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PLAYOFF TIME! Blyth finish 8th... Who will get into the playoff qualifiers in 7th? Comment below 👇 Teams left: Chester, Stockport, Spennymoor, York, Brackley, Chorley, Kiddincestminster... #fcum #nln #greaves #winter #crawford #allinson #nonleague #footballleague #fcunited #nationalleaguenorth #nl #nls #prediction #201819
Total Victory! Not only did I finally complete the flying bar in competition I got the big wall as well. I had zero expectations today as I’m walking like a tin man from Thursday nights training on the big wall. Lisa @lmc_dbdc and Darcie being my lucky charms once again 🎥 @davefox_ninja @nextlevelninjas @ninjachallengeleague @ninja.academy #ninjasofoz #nextlevelninjas #ninja #ninjawarrior #anw #ninjawarriorau #ninjaacademy #ninjachallengeleague #proveyourmoves #fitness #training #climbing #likeforlike #train #ninjatraining #nln #ninjahub
Grubbing after a long days work #phpagency #hustle #cashflow #10x #nln
Mi hanagá... Mis pequeños no tan pequeños...están en el PH de mi corazón...disfruten mucho esta etapa. Y como siempre les digo...se les quiere y lo mejor es que lo saben. #hanaga #juventudyeducacion #NLN
Todos juntos. Seminario MT el Cloche. Y así culminamos un año lleno de aprendizajes y nuevas experiencias para todos...cada despedida, en este grupo, es un nuevo comienzo... Un nuevo peldaño en esta escalera que les tocará subir...pero aunque las cosas cambien lo único invariable es el cariño y el amor que en ésta, su casa siempre van a tener. El Departamento de juventud y educación es por y para ustedes...y siempre tendrá sus puertas abiertas como un hogar en donde todos sabemos y donde cada uno es imprescindible , único y especial. Se les quiere grandote. Gracias por ser y estar #juventudyeducacion #familia #NLN #jazakveematz
Last night was on fire! Thank you to everyone who attended our first ever Zumba Night at Next Level! Also major shoutout to our guest instructor Tremaine who led one incredible class! We appreciate you stopping by!
Almost that time! Join us this morning at 10AM for our MEGA FITCAMP! This one hour workout will be on fire! Stop by and bring a friend! See you there! 💪🏽 . . . 🏪 Next Level Nutrition | 8739 Grissom Rd 78251 🏪
The new #NLN season starts in two weeks today!!! We start our season at Stockport.
Practice what you preach! The other day at Golds before our Wednesday Fitcamp. As coaches we have to stay consistent with our routine as we lead our clients and our team. Busy day or not we make the time 🍃🍃
Nothing says summer time like an Orange Cream Shake and H30 Hydration Drink! What’s a good name for this combo? Leave us some cool ideas! ⤵️
New Shake Alert! 🚨 New Cinnabon shake dropped this week! Make sure to grab one this weekend!
There’s an update on York City’s summer progress and their possible hunt for new players on the National League website now! 👊 #ycfc #york #city #nln
Sliding into the weekend. Excited for the start of the @ninjawarriorau Finals this Sunday night. My semi run should be aired Sunday night 😎🤙 @nextlevelninjas #ninjasofoz #nextlevelninjas #ninja #ninjawarrior #anw #ninjawarriorau #ninjaacademy #ninjachallengeleague #proveyourmoves #fitness #training #climbing #likeforlike #train #ninjatraining #nln #ninjahub
One more day until our Zumba Night Friday, July 20th! This event is going to be big! Join us at 7pm for our First Zumba Night with Coach Tremaine! Reminder to arrive early to get checked in between 6:00pm - 6:30pm. . . . Due to high volume, children will not be allowed into the workout area. There is also a drink purchase required for the event as low as $5 from our shake bar! 🏪
Our New Menu Item the Blue Hawaiian has been a Fan Favorite! Try this and many more B Vitamin based energy drinks at Next Level Nutrition this week! 🏝
Tonight I beat my nemesis. The 4.5m Warped Wall. It’s been well over a year since my last attempt which ended in a blown out ankle. Finally committed a real attempt after a hour of trying tonight. The boys giving me shit and support the whole time @davefox_ninja @mike.jovanou @paul_ranger_ninja_dog @cam_dsilva @nextlevelninjas #ninjasofoz #nextlevelninjas #ninja #ninjawarrior #anw #ninjawarriorau #ninjaacademy #ninjachallengeleague #proveyourmoves #fitness #training #climbing #likeforlike #train #ninjatraining #nln #ninjahub #warpedwall
Wednesday Night workout in the books! This group came and put in work tonight. Shoutout to the first timers who joined us as well! See you all this week 🗓 . . . Thursday Next Level Open Gym 7PM (With Weights) Friday Night Zumba 7PM; Saturday Mega Fitcamp 10AM
Tea and Aloe Delivery ✔️had the chance to drop off some samples at our local Randolph Brooks the other day. Talked to one of the Bank managers briefly and shared with him what we are all about at Next Level. Glad they liked what we had to offer and enjoyed the products!
Beat the Heat with CR7! Perfect way to hydrate and replenish your electrolytes before, during or after an intense workout. Try one at Next Level today! 🍇
There it is lads! F.C. finish 14th according to you lot! That would be a good season for us however anything can happen. Some say we are a side who can challenge for playoffs and some tip us for relegation 🤔 anything can happen in the #NLN ... Who’s finishing 13th? 👇 comment
#NLN 👊🏼
Join us this Saturday for our Mega Fitcamp! One Hour Full Body Workout Starts at 10AM! All Activity Levels Welcome. Also available: Cherry Limeade Mega Tea! . . . This Fitcamp will be huge! Tag your friends and family and invite them to this workout that we are looking forward to.
Forever young...<3 #NLN #hpbd #mylove
New Mega Tea Released today at the shop! The Cherry Limeade! Stop by and try one today! Don’t forget we have Fitcamp at 6:30PM! 💪🏽
Shoutout to our girl Sammie! Just joined our 21 Day Challenge Friday and came the next morning and worked out at our Saturday Fitcamp! We’re excited for this month for Extravaganza and our family vacations 💪🏽🍃
Monday Night Full Body Workout going down at Next Level Nutrition. Starts tomorrow night 6:30PM! Bring a friend & your water! Let’s go San Antonio! 💪🏽
Monday Night Full Body Workout going down at Next Level Nutrition. Starts at 6:30PM! No excuses! Come join us tomorrow and see what we’re about! Bring a friend or two and your water! Let’s go San Antonio! 💪🏽
Tak perlu yang mewah asal bisa membuat bahagia saat sepi melanda cukup sederhana saja melihat Canda Tawamu😊😜 #NLN
Saturday Fitcamp was on point! Shoutout to my boy Sebastian for coaching and bringing his family to the Nutrition club this morning. Great job y’all! 🏪🏪
Saturday Sesh in the books! We were packed this morning! Here’s some of our Energy Drink orders and Hydration Drinks! Thank you to those that came! 🍃
Shoutout to Jess for this post! Balanced nutrition should be enjoyable and fun. Glad we can be part of your journey! Great choice with the Iced Cafe Shake 🍃
It’s going down tomorrow morning! Join us for our Saturday morning workout! Take your morning to the Next Level with a great Full Body Workout. Don’t forget your water! Tag 2 friends you know that are available! ⤵️
Repost! Via @nextlevelsatx . . . The Banana Nut Bread! One of our customer favorites at the Nutrition club. Add some pecans on top & it’s game over! Healthy Meal Replacement ✔️Taste Great✔️
The Banana Nut Bread! One of our customer favorites at the Nutrition club. Add some pecans on top & it’s game over! Health Meal Replacement ✔️Taste Great✔️
The #NLN Institute for Simulation Educators (ISE) offers Intensive work sessions that include hands-on simulation and debriefing opportunities with peer and expert feedback. Next date October 2018 in Columbia, SC - Register Today, http://ow.ly/IxfZ30kRyKB
Have you tried our Speciality Energy Drinks? Made with B Vitamins only 15 calories. We have 5 flavors to choose from. Swing by this week! Club Hours in Bio 🕑
Special Recognition Repost🚨 . . . The Next Level Team had a chance to welcome back one of our beloved Fit campers, Mr. Steve! He has been a regular at our workouts since we opened and sure missed his presence last week. Glad he’s back with us again! 🏪
Member of the Week! Major shoutout to our awesome Fitcamper Jeanette! She started coming to our workouts consistently for months and now has more and more family members joining her at Next Level! That’s what it is all about. Fitness, Friends and Family. Great job! 🏪
Special Recognition Post🚨 . . . The Next Level Team had a chance to welcome back one of our beloved Fit campers, Mr. Steve! He has been a regular at our workouts since we opened and sure missed his presence last week. Glad he’s back with us again! 🏪
Mark your calendars! Next Level will be hosting our first ever Zumba class Friday, July 20th at 7PM! Join us as we welcome our guest and local favorite @tremaintheman for this awesome event! Tag a friend below! ⤵️ . . . Also follow us on Facebook at NextLevel210 for more updates about our Nutrition club, workouts & more 📲
Monday Fitcamp in the books! Major shoutout to those that joined us. The energy and motivation at these camps has been off the charts! Catch us Wednesday night at our next Fitcamp! Bring a friend!
Team meeting with our success squad! Met today at the Nutrition club with our newest distributors to go over this month and our personal goals. Monet and I are excited for us and our growing team! It’s time to build 🍃 . . . Interested in what we do as coaches and how to start your part time business immediately? Message me today 📲
Join us tonight as we start off with our Monday Night Fitcamp! Rain or shine we will be here ready to workout at 6:30PM. You already know the motto here: Never Quit, Stay Consistent! 💪🏽 Tag a friend below!
Sunday night with the fellas. Had a great time at Life Time Fitness with some friends in the company. I definitely needed the hot tub immediately after 🏀
Thanks to everyone for their support throughout my ninja journey. Hopefully my semi run will get some airtime but either way being apart of the show and getting to compete and meet some of Australia’s elite athletes is all worth the blood sweat and tears we put into this sport. Special thanks to my wife Lisa Chatfield for just being the best 😍 and juggling the kids along the sidelines. Tune in for more ninja action tonight 😎🤙 @lmc_dbdc @ninjawarriorau @nextlevelninjas @ninja.academy #ninjasofoz #nextlevelninjas #ninja #ninjawarrior #anw #ninjawarriorau #ninjaacademy #ninjachallengeleague #proveyourmoves #fitness #training #climbing #likeforlike #train #ninjatraining #nln #ninjahub
We’re back and ready to start the week tomorrow morning with our 9AM workout! If you’re off or free in the morning this is definitely the perfect workout for you with weights 💪🏽 grab a shake or drink from the bar.
"Dios siempre quiere estar para ti, pero aveces el problema eres tu mismo, porque algunas veces el está pero tu no estas presente." -Ramón Arriaga (Monchito) . #NLY #GeneraciónApasionada #NLN
Saturday’s at the nutrition club! Fitcamp done ✔️Just planned the next couple months with some of the team. Major events coming soon. Can’t wait! 🏪
Taste testing these new Mega Teas! We will be releasing these drinks on Saturday, July 21 for our Mega Fitcamp! Join us as we have some new menu items and an incredible workout planned that morning at NLN 💪🏽
🎶Ya no vivo yo, Cristo vive en mi barro quiero ser en tus manos🎶 . #NLY #GeneraciónApasionada #NLN #Adoración
Brand new menu item going up this weekend! Ready to try the Blue Hawaiian specialty Energy Drink? Taste amazing. Shoutout to coach Mike for creating it🏝
We are back in action tomorrow morning! Join us for our Saturday morning Fitcamp and start your day with a Next Level Workout and the Next Level Team 💪🏽
Flashback to the success training seminar. I can’t wait to be with the team in Houston soon for our biggest corporate event of the year AKA Extravaganza! 🍃
Fit and Fierce is back! Join us tomorrow at 7PM for the Ladies Only Workout at Next Level Nutrition! It will be America themed! Have a friend you want to join? Tag them in the comments below 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Been wanting to stop by this week? Drop in during our daily hours for drink specials on your favorite shakes, teas and other combos to power through the day. Don’t forget to check in online and tag us for $1.00 off! . . . 🏪 8739 Grissom Rd 78251 🏪
What an amazing turnout yesterday morning for the July 4 Workout! It was hot but everyone kept going! Did we mention that there was a huge water ballon fight afterwards?! 💦 🇺🇸 . . Join us at our Next Fitcamp this Saturday at 10AM! Tag a friend you’d like to bring with you to workout below!
without doubt their is no failure. #riptae #heavyhitter #NLN
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