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May all your days be as Joyous 😊 & Happy as the day of your Wedding. Congratulations to the beautiful couple – Hasmi and Harry! 😍 . . Let us keep the dice 🎲🎲 rolling! Our first event of 2018 in South Carolina, and we nailed it in a style! 🀘 All the guest who came to the wedding simply adored our traditional yet unique and infused PAANs πŸƒ Bride – a die-hard fan of Mango requesting us to handcraft our Paans to her liking, and what we did! We twisted our Meetha Paan in to a Mango Gelato Paan – Gelato 🍨 served on Paan and garnished with fresh ripped Mango – A real Game Changer (one of our fan said 😎), we also beat the heat ♨️ with our uniquely hand crafted Mint Mojito Paan, enough said at this time but we are just not done with SC and we’ll come back with another BANG! πŸ•΄οΈ Let’s have a big round of applause for @sonaaevents for their incredible job to keep everything smooth and on track! . . #MrPaanwala #HarryHASmiForever #dessert #indianwedding #wedding
Marriage is the combination of two hearts and two souls, which becomes one as known as Wedding Day! Mahlaka & Furqan wishing you two a very Happy and Blessed Married LIFE πŸ‘« . . It was an incredible experience 🀘 for us to be a part of your beautiful beach front wedding on a beautiful day! An event is undeniably incomplete without a great music πŸ”Š, delicious food 🍲 and our traditional Paans πŸƒ Mr. Paanwala makes sure you get an experience and feel of being in a Home Country with our Paans and DΓ©cor! . . #MrPaanwala #pakistaniwedding #pakistanifood #foodie #food
Old is Super GOLD! Bollywood and PAAN πŸƒ have more than Couple decades old Connection - Our Custom Bollywood Signage for a Sangeet Event 🎹 . . . . . #mrpaanwala #passion #business #entrepreneur #food #foodie #bollywood #india #foodblogger #philadelphia #newyork #miami #lasvegas #color #photography #videography #indianwedding #indianweddings #wedding #dessert #natural #handcrafted #unique #creative #innovative #punjabiwedding #mumbai #delhi #jaipur #indianwedding
Throwback Thursday!! Here is the Sneak-Peak from our UpLift Humanity Event in New York City – Stay Tuned for the full Footage!!! . . #mrpaanwala #paan #paanstation #paanvendor #paanwala
Ashish and Kavya wishing you Never-Ending Love and most Happy Life togather! The best part of the life is sharing Yourself with someone you Love – Happy Wedding! πŸ’– . . It was an Awesome time πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈ to be a part of your Wedding with our Paan Ki Dukan πŸƒ to show-case our culture to the multi-culture audience. With our hand-crafted and unique Paan Flavors, Our Paan Station is not just a Paan Station for specific Age or Audience 🎊but it’s becoming Extremely popular with many Different Cultures and People. . . Enjoy your Life with Love, be Happy and give Happiness to each other – Congratulation! πŸ•΄οΈ . . #MrPaanwala @akbar_longisland #business
PAANS that can be customized as per your TasteBuds! πŸƒ . . #mrpaanwala #indianfood #desifood #indianwedding #pakistaniwedding #southasianwedding
Mr. Paanwala was delighted to be part of your Love story πŸ’– and share the magnificent day with you – Henna and Zaid! Our heartiest Congratulations to you Both! 🌹 . . Desi Events want rambunctious Behavior when they see us πŸƒon the floor and that’s what we like to Deliver – NO EXCEPTIONS! πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈ It was a special day as your wedding Outlined Exceptionally in the beautiful location in Pennsylvania. All the lovely Guests – We truly appreciate 🀘 your love for our Paans! πŸƒ Even though, Summer is few weeks away, your guest had already started feeling cool with our Ice Paan / Chuski Paan – Checkout all other lovely flavors we have on our website. . . Cheers to a PAANTASTIC Couple! πŸ‘« . . #MrPaanwala #indianwedding #indianweddingbuzz #indianweddings #indianweddinginspiration
Shine and Bright Decor! πŸƒ PAAN KI DUKAN #mrpaanwala #photography #philadelphia #wedding
Education πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« is an important Part of one’s Life to Grow and Learn, and @uplifthumanity is doing just that for the Kids in need πŸ‘ The event was successfully organized to Celebrate for educating 1000 kids in need in India. An event filled with lots of Fun, Music 🎼, Food πŸ₯—, Tea and our Lip Smacking Paans πŸƒ . . Great work by @anishpatell @anippatel90 @zeeamericas @saavn and Hemant Mathur, Also Congratulations everyone who equally supported this great cause @thechutneylife @luxteacompany @browngirlmag @m4uevents @kunalnewyork @neerja_public_relations @mondayswithmohan @stylushcouture and many more! 🀘 . . #MrPaanwala #nonprofit #shakti2018 #newyork #vadodara
Congratulations β€œSehrish and Jon” on Finding Each Other! Your greatest adventure has just Begun! Wishing you lots of Love and Happiness 😊 . . With our unique and creative Paan stations and quality of products, Paan πŸƒ is no longer limited to only South Asian community but it is widely accepted by other Non-South Asian communities too. We were extremely happy to serve Ajmal and Ferreira family 😍🀘 . . Sehrish and Jon, congratulation on your Wedding again! . . #MrPaanwala #indianwedding #pakistaniwedding #wedding #weddingdress #weddings
We are OPEN to all the suggestions of custom theme decor! πŸƒ #mrpaanwala #color #indiaclicks #indianfoodbloggers #indianfood
You’re now a team of TWO, Big Congratulation to β€œZara and Taha” on an Unbeatable Union! Wishing you a Happy and Successful Marriage πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί . . Bride asked to give her Surprise and that’s what we Literally gave Her! πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ Her request was to match her Reception Theme, and we pulled that theme with our Gold and Navy Blue Sequin β€œPAANWAARI” πŸƒAll the Guests were thrilled with our Uniquely crafted Paan Flavors from Saada to Meetha to Mousse to Fusion 😊🀘 . . Congratulation to Zara, Taha and their families! #MrPaanwala #couplegoals #inlove #diamonds #love #marryme #nyc
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