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Are you all bark & no bite?
Хорошего осеннего дня! 🍁 Расскажите мне, как вы любите отдыхать? 😀
Hoti Ret hai, lagta paani.
Shot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Pro Mode) + Added "bokeh" in After Focus.
Ein Foto von gestern 🌞 Es fühlt sich einfach an als wäre es noch Sommer 😍
I went to the coast of Awaji Island for the first time🏝The sunset on this coast was a really beautiful moment.
Don Fro - w/ @raf.belgrave - 3 : 3 #romanoleka #projecthis
Mom I don’t smoke, this is for photo purposes only!🚭 • • • • • 📸: @to.kolar
Summer Breeze, makes me feel fine...
Let the sea set you free @angelroberts17 . . How it was shot: @sonyaustralia a7ii @zeisscameralenses batis 85mm ISO 100, 1/5000, f2 2x @godox_photo_equipment AD200’s in a double banger configuration (400w) through a 90cm @rimelite beauty dish . . . •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @portraitsvisuals @nextvisualportraits @portraitgasm @bravopost @portraitpage @moodyports •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• . #kdpeoplegallery #portraitmood #nextvisualportraits #globe_people #portraitgames #portrait_perfection #portraitvision #portraitpage #ourportraitsdays #portraits_mf #pursuitofportraits #portraitsvisuals #ourmoodydays #portrait_vision #moodyports
* EXT. AN EARLY MORNING DREAM - DAY. * Mornings, can be beautiful. can be hard, red and turquoise. * Rise not, If you can’t shine. Dare not, If she’s drawn a line. * * CUT TO: INT. HOME - DAY There’s dust, SHE (26) coughs, the dream fades away. Elsewhere, is just home. It’s just another day... There she is, VIDYA DIDI (23), her face turquoise and red, Sweeping the floor, under her bed. * * VIDYA DIDI ‘I think it’s a beautiful morning today, haina Didi?’ * * SHE ‘ Me too.’ * * * * FADE OUT. * * * * * *
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