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Illustrations by @katelanfoisy 🔮 "Shiny and Oh So Bright" Tour London, 16/10/2018
THE MIDNIGHT brought the retro goodness (I think I sang to every song) / shot for @riffmagonline / © @photo_robbins
About last night. The concert was all about the theme of the double, two gigs (unplugged + electric), setlist based on relevant songs. While I was shooting, I had this “double” thing in mind and I’ve tried to take inspiration and explore it. More to follow. #marlenekuntz #ildoppio • Il concerto di ieri sera raccontava il tema del doppio e anch’io, nel mio piccolo, fotografando, ho cercato di riportarlo in immagini. Noi e loro, virtuale e reale, esperienza e ricordo. • #livemusic #livemusicphotography #bestmusicshots #instamusic #gig #musicphotography #observecollective #nightphotography #myunicornlife #aportraitcollective #createcommune #myleicajourney #theimaged #livethelittlethings #photographyeveryday #justgoshoot #artofvisuals #leica_camera_italia #leicam10 #🔴📷 #visualambassadors #moodygrams #leicaphoto #thevisualgrammer #snapshot #leicaclubitalia #from_your_perspective #lensbible
"Ava Adore" by @smashingpumpkins 🖤 "Shiny and Oh So Bright" Tour Chicago, 13/08/2018
Artist - @leninmarron Song - Cold Love _ "No one talks and no one speaks, although we're crying underneath, Who are we fooling now?" _ For the full song head to the link in Lenin's Bio. ❤ #sessionthirtyseven
We're playing tonight! 6:30pm, Left Bank, Bridge St, Hereford as part of the @clikclikcollective Finale with @kingsolomonss & @immy_and_theboatman for the @borderlinesfilmfest. See you later! 😀 💻🎶 #swanlork #swansealaptoporchestra
2017г❤ Я решила пересмотреть шоу там где есть Нюша💋 такая милаха💙 @nyusha_nyusha × @nyusha_wear
Another pick of the New Cross Inn. I passed by to say hi to the barmaids. That pub was for a time my local pub since I slept in a hostel in Lewisham for...a week, a week and a half? But actually that night was a gig night for a NGO with several Rock/Punk/Post-Punk band’s so I shelled out the £10 and jumped right in. What sucked is that I had my backpack, they could keep it for £1.5 but I’m broke so heck nah! It was cool and in spite of all the screams, huge guitars and monster snares hits, I found it very relaxing and therapeutic. I just love music, it heals me. That was the first gig I attended to since I came back, and I loved it! But I’m sick, and alcohol makes me sleep when I’m in that state. I had only 2 beers for the whole time that I struggle to finish and after that I said hi to my former pub the Queens Arms. But I was struggling to stay awake. I stayed 15min. I eventually passed out on the bus 😂! Thanks for tuning in, you’re the greatest ❤️ Pierre
@cubsport 😇
throw back @arnofaraji
Das Wort zum Sonntag Baloise Session: Oh man bei manchen Diskussionen kann man echt nur mit dem Kopfschütteln🤦‍♀️ Also nochmal für alle die nicht lesen können... Das Konzert war toll, aber nichts besonderes und um nichts anderes ging es im vorherigen Beitrag🤨 Und manch einer sollte wirklich mal ehrlich zu sich selbst sein..die die hier gerade meckern das wir nicht zufrieden waren (wie kann man denn auch was nicht toll finden,was vom Finnen selbst kommt.. #shameonme )mit dem Preis-Leistungsverhältnis, ihr wolltet doch(überwiegend)selbst dabei sein und spuckt jetzt nur große Töne weil ihr (zum Glück) doch nichts verpasst habt!Ansonsten täte das ganze nämlich ganz anders aussehen😉 Fähnchen im Wind undso.... Und Nein ich bereue trotzdem nicht dort gewesen zu sein😆 so mal sehen wer weiterhin stänkern will😅😎 #daswortzumsonntag #eigenemeinung #sowichtig #sunriseavenue #samuhaber #hapahaber #concert #liveonstage #memories #bw #bwphotography #concertphotography #musicphotography #wonderlandtour2016 @hapahaber
Illustrations by @katelanfoisy 🧞‍♀️ "Shiny and Oh So Bright" Tour London, 16/10/2018
Isabella (@ sepia_journal) - Paris, France - 2018
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