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Paper Flowers keep their perfect shape and crispiness for years after picking #NanamiFloral
🌼These beauties. In stock and in bloom at @nanami_nursery this week. (Assorted colours available) #NanamiFloral
Bracteanthea (paper flower) #NanamiFloral
Our dipladenias are covered in buds and blooms #NanamiFloral
Vinca (annual). Available in assorted colours at @nanami_nursery These low-maintenance flowers require little care. Soil: Fertile, well-drained soil. Position: Full sun. Companions: Celosia. These heat-tolerant bloomers make good bed partners for taller marigolds and zinnias. They also grow nicely in pots. Spacing Single Plants: 30cm each way Rows: 30cm with 30cm row gap #NanamiFloral #NanamiGardenTips
Begonias are native to the moist tropical and subtropical climes of South and Central America, Southeast Asia and Africa. Planted en masse they create a wonderful, long lasting show of colour. The most ideal location for Begonias is dappled shade, although they can tolerate deeper shade but are then less floriferous. #NanamiGardenTips #NanamiFloral
Visit our farm stall today for fresh produce! Open til 2:30pm at @nanami_nursery. 1 Marina Drive, Marina Beach. . 🏵Pictured: Scabiosa, in stock now. #NanamiFloral #NanamiEvents
🏵After the very wet spell we've been having here on the South Coast, the sun is finally out and your soil is ready to receive new plants! While you're on holiday, pop into @nanami_nursery for beautifully healthy plants and pro advice on what to plant where, to get your garden looking like summer holiday! #NanamiGardenTips #NanamiFloral
🌸H I B I S C U S: The health benefits of hibiscus tea include relief from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as digestive, immune system, and inflammatory problems. It helps to cure liver disease and reduces the risk of cancer. It can also speed up the metabolism and help in healthy, gradual weight loss. Hibiscus tea is rich in vitamin C, minerals and various antioxidants, while also helping in the treatment of hypertension and anxiety. IN STOCK AT @nanami_nursery #NanamiFloral #NanamiHerbal
🌹Nothing says summer quite like Impatiens. They are water lovers and need to be kept well watered through summer. Best in semi-shade or morning sun and afternoon shade they spread to cover the ground in a blaze of colour. A variety of colours, now in stock at @nanami_nursery. #NanamiFloral #NanamiGardenTips
It's Pensioner's Day today (and every Wednesday) so pensioners get 10% off at Nanami Nursery! Pictured: our gazania (new day) seedlings have the most striking flowers in incredible colours! #NanamiEvents #NanamiFloral
🌺Assorted hibiscus now in stock at @nanami_nursery. Growing hibiscus is an easy way to add a tropical flair to your garden, rewarding you with many years of lovely flowers. Lush, beautiful flowers appear in summer, dying back to be replaced with more of the bountiful blooms the following year. Deadheading, the process of removing fading flowers, can improve the appearance of the plant and prevent reseeding. Although, deadheading hibiscus is not a necessary part of hibiscus flower care and you may be delaying next year’s flowers. These flowers are actually considered to be self-cleaning, dropping off on their own and replaced with new buds. Source: Gardening Know How #NanamiFloral #NanamiGardenTips
Gaillardia, or Blanket Flower, is an easy to grow, short-lived perennial that blooms long enough to blanket your garden. It forms a slowly spreading mound that can reseed and sprawl through the garden. Blanket flowers have a long season of bloom, with repeat flowering from mid-summer through autumn. As are such long bloomers, they work equally well in borders and containers. #NanamiFloral #NanamiGardenTips
Every Wednesday is Pensioner's Day at Nanami Nursery! 💛 10% off all purchases for pensioners #NanamiFloral #NanamiEvents
🌻Double Sahara zinnia - now in stock at Nanami in pink or yellow! This zinnia makes a huge colour show. All-season performance and durability in landscapes and containers, especially in sunny, hot and dry conditions. Intermediate size is perfect for mid-level plantings in the landscape. Works well in containers, too #NanamiGardenTips #NanamiFloral
🌻Foxglove, now in stock at Nanami Nursery! Foxglove plants grow best in rich, well draining soil. Caring for foxglove plants will include keeping the soil moist. As a biennial or short lived perennial, the gardener can encourage re-growth of foxglove flowers by not allowing the soil to dry out or to get too soggy. If flower heads are not removed, foxglove plants reseed themselves abundantly. Using them as cut flowers can decrease reseeding. If flowers are allowed to drop seeds, thin the seedlings next year to about 18 inches apart, allowing growing foxgloves room to develop. If you want additional foxglove plants next year, leave the last flowers of the season to dry on the stalk and drop seeds for new growth. Source: Gardening Know How #NanamiGardenTips #NanamiFloral
Wednesday is Pensioner's Day at Nanami Nursery! Pensioners get 10% off purchases 💛 . Pictured: Daylilies are rugged, adaptable, vigorous perennials that endure in a garden for many years with little or no care. Daylilies adapt to a wide range of soil and light conditions. They establish quickly, grow vigorously, and survive winters with little or no injury. Now in stock at Nanami! #NanamiFloral #NanamiGardenTips
Recharge your roses after their October flower flush with fertilizer. Check the mulch around plants and renew it is necessary to keep the roots cool and moist. Water at least 3 times per week and spray fortnightly with a combination rose spray to deter pests. #NanamiFloral #NanamiGardenTips
🌺Dahlia figaro is a dwarf "landscape" dahlia with semi-double flowers in shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, and white. It works well as bedding and in containers, and blooms from planting time until frost. Now in stock at Nanami Nursery! #NanamiGardenTips #NanamiFloral
🌺Currently in stock: Celosia flowers, also called woolflowers, have unusual flowers that can bloom up to 10 weeks. These flowers can have red, pink, purple, gold or bicolored blooms. When many celosia flower blooms are next to each other, they collectively resemble fire, which is why the genus name Celosia, meaning burning in Greek, was chosen. The common name of cockscomb comes from the bloom’s resemblance to a rooster’s comb. Each blossom is made up of many tiny flowers, which is why this flower will produce numerous small seeds and keep sprouting in your plant containers with no extra effort on your part. Celosia flowers also look great in vases and bouquets, so you can bring their beauty indoors. #NanamiFloral #NanamiGardenTips
New day gazania. One of our many bright and beautiful new seedlings available in mixed colours this week . A low maintenance South African annual that will brighten up your hard-to-landscape spaces and butterflies will flock to these prolific summer bloomers. Gazania flowers thrive in full sun and the leathery foliage of gazania plants is a clue to the high drought tolerance of this flower. The daisy-like flowers grow in a variety of hot hues on the color wheel, like red, orange, and yellow. Many flowers feature solids and horizontal or vertical variegation on petals, sometimes with splashes of white and bright pink. #NanamiIndigenous #NanamiFloral #NanamiGardenTips
🌺Durango Marigold. We have a variety of colours in stock right now including these intensely orange babes, red durango, yellow durango and janie primrose varieties. Marigolds are a water-wise choice for your garden and a great way to add swathes of colour. These sun-loving bedding plants thrive with minimal care. #NanamiGardenTips #NanamiFloral
🌹Did you know? October is rose month and your roses should be enjoyed in all their glory! This peachy beauty is currently blooming at Nanami Nursery, in our small but sweet selection of rose bushes🌹 #NanamiFloral
🌺Why the name “Clivia”? History has it that a young horticulturalist, working for Kew Gardens in London, named James Bowie, arrived in the Cape and spent considerable time and effort sending plants back home, to be classified and grown in the glasshouses and gardens of Syon House, the residence of the Duchess of Northumerland. The Botanist Lindley named this plant “ Clivianobilis “ as a compliment to the Duchess of Northumberland, a patron of gardening, of the noble family of ‘Clive’ #NanamiIndigenous #NanamiFloral
🌺Cape Honeysuckle (tecoma capensis) eating up the morning sun here at Nanami Nursery. This beauty comes in red, yellow or orange and is super easy to grow! It's a tough shrub that survives heat, drought, coastal conditions and wind. It will even grow in poor, sandy soil. Get yours now at @nanami_nursery ! Follow for more gardening and plant care tips 🌟 #NanamiGardenTips #NanamiFloral
🍴🌷You'll find lots of edible flowers at Nanami Nursery, like this scrumptious ruby red dianthus. It is always best to grow your own edible flowers, so you can be sure that they are clean and free from pests or disease. Edible flowers are best picked fresh from the garden the day you want to use them. Growing your own also allows you to experiment and show off to dinner guests both what you have grown and what you’ve created with a colourful and tasty dish. Most dianthus have a pleasant spicy, floral, clove-like taste, especially the more fragrant varieties, and are ideal for decorating or adding to cakes. They'll also make a colourful garnish to soups, salads and the punch bowl. The petals of some will add zest to ice cream, sorbets, salads, fruit salad, dessert sauces, seafood and stir-fries. It is advisable to remove the white heel at the base of the petal as this has a bitter taste. #NanamiFloral #NanamiGardenTips
Landscaping ideas for indigenous Cape Honeysuckle! . 🥀Ornamental shrub at the back of the border. . 🥀Screening plant to block out an unwanted view. . 🥀Climber against a wall. . 🥀Wide hedge. . 🥀Massed plantings in large gardens or down a driveway. . 🥀Butterfly & bird attracting shrub in an eco-friendly garden. . 🥀Container plant. Source: lifeisagarden.co.za #NanamiFloral #NanamiGardenTips
🏵Dipladenia Sanderi. Flowers throughout the warmer months and can extend into autumn should warm weather be present. The plant is evergreen and has a degree of wind resistance. It prefers a sunny position and can prosper under semi-shade as long as it has a few hours of sun. The flowers are highly fragrant and have a smell reminiscent of jasmine. Diplandenia is well suited to coastal areas and enjoys an abundance of water. #NanamiFloral #NanamiGardenTips
🌷Geraniums! Our colourful new Spring stock this week includes a variety of geraniums (pelargonium) like this vibrant Ivy Red beauty with its intensely lemon-scented foliage 🍋 #NanamiFloral
🌺🌺Follow @nanami_nursery for pro gardening tips!🌺🌺 . Visit our nursery in Marina Beach for beautifully healthy plants with a great selection of colourful Spring blooms and everything you need to keep them in top shape. We have loads of indigenous options too, which are always low maintenance and water wise! #NanamiFloral
Our Inca Lilies are ready to bloom! The Alstroemeria is a hardy perennial plant. Among the more exotically beautiful flowers, they make great cuttings or stand-alone plants. Because they’re very resilient, you can use them as borders in your landscaping scheme, potted plants on the patio, or indoors. A long blooming period makes them perfect for long lasting cut flowers. #NanamiGardenTips #NanamiFloral
Kalanchoe Tessa. Perennial succulent with fleshy oval, red-edged, mid-green leaves. Orange-red tubular flowers. Can be propagated by seeds or cuttings in spring or summer. Good for hanging baskets. #NanamiFloral
🌱 Happy Spring Day! Our bright new floral arrivals at the nursery this week include honeysuckle, pelargonium, bidens, petunia, agastache, dipladenia, lavender and more! #NanamiFloral
🏵Our cyclamen showing off in the morning light with flowers in shades of pink, purple, or white. Even the foliage is attractive, often having silver marbling on the top sides of the leaves. Cyclamen make excellent houseplants, blooming for weeks and requiring very little care. #NanamiFloral
Polygala myrtifolia from one of our recent landscaping projects. An attractive evergreen shrub that grows up to 2 meters, the September bush is able to adapt to most garden situations. It is fast growing, making it especially useful for new gardens. Polygala myrtifolia in the wild varies in form according to its habitat and distribution. In some areas  it is a tough, loosely branched plant with relatively small, narrow leaves, while in others it is denser with larger, softer leaves. It flowers best in full sun, really dry conditions, poor soil and the least possible care - see natural habitat in photograph 6 above. Good in wild gardens, very dry gardens and exclusion zones. #NanamiGardenTips #NanamiFloral
Our green & white variegated Bromeliads with pink flowers make a beautiful, low-maintenance ground cover. See 2 posts back on how to keep these plants happy 🏵 #NanamiFloral
🌼New Arrivals!🌼 . Osteospermum, otherwise know as the African Daisy, adds instant cheer to spring and autumn gardens with its colourful flowers and dark green foliage. The blooms are wonderful for cutting and appear in a wide range of colours. #NanamiFloral #NanamiPlants
🌷New Arrivals!🌷 Lavendula stoechas, also called French Lavender, Spanish Lavender or Butterfly Lavender enjoys a long blooming season from spring to late summer. Evergreen in warm climates, thriving in full sun, and a real magnet for bees and butterflies. Spectacular in mass planting and superb in containers. Creates stunning hedges in summer thanks to its free flowering habit. Best if sheared back after peak summer bloom to promote shorter and sturdier flower stems. #NanamiFloral #NanamiGardenTips
💗Our squishy pink Vygies💗 . Vygies – or mesembryanthemums – are truly South Africa’s most colourful plant group. Their silky-textured flowers – in just about every colour of the rainbow – will give an extraordinary luminosity to any border. With more than 1800 species from which to choose, whatever your taste in plants and garden design, there will be a vygie to suit your fancy. The widely used Afrikaans name vygie – which literally means ‘small fig’ – is based on the fact that the top-like fruiting capsule also resembles a small fig. #NanamiPlants #NanamiFloral #NanamiPlantLady
Our Pink Double Azaleas are in full bloom 🌸 . Azaleas are flowering, evergreen shrubs. This enchantress of a flower will charm your garden with months of colourful blooms! They are easy to care for, come in a variety of colours, and can be grown in nearly any garden to add interest and colour to drab areas. #NanamiFloral #Nanamiplants #NanamiPlantLady
Morning dew on our Argyranthemum (Marguerite daisy) 🏵 . Argyranthemum {Arr-jer-ran-the-mum} Cabernet Serenade has attractive, semi-double dark burgundy flowers that bloom through spring and summer. It is a fantastic garden performer with early flowering, excellent branching, and great heat tolerance. Looks gorgeous in garden borders, rock gardens, landscaping gardening, and mixed containers. #nanamifloral #nanamiplantlady #nanamiplants