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Excited for summer and sunny outdoor workouts! 🤗 Anyone else excited and happy sunny days are ahead of us??? I’m always a much happier person with a tan 😬#summerishere ☀️ Today’s workout, 1mi Run 10mins HIIT: First 9mins 40sec Work / 20sec Rest (So 3 Rounds) - Box Jumps + Push-up Burpees - Commando Planks Alternating - Explosive Plank Tucks Last 1min - High Knees toe taps Try to count how many reps you were able to get of each exercise within the 40secs and then work to beat it in the next round. Remember, have fun, stay hydrated, and wear sunscreen, kids. 💪🏻😅 • • • #outdoorworkout #sunshineandtanlines #sunsoutgunsout #workoutmotivation #moveyourbody #fitnesswomen #fitfam #nycpersonaltrainer #sandyfitlivin #summerlovin
This photobomb is just perfect 😂😂😂
"Mistakes" is the word you're too embarrassed to use. You ought not to be. You're a product of a trillion of them. Evolution forged the entirety of sentient life on this planet using only one tool: the mistake.~Robert Ford (Westworld Quotes 😉) All that matters is that today you had the opportunity to learn from something. Screw up...do the wrong thing and become better for it. The only way you ultimately fail is if you don't try. Pursue that ambitious fitness goal! Fall down, backslide, learn and keep going. The messy journey makes the progress so much sweeter! Be encouraged fit fam!!! . . . . . #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitfam #motivation #fit #workout #bodybuilding #gym #fitspo #healthy #fitnessaddict #fitnessgirl #instafit #lifestyle #instagood #nutrition #healthylifestyle #personaltrainer #fitnessjourney #workoutmotivation #gains #committosomething #nutritioncoach #nycpersonaltrainer #onlinenutritioncoach #wisdom #patience #grace #discipline #endurance
Some days you have more boundaries in front of you, mentally, physically or emotionally. Finding and learning a way to channel them to get to your goals is key. Not everyday will be the same, not every week will be the same, sometimes we need to take a step back and gather some momentum. @revival_fit always pushing me to my limits. Follow @revival_fit for more workout and training tips!
Foam Roller Confession Time: you might be doing this all wrong 😬 @shape did an awesome job highlighting some common mistakes you might be doing while foam rolling 🔹Here are my two tips🔹 Now let me roll my lay while you paint me like one of your French girls 👨🏼‍🎨😂 #primalpower #fitness #workout #foamrolling #shapemagazine #shape #exercise #mobility #strengthandconditioning #recovery #wellness #nycfitness #nycfit #nycpersonaltrainer #personaltraining #personaltrainer #paintmelikeoneofyourfrenchgirls #SMR #stretching #igfit #fitspo
✍️Because work doesn’t just stop after clients’ sessions. Programming and planning for success 🏋️‍♀️💪➖➖DM for more info on programs and workouts 👆
Pull/ Push Combo, Asymmetrical Training For Maximal Strength 💪🏻 #gainz #upperbodyworkout #nycworkout #fitnesstips #nycpersonaltrainer #nycworkout #nyctrainer #fitmen
Laura (@willtravelwithbourbon )and Jess (@jessnoboa )are inseparable. They train like good teammates should - motivating, encouraging, laughing (with and at each other). . Good people who make each other stronger every day. And who love slow music workout montages :)
Happy international yoga day! 🧘‍♀️ - I have had a love hate relationship with yoga for a long time. I felt like I should love it, but honestly most of the time left classes less than inspired. - This year it has totally transformed. I have found some amazing instructors (see @kaitlinbergin ) who have helped me see all the amazing restorative and strength benefits of yoga. 🙏 - So if you haven't found a class or a way to incorporate yoga into your life I encourage you to not give up! Try a new class, a new style. Sometimes you just need to switch it up.🤗 - #internationalyogaday #yoga #yogi #nycfit #nycfitness #nyctrainer #nycpersonaltrainer #manhattanfitness #manhattan #nyc #fitness #dontgiveup #restorative #strong #fitchick #fitmiss #trysomethingnew #challengeyourself #flexibility #balance #crowpose #stretch #breathe #meditate #keepgoing #strongwomen #stronggirl
Triceps gains from the floor! The single arm extension is best done on the floor since you can retract the shoulder blades and create maximum length. Also, the line of pull matches the trajectory of the exercise. As always, thanks for watching, please check out the full video here https://youtu.be/wQWVg0ufaSU And remember: smart gym rates have bigger muscles! #science #training #chest #back #fatloss #nyc #arms #fatloss #triceps #arms #workout #nycpersonaltrainer #nycpersonaltraining #fitness
Everyday is back day! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #backday #fitgirls #fitgirl #fitnessgirls #fitgirlsquad #armday #beachbody #summer2018 #manhattanfit #fitmoms #fitmom #fitsquad #legday #pullups #chinups #strengthcoach #coach #workhard #gains #goaldigger #nycfitness #nycpersonaltrainer
Little bit of fitness and “Coach Says!” Warmup with some of the little athletes of @cfridgewoodkids .... they take the whole “Coach says” part very seriously. 😂👌🏻🙋🏼‍♂️🙏🏼 #trainer #kidscoach #nycpersonaltrainer #teach
First day of Summer! 💪🏼☀️If you’re looking for an extra push to help keep on point during these Summer months. I have 2 spots available for training in NYC or LIC. Shoot me a DM or book at 🔹JonathanCooperFitness.Com🔹
Happy Birthday 🎈🎉 to my brother 🦁, friend 🙏🏽, confidante 🤞🏽, role model 👊🏽 and mentor 📝 Professor Andrew 🥋Johnson. . It's been a pleasure ☑️ sharing the mats with you all these years 🏆 at BMAA 🥋 and I look forward to the years to come. 💯 . #GreatnessAwaits . . . #MartialArts #Karate #Shotokan #BJJ #MuayThai #Boxing #Padwork #Striking #UFC #MMA #TrainHardFightEasy #NYCPersonalTrainer #NYCFitness #TeamRenzoGracie #TeamShotojuku #Fitness #IGFitness #FitSpo #FightLife #BlackBelt #Trainer #NASMCPT #TheSenseiLife #TheOGInAGi #OZEFit
Constant grind. No such thing as being satisfied. Exercise your body, take care of your body, mentally prepare for the grind for the rest of the week, and do it again. #healthandfitness #healthandwellness #nycpersonaltrainer #personaltrainer #nycfitness #fitness #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #weightlifting #functionaltraining #legday #totalbody
Decent day of lifting. PR by volume. Split jerks were probably a touch too heavy to hit good positions but I mostly just felt super tight in my thoracic spine. Need to gett my head through more. Bleh. Cleans felt fine. Worked on not jumping forward. Probably could of gone a touch heavier. Burpees were fine. Probably could of pushed to 16-17 without too much drop off. Keep working on it. #crossfit #weightlifting #olympiclifting #olympicweightlifting #cleanandjerk #clean #splitjerk #jerk #squatclean #barbell #lift #grind #powerlifting #burpee #bodyweight #calisthenics #nycpersonaltrainer #train #fitness #crossfitweightlifting #basementgym #garagegym #garagemind
Im all about body positivity and accepting your body but I also must say there is no better feeling then feeling empowered by your body. . For me it’s lifting weights but it can be finishing a run, or a yoga class or any challenging workout, nothing feels as good as knowing that you did it when you thought you couldn’t. When you were going to give up but didn’t. . You don’t have to workout to change your body but if you do that’s okay too. Working out is for your mind and body.
Many people talk about making a change... -Most never really try -Some try a little and stop -A select few SEIZE EVERY OPPORTUNITY... to make a change and rise to the occasion, making the necessary sacrifices to do what it takes to attain their goals & dreams Which one are you? ... Supplement-free Transformations the @oshode_health_and_fitness way 🙌🏾💪🏾🙌🏾 #goals #progress #muscle #squats #bodybuilding #gymlife #strength #fitnessmotivation #fitness #gymlife #nycpersonaltrainer #power #legday #fitfam #deadlifts #gymrat #legs #fitspo #exercise #transformation #gains #motivation #quads #workout #model #fitnessmodel #pose #fashion #flex #business @underarmour @goshodefitness
Dancing around the ring at @worktrainfight with one of the best coaches, fighters, and humans I know @briskboxer when he stepped into the ring for 47 x 3 minute rounds in honor of his birthday some months ago. It's not everyday that I get to practice dodging the punches and humbly trying to land even one on a multiple time Golden Gloves boxing champ! Thank you for helping me sharpen my skills, Martin! #TBT #Sparring
LET’S TRAIN: : * * GYM CHECKLIST: : 1️⃣ Arrive : 2️⃣ Fuck Shit up : 3️⃣ Rerack : 4️⃣ leave : #teamnikofit
2more days til #LCFITSYOUBODYBLAST class. Whose ready??
I am forever grateful that the mobility gods gave me a great set of legs to squat as deep as I can. #asstograss #atg
I’m working toward a lot of different movements at the moment, but ultimately my goal is to be in complete control of my bodyweight🤸🏽‍♀️I love the balance, strength and control I gain everyday with my training 😄💪🏽 #whatsyourfocus • • • • • • • • • • #focusintegratedfitness #focus #focusnyc #nycpersonaltrainer #calisthenicsmovement #handstandtraining #balance #movementgoals #integrative #handbalance #handbalancing #challengeyourbody #training #calisthenicsgirls #focused #nyctrainer #marissafitness
LET’S TRAIN: : * * HARDWORK = NO LIMITS. @yasminsiddiqui.2 @meg.herbst #teamnikofit @underarmour
From strength & conditioning, lifestyle change, weight-loss, post-rehabilitation, pre/post natal....#LCFITSYOU #byanymeansnecessary visit lcfitsyou.com to check out services and client testimonials. Inquire how we best and help you get fit!😎💪🏼 limited spots available for 1-on-1 personal training
Where there’s a will there’s a way! I started off my bodybuilding journey in my backyard back in the early 80s as a young teen with my two older brothers doing pull-ups and pushups and to this day continue to use the beautiful outdoor environment to workout and have fun in it! Don’t ever lose the child in you. It will keep you healthy, strong, confident and most of all happy! Ask Artem if you don’t believe me @artempik 📹He’s another big kid I know! . . . . . #outdoorworkout #treepullups #fitover50 #fitfam #ferrafitness #maturemuscle #playgroundworkout #wholebodyworkout #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #nycworkout #chinups #buildmuscle #losefat #nevergrowup #hunksofinstagram #videooftheday #instagood #instathursday #buildaback #repost #tagafriend #nycpersonaltrainer #celebritytrainer #naturalbodybuilding #naturalbody #longevity #buildstrength
Putting a client in a good workout plan and a game plan on his fitness lifestyle everything is possible. Don't need a bullshit excuses just sit down the program workout that designs according to his goals and needs, and let your client experience the best mood every time he workout and let him impressed himself. . . . . #coach #coreworkout #personaltrainer #personaltraining #fitness #fitnesscoach #fitnesstrainer #workout #workoutroutine #workoutmotivation #exercise #exercisemotivation #exerciseroutine #goodplan #program #gym #gymmotivation #gymshark #gymselfie #motivation #encouragement #planahead #nyctrainer #nycpersonaltrainer #celebritytrainer #bodybuilding #muscle #muscleandstrength #summerbody @howard.williams.562
Leg day is essentially core day as well .. only a few people will understand this extremely wise statement 🙏😎😂 No but seriously flex yo core while doing leg exercises!! Yo abs will thank ya👌🏻 #dontskiplegday
"When recycled, the wreckage of our lives makes for incredibly potent fuel. In order to access it, however, we have to confront our apathy. Our stifled rage. Our bound up desires. Our fears of being a failure and a success." @chaninicholas *************************************** Chani Nicholas perfectly articulated the reason why I started @empower_to_power : I flipped the script on a @timesupnow experience I went through at some point in my past. I created an organization to give people tools to prevent violence in hopes that what happened to me won't happen to another person. Tonight, join me and the @empower_to_power team at @lululemonnyc 's community and event space Hub Seventeen for a personal safety workshop. We'll have fun, get you moving with a fitness and movement based warm-up, help you increase your situational awareness, teach you basic self-defense techniques, and some grounding techniques. A portion of the proceeds will benefit @thejhf . Link to sign-up in bio Photo by @jaimiebaird *****************************************# #TimesUp #TimesUpNow #posttraumaticgrowth
When you've already set your verbal boundaries and they keep coming at you...Tomorrow, Wednesday, 5/16 from 6-7:30 pm, @empower_to_power is leading a personal safety workshop for women at Hub Seventeen (@lululemonnyc 's community and event space). We'll lead you through an interactive and fun fitness-based warm-up, increase your situational awareness, teach you basic standing and ground self-defense skills, and finish with grounding techniques. A portion of the proceeds will benefit @thejhf . Link to sign up in bio. Photo by @ashtrenkle #TimesUp
This is me getting things done and crossing things off of my list of things to do for the week. Also, a reminder that this Wednesday, 5/16 from 6-7:30 pm, @empower_to_power is leading a personal safety workshop for women at Hub Seventeen (@lululemonnyc 's community and event space). We'll lead you through an interactive and fun fitness-based warm-up, increase your situational awareness, teach you basic standing and ground self-defense skills, and finish with grounding techniques/breath work. A portion of the proceeds will benefit @thejhf . Link to sign up is in bio. (Photo by @ashtrenkle ) #TimesUp #hubseventeen #posttraumaticgrowth
That feeling when you flip the script on a Time's Up (@timesupnow ) experience and all of the years of rebuilding your life, hard work, hours of research, certifications, learning, and meeting the right people with whom to create and collaborate comes together. I'm really proud of @empower_to_power and the team behind it. We're leading a personal safety workshop at Hub Seventeen, @lululemonnyc 's community and event space on May 16. A portion of the proceeds will benefit @therealmariskahargitay 's organization @thejhf . Link to sign up is in bio! #timesup #timesupnow #posttraumaticgrowth
No inspirational quotes and no deep questions on this post, but to the keyboard warrior/internet troll from Utah who made a joke and then referred to me as Khaleesi-thank you for the compliment! Now, WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS??!!! Photo by @jaimiebaird #brooklynbridge #khaleesi
Never not working (on the basics). Closing the distance with my step and jab with Coach @taylormade_415 #worktrainfight #IWTF
Happy feet! It's hard to believe that a little under two years ago when I was in the best shape of my life, I sustained a debilitating ankle injury involving two torn ligaments, two fractures, and a bone bruise. It's taken time and effort for my body not to be in a state of tension when exercising in order to self protect. Until I was able to strengthen the muscles surrounding the injury, having fun and finding joy in movement wasn't my focus. Keeping my balance, gaining strength, and steadily regaining my mobility was. I received many months of physical therapy with @cwheelergo and @brooklynbodyworkspt . Without their expertise, quality care, and progressive programming, I potentially would have had to get surgery. Thank you also to my boxing coach @taylormade_415 for your patience and fun programming! #worktrainfight #iwtf #movementmonday
Working on closing the distance and snapping my jab AKA the move I make to grab the last rotisserie chicken off of the shelf 😍🍗#WTF #IWTF #WorkTrainFight
One of the most important factors in learning a skill is to find the joy in it. It makes it more possible to retain knowledge if we stay connected and grounded during the experience. Thank you to my boxing coach @taylormade_415 for always putting the fun into the FUNdamentals. #WorkTrainFight #IWTF
On Friday, April 20, @empower_to_power is hosting a personal safety workshop at @lululemonnyc 's Hub Seventeen. We'll lead you through an interactive warm up that will help foster a stronger sense of mind/body connection, increase situational awareness, teach you basic standing and ground self defense tactics, and breath work and grounding techniques. A portion of the proceeds will benefit @thejhf . Link to sign up in bio. Photo by @ashtrenkle #buzzfeed
Super powers unite! One step closer to bringing @empower_to_power to life. In the near future, be on the look out for workshops where you will learn techniques with us that will better equip you to "live in choice, not by chance™." We're also available to lead personal training, private group, and corporate sessions. #timesup #timesupnow
#TBT to last April when I had the opportunity to co-lead a charitable self defense event to benefit the @nycalliance during Sexual Assault Awareness Month with @aortiz1111 and the team at @worktrainfight . After the participants completed the circuit of self defense and strength moves, I led the participants in a brief breath work technique called Tactical Breathing (also known as Box Breathing and Four Square Breathing) to help de-escalate the energy in the nervous system. Conscious breathing and breath patterns can help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which can counteract the effects of excess adrenaline that may be released in the body when we are confronted with danger or high stress situations. Tactical Breathing is performed by doing the following: -breathe in through your nose for a count of four -suspend the breath in for a count of four -exhale through the nose for a count of four -suspend the breath out for a count of four -continue the cycle for a minute or two **************************************** Yogi Bhajan said, "Hope is not a prediction of the future, it's a declaration of what is possible." With that notion of hope, I hope for the following: May those who have abused their power know that they are on notice. May they know that the time for their reckoning has come with state level legislation being proposed in multiple states that will no longer allow for their predatory behavior to be concealed. May anyone who has gone through sexual harassment, sexual assault, or rape know that every day they wake up looking forward to the day ahead and its possibilities is a tiny victory. May they know there is no time like the present to aim to experience more joy, less shame. May the momentum of the Me, Too and @TimesUpNow movements continue and lead us to a safer, less violent society for all people and to greater equality in all sectors. #TimesUp #WorkTrainFight
Throwing it back to the time I got to dance around the ring at @worktrainfight with @briskboxer , one of the smartest trainers and fighters I know, as he completed 47 rounds in the ring to commemorate his 47th trip around the sun. Thank you for leading through your example! #TBT #WorkTrainFight
One of my favorite things about being a trainer is the connection I make with people and the opportunity to witness when a new skill or concept clicks and clients have an "a-ha!" moment. One such magic moment happened last night during one of my Partner Training Boxing 101 Sessions at @worktrainfight while working with @twobrunchez and @goldynsports on learning how to properly throw a cross. Day made! If you've always wanted to try boxing, but are unsure where to begin, come check out a Boxing 101 session and learn the fundamentals with me on Tuesdays at 5:45 pm or 6:45 pm at @worktrainfight . Shout out to @superareshop @lululemonnyc @apl #WorkTrainFight
This is one of my favorite core strength and stability exercises to finish out a session. By adding the punch with or without a light dumbbell, you will increase the challenge as you will need to resist instability and rotational force. Set yourself up for success by doing the following: *elbows under shoulders, palms face up toward ceiling in this variation *eyes focused on the floor, neck in line with spine *keep hips in line with shoulders for the duration of the exercise, bracing the abdominal muscles will help you do that *engage core and glutes and keep hips as stable and square to the floor as possible as you alternate punches *as you punch, rotate palm to face the floor *the position of the feet can provide more or less challenge: a wider position creates more stability/a narrow position is less stable and more challenging #WorkTrainFight #CoreExercises
This summer, my plans include focusing and refining the programming of @Empower_To_Power which I am hoping to offer in order to enable participants to live in choice, not by chance. To best explain the purpose behind it, I'll borrow the words of the great Rob Breszny of Free Will Astrology: ******************************************"The greatest gift you can give might be the gift that you yourself were never given. Give that gift. The most valuable service you have to offer your fellow humans may be the service you have always wished were performed for you. Offer that service. An experience that wounded you could move you to help people who've been similarly wounded. Heal yourself by healing others." ***************************************** 📸 Photo by @lululemonNYC for the #AnewCollection
In light of what is at stake if the GOP proposed American Health Care Act passes the Senate, we must fight harder than ever against sexual assault and violence. The trauma and conditions that result from rape, sexual assault, and violence (domestic or otherwise) should not be considered pre-existing conditions which could prevent someone from getting healthcare coverage. If you don't have the tools and skills you need to prevent violence from happening and you feel that you could benefit from learning, reach out to me and I'll do what I can to help you by leading workshops or will suggest a good self defense coach to you. In the mean time, call/email your senators and do whatever it takes to make your voice heard. These are some images from the donation-based Fight Against Sexual Violence event held during Sexual Assault Awareness Month at @worktrainfight to benefit @nycalliance #WorkTrainFight 📸photos by @sujoandpal
It's been my goal for some time to bring fitness, real scenario self defense tactics, and breath work/meditation to people. What a rad experience getting to work with @aortiz1111 & @worktrainfight on teaching escapes and strikes to over 70 people to benefit @nycalliance ! Thank you to all of the volunteers and to the participants for spending part of your weekend getting tougher and stronger with us! These are some helpful soft tissue targets if you find yourself in a sticky situation. Repeat after me: Employ (Eyes), Escapes (ears) Now (nose), To (throat), Gain (groin), Safety (shins) #WorkTrainFight #SexualAssaultAwareness
Views from today's office. @lululemon asked editors from all over the world, "How do you want to feel when you run or during your favorite work out?" Then, after I led everyone in a guided meditation, they gave them the opportunity to experience their response to the question that was posed while wearing one of lululemon's new innovative products in a run, mobility, and HIIT inspired work out that I created and led. Keep an eye out. It's game changing and launching soon.
Post-Cardio Circuit @syncstudiobklyn , my friend and student @everandthen staying role ready and jumping for joy after shooting an exciting part in a film coming soon to a theater near you. Your effort, dedication, and energy constantly inspires me! #syncstudio #syncstudiobklyn #roleready
At @worktrainfight this is how we show up, stand up, and put our gloves up to fight for what's right in support of @aliforneycenter and #HarlemNoHate .
First @tonehousenyc and @drinkwellwell of my new year to help me start it off strong. Thank you to my friend @feministbadass for fighting it out along side me on the turf in celebration of my birthday. Congratulations to my friend and one of the smartest people I know @sagananthony & to my fellow @lululemon ambassador @michaelchernow for seeing your vision WellWell become a reality and creating important waves regarding post-workout recovery in the fitness and wellness industries. I like the way this new year feels already. #ToneHouse
Last chance before the holiday to get better and stronger with me at @syncstudiobklyn ! Today: 5 pm Cardio Circuit 6 pm Cardio Circuit I created a bodyweight strength and cardio workout (including squat jumps as pictured) so you can take it with you on your travels and keep yourself on track with your goals. You are unstoppable. Let's do this! Photo by the incredible and talented @jaimiebaird #asics #stroops
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