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BIGGEST DRAFT MISS - DENVER NUGGETS The Nuggets missed out on two time All-Star Amar'e Stoudemire as, in their 2002 draft, they held two first round picks; both pick number 5 and number 7. With the fifth pick, they took monumental bust Nikoloz Tskitishvili who was out of the league by just the age of 22. The Georgian power forward/center stood with good size at 7'0" however his game never translated to genuine minutes in the NBA as over his very limited time in the league, he could just about muster 3 PPG, 2 RPG and SIX different teams in his three years in the league. The pairing of Tskitishvili and later in the next draft Carmelo Anthony doesn't have quite the ring to it that Stoudemire and Melo does. If they'd have had the chance to play together earlier in their respective careers, more success could've come than their time in New York and could have helped convince Melo to stay in Denver. The 7th pick held by the Nuggets was used to take Nene so they save some sort of respectability and, although he's not quite at the Stoudemire level, he was a solid pick and a good player. Comment below your thoughts on this big-time miss for the Nuggets ✍️🤷‍♂️🏀🔥⬇️⬇️⬇️
Heading back to the @nyknicks for the London game. It’s not @TheGarden but it’ll do 👌🏻🏀 #NBAlondon
More than just a game. In the UK, Basketball is an outsider not just in funding but in competition on a global stage. I’m trying to prove this wrong - Basketball is the second most popular team sport within under 16s in the UK and despite this attraction for the future of players the government still turn a blind eye. Whether it’s @simonhose on the PA or @doubleclutchuk in the studio - or the @gbbasketball team fighting it out on the court Basketball is more than just a sport - it’s a lifestyle that the UK has already accepted. So how couldn’t it be a big sport in the UK within the next 10 years? I will be exploring all across the UK to see the powerful impact of Basketball across the streets onto the court to show that we are true outsiders to the world of ball. -Alex, 15, from London (@creggsy ) @bblofficial @bballengland @nbaeurope @doubleclutchuk @gingershaq @gbbasketball @hardwoodventures @nba_ukfans @basketballscot #nbalondon #nbauk #gbbasketball #ballislife #basketballuk #londonbasketball #bbl
The Knicks are heading to London, and I’m going to be there 🙌🏻
Managed to get tickets this year #nba #nbalondon #nbatickets
Got up early this morning on my day off to try and get tickets and very excited that I managed to get 1 #nba #nbalondon #nbalondon2019 #newyorkknicks #washingtonwizards #newyorkknicksvswashingtonwizards @nba @washwizards @nyknicks #london #theo2 @theo2london #theo2london
Jaylen Brown🔥🔥🔥 (@NBA )
Ben Simmons radar is different👀 (@NBA )
Tickets checkout 🎟🎟🏀 #NBALondon #NewYork #Knicks #Washington #Wizards #O2London #NBA
In celebration of the start of the @nba season, join a pickup game in London this week, using the GameOn app and get your basketball fever on #ballislife #basketball #pickupbasketball #london #uk #gameon #sport #fitness #nbalondon #kensington #hoxton #ilford #woolwich #canarywharf
The NBA return is here 🔔! Now it’s warm-ups with @joelembiid ! Give us your hottest takes 🔥
#PickUpGamePodcast | EP:1 | “Preseason” is available on YouTube channel: Pick Up Game Podcast UK.
If the 2018/19 #nba season has crept up on you or if you just love reading about the game, the guys over @doubleclutchuk have put together this excellent guide which i highly recommend checking out. Kudos to all involved 👍🏀 #nbauk #hoops #ballislife #nbaeurope #nbalondon
Tickets for the NBA London Game 2019 between @washwizards and @nyknicks go on general sale this Friday (Oct. 19) at 9am (BST) at www.axs.com/nbalondon. Fans can register their details at NBA.com/London to gain early access to a limited number of tickets via a presale to be held tomorrow (Oct. 17) at 9am BST. Who’s going to be joining us at The O2 in January? 🏀@nbaeurope 📸@chrislanaway 🔥@1mrbigshot 🌊@ripcity3232 . . #NBA #NBALondon2019 #NBALondon #Wizards #Knicks #Basketball #Bball #washingtonwizards #newyorkknicks #Creatives #Marketing #agency
42 - Clint Capela Comment where you'd have Capela - higher or lower? ⬆️⬇️🤷‍♂️
Retour sur le tournoi journalistes / influenceurs New Era Europe x Hoops Factory organisé la semaine dernière à l'occasion de la sortie de la collection #NBAEngineeredFit . Du beau jeu, de belles tenues et à la clé un billet pour Londres pour notre équipe gagnante pour le #NBALondon Game 2019 🏀#NewEraEurope #paris #aubervilliers #basketball #cap #clothing #nba #london #tournament #influence #rp #agency
‪🚨 NEW EPISODE 🚨‬ ‪A lot of discussions about, which broadcaster will be picking up the rights to broadcaster @NBA in the UK. ‬ ‪WATCH - https://www.facebook.com/thedropbball‬ ‪#NBAServedRaw #NBALondon ‬ ‪@DoubleClutchUK @MsBennyBonsu @NBAUK @MikeMiller_Time @SkySports @BBCSport @prince_of_zamunda1 @nbaeurope
43 - JAYLEN BROWN Do you agree that Brown is better than Tatum and deserves to be this high? 🤷‍♂️ Comment below ⬇️✍️👀 43 Brown 44 Tatum 45 Barnes 46 Jordan 47 Dragic 48 Millsap 49 Adams 50 Gasol
44 - Jayson Tatum Do you agree that this is a deserved ranking or should he be higher? Let me know in the comments or DMs ✍️✔️🔥🏀 44 Tatum 45 Barnes 46 Jordan 47 Dragic 48 Millsap 49 Adams 50 Gasol
NBA champions Rip Hamilton & Chauncey Billups share 19 different reasons why you should be excited for the #NBALondon game in January. Register for tickets here: https://on.nba.com/2CBlAYo
DALLAS MAVERICKS BIGGEST DRAFT MISS: CHARLES BARKLEY As the 1984 draft rolled around, the new NBA team in Dallas was in its infancy. Having had a mediocre first season in the NBA, finishing 15-67, the Mavericks progressively got better. They made the 6th seed of the playoffs in their third year. They had a lottery pick for the 1984 draft, and the Mavericks were looking like a young and exciting team. Not only was it any old lottery pick, but Dallas had the number four selection. They took the 6'9" power forward Sam Perkins who made the All-Rookie team in his first year and continued to be a good player for the Mavericks who were playoff regulars in the 1980s. One year he averaged 16 ppg and 8 rpg and continually played an important role for them. However... What they could have had was an 11x All-Star, 11x All-NBA, All-Rookie, rebound champion, MVP winner and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley. Chuck could've genuinely led this team to a finals appearance or even being a Championship contender. The rebounding machine that Barkley was would've given the Mavericks the front court dominating presence that they needed in this period and would have become a Dallas legend. Comment below how you think Dallas would've done with Chuck leading the team ✍️🏀🔥👀💪
DETROIT PISTONS SEASON PREDICTION: best and worst case scenario Do you think Detroit are making the playoffs this year? 🤷‍♂️✍️👀
Oh my word look at this pass from LeBron James wow
CLEVELAND CAVALIERS BIGGEST DRAFT MISS : VICTOR OLADIPO So the infamous selection of arguably the biggest bust in NBA history, Anthony Bennett means that there was ample selection for the Cavs. I would have Giannis here as he's a better player than Dipo however the likelihood of Cleveland ever taking Giannis with the first pick was extremely unlikely considering he went 15th. So we'll stick with Dipo for now, but keep in mind that Giannis could've been on the same team as LeBron, Kyrie, Love. Oladipo is quite the definition of a late bloomer when it comes to draftees in the NBA. Coming into the league with Orlando, he's now with the Pacers - his third team in five seasons - Oladipo didn't look incredible. I mean, he looked better than Anthony Bennett did, but then again that's not hard. With Bennett well and truly out of the league after stints all around the NBA and is now onto tearing up the G-League... Bennett had been on the Brooklyn Nets G-League affiliate and is now on the Maine Red Claws (whoever they are) after a familiarly unsuccessful stint out in Turkey with the Fenerbache basketball team. He's obviously a bust, but for a class that didn't immediately look that loaded, to go alongside the fact that the Cavs did end up winning a title three years later, then we could turn a blind-eye to the shocking selection of Bennett at the one spot. However, we're not turning a blind eye to it. Especially when considering that they could have a top 20 player in Victor Oladipo who was picked just three spots lower. Oladipo had his breakout year last season, which just reinforced to Cavs fans (of what little fanbase they have left post-Lebron) that their front office made such a horrific decision in passing on Oladipo and picking Bennett. Would Oladipo have developed into the star he now is even sooner under the careful guise of LeBron? Or would his development as a player be stunted by Lebron's playstyle? 🤷‍♂️✍️🔥 Comment below 👀🏀
NBA In The UK | and we are back. Your weekly feed of all things NBA and more from the heart of London. S/O to NBA UK 🇬🇧 for all the support. First episode drops this Friday ONLY on @facebook and @livebballtv #NBAServedRaw #NBALondon #NBAintheUK #NBA @nba. Thank you @mikemiller_time @prince_zamunda1 @gingershaq for joining tonight 📸 @aysnap
That shelf will now carry the Cavs • Follow @midnighthoops for more basketball content daily! #cavs #cleveland #cavaliers #clevelandcavaliers #nba #lebronjames #nba2k19 #nbamemes #nbanews #nbalondon #basketball #sports
Crossover ⛹🏽‍♀️🏀#basketball #nbalondon #stephencurry #labronjames
#47 GORAN DRAGIC Do you agree that DRAGIC should be this high and in the top 50? 🤷‍♂️🔥👀 COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW ⬇️
#48 PAUL MILLSAP Do you agree that Millsap deserves to be on this list? 👀 Comment below 🔥✍️
Team Lit 🔥 | The @laclippers are out here having to preseason of their lives. They are quietly making impact and @tobiasharris and @danilogallogallinari STARS of LA. We love what you are doing Clippers. #NBAServedRaw #NBALondon #NBAintheUK #NBAPreseason #GoodVibesOnly #LA #NBA
#49 STEVEN ADAMS Do you agree that Adams should be over Gasol? How much of an impact died Adams actually have on OKC? 🤷‍♂️🏀 COMMENT BELOW ⬇️✍️🔥
#50 is MARC GASOL Who do you think he'll be ahead of or behind on this list? Comment below ✍️🔥 More of the list coming very soon 👀
The NBA season starts in Oct Time Out Sports Agency has access to VIP Boxes and Courtside seats for all major matches and play offs Contact us for more Info @timeoutsportsagency #nba #vip #tickets #courtside #lebron #curry #westbrook #playoffs #finals #allstargame #nbalondon
NBAINTHEUK SERVED RAW Throwing it back with NBA star of the @brooklynnets @kennethfaried35 in London for the @NBAUK London Game with @prodirect.hoops hosted by our one and only @MsBennyBonsu A great night of basketball discussion and more #NBAServedRaw #NBALondon #NBATwitter ⁠ ⁠#goodmorning
Who’s the best defender in the NBA ? • Follow @midnighthoops for more basketball content daily! #kawhileonard #spurs #raptors #jimmybutler #steals #nba #nba2k19 #nbamemes #nbadraft #nbaawards #nbalondon #basketball #sports
My Eastern Conference Standings Prediction 👀➡️ Notable positions: • The top four teams seems to be fairly consistent across most predictions and I've kept to the norm on this front. • The Wizards will probably be the "best of the rest" as Wall/Beal will be their usual potent selves and the addition of Howard will probably bring some more interior offense so they'll likely fill the 5 seed. • For the 6 seed I've gone with the Pistons. Likely one of the more controversial choices to be this high as they missed the playoffs last year completely. Detroit now has Dwayne Casey at the helm who's an excellent addition. With a full season of the Griffin/Drummond experiment, this Pistons team will likely make the jump firmly into playoff contention. • 7 & 8 will likely be made up of a combination of three teams; the Bucks, Heat or the Bulls. I've gone with the former two to take the last two playoff spots as I don't think the Bulls will have the experience and leadership across the whole of the regular season to lead them to playoff berth. Milwaukee haven't got massively better. Lopez is a nice addition but won't push them too far up and the Heat haven't really added anyone of note other hand resigning D-Wade. If they get Butler however, I'll be putting the Heat up in that 5 seed. • The rest: The likes of Cleveland, New York and Charlotte will probably be in and around the 8-12 spots for large parts of the season however none of these teams have enough talent or depth to make a genuine playoff push. The only one of these three on the rise is the Knicks as the Cavs and Hornets will likely be in full on tank mode in the next two or three years. Other than this, the Nets will likely make a slight improvement and the Magic/Hawks will probably be terrible and absolutely suck for the entire year, however this is to be expected really. *COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS* ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Good job #lukadoncic
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