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Just got my order from Amazon today. I love Paul David Tripp’s books. Years ago I bought Morning Mercies and loved his gentle straight to the point message. Looking forward to opening this book of encouragement. #book #pauldavidtripp #suffering #togodbetheglory
‪“I’m a package of weaknesses held together by divine grace.” 🙏🏻💙🙏🏻‬ #pauldavidtripp #weak #heisstrong #colorado #itsnotaboutme
I'm a package of weaknesses held together by divine grace.⠀ ⠀ #paultripp #pauldavidtripp
#Repost @toniopanaligan • • • • • ✏️ "God has not promised me a comfortable life. He’s promised me himself." -Paul David Tripp #PaulDavidTripp #Suffering #Crossway
✏️ "God has not promised me a comfortable life. He’s promised me himself." -Paul David Tripp https://www.crossway.org/articles/how-suffering-crushes-our-unrealistic-expectations/ #PaulDavidTripp #Suffering #Crossway
Samedi 13 Octobre dernier avec Rolly, nous avons étudié le passage de #Philippiens 3. Ce passage nous montre que Paul a vécu l'inconfort, en renonçant à ce qui lui était cher. Il renonce à tout car pour lui, Jésus est ce qu’il y a de plus important. Il veut davantage connaître Christ. Il reconnait humblement qu'il n'est pas arrivé, qu'il a encore besoin de grandir, c'est pourquoi il continue à courir pour le connaître davantage, plus se rapprocher de Lui .⠀ Connaître #Jésus coûte. Pour #Paul cela en vaut la peine. Qu'en est-il pour toi ? Que t'appelle-t-il à renoncer ? Aspires-tu à ce que Jésus te délivre encore et encore de ton péché en vue de ta #croissance ?⠀ #ecegrenoble #gdjecegrenoble #jeunes #jeunesChrétiens #groupedejeunes #Bible #pauldavidtripp
Tag someone who needs this reminder today From my new book, "Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn't Make Sense" Available at http://PaulTripp.com/Suffering #paultripp #pauldavidtripp
Word Wednesday. Find encouragement from the devotion New Morning Mercies. #newmorningmercies #gospeltruth #pauldavidtripp
//God created an awesome world. God intentionally loaded the world with amazing things to leave you astounded. The carefully air-conditioned termite mound in Africa, the tart crunchiness of an apple, the explosion of thunder, the beauty of an orchid, the interdependent systems of the human body, the inexhaustible pounding of the ocean waves, and thousands of other created sights, sounds, touches, and tastes—God designed all to be awesome. And he intended you to be daily amazed.// "Everything you have made will praise you, fulfilling its purpose..." -Psalms 145:10 (TPT) • • • • • #nofilter #selaheveryday 💗 #pauldavidtripp
My favorite rainy day activity: drinking coffee while curling up under a blanket to read a book! - This is my daily devotional, and I love it! In the past, I had been turned off by devotionals because many of the ones I picked up seemed “fluffy” and didn’t seem to go in depth. HOWEVER, I love this one! - New Morning Mercies by @pauldavidtripp is convicting, meaty, and just plain good for my soul. Give it a shot! - I’d love to hear from you! What are you currently reading? Have you found a devotional you like? . . . . . #rainyday #itsfallyall #reading #daily #devotional #mercies #doterra #essentialoils #health #wellness #momlife #corpuschristi #amandagerber #morningmercies #crunchy #coffee #mug #pumpspotting #pauldavidtripp
Suffering is never neutral. #paultripp #pauldavidtripp
L'étude du samedi 13 Octobre portait sur #Philippiens 3. Avec Rolly, nous avons vu comment Paul travaille à mieux connaître Christ. ⠀ Pour #Paul , travailler à connaître Christ, c’est d’abord reconnaître sa suprématie sur tout⠀ Pour lui, Jésus est ce qu’il y a de plus important. Pour Jésus, Paul a renoncé à son statut juif, son pharisianisme... Suivre Jésus coûte, car Jésus veut redéfinir nos objectifs personnels afin de défaire nos plans de bonheur terrestre pour nous tourner vers lui.⠀ A quoi Christ t'appelle-t-il à renoncer pour plus lui ressembler ?⠀ Ensuite nous avons vu que travailler à connaître Christ, c'est reconnaître notre besoin de grandir. En effet, Paul considère qu’il n’est pas encore arrivé, qu'il n’est pas parfait. Qu'il a encore besoin de plus connaître Jésus, d'être délivré de son péché pour plus ressembler à Jésus. Es-tu conscient(e) de ton besoin de plus grandir ? Que mets-tu en place pour plus grandir ?⠀ Enfin, Paul nous invite à oublier notre passé pour nous focaliser sur l'avenir être avec Christ⠀ Paul a persécuté l’#église … C’était un assassin, il était présent quand Etienne se faisait lapidé à mort. Un passé chargé. En général notre passé nous affecte en bien mais il peut également nous affecter en mal. Mais la réalité de l’évangile, nous rappelle que notre passé n’a pas à déterminer notre futur. Paul est désormais apôtre en marche pour le ciel. ⠀ ⠀ #ecegrenoble #gdjecegrenoble #jeunes #jeunesChrétiens #groupedejeunes #Bible #pauldavidtripp
A little late, but here are my #septemberreads . Not pictured is Elinor Oliphant is Completely Fine, which I listened to on @audiobooks_com I can recommend each of last month’s reads, but especially Brené Brown’s Rising Strong. Life-changing. #books #bookstagram #read #readsomething #readersofinstagram #goodreads #goodreadschallenge2017 #fiction #literature #getliterary #whatanovelidea #brenebrown #risingstrong #laurengraham #somedaysomedaymaybe #elinoroliphantiscompletelyfine #gailhoneyman #pauldavidtripp #gospelbasedparenting #parentingbooks
The best stories have beginning, middle, end. @pauldavidtripp reminds us we’re living and participating in an incredible rescue mission, led by a compassionate, faithful God who’s in the business of eternal hope and redemption. . #pauldavidtripp #redeemed #hope #change #transformation #changemakers #ambassadors #representatives #love #faith #counseling #biblical #therapy #therapysession #mentalhealthawareness #spiritualhealth #goodreads #adoption #adoptees #adopted #adoptedchild #resources #support #courage #help #therapyredeemed
True prayer happens at the intersection of surrender and celebration. 🙏🏻 In true prayer, you surrender your claim on your life to the greater and wiser plans and purposes of God. 🙏🏻 You celebrate forgiving, rescuing, transforming, enabling, and delivering grace. You find joy in your inclusion in his work of redemption. You find hope in the glorious future that is to come. 🙏🏻 #pauldavidtripp #newmorningmercies #TheLordsPrayer #trueprayer #prayinsurrenderandcelebration #greaterandwiserplansandpurposesofGod #prayforAmerica
“The ambassador doesn’t have any authority in and of himself. He has authority only because he represents a king who has authority. Here’s God’s amazing plan. He makes his invisible authority visible by sending visible authority figures as his representatives. This means that every time you exercise authority in the lives of your children, it must be a beautiful picture of the authority of God. In the lives of your children, you are the look of God’s face, you are the touch of his hand, and you are the tone of his voice. You must never exercise authority in an angry, impatient way. You must never exercise authority in an abusive way. You must never exercise authority in a selfish way. Why? Because you have been put into your position as parent to display before your children how beautiful, wise, patient, guiding, protective, rescuing, and forgiving God’s authority is.” Paul David Tripp
A storm is brewing here in Virginia, so it’s only fitting that I’m sitting on the porch reading “Shelter in the Time of Storm,” by Tripp. This book is utterly breathtaking. He is such a gifted writer and describes spiritual experiences in such a poetic and beautiful way that I just keep highlighting, jotting notes, and staring into space deep in thought 🤔☺️ . . This is an in-depth look at Psalm 27...not a study or a commentary...52 short reflections on various lines in the Psalm. If you are experiencing suffering, struggling, going through addiction or depression...this would be an INCREDIBLE devotional book to go through. Tripp shares his own stories and gives amazing illustrations to make his points and I can’t say enough about how good this book is. Highly, highly recommend!! . #read #reading #reader #bookstagram #book #readeveryday #readingislife #booksarelife #bookrecommendations #bookreview #instabook #momread #mombook #christianbooks #myquiettime #pauldavidtripp #christianbookreview #bookreviewer #bookish #bibliophile #booklover #bookaddicted #bookaddict #bookaddiction #bookworm #bookgirl #momswhoread
God’s plan is to make his invisible presence and his invisible grace VISIBLE THROUGH HIS PEOPLE, who incarnate his presence and carry that grace to others. . The body of Christ is designed by God to be an organic, constantly ministering community. . We need to understand what it really looks like to represent the grace of the Redeemer in the lives of the people whom he puts in our paths. . We need to be trained not to see those relationships as belonging to us for our happiness, but rather as workrooms in which the Lord can do his transforming work of grace. . What an amazing way to live! We have been chosen by God to be part of the most important work of the universe. - Paul David Tripp . . . #pauldavidtripp #newmorningmercies #Godsgracemadevisible #bodyofChrist #amazingwaytolive #1Chronicles168 #1Chronicles8
“One way God establishes beauty is by putting things that are different next to each other. Isn’t this exactly what God does in marriage? He puts very different people next to each other. This is how he establishes the beauty of a marriage. The moon would not be so striking if it hung in a white sky; in the same way, the striking beauty of a marriage is when two very different people learn to celebrate and benefit from their differences and to be protected from their weaknesses by being sheltered by the other’s strength.” | Paul David Tripp —————————————————————————— When Chad and I were dating, we were warned of cultural differences and challenges we might face as an interracial couple. I learned many differences in the way Chad and I had grown to understand politics, home, jobs, church, and food, even! But in understanding our differences, it has actually brought us closer together. We value the uniqueness of one another’s lives and treasure the things we can learn from one another. We value the strengths of the other to balance our own weaknesses. We value the way God chose to shape and mold each of us into who we are today through the particular lives he’s gifted us with. Ultimately, our cultural differences are tiny grains of sand compared to our similarities as children of God. . . . . . . #gospelchangeseverything #interracialcouple #christianmarriage #newlyweds #unityindiversity #unitedinchrist #christianquotes #pauldavidtripp
War of the words, ch.5 Paul David Tripp #pauldavidtripp #warofthewords
From my new book, "Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn't Make Sense" Available at PaulTripp.com/Suffering #paultripp #pauldavidtripp
Available now at Logos: @PaulDavidTripp 's newest book.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Sometimes life doesn’t make sense. When death, illness, unemployment, or a difficult relationship challenges everything we thought we knew, we can feel utterly unprepared to cope. Best-selling author #PaulDavidTripp weaves together his personal story, years of counseling experience, and biblical insights to help us in the midst of #suffering .
How many of us give way to thoughts, desires, and behaviors that are unbecoming of the gospel? We begin to think of ourselves as essentially different from the people we are called to serve. We allow ourselves to stand above the things that we teach. We begin in subtle ways to view ourselves as grace graduates. We explain away our sin and argue for our righteousness. We teach grace but are ungracious in meetings, with staff, and with our families. We approach ministry duties as a burden and not a joy. We allow ourselves to develop attitudes of bitterness and resentment against those we perceive to be our detractors. We preach and teach love, but we aren’t examples of love. All of this happens because we are full of ourselves. We have replaced awe of God with awe of self. - Paul David Tripp
•God will interrupt your journey, devastate your dreams, He’ll plunder your plans, all because He knows what He wants for you is better• #PaulDavidTripp #churchquote #Sunday #GodisGood #perfectplans #fallcolors #trail #fullnessofjoy #joyinthejourney #childofGod #followerofJesus
This book messes with me as a mom in the best way possible. Worth the read just for chapter 12 alone: "Parents, there is no higher calling than this. You have been chosen to visibly represent the authority of God on earth in the lives of your children. You are the look on God's face. You are the tone of his voice. You are the touch of his hand. You are his character and attitude. This means that every time you exercise authority in the lives of your children, it must be a beautiful picture of the patient, firm, gracious, wise, loving, tender, merciful, forgiving, and faithful authority of God." --Paul David Tripp
The Word of God....living, active, and full of Truth. My sweet Mama G and Papa G loved the Word. Many times when we were visiting my grandparents, I often “caught” them reading the Bible together. And when Papa G went heaven-bound, Mama G faithfully kept reading. == As I was reading this morning, wrapped in one of their blankets, and drinking coffee (Mama G’s fav) in her mug....the passage was on eternity and the truth of His Word. == What living hope we have in Jesus! I’m thankful for the reminder once again of what is to come, and that the sin, suffering, and trials of this life will end. And thankful that because of the blood of Jesus, His death, and resurrection I will see them again soon.
Book about parenting by the author of my favorite devotional? Don’t mind if I do! Really excited to read this one 🙌🏼❤️👬 “Very little of our parenting takes place in grand significant moments that have stopped us in our tracks and commanded our full attention; parenting takes place on the fly when we’re not really paying attention and are greeted with things that we did not know we were going to be dealing with that day. It’s the repeated cycle of little unplanned moments that is the soul-shaping workroom of parenting... Good parenting, which does what God intends it to do, begins with this radical and humbling recognition that our children don’t actually belong to us. Rather, every child in every home, everywhere on the globe, belongs to the One who created him or her. This means that his plan for parents is that we would be his agents in the lives of these ones that have been formed in his image and entrusted to our care.” #booksof2018 #readingismyselfcare #pauldavidtripp
If you are ever looking for a morning devotional I recommend this one. I’ve been using it daily for the past 3 months and it’s been a wonderful. #pauldavidtripp
Reading through Paul David Tripp's book, What did you Expect?, and this line seems to be the theme! #allbyGodsgrace #thursdaytreasuredquotes #marriage #pauldavidtripp
Sometimes life doesn’t make sense. In my newest book, I weave my personal story of sickness with biblical insights to help us in the midst of suffering --> http://PaulTripp.com/Suffering I identify 6 traps to avoid—including doubt, discouragement, and denial—and 6 comforts to embrace—including God’s presence, God’s people, and God’s grace. I pray this raw yet hope-filled book will empower you to cling to God's promises when trials come and then move forward with the hope of the gospel. In stock now --> http://PaulTripp.com/Suffering #paultripp #pauldavidtripp
✨GIVEAWAY✨ . I have been looking forward to this week’s giveaway for months. We have partnered with some of my all-time favorite authors to bring you a jam-packed multi-book giveaway! Each of these books have personally inspired, impacted, challenged, encouraged and helped transform me in my walk with the Lord, in my parenting and in my relationships. We all know that our output directly reflects our input, so I hope these reading materials will be used expectantly! We are PUMPED about what is in store for YOU below!! . What’s included: . If You Only Knew by @jamieivey New Morning Mercies by @pauldavidtripp Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full by @gloriafurman The Songs of Jesus by @timkellernyc Indescribable by @louiegiglio The Jesus Storybook Bible by @sallylloydjones Illumination Bible (ESV) - Art Journaling Edition Fearless Necklace with Tiny CZ Cross from Golden Thread . To Enter: . 1) Follow us on Instagram @goldenthreadinc 2) Like our Giveaway photo on Instagram 3) Tag 3 friends in the comments below . The winner will be announced on Monday 10/8! . #giveaway #enternow #jamieivey #pauldavidtripp #gloriafurman #timkeller #louiegiglio #indescribable #jesusstorybookbible #fearless #enrichment #buildoneanotherup #wordsoflife #truth #graceupongrace #hope #newmerceies #shareyourstory #seedplanting #goldenthread
I’ve been wanting to read this book even though I have no shortage of things I’m supposed to be reading. And so far I’ve really appreciated what Paul Tripp has written. #hardtruth #suffering #pauldavidtripp #faithversusselfreliance
Adquira em www.livrariapense.com.br Descrição  Paul Tripp sempre consegue trazer boas novas que aquecem no coraçãode pessoas cansadas e sobrecarregadas. Como eu e você. Mas o faz de maneira que possamos entender e nos identificar com cada história. O Autor consegue combinar a sabedoria adquirida ao longo de anos de aconselhamento, como a iluminação da História Bíblica da Redenção e sua sólida compreeensçao do papel de Cristo como nosso substituto, para produzir uma sére de devocionais diários que tanto aqu3ecem o coração dos abatidos como desafio aos que se encontram acomodados. Paul Tripp é membro da equipe pastoral da décima Igreja Presbiteriana, Filadélfia, professor de vida e cuidados pastorais em Forth Worth, Texas. É o presidente do Paul Tripp ministries, um ministério que produz recursos para aconselhamento bíblico. Além de conferencista internacional, escreveu inúmeros artigos e livros sobre aconselhamento bíblicos e vida cristã. Ficha Técnica:  Autor: Paul David Tripp ISBN: 9788569267058 Capa: Capa Dura. Número de Páginas: 376 Editora: Editora Peregrino #paultripp #pauldavidtripp #vidacristã #vidanova #vidaespiritual #editoraperegrino #peregrino #devocional #cristo #famíliacristã #família #igreja #pastor
Jesus the spotless Lamb. #PaulDavidTripp #AweBook
“Don’t fear your weaknesses - God supplies all the strength you need. Be afraid of those moments when you think you’re independently strong.” (Paul David Tripp) #PaulDavidTripp
"People who deny sin tend to not progressively conquer it, and people who devalue grace tend not to run to it for help". #newmorningmercies #pauldavidtripp
We can get discouraged in looking at the brokenness of creation, or we can meditate upon the restoring glories of God. This quote from Paul David Tripp’s devotional, #newmorningmercies challenges me to meditate upon God in the midst of reality. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” | Joshua 1:9 (ESV)
After being traded away from the eventual Super Bowl champs, Jordan Matthews sustained injury after injury. Despite these turbulent circumstances, his identity was grounded. #paultripp #pauldavidtripp
📖 (from the book Awe by #pauldavidtripp ) #quotes #quotestoliveby
Awe. ~It's exactly what just i needed;when everything might get off-tracked and stucked. #pauldavidtripp
Awe. ~this book teaches gracefully. #pauldavidtripp
Needed this reminder! ——————- I so appreciated today’s reading from New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp. God never sends without going too... What a huge encouragement! And yet, I so often forget that fact and feel alone and ill-equipped. . . . #newmorningmercies #motherhood #parenthood #selftalk #grace #gowithgod #pauldavidtripp #motivation #thankful #thankfulthursday #Repost @eebryan with @get_repost ・・・
I so appreciated today’s reading from New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp. God never sends without going too... What a huge encouragement! And yet, I so often forget that fact and feel alone and ill-equipped. . . . #newmorningmercies #motherhood #parenthood #selftalk #grace #gowithgod #pauldavidtripp #motivation #thankful #thankfulthursday
Living in God’s all-consuming grace. #pauldavidtripp #newmorningmercies #hebrews11
What dominates your mind? Is it truth OR is it lies? #newmorningmercies #pauldavidtripp #gospeltruth
Real days: Oakley is going through the crazy tantrum/threenager stage (if you’ve ever had a 3 year old- you know). Cali isn’t sleeping at night and I’m all kinds of crazy while sleep deprived at 2 am. Dave and I, naturally, bicker back and forth because of and despite these things. Sometimes it’s just so hard. I have to remind myself of the grace of Jesus. Christ is my identity. He has given me the privilege and title of being “mama” even though I do not deserve it or qualify for it. And yet- parenting is teaching me more about my heart (the really yucky parts) than it is the hearts of my kids. “God hasn’t just sent you to do his work in the lives of your children; he will use the lives of your children to advance his work in you.” -Paul David Tripp
Capture. Control. Dominate. These are words of active conflict and war. I spend way too much time being a POW. 😬😳Thankful for God’s grace reminding me of my freedom, His glory and grandeur. #pauldavidtripp #newmorningmercies
"God never intended for us to simply be the objects of His love. We are also called to be the instruments of that love in the lives of others." -Paul David Tripp -- #KasihAllah #GodsLove #PaulDavidTripp #QuotesKristen #QuoteKristen #Quotes #Quote #QOTD #RenunganHarianKristen #Renungan #Harian #Kristen #Christian #RenunganHarian #RenunganKristen #SaatTeduh #Mikir #Gitu #KristenCerdasIman #GenerasiKU #Creator4NextGen
“He is the gift that changes everything. His presence is what every sufferer needs, whether they know it or not.” Paul David Tripp
Morning devotions with Maggie. She’s thrilled lol #pitbullsofinstagram #maggiethepittie #margaretalexander #pauldavidtripp #newmorningmercies
M O N D A Y Anyone struggle with mornings and ending the weekend? Boy I sure do. But what a packed message of how messy and inadequate we are and yet he still is working for us and alongside us. This motivation message is a beautiful reminder of God’s faithful pursuit and character. He pursues us, restores us and empowers us by his grace. #pauldavidtripp #newmorningmercies
Di tengah kegiatan harian yang padat, banyak orang tua merasakan tekanan untuk melakukan segalanya “dengan benar” sekaligus mengasuh anak “dengan baik”. Tekanan-tekanan itu membuat mereka mudah kehilangan fokus akan tujuan utama sebagai orang tua. Dalam buku yang menghidupkan ini, PaulTripp menawarkan banyak hal kepada para orang tua. Ia juga mempresentasikan sebuah cara pandang mengenai gambaran besar rencana Allah kepada setiap orang tua. Dengan memberikan 14 prinsip dasar pengasuhan yang berpusatkan Injil, Paul Tripp ingin menunjukkan bahwa setiap orang tua membutuhkan lebih daripada strategi atau teknik pengasuhan. Setiap orang tua membutuhkan anugerah Allah yang menyelamatkan, yang berkuasa membentuk cara pandang sebagai orang tua, dan membebaskan dari rasa terbeban berat yang timbul dari proses pengasuhan. Sambutlah Perspektif Agung Pengasuhan yang melimpah dengan visi, tujuan, dan sukacita ini! Paul David Tripp adalah seorang pendeta, penulis, dan pembicara konferensi internasional. Paul Tripp juga presiden Paul Tripp Ministries dan direktur eksekutif di The Center for Pastoral Life and Care. Ia telah menulis sejumlah buku populer tentang kehidupan Kristen, seperti What Did You Expect?, Dangerous Calling, dan New Morning Mercies. Ia tinggal di Philadelphia dengan istrinya Luella dan empat orang anak yang telah dewasa. #bijakmenjadiorangtua #orangtua #parenting #pauldavidtripp #pcbanak #anak
I love this about the Body of Christ. And I love how our local church is such a great example of this (shoutout to @concordchatt ! 🙌🏻). . Happy Sunday, friends, and wishing all of you a beautiful Lord’s Day with your own church family! If you’re thankful for your church and what it means to you, feel free to tag them below to say thank you! 💕 . #localchurch #bodyofchrist #bodyofchristatwork #handsandfeetofjesus #spiritfilledwomanmagazine #spiritfilled #spiritled #walkingbyfaith #walkingbythespirit #shereadstruth #bedeeplyrooted #lampandlight #pauldavidtripp
Today I enjoyed a sweet hour out with my son, reading Proverbs together, drawing and sharing what we read. Hang in there Mama’s when the years of two word sentences and distracted reading seem long! There can be a sweet season waiting when you start to see who you are raising as a little brother in Christ, as Paul David Tripp influenced me to think of them as. I want to raise him as my son but also enjoy fellowship with him as my brother. #shepherdingachildsheart #pauldavidtripp #bibletime #familydiscipleship #family #actionbible #proverbs #intentional_traditions
Grace...also I misspelled “achieve” 🤦🏼‍♀️
Enter to win Paul David Tripp’s new book ‘Suffering’ and an entire Crossway Paul David Tripp library! To enter the drawing, simply tag 5 friends in a single comment below. **One entry per person. Must have a mailing address in the continental United States to win.** See link in profile to learn more about Paul Tripp and the books he has written. ***Drawing includes ‘Suffering,’ ‘A Shelter in the Time of Storm,’ ‘Awe,’ ‘Come, Let Us Adore Him,’ ‘Dangerous Calling,’ ‘New Morning Mercies,’ ‘Parenting,’ ‘Redeeming Money,’ ‘Sex in a Broken World,’ ‘What Did You Expect,’ and ‘Whiter Than Snow.’ #CrosswayBooks #Suffering #PaulDavidTripp
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