3. (6) I am a storyteller - I love telling my own story through images and trying to tell others stories in a way they feel is authentic and genuine. tell me something about yourself that I didn't know... I'll check back through them while I'm eating cake and brownies later ;) . . . . . . #birthday #mylife #lovemyfamily #ourstory #storyteller #documentyourdays #selfportrait #unraveledacademy #clickinmoms #clickmagazine #cozy #farmhouse #cliquestudio #documentyourdays_motherhood
Today is another Monday that you are alive and well! Embrace it! ☀️ . I've seen a few new people around here and wanted to re-introduce myself! 💁🏽‍♀️ . My name is Kierstyn! I am an Operations Trainer for a customs broker in Windsor, Ontario🇨🇦 I have just finished my last semester of University where I will be graduating with a Bachelors of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing 🤓👩🏽‍🎓 I started #SquatsOverSweets in April of 2016 (yay for 2 years!🎉) Originally it was created for me to gain inspiration and start my fitness journey (I've successfully lost 30lbs!) BUT NOW it's become an opportunity for me to motivate and encourage others like I have been encouraged! Next week I will be taking my personal training course to become a certified #personaltrainer ! 💪 I have so many things in the works and can’t wait to share my life with you all 😘 . I am a FIRM believer in building a flexible and sustainable lifestyle! One where you can workout at your own pace, eat the food you love (no restricting! 🍬🍩) and enjoy life's finer moments! On this account you will see complete honesty, 100% realness and a lot of ranting about the truths of this industry! I don't candy coat things and I vow to be completely open with you about the good and bad in my life! We are in this together! 💓 . 📷: @breadupuisphotographydesign . #instablogger #yqg #windsorontario #windsorbloggers #yqgblogger #flexiblelifestyle #sustainability #fitnessblogger #mondaymotivation #lifestyleblog #lifestyleblogger #canadianfitnessblogger #mondayintroduction #bdpd #fitnessphotography #happymonday #detroittigers #naturephotography #sos #nike
Need a little Monday Motivation? We KNOW that you already have everything within you that you need to succeed – now it's time to live it out, tribe! 🙌🏾⠀
✨Hey guys! So I've never really done a formal introduction of myself so here's a first ever #Mondayintroduction ! So some fun facts about myself! ✨I'm huge animal lover! I've always said if things were different I'd be one of those people who stand outside of Sea World with @dolphin_project 🐬 I hate captivity so I stay away from Zoos and Aquariums at all costs! The only exception to me is if they truly need saved from going extinct or something but seriously don't ever get me started on the captivity issue! 🐋😂 I'd also be one of those people that come out at night in all black to save the poor dogs that live in terrible conditions! (Seriously) ✨🐶 I have 4 pup pups! My husband an I are huge Doxie lovers! So 3 outta the 4 are Dachshunds! And our little Chihuahua! I love them like they were my children (which I don't have any btw)! ✨ I am Married I have been for 6 years on October 20th! ✨ I am a true traveling addict! ✈️ It's a sickness! There's no end to what I want to see! My next trip is to Thailand in November so prepare for massive overload of photos! 💙 ✨ When I get home I normally put on Gilmore Girls on repeat! Ask my husband it drives him crazy but like I tell him it never gets old! I still laugh at the episodes even though I have seen them hundreds of times! 😂 I love to have it just in the background when I'm cleaning or cooking or something! The quiet to me is impossible and I can't stand it! ✨ If any of you guys can relate I'd love to know! 💛✨📸: @callielindsey 😘
Starting this week with POSITIVE vibes. Doing a little #mondayintroduction today along with it being #nationalepilepsyday . These are just a few things I have that shows a little bit about me. If you notice in the picture a tassel. That tassel is my High school Graduation tassel!! 4 months after I graduated high school I had a seizure that led to the discovery of me having a brain tumor. I have a collection of hospital bracelets that reminds me how important it is for me to take my seizure medication for the rest of my life. My best friend has my yellow bracelet that says "Fall Risk." I also have a little stack of CDs that show different stage of my brain and my tumor. These are just bits and pieces of my everyday. I'm so grateful for my family and my friends. They are my support team and encourage me everyday to not let this stop me from pursuing my dreams. Although this is something that is always in the back of my mind daily it also is what pushes me to keep going. You would never know the artist that creates your invitations has a brain tumor :)
#MONDAYINTRODUCTION _____ Hi, my name is Judith and I am the designer behind JuniperOats. I am a bit of a nomad, I grew up in Germany, learned english in Dublin (don’t ask me why – or maybe do – it’s a fun story actually). My heart belongs to London and a very handsome British gentlemen, also known as my fiancé. We met while both living in Hawaii, and we currently live in glitzy Las Vegas, dreaming of moving to New York next. ____ I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember and creativity runs in my family, we all got some in some way. But I have to say my granddad was simply the biggest influence on me, as there was nothing he could not “MacGyver” out or seemingly thin air. He was my absolute DIY hero and taught me how creating something yourself connects you with who you are and where you came from. ⠀⠀ ____ I love, love scandinavian minimalism, am absolutely addicted to home remodeling shows, and would love to be an interior designer in my next life. My favorite designer you might ask? Well I will have to go with Chip’s choice, Joanna Gaines is simply amazing! _____ But enough about me, I hope you’ll enjoy my little store filled with romantic minimalism and if you do, spread the word so more of us can set up our very own paradise – right in our own hearts and homes. xoxo Judith . . . . . . . . . . . #Theeverygirl #thesocialsociety #thegramgang #thecreativegrid #brandstylist #marketwithstyle #monpreneur #theinstagramlab #createdtocreate #femalefounder #freelancers #creativedirector #socialmediacoach #thesocialcoach #brandstyling #instagrambranding #smallbusinesslove #livethelittlethings #creativitymatters #ihavethisthingwithpink #marketingstylist #ladyentrepreneur #cultivatehustle #instagrids #feedgoals #thehappynow #femfeed #mondayintroductions #mondayintro
Hey! Today is as good as any day to introduce myself to new peeps. See below and then tell me something about yourself in the comments! — ✨My name is Jeanna. Pronounced Jean-Na. Most people call me Jeanna Claire. #itsjeannaclaire — ❤️I moved to Reno, Nevada with my husband Dustin and two kitties just over 6 months ago. We moved to Reno by choice. It’s the coolest thing in the world to live somewhere by choice. #homemeansnevada — 🌈This year my husband and I will be married 10 years, together 15. WOW. You don’t need me to tell you that time flies. #marriedlife — ☕️I drink my coffee black. I love it. It makes life much easier. #blackcoffeedrinker — ♊️I’m a third generation Gemini, married to a Gemini, and a Nouna (godmother) to a Gemini. Yes, there are a lot of us… x2. #gemini — 💎Traveling, exploring, camping, hiking, and breathing in fresh air keeps me balanced. I would rather eat ramen every day of the year and use every remaining dollar to pay for adventures. And oils and crystals, duh.
Hey there! I know I haven’t posted for some time for an #introduction so I wanted to take the chance to do that this morning! If you’re new here, my name is Genevieve (Gen)! I’m a wedding and portrait photographer here on the Central Coast of California! . . I want to be vulnerable a bit here with you.. I find myself not posting as much or as much as I’d want because I tend to have self doubt not with my work so much but with myself. I’ve always had some counter thought of feeling as though I wasn’t “good enough” for this or that. I’ll admit that feeling still lingers there, but I am doing what I can to no longer feel that way. It’s not an easy walk in the park, but keeping one foot in front of the other is important. . . Through my work I feel the most joy in my heart. Seeing others happy is what makes me happy and in this business it’s my number 1 goal!! I seek to make each experience fun and special in its own way! Thanks for stopping by!🖤 . . 📸: @heartandarroe . . #genevaricophotography #genevaricophoto #photographer #photography #weddingphotographer #elopementphotographer #portraitphotographer #weddingphotography #portraitphotography #thisisme #gettoknowme #beyou #mondayintroduction #againstthegrain #loveyourself #carefree #photographerlife #pointlobos #tidepools #carmel #bigsur #lovethesetones #californiaphotographer #watsonvillephotographer #santacruzphotographer #montereyphotographer #lovewhatido
Happy New Week! Just wanted to say helllo, I’m Lindsay, a graphic designer, wedding + portrait photographer, born and raised in good ‘ol Wisconsin, where there are more bars than grocery stores and plenty of cheese for everyone. 🧀🍻 Some quick facts before I dive into work on this Monday: I need a planner at my desk at all times, I’m old school and need to write things down. Putting events in my iPhone calendar doesn’t cut it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ One of my absolute favorite meals is Mexican Lasagna. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 😍 I can’t sleep in past 8am. Where are my fellow early risers at?! 🙋🏻‍♀️
So apparently people with Instagram accounts do introduction posts ... mine is about a year overdue, so hi there 👋! I'm Lauren. I'm 29 and I'm the face behind Tiny Buffalo Designs.⠀ ⠀ I started this little side hustle when I moved to Buffalo about a year and half ago and not knowing anyone, I had a lot of time on my hands (why is making friends as an adult so hard?) I immediately fell in love with making things for others. ⠀ ⠀ Some of my favorite things are (in no particular order) eating food 🍔🍟🌭🍕, Netflix original tv shows and movies, video games, my dog Walley 🐶, napping, and being crafty. Thanks for reading and see you around! ✌️⠀ ⠀ Happy Monday! ⠀ ⠀ #mondayintroduction #makermonday #introductions #makermade #makewavesmonday #mondaymood #etsy #buffalony #buffalove #thatsdarling #illustration #illustrator #creativelifehappylife #makersgonnamake #makersmovement ⠀ ⠀
What better way to start the week than with a little #mondayintroduction ?! ✨ I’m Kristi, the owner of Got Strings! Besides that fact that I’m a violinist and a graduating senior Music Education major at @jamesmadisonuniversity , here are some fun facts about me!: 1. I was a Jersey girl until I came to Virginia for college, but I’m moving to Nashville, Tennessee this June! 📍 2. I drink so much coffee. If coffee drinking was an Olympic sport I would definitely be reppin’ America on that one. ☕️ 🇺🇸 3. I have a guinea pig named Scout, after the character in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. So obviously I’m a total book nerd as well. 📖 I’d love to get to know you as well! Comment below with a fun fact that I might not know just be looking at your feed. ☺️
#mondayintroduction because there's a whole slew of new followers here who I'd like to get to know, but tbh by #fridayintroductions I'm usually ready to just drink tea and wrap up the week's loose ends. 💁 So, Monday. 💪 • QUICK RUN DOWN • Twenty-something Iowa girl, saved by Christ's grace and chasing after holiness; coffee + tea drinker; mug collector; cheese lover; poetry reader; always on the brink of breaking out in song. I love telling stories and believe laughing together is a great nurturer of friendship, and true friendship provokes deeper thinking and better living. • Also, I just got glasses for the first time and I think they make me look like a superhero. Like, when a superhero is trying to look not like a superhero. Yeah. Totally nailing this mild alter-ego thing rn. 👌🤓 #whereismysupersuit Any other glasses wearers out there who can appreciate this? 😂 • Back to seizing this week - laundry and meal prep on the dock here. 👍 What does your Monday hold?
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