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The coveted Yosemite Junior Ranger Patch! This Junior Ranger program cost $3 but you do get the booklet, badge, patch, a biodegradable trash bag and glove to help pic up trash while you hike. I found a pair of fairly nice headphones. I turned them into the Ranger Station for lost and found. ##### #yosemitenationalpark #yosemite #National parks #nationalparkgeek #nps #nps101 #findyourpark #notsojuniorrangers
Waterfall selfie
fluffy clouds above the Cholla ☁️
A dry, but green Barker Dam
The eggscellent sunny side 👩‍🍳
Don't Be a Two face
Follow you, Follow me.
Yesterday was the 74th Anniversary of the #PortChicago Disaster, this is the front page of the #OaklandTribune from the following day. The site is now #PortChicagoNavalMagazine #NationalMemorial , one of 417 @nationalparkservice areas. #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque #NPS101 #Parks101
There’s something about carrying everything you need on your back and wandering out into the wild. 📸: @_forever__wandering_ _____ Outdoor gear that protects the outdoors. Get adventure-inspired T-shirt’s for your next venture into the wilderness and help protect our wild places. 50% of profits donated to protecting National Parks. _____
Thanks again to the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater for another great #skulls and #tracks patio talk. The kids LOVED making their own tracks, and Dr. Clokey captivated everyone with some #wildlife history. #JewelCave #JECA #FindYourPark #nps101 #parks101 #nationalparkservice #midwestnps #southdakota #blackhills #hifromsd
The Tetons are Picture Perfect 🏔
Muir Woods is a dream, and got to share my first visit with @sothearyv. Didn't see any ewoks though. 😜
. Twilight fell: The sky turned to a light, dusky purple littered with tiny silver stars. -J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix . . #sunset #fire #haze #smoke #glacierpoint #halfdome #yosemitefalls #johnmuir #jkrowling #harrypotter #orderofthephoenix #tourist #yosemite #nps101 #hiking #getoutside #optoutside #wander #thisismyview #california #calilife #norcal #sierras #sierranevada #outdoorphotography #photooftheday
I woke up today. I'm so thankful. I'm expressing my gratitude. I've counted my blessings. 💝
awaiting the stars🌠
Park Blvd.
You are not Alone
Its that special something, you know you just can't miss.
This sunset was so beautiful. There were lots of people there to capture it. I love the beauty of the sunset at Joshua Tree. Lets try to make our national parks a better place so we can keep it alive.
From a couple weeks ago
“The battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and the enemies.” - Napoleon Bonaparte The Great Plains Skink (Plestiodon obsoletus) occurs throughout most of the Great Plains of the USA, and from South Dakota, southeastern Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, most of New Mexico and central Arizona southward to northeastern Sonora and Chihuahua in Mexico. Typically found in rugged terrain (often along streams or near springs and seeps with sandy to gravelly soils) and under large rocks, logs, or other surface debris, this lizard is primarily diurnal and an accomplished burrower. Giant desert centipedes (Scolopendra heros) are found in the American Southwest, parts of the South and Midwest, and northern Mexico. Their preferred habitat is primarily protected areas under stones, rotted logs, leaves or bark and where there is suitable moisture. During the hot, drier summer months, these centipedes are sometimes seen inside structures (like our visitor center!) as they are seeking a more hospitable habitat. This centipede has 20 pairs of yellow legs, while the last pair of legs are black and longer than the others; this bright coloration is very effective at warning a potential predator of the dangers that may ensue when dealing with this centipede. Primarily a predator that consumes insects and other arthropods, giant desert centipedes seize their prey using the first pair of legs as venom is injected through the poison claws at the end of the legs to stun or kill. @naturenps @nationalparkservice @usinterior #nationalpark #encuentratuparque #nps101 #findyourpark 📷@noahstalcup
There’s something about the quietness and stillness of this rainforest that is soothing to the soul and a little scary at the same time. I’m the kind of person that likes the energy I get from visiting a large city. But this place...a different kind of rush. I want to go back to figure out what it is exactly. Maybe one or two more times...maybe more.
Beam of Light
Some video clips I captured from the highlights of our most recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park.
I recently started looking into hiking Mt Whitney which happens to be the tallest peak in continental United States. It has been on the top of my bucket list of things to see in California because of the arduous hikes and the breathtaking views that surround the summit, both at day and at night. I also simultaneously happened to be editing my backlog of pictures from my trips over the last few months and came across this picture which was taken on the outskirts of Death Valley. The drive was absolutely breathtaking because in just a few minutes, we were transported from the lowest lying areas in the continental US to the behemoths of the Eastern Sierras. I remember reading that the highest point in the continental US (Mt Whitney) and the lowest point (Death Valley) were separated only by a 100 miles and wondered if I could catch a glimpse of the famed Mt Whitney from the road. I couldn’t really discern the peaks with my naked eye, so I forgot about it during the trip. But when I came back to this picture over the weekend, I was ecstatic to realize that we had actually seen Mt Whitney (I’m 99% sure, Whitney summiteers can confirm). Mt Whitney and the eastern sierras still deserve a dedicated visit and I can’t wait to get there! . . #easternSierras #DeathValley #nationalpark #nationalparkgeek #npcollective #nationalparkservice #nps101 #nps #nationalparkphotography #goparks #theoutbound #outdoorwomen #usinterior #deathvalleynps #california #SoCal #californialiving #unlimitedcalifornia #california_igers #californiaadventure #roads #wildcalifornia #westbysouthwest #moutains #nikon #nikonphotography #nikonUSA
Posing near the cutest Joshua Tree at the @nationalparkgeek meet up, watching sunset and stars on Geology Tour Road.
I'm speechless
I need an endorsement. I could be the model for #Organic @rockstarenergy drink
Monday Blues
Another amazing weekend, hiking mountains, giving out trailmagic and hanging with INSECT for another day!!!! . . . . . . . . . #hikewithbeer #hiketheAT #trailmagic #trailfamily #rainorshinewevegotbeer #hikethewhites #whitemountains #hikenh #NPS101 #findyourpark #getoutside #roamtheplanet #whitewalkerwalks
A flock of photographers surrounded this popular destination near the campsite. It would be nice and considerate if they would be mindful to the campers by keeping the noise level down after quiet hours for those who are sleeping nearby. JUST SAYING 🤷🏽‍♀️ sadly, you can't always expect respect from all people.
Grizzly 793...affectionately known as Blondie is a visitor favorite. She has allowed millions of visitors the chance to see a grizzly bear in the wild and brings attention to the importance of preserving wild habitats and spaces so that generations to come will have the same opportunities. 📷 by Guide Josh Myers @trekkingphotography #grizzlybear #grandtetonnationalpark #thatswy #wildlife #wildplanet
She's the best! Its always a grand time with my friend, Linda @thebucketlisttraveler this was our 4th experience at Joshua Tree NP together. We met through @nationalparkgeek at the first meet up in Joshua Tree October 2016. We became #instafriends and hit it off. Since then, we've also had our camping experience at Channel Islands NP and Pinnacles National Park. I've got so much love for her! I'm so excited for what's to come. We have a few trips that are in the process of planning. I'm looking forward to it. I wish you have a Happy Birthday week. ❤
Cloudy day, but still a great show put on by Old Faithful!
Who is going to the beach today?
We stayed late to shoot some more photos of the stars and life in the desert. I always feel so tired whenever I return from going on an adventure which requires alot of energy. Sometimes, it takes me days to recuperate. It is truly worth it, if you ask me.
What might look like #scenery in Colorado, Wyoming, or Montana is actually the beautiful #blackhills ..... #southdakota ! Come for a cave tour, but remember to keep your eyes open along the roadways in #JewelCave . #JECA #nationalparkservice #midwestnps #FindYourPark #parks101 #nps101 #hifromsd #wildlife #bighornsheep
Chillin by Lonesome Lake after a fantastic day of hiking the Kinsmans, and handing out beer trailmagic to thru hikers! . . . . . . . #lonesomelake #lonesomelakehut #trailmagic #hikewithbeer #hiketheAT #whitemountains #hikethewhites #whitemountains #hikenh #NPS101 #findyourpark #getoutside #roamtheplanet #whitewalkerwalks
"A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care the balances are correct." In the southwest's summer monsoon season, humid air from the Pacific blows in to produce afternoon storms, bringing much needed water to the people, plants, and creatures in an unforgiving landscape; it is by this delicate system a desert teems with life. The temperature dropped fifteen degrees and the breeze was the exact same... Perhaps literally ... As the beach on LA a few days before. It is a new phenomenon in human and natural history to exhale into your own storm. #zion #beehivebros #utah #nps101
Save memories (and water).
Looking for Moose Tracks
The North Cascades were calling and so...
I had such an amazing time at Joshua Tree NP. I'm overjoyed. Thank you, Linda, thank you Sal, thank you Vic, and thanks Penny. Thanks to Danny, for having this National Park Geek meet up. It was a successful turnout. So many people came out. I have so many pictures and stories to share. That's if you like to hear, if you care. Follow our @theadventurous3 instagram for the full adventure. I'm exhausted. Zzzz
Treaty Line (from the Twilight series)
Thanks for the ride, Omar!
During this time of year, please be mindful that our reptilian friends are out and about. The Obed is home to this native timber rattlesnake and they are protected. #watchyourstep #nps101 #obednps #findyourpark
Looking for a park steeped in wilderness? King’s Canyon and Sequoia National Parks have been jointly administered since 1943, and it’s here in these parks that you can find yourself the furthest from a road than any other part of the lower 48. Don’t be surprised — these parks are 66 miles long and 36 miles wide at their widest point, and 97% of them are wilderness. If you’re looking for solitude, for places with humbling landscapes to disconnect with society for a time - these are certainly great parks for it. Just remember: when you’re in wild places, always practice Leave No Trace principles and leave it better than you found it! It’s our responsibility to keep these spaces as wild and beautiful — and that’s just what we aim to do. Have a great weekend out on the trail, everybody!
What are you looking at? #hikers on the #canyonstrail often spot mule deer and whitetail deer. #getoutside and #FindYourPark this weekend ... and possibly see some #wildlife . #JewelCave #JECA #nationalparkservice #midwestnps #nps101 #parks101 #deer #southdakota #blackhills #hifromsd
The rich moist forest floors of the Obed are home to many colorful species of mushrooms. Know the difference between edible and poisonous varieties before you go on your next fungi adventure. #fungusfriday #fungus #findyourpark #obednps #nps101 #tennessee
Being an ant. 🐜
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