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| 📍oddfellows’ janky telephone booth ft. @hunter_hatesyou // #telephonebooth #monochrome #dtlv
Ciara ✨
little exhibition
How are you? The most fkkd up question with the most obvious and fkkd up answer. You down for details? Read on. I remember one weekend. The bands were fkkn lit but I was the same sht -- alone, lonely, and fkkd up in the middle of everything; walked home in the fkkn rain. Sometimes, I really don’t know what I’m doing with my life. And God, you have no idea how I hate ranting all about it online ‘cause people don’t talk to each other anymore, even if they’ve already materialized right in each other’s fkkn faces. So yeah, there’s no choice but to let it all out to the virtual space hoping to get my point across to no one in particular from the other side of the network. How I hate being online and the annoying fact that IG can only deactivate your account once a week. My WhatsApp digits are new, I’m no longer an FB regular, and Messenger is just another source of depression. It’s a love-and-hate relationship that’s not going anywhere. It’s past midnight and I’m playing insomniac AF. I wish all is well with me. It’s so simple to fake everything and what the fkk does it matter to you anyway? You’re not even a friend in real life. You nailed it. Gigs can be real downers, you're a creepy psychopath, and leave me the fkk alone. Don’t simply ask ‘cause you see people posting sht and you want to pry all about it and compare how the fkk your life fares with theirs ATM. Toxic people of the world, go away! Postscript: Before you open your mouth on why all the fkkd up blurry demeanor all these years, yo, check this out: “My life. My choices. My mistakes. My lessons. None of your fkkn business.” How are you, my ass. For fkk's sake, be human. #getonioned #keeponrolling #selfportrait #selftimer #filmisdead #lomography #lomo #lomolady #ladygrey #blackandwhitefilm #blackandwhite #monochrome #35mm #35mmfilm #olympus #olympusom #analog #etczine #humansofkl #antiflag #bangbanggeng
Seasons #greetings
👉Keep in touch👈 . One talented girl from instagram told me:"keep in touch." But I disappeared for a quite long time ... It was not my purpose, of course It just happened. 😌🤙 . This is neither bad or good, but quite ordinary. It happens to everyone. Is it true? 🤨😀 . Who, as like me, sometimes scored on instagram? 😎 --------- 👈Не пропадай👉 . Одна талантливая девушка из инстаграмма как-то сказала мне: "не пропадай". А я вот взяла и на долго пропала ... Я не специально, конечно, так сложилось. 😌🤙 . Это не плохо не  хорошо, а впролне нормально. Со всеми бывает. Правда? 😋 . Кто как и я иногда забивает на инсту? 😎 .
#tb I'd like to think that I made some progress, but probably not I'm weaker and up 30lbs (not muscle😂😥)
Finally able to Push 100's again
🔆✌ #photography
Aye 🤙🏼
Been almost month since I last deadlifted, gotta get back into doing it
Earphones in BS out
Squats 10x3 Only managed 2 reps on last set
Dat @pokimanelol shirt.
Tied to the Edge Question: Do you know someone who lives in a boat?
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