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they do not play play out here @ @sloansicecream in Santa Monica 🍨🍦 #sundaefunday
lemme get a bagel with cream cheese please... plus half of everything in your fridge 🙃@guss_drive_in with their take on the breakfast bagel
#ad Fall kicks off the official tailgate season! Around our household all things football reign supreme, which means there is always a reason to indulge in delicious food and surround ourselves with friends and family. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that there is always at least *one* friend that indulges a little too much, I mean, it happens to us all! To keep the game alive and ensure everyone’s spirits remain high, I always come prepared with TUMS Chewy Bites. These fast-acting chews are a game-changer and can relieve even the most challenging stomach. So what better way to stay prepared and on top of things than to #PassTheTUMS at your next tailgate party? You can score a 10% off @Target when you check-out with the Cartwheel app.
chicken koobideh kabob (ground leg & breast, mixed with special spices and charbroiled) & barg kabob (charbroiled filet mignon) taking a bath in hummus and hot sauce 🔥🔥🔥@raffisplace was so damn good
🏈 season is H U G E in this house. And what's my favorite part? F O O D for 'Home'gating!!!!! NOMNOMNOM #ad • Too bad I've had issues with heartburn ever since my last pregnancy. Oy vey, anyone else?!🤰🏻How do I enjoy all of these Korean-inspired appetizer bites? • I make sure to take TUMS before eating ALLTHETHINGS so that I can have fun watching the games with the boys. Be sure to pick up TUMS Sugar Free Chewable Acid Reducers at your local @target and use the cartwheel app for 10% off! #PasstheTums • https://bit.ly/2y1p2Xc • Korean BBQ marinade meatballs with Cucumber Kimchi Bites Fried Kimbap Rolls Pork Galbi Lettuce Wraps
Maybe it’s because I’m a Philly girl at heart 🦅, so this football season I’m a little more excited to follow along and most importantly tailgate. #ad ▫️ And because I want to send the most time with friends, I make it easy on myself by prepping these delicious and cute Italian meatballs and tossing them in the crockpot. ▫️ You can even skip the plates and just let everyone pick up a slice of baguette and then jazz them up with some hot pepper flakes, Parmesan cheese and fresh basil leaves. ▫️ But, if you want to make it fancy, you can also plate them up ahead of time. Then, have plenty of TUMS Chewy Bites on hand, because that spicy red sauce and those yummy meatballs will definitely need help settling down, and TUMS comes through every time! Plus you can save 10% with @target Cartwheel app. ▫️ Happy tailgating, friends! #passthetums #footballseason
#ad Are you ready for the big game? I know I am. Big plays, spicy foods, and my fave drinks are going down at our Trunk Tailgate. First stop? @target to pick up last-minute game day essentials and @Tums Chewy Bites. (Nothing is going to get in the way of this good time.) Swipe to see more shots of our simple set up, and click the link in bio for an exclusive 10% off offer from Target.👉🏼 #ad #passthetums #tailgate #trunktailgate #spicyfood #tailgateparty #beprepared #partytime #buythiscookthat #chickenwings #buffalowings #footballtime #footballparty #letsdothis
I'm usually holding on to summer for dear life but I'm welcoming fall with open arms this year. #ad I'm excited for the crisp weather and fall activities, especially football! Chili is a must when it comes to tailgating season. Growing up football was on TV every Sunday, and Saturdays were spent at the stadium through college. Now we're cheering on our team with tailgate parties at our house. We usually do pitch-ins and my favorite to have on hand is a chili bar. Having a chili bar with all the toppings calls for TUMS for a touchdown of a party. TUMS® Chewy Bites® are a favorite because they're pretty much candy and I can carry them easily in my purse. Everything is better in purse size! What are your tailgating must-haves? Check out the Cartwheel App for a coupon on your tailgating supplies, including 10% off TUMS Chewy Bites at @Target. #PassTheTUMS https://bit.ly/2y3y2LP
AD It’s time for football and tailgate parties. That means I get to make my favorite extra spicy chicken wings. In our house we love spicy food, but spicy food doesn’t always love us. We beat heartburn to the punch with TUMS Chewy Bites with Gas Relief so we can enjoy our wings and the game. Buy some at @Target and save 10% with Cartwheel. #PassTheTums
#sponsored Fall means football and football means tailgates. Tailgating doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, I think it’s better when you keep it good and simple, like these Chili Cheese Dilly Dogs with an assortment of chips, icy lemonade, and fresh fruit. You can pick up all the necessities at Target — and while you’re there, don’t forget the Tums. At a tailgate, it’s better to be safe than sorry — and you can save 10% with this special Cartwheel offer. @tums #PassTheTums
(AD) Football season is here and that means it’s time to tailgate! For the best tailgating experience be sure to arrive early to grab a good spot, bring adequate seating and a large cooler with lots of ice, choose foods & snacks that can be served in individual portions or individual containers, decorate your trunk to give it that festive feeling and show your team spirit, bring some shade and lots of drinks, and don’t forget the TUMS Chewy Bites to keep heartburn at bay! Right now you can save 10% on @Tums Chewy Bites at @Target with the Cartwheel offer. #PassTheTUMS . . . #tailgate #tailgating #tailgateparty #football #footballseason #footballseasonishere #tailgatefood #homegating
We are still in recovery mode following the Great Chili Cook-Off of 2018. Fun event, fabulous food, full bellies...what more can you ask? 😋 #teamonspring #passthetums
Bacon, beef, cheese, and a sprinkle of nostalgia made this meal a special one with my pops in my old hood 🍔 • the "Original Big Boy" + bacon from the burger OG @bobsbigboybroiler
chicken skin nachos, flamin hot cheeto creme brulee, and bubble tea with our faces printed into the foam. thank you @norcalnightmarket for an experience my intestines will never forget #passthetums #worthit @littlerainselfiedrinks @chicknskin @ilovebrulee
this blue cheese dipping sauce with the ribeye was IN. SANE. definitely went perfectly with my Modelo and the live mariachi music haha 🎺
@AlondraHotWings Holy Trinity • cheese balls • custom pizza • chicken wangs (lemon pepper/mango habanero) Shoot me a glorious cup of ranch and get the hell out my way pleaseeee 🥛
A wonderful weekend celebrating the beautiful bride to be! ❤️🎉👰🏻🥂#bachelorette #kissthemissgoodbye #wildwomenwhowine #passthetums
Get ready for some Nola foodie spam fam⚜️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - Chargrilled Oysters - Shrimp & Grits - Duck Hash - Softshell Crab ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Not pictured the life changing Shrimp & Alligator Cheesecake that I will be dreaming about for like everrr. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #Donovans30th #Nolastyle #passtheTums
And cue the applause...#TummerTime is in full swing! Don’t let heartburn and gas get ya down! Make sure you #PassTheTUMS and try TUMS Chewy Bites + Gas Relief this summer! 😎🌴 #ad
easily one of the best things I've eaten all year, just wow 🤤finally got to try the luscious goat birria from Birrieria De Don Boni and it lived up to ALL the hype
you haven't lived til you've had a bacon wrapped hotlink covered in perfectly seasoned carne asada, sour cream, and guacamole while sittin' at the bar enjoying hefeweizen from a glass boot 👌🏾congrats on the popup @tacos_n_buns , you killed it
I had a cheat day, a MAJOR cheat day at the @mnstatefair. Definitely back on the healthy stuff immediately after, but this is a once a year must-do event. This wasn’t everything Ro and I tried (and shared, come on I’m not THAT crazy), but it’s our favorites of the year! The top items for us were the #RainbowCloudRoll (I will always dream of you) and the @liftbridge #MiniDonutBeer . Not pictured but always a winner: @sweetmarthas cookies.
Bryan's Sandwich: juicy seared salmon, Old Bay seasoning, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and some fresh green chile mayo to top it off 👌🏾 • dope lil spot tucked away on the second floor of the @galleryfoodhall. oh and don't forget the fries! so good after a nice shimmy shimmy ya of that Old Bay on top 🤤
try and eat ONLY one of these, I double double animal style dog dare you 🤤 the juicy and crispy sweet beef empanadas from @rikasempanadas
whoever was holdin' out on pastrami breakfast sandwiches, I hope you know I don't like you very much right now cause WHOA • touché @drinkhouz , touché
#ad Last week, on the blog, I shared about 5 wellness practices that I’ve been trying out this summer. I have finally gotten into yoga and I’ve been loving it. I’ve also been using #TUMSSugarFree to combat heartburn. To learn more about all of the wellness practices I’ve been into, head over to the blog! • • • • • #PassTheTUMS #selfcarematters #wellnessblogger #imsobloggingthis #bppsummerproject #yogalife #bodypositivity #ootdgals #prettylittleiiinspo #athleisure #targetstyle #pablogger #qaloring #fashionblogger #bedeeplyrooted #inspiringsimplicity #communityovercompetition
#ad Eating healthy and still getting heartburn?? It’s something that used to bother us very often, so after a lot of permutation n combination, I finally found these 👉🏻 Top 7 Healthy Food that Causes Heartburn👈🏻 and an instant solution: 🆕👉🏻 TUMS Sugar-Free to cure it🙌🏻🙌🏻🤩 . Did you know that even a fresh lemon or your fav berry fruit can cause acidity? . Or that tiny bite of Dark Chocolate can give you a quick heartburn . Especially when I’m traveling, so I always like to carry these TUMS Sugar-Free for a quick relief. . So whether you’re eating healthy or heading for those last of Summer BBQ or Brunches, carry some TUMS Sugar-Free & Enjoy. Also they come in my Fav Berry Flavor😍😍 . You can find more details and a coupon here👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 ✅ http://www.easycookingwithmolly.com/2018/08/top-7-healthy-food-causing-heartburn/ . . . . . #PassTheTUMS #TUMSSugarfree sugarfree #tums #heartburn #foodies #coupon #eatwell #digestivehealth #healthiswealth #pragency #foodbloggers #eatgoodfeelgood #foodstylist #socialmediamarketing
game. over. • the legendary pastrami chili cheese fries from @langersdeli 🍟
Happy weekend!! How are you celebrating? Find out how easy it is to entertain with less sugar and lots of #flavor . This great news now on the blog! 🎉🍭🍦#TUMSSugarFree #PassTheTUMS #ad #partyplanning #weekend . . . . . . #bbq #party #dinner #dinnerparty #celebrate #fun #friends #neighbors #dessert #recipes
My kids are back in school, I’m back in the gym. AD — Earlier this year I switched up my wellness routine and it’s been working out for my good. My skin and hair is glowing. I’m at my goal weight even though I haven’t worked out in two months and y’all, I think it has something to do with my wellness regimen. Swipe to see what I’ve been using this summer. 🔸Henna 🔸Biotin 🔸TUMS Sugar-Free* heartburn relief 🔸Activated Charcoal 🔸Natural Deodorant For more details behind my summer wellness picks, use the link in my bio or visit ApronsAndStilletos.com. #TUMSSugarFree #PassTheTUMS
#ad School may have started but summer is still in full swing here and grilling is going down! Find out how I combat heartburn while eating my favorite grilled foods AND how to perfectly grill corn. #TUMSSugarFree #PassTheTUMS 👇👇👇 https://www.simplymaderecipes.com/how-to-perfectly-grill-corn/ . #yum #corn #grilling #hungry #recipe #side #simplymade #feedme #foodie #foodislife #foodiemom #summer #summertime #instagood #instalike #grilledcorn #howto
I’m sorry Lucas #passthetums #insulinpump
KNOCK KNOCK? Any brains in there? Hullooooooo!!??? Let me set the scene: It's your birthday. You're squeezing homemade chocolate syrup on a reasonably sized piece of tuxedo cake and an acceptable amount of ice cream when the lid pops off the squeeze bottle, splatting half the contents into your bowl and on to the counter. You: A) discard the entire dessert because nothing tastes good drowned in that much chocolate; B) scoop out and discard most of the excess chocolate syrup; C) clean the syrup off the counter and then take a strong stand against common sense by shrugging your shoulders, picking up the bowl, and plopping down on the couch to eat the whole thing, and then sit in digestive agony thinking "I can't believe I ate the whole thing". This on top of eating all the Skor apple dip minus the apple delivery system last night and I think it's safe to say that my pancreas should be getting some serious overtime pay on birthday weekends and may want to renegotiate the contract next year. Apparently there IS such a thing as too much chocolate. I are dumb. #whoops #passthetums #toomuch #makeitstop #getbackonthewagon #lessthanperfect #motivation #inspiration #weightloss #weightmaintenance #weightlossjourney
daydreaming about noods on this lovely sunday 🍜 • feasted on 3 noodle dishes that day but these Szechwan cold noodles right hereeeee? Perfection. Got the level 4 spicy and added those beautifully tender pieces of beef, mix it all up and you get a spicy peanutty (is that a word? it is now) bowl of noodles you can't eat fast enough forreal. And those red oil chaoshou dumplings my gawd 🔥 can't wait to go back for spicy level 5
TFW you ate too much and now you want to hurl . #classicart #passthetums
little sister made jerk chicken .. pretty good! 🍗🍗👍🏽👍🏽@mandii.renee #passthetums
Traveling with my friends/business partners is ALWAYS a blast. But as we ramped up our travel schedule this year, I was hit with a few unexpected surprises! #Ontheblog is my new post 3 Tips for Stress Free Travel with Other Mompreneurs #linkinbio https://gymcraftlaundry.com/3-tips-for-stress-free-travel/ @sofablife @bloglifeu @donnalcrenshaw @melissallado #ad #PasstheTUMS #TUMSSugarfree . . . . #womeninbiz #businesswoman #businessowners #ad #smallbusiness #travel #work #businesstravel #businesstravellife #mompreneur #momlife #womeninbusiness #conferencelife
living walking distance from here is gonna be a problem • lamb X chicken combo plate with the legendary white & red sauce combo drizzle @thehalalguyssocal
Our family fair tradition continued today and it was as fun as ever! Hot hot hot, but that’s what ice cream is for😉 Thanks @iowastatefair ! #iowastatefair #americaneedsfarmers #corndoglife #passthetums
#ad Zesty Garden Fresh Tomato Salsa 🔥🔥 Spicy and bold with habanero. Salsa is one of the greatest foods ever, isn’t it? Get our easy recipe with @sofabfood on the blog. Swipe for more. #TUMSSugarFree #PassTheTUMS #CollectiveBias #recipeoftheday #salsa #salsarecipe #tomatosalsa #easyrecipes #spicy #habanero #pepper #🌶 #nomnom #fresh #garden
#ad Growing up, we always looked forward to the Fireman's Field Day - where marinated barbecued chicken was the highlight of the event. Well, that and homemade pies made by locals! So glad to have #TUMSSugarFree by my side after enjoying this delicious meals I I can wilt stick to my sugar free lifestyle! This is a MUST TRY recipe! Don't let your summer go by without it! # #PassTheTUMS   #linkinprofile #ad https://www.grumpyshoneybunch.com/2018/08/firemens-field-day-chicken-barbecue.html . . . . . #barbecue #chicken #grilling #grillporn #keto #ketorecipe #lowcarb #meatporn #bbqporn #bbqlife #grill #bbq #meatlovers #recipe #grumpyshoneybunch #bbqlovers #yummyfood #instameat #foodie #yumgoggle #grilledchicken #hungry #tasty #foodblogger #deliciousfood #carnivore
mannnnnnnn I forgot how much I used to love this dish, crispy chicken soaked in a magical thick gravy sauce 🔥first time tryin' it @ this spot but they definitely doin' it proper #portugesechicken #throughthe6withmywoes
Final ultrasound ever!!!! Still didn’t get to see her face but, her hair was flowing around like a mermaid #passthetums #lastbabyever #babygirl #seeyousoon
#ad There’s nothing like grilled mushrooms🍄 Today I’m sharing my favorite last minute appetizer—BUFFALO GRILLED MUSHROOMS WITH BLUE CHEESE DIP 😋😋😋 • • Mushrooms are tossed in a luscious butter, hot sauce, thyme and lemon zest mixture then skewered and grilled to perfection. Served with a cooling creamy dreamy blue cheese dip that packs more flavor and punch🍄 • • If you get a heart burn like I do after zesty spicy delicious meals, worry not! I got my TUMS {now Sugar free} for instant relief! • • **Get the Full Recipe and a special coupon for the TUMS on this link: https://www.twopurplefigs.com/buffalo-grilled-mushrooms-with-blue-cheese-sauce/ ... or click on my Profile Link** • •#TUMSSugarFree #PassTheTUMS #healthymeals #feedfeed #bbq #vegetarian #healthycuisines #beautifulcuisines #foodfortheinsta #food52 #foodforfoodies #spicy 🌶 #grilling #huffposttaste #buzzfeedfood #foodblogger #foodiegram
(ad) 🙌 BBQ 🙌 Grilled Strawberry 🍓🍓 Steak Kabobs 🍡🍡 with a Spicy 🌶🌶Low Sugar Strawberry Barbecue Sauce! This EASY recipe will sure fire up your backyard #BBQ this summer. Don't forget the TUMS Sugar-Free Melon Berry, it has all the extra-strength power of TUMS, without the sugar! Get the recipe now! . Link in bio! 👉 @scrappy_geek . #TUMSSugarFree #PassTheTUMS . #grilled #food #foodpic #foodie #foodporn #foodblogger #food52 #foods #foodiepics #foodpics #foodies #foodgasm #foodstagram #instafood #yummy #buzzfeedfood #foodporn #foodiegram #tasty #huffposttaste #huffpostfood #food #eats #buzzfeast #foodfeed #faveblogs #NewHampshireBlogger
nectar of the gods poured over delicious meats, welcome to @tacoselflacoeastla #theirsalsaisCRACK
taste buds assaulted from every angle • - Burger sliders with mozzarella, bacon, and a perfectly cooked patty - Monster fried oysters topped with gravy - Korean BBQ monster burrito with marinated sliced pork loin, grilled onions and peppers, cheese, and guacamole - Spicy seafood noodle soup with shrimp, mussels, clams, mushrooms, and a delicioussss crisp spicy broth • definitely goin' back to try the ribs and the fried chicken and definitely not eating for the rest of the week haha full as hellllllllllllll
I’ve been craving bell peppers lately. For James I craved cantaloupe, watermelon, and orange juice. This baby has me craving bell peppers, Asian food, and Mexican food! #heartburncity • • • • #cravings #craving #pregnancycravings #couldbeworse #pregnant #pregnancy #heartburn #heartburneveryday #passthetums #bellpeppers #gypsypeppers
crispy french fries + aged melted cheddar + smoked bacon + sour cream = 🎯
Congratulations to our "Taste of Farmers Market Challenge" winners who tried EVERY taste and picked up EVERY giveaway this past Tuesday. They all get a FREE ticket to next year's event! Left to right: KC Siekowski, Kim Hillman, Michelle Taktani. Runner Up: Pepto-Bismol! 🏆🏆🏆 #TheOriginalFarmersMarket #TasteOfFarmersMarket #ChallengeAccepted #ChallengeMet 💪🏼 #PassThePepto
chicken sando X hot spice level X comeback sauce galore 🔥 • every other part of my body is burning from the heat, figure I'd let my tongue join the party with some assistance from @howlinrays
chicken katsu curry bowl with an explosion of perfectly cooked poached egg 🍚 @takasan.co
And cue the applause...#TummerTime is in full swing! Don’t let heartburn and gas get ya down! Make sure you #PassTheTUMS and try TUMS Chewy Bites + Gas Relief this summer! 😎🌴 #ad
medium rare patty melt perfection from @cassellshamburgers 👌🏾(if you really feelin' fat like me don't forget to add bacon)
This pregnancy app really seems to get me. #32weeks #worthit #passthetums
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