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• North shore, you are a GEM and a half right now.. absolutely eating this place up with just me and my island home gurl @rose_hayes77 🤗 • || #myalohatimes #islandlife #iloveyoukauai
If you love avocado, we vibe!😂
𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝙼𝙾𝚃𝙷𝙴𝚁𝙻𝙰𝙽𝙳. 𝙺𝙰𝚁𝙸𝙱𝚄! —I’ve ever only dreamed of traveling to Africa! A dream come true.
Finally tried @orangetheory and understand why people swear by it. Great instructors pushing you to be your best! @orangetheory_fitness_bandera #alamocityvibes #SanAntonio #orangetheoryfitness
"The difference between a path and a road is not only the obvious one. A path is little more than a habit that comes with knowledge of a place. It is a sort of ritual of familiarity. As a form, it is a form of contact with a known landscape. It is not destructive. It is the perfect adaptation, through experience and familiarity, of movement to place; it obeys the natural contours; such obstacles as it meets it goes around." - Wendell Berry, The Art of the Commonplace: The - Agrarian Essays . . #mytinyatlas #travelgirlsclub #letsgosomewhere #wearethetravelgirls #traveldeeper #travelbloggerlife #travelgram #wanderlust #dametraveler #traveldiaries #travelblogger #beautifuldestinations #welltraveled #exploretocreate #travelandlife #theblogissue #bloggersgetsocial #ontheblog #bloggerlife
Outside your door is the best artwork ⛰
Sunset 7.21.18.
DRIPPIN’ IN FINESSE Always in good company with these two 👫👫 __
One day at a time.
sun’s out 😇
Weekend at home ❤️
Pillow power. Muestra temporal en el Museo del Barro en Asunción #paraguay #pillow #red #pillowfreak #pillowfights
Monet’s quiet corner of nature
Лето пришло, но не к нам... ⠀ Наверное, один из самых часто задаваемых вопросов сейчас - "Маша, а правда у вас так холодно?" ⠀ И в этот момент я немного теряюсь, ведь про уникальную погоду Сан Франциско я писала неоднократно. Потом я нервно листаю свой Инстаграм и понимаю, что почти на всех мои фото я без куртки. Даже зимой. Эдакий я хитрый "вводитель" в заблуждение😅 Это явление объясняется очень просто - у владельца этой странички всего четыре вариант верхней одежды в гардеробе и, поверьте, они бы вам очень быстро наскучили! Так что практически на каждой фото тут я... мерзну! ⠀ А вот объяснить тот факт, что у нас сейчас плюс 17, в то время, как в остальных городах то плюс 30, то и все 45, уже сложнее. Иногда даже обидно, что ледяной океан с трех сторон лишил нас лета. Потом отъезжаешь 20 км от города и попадаешь в настоящий ад! Ну я это, утрировано, просто организм адаптируется к температуре не больше 22 и все, что выше вызывает у вас жуткую сонливость, потоотделение (простите за подробности, я тоже человек) и некую легкую тахикардию. Потому поиск кондиционера превращается в дело жизни, а в конце возвращение в холодный Сан Фран хочется отмечать ликованием и аплодисментами. Лонг стори шорт, куртка должна быть при вас ВСЕГДА, даже если кажется, что на улице очень жарко. Но! Майка тоже должна быть на вас, потому что может оказаться, что в соседнем блоке и вправду очень и очень жарко. Надеятся, на период года, когда температура не колеблется так жестко, не стоит, иначе можете не угадать, а промерзнуть до костей - легко! Проверено друзьями и лично мной! Всем тепла и отличного лета🤘
We can all make a difference. #FreedomThinkers Plastic bags were strewn all over Mumbai’s most-visited beach, Juhu beach, on Sunday. Environmentalists have stated that it is the strong wind action over the sea that is puking out plastic lying in the bottom, a annual phenomenon before and during the monsoon. “This happened on Sunday evening when there were more than 80,000 kilograms of plastic garbage scattered over the beach. However, the sad thing is that it is not only littering of plastic bags, but it is coming from the sea. Citizens throw plastic waste in storm water drains, rivers and creeks, which end up into the sea,” said activist Godfrey Pimenta. @haram_khor_ #FreedomThinkers #noplastic
The best way to get around in Udaipur is using one of these auto rickshaws , the roads are wide enough for only one of the Auto’s to pass through so just incase you have your car with you , you would be better off parking it at your hotel’s parking and use an auto rickshaw go cart your way around . However exploring the city on foot is a million times better because the city is small enough to walk through unless your too tired . . . . . . . . . . #instapassport #thecreative #artofvisuals #aroundtheworldpix #ig_masterpiece #theprettycities #flashesofdelight #travelog #mytinyatlas #visualmobs #theglobewanderer #forahappymoment #exploringtheglobe #travelon #awesome_earthpix #campinassp #visualoflife #awesome_naturepix #roamtheplanet #unlimitedparadise #goldentemple #incredibleindia #photographers_of_india #indiagram #storiesofindia #sonyimages #sonyalpha #sonyalphasclub #sonyphotogallery
rare birds
Robert Indiana
It’s official. @thecooperlounge is one of the most glamorous places to sip wine out West. Plus, you can catch the sunset from soaring windows, split classic shrimp cocktail, and order @domperignonofficial by the glass. 🥂🦐✨#saturdaynight #ilovedenver
That view 😍😍😍 Photo from -> @babaharvie @yayaati.singh @simran_wanderlust
Bamboo houses
This guy knows his good side. #parrotrealness
My dream is to have a house on the beach. Even just a little shack somewhere so I can wake up, have coffee, look at dolphins, be quite and breathe the air 🌊
Tonight we celebrate, tomorrow we move to Holland🇳🇱 We’d like to bid you farewell with a few last words on whenwewed.co🥂🍾
My favorite weekend of the year so far: being reunited with some of my favorite humans in a cute lil beach town. Got manicures, ate yummy tacos, slept in a backyard bungalow, had some incredible convos on a party beach with @kalihentzel - love tank is overflowing. Topping it off with a wedding tomorrow after lots of yummy food + white sand. Basically the best weekend ever. Jesus is so kind. 🌿
The only thing that could be better about this photo is taco wings tbh.
high in the hills amidst jade dragon snow mountain is the most awe inspiring live story of the ancient Naxi minority people of Yunnan province. in this scene, women carry their hand woven baskets up hills. a few months ago while exploring China, we sat amongst hundreds of Chinese from all over the country and marveled at this set done by Zhang Yimou, the director of the incredible opening ceremony of the Beijing olympics. 🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️🍃 @passionpassport #PPSecondStory . . #insearchofchina #chinahighlights #igchina #loves_china #traveldeeper #instachina #lonelyplanet #iamatraveler #photowall #mytinyatlas #alifeofadventure #chinagram #captchina #yunnan #stayandwander #travellovers #natgeotravelpic #beautifulchina #naxi
☀️💎 The Luxe Life Chose Me 😚🇸🇬 #vacay #Singapore #weekendtrip
Looking back to when we volunteered for two weeks at Eco Sur a developing eco community in Mendoza, Argentina. Miss this beautiful lot and our Friday homemade veggie pizza nights 🍕 We noticed so many eco communities available with volunteering opportunities on Work Away, all complete with building work, community living and their very own Earthships and decided we had to give it a try. An Earthship encase your wondering as we did, is an environmentally friendly way of building a home using recycled materials, mud, straw and clay. There is also some very clever technical work done to creat a space that ideal keeps the room temp perfect and a fabulous water system that reuses the water several times before eventually it will end up watering the herb garden. Really nice to see this, learn some and to work on a variety of projects with such a great group of peeps. We highly recommend volunteering during your travels if you’ve got time and checkout a eco community if your interested we certainly found the experience memorable and a lot of fun!
உன்னோடு நானும் போகின்ற பாதை இது நீளாதோ தொடு வானம் போலவே கதை பேசிக் கொண்டே வா காற்றோடு போவோம் உரையாடல் தீர்ந்தாலும் உன் மெளனங்கள் போதும்! . . Come! Lets us converse, and travel with the wind, Even if our conversations end, your silence is good enough for me . . . . . #instapassport #thecreative #artofvisuals #aroundtheworldpix #ig_masterpiece #theprettycities #flashesofdelight #travelog #mytinyatlas #visualmobs #theglobewanderer #forahappymoment #exploringtheglobe #travelon #awesome_earthpix #campinassp #visualoflife #incredibleindia #photographers_of_india #indiagram #storiesofindia #canonphotos #canoneos #canonrebel #manalinatkaal #onestrangeasia #avalumnaanum
Well I’ve been cauuuuuught in fire I’ve been carrrved in fire I’ve been cAUuUgGt in fire - Justin Vernon Y’all should see the list on my notes app of all the things I wanna remember about/from this trip. When I get my film developed/am not cider tipsy I’ll write something more eloquent about how 🔥/😭/✨this trip was
Texturas en el Museo del Barro de Asunción #texture #colors #colorsplash #museodelbarro #instaparaguay
Dusted off the old nifty 50 @canonaustralia set up this morn to capture some shots of the beautiful @skardoni 💃🏻 Can’t wait to share - there’s so many great angles in Adelaide CBD that I’m yet to explore 😍
🐶 чи 🐱, а може 🐒 А кого хочеш створити ти? 😎 Завдяки нашим курсам з робототехніки ти можеш все 😉
Slowly the skies darkened this afternoon, yielding to a brief but beautiful storm, and then this sunset. I never feel alone in nature. #sunset #forest #nature #beautyeverywhere #postitfortheaesthetic #mytinyatlas #grandmashouse #innature #chooselovely #lookup #lovely #sky #trees
Had bad experience driving thru NYC and I didn't spend a lot of time to explore it. I'll be back next summer and I'll be in Atlanta Georgia tomorrow and it's gonna be my last destination before going to Tennessee for a job.
Mara looking amazing in the LANA Top and the IDA Bottoms both in the shade Dusty Olive 🌿 www.swimafterdawn.com
Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. ~ Jim Rohn
Firework Bokeh🎆
Enjoying the weekend taking it easy exploring a new city and spending time with family. How are you spending your weekend? 📷 @liv_and_willow
Evening strolls through Marylebone 🌞 #londonlife
Just me and the world !! ______________________________________________ #selfiegamestrong #travelawesome #sweden #europe #holidayblues #aroundtheworld
Sand Art 😱 I am in amazement as to how people do this. #livingthekeptlife #livingmydream
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