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Kono Gaddar hai? Penaldo k chamchay jo khud ko asli Madrid fan bolte hain, Modric k award se un ka pata chal gaya #gaddar #penaldo
Look guys let’s be honest here, Modric is the real LM10. Modric has 5 Ballon d’ors and also won 4 in a row once, he’s also won 2 trebles including a sextuple. He also has the best goal ratio in the world and is the player with the most assists in football history. He’s scored over 20 beautiful solo goals. The majority of the legends, coaches, players etc all call him the best of this generation or the best ever. He was in the GOAT debate at age 24 after winning 3 consecutive Ballon d’ors and scoring a hat - trick in the biggest club match in the world at the age of 19. He’s the best goalscorer, assist provider, dribbler and playmaker all at once while having over 30 career trophies, more than his age! He’s marked his place as the greatest ever alongside Maradona and Péle. Meanwhile Messi only started winning individual awards this year and lots of team trophies in recent years. Messi will only win his 1st Ballon d’or this year. How can anyone deny who’s the real LM10 🤔
Some of Ronaldo’s best career goals🔥👀🤤 Was he robbed of the Puskás yesterday👇🏻 1️⃣) Yes 2️⃣) No
Along with UEFA best forward, Props to RonaLOLdo for winning the main award this year👏🏻. His fans seem to be enjoying this award😂 Ps. Check out Ronaldo’s best goals on @footyprime10
Messi votes for Modric who is a rival, and Cristiano who’s been a rival for 10 years. Mbappe as well, he could have voted for anyone else like KDB, Salah, Griezmann etc. 👏🏻👏🏻👑
If a Ronaldo fanboy says he deserves it, simply reply with “you know better than FIFA and the voting panel” 😂😂😂. That’s what they told us last year after all😂😂
Vamos falar de injustiça então?
PRÓXIMO JOGO DO BARÇA 🏆 LaLiga ⚽ Leganés x Barcelona 📆 26/09 - Quarta-feira ⏰ 15:00 🏟️ Municipal de Butarque 📺 ESPN Brasil Palpite nos comentários.
Oh Sh1t 😂 Ronaldooo Blames Perez For Modric Winning The FIFA's Best 🤔 Instead Of This He Should Be Thankful To Perez For Him Winning These Awards Till Now 😭 . . Follow @cr7biggest . . #campnouexperience #Gaynaldo #Penaldo #Crynaldo #RealMadridShit #realmadrid #Realshit #Juventus
Camp Nou was born in September 24 1957, the architects of the stadium we’re Francesc Mitjans, Josep Soteras, Philippe Pedro Agnew. The coaches I’ve known from Barcelona (the coaches who touched the stadium) We’re Johan Cruyff, Tito Vilanova, Luis Enrique, Pep Guardiola and Ernesto Valverde. But anyway Happy Birthday Camp Nou! 🎉🎉 #CampNou61
Salah won the best goal and even though I’m happy I get what people mean. The goal he won for wasn’t even HIS own best goal last season. There were many better ones that could compete with Ronaldo and bales bicycles. Salah is amazing but this is not the award he should have won. Also I’m so mad that Modric won the best. Like when did Modric become better than iniesta. This years awards just don’t make any sense. 🤦‍♀️ honestly tho. WHO CARES we all know Messi is the GOAT and Salah in the king. 🤷‍♀️
Congrats @lukamodric10 . What a player 🔥❤️
Fifa Pro World XI🔥🤤 Imagine🔥🔥 ik this is not about Dembele, sorry😕❤ Follow @dembelex11 ❤ Double Tap 💬 Comment what do you think 👥 Tag your friends ⏰ Turn On Post Notifications ✔ Follow us😜❤ • #ousmane #dembele #dembouz #OD11 #photooftheday #fcb #fcbarcelona #barça #messi #suarez #coutinho #iniesta #pique #alba #semedo #roberto #viscabarca #forçabarça #busquets #rakitic #penaldo #malcom #arthur #terstegen #umtiti #valverde
Ronaldo fanboys complaining about a robbery is like a prostitute complaining about a girl being too loose 😂😂
The man who ended the streak. Unbelievable. Huge honour for @lukamodric10 🔥👏🏻
Luka wins!❤️ Thank goodness the award doesn’t fall into the wrong hands for the 3rd year running. 👏🏻
Marca o amigo que disse que PENALDO iria ganhar a 6 bola de ouro.
Salah didn’t deserve the Puskas. But he definitely deserved a spot in the World XI. Feel so so bad for him 💔
Year in and year out. A decade of consistency, a decade of being in the best XI. Messi and Ronaldo👑🐐’s
I really did not want to post about theworst award show HOWEVER JUST WHEN YOU THINK IT CAN NOT GET ANY WORSE 1. #Messi and #Ronaldo have been criticized for not turning up. I understand criticism to #Penaldo but why should Messi go? The award showed him no respect...no recognition he is the best in the world he does not need the awards, the award needs him 2. Seriously #Salah won the #Puskas sorry but #Pavard goal was the best but popularity meant he had no chance. Why can fans vote for the best goal but not who is in the top 3? 3. #Courtois best GK for several good games #terStegen was consistent throughout the season and is the best GK. What did Courtois achieve with #Chelsea 2 nutmegs from Leo 4. #Deschamps as the best manager? He had the best squad yet he did not amaze. #Croatia manager #Dalic was much more deserving over achieving 5. Salah is top 3 but not in world XI because he is not better than Messi they should be more consistent 6. #DeGea in world XI (considering FIFA's rules) he had a terrible world cup why is he there terStegen is the best GK
People saying that Salah's goal didn't desere the Puskas award but it's not the first time that the best goal doesn't win the Puskas award. Remember 2015? Messi's goal vs Athletic Bilbao. That was a crime. Anyway congratulations @mosalah
King Ronaldinho about to represent the World XI👑
The phenomenon himself. 👑🙌🏻💯 they say Mbappé won’t join us because he’s a Madrid fan. Isco and Modric were Barça fans but look at them now. Anything can happen, hope he joins us in the future 👏🏻
Courtois totally deserved it, it's very difficult to get nutmegged twice. Finally FIFA has acknowledged his skills of getting nutmegged.
Still can’t believe Messi’s goal vs Bilbao didn’t win the Puskas in 2015. Lmao 😂
Surrounded by darkness yet enfolded in light🌠
Before someone wins the award, a friendly reminder: Messi had the most goals in Europe's top 5 leagues (45), most assists (18) and most chances created (82) and is not even nominated for the award. That's how much credibile this award is.
@phil.coutinho 🆚 Girona Credit:@cout7inho
Patrick Stewart: Last year I saw Messi, who is my favorite player. I was nervous, I dared not ask him for a picture, he recognized me and asked me one, it was incredible.
Our Barça legend King @danialves at the ceremony😎👑
I acknowledge that this man has surpassed Messi's legacy. His one season wonder worth more than Messi's whole career that's why he is in the FIFA's Best. #Salah #Messi
Modric don't deserve it all, he disappeares in main games while Ronaldo lead his team to finals with shot range tapins,dives,without shirt celebrations and looks.
Have a great day 😊
💪dzeko hero! me prud of he😍 he destrioiy Barkalona🔥 He play in Real Pakestan nationel😍😎💯. He do hatrik vs pourtugel and argintine.💪🐐. Perez pls buy dzeko he is so god.😘💪🔥 me mastoorbat he and manoles💪😚. #HalaPakestan #ForzaRoma #DzekoWelcomeToRealMadrid
Sir Clément Lenglet to Swen Lort Daily: "I was so devastated when I got the red card, I even decided to suic*de. But my fans gave me the consolation and confidence I needed" "I made a promise to myself I'll prove the World wrong and show them why I'm the best"
This 😂😂😂👌🏻
GOAT Smile ❤.
@leomessi 🆚️ @gironafc 🤤🔥 Rate His Perfomance From 1-10 ?
🎂 Happy Birthday, Camp Nou! Where miracles happen.😳 🏟 Which is your special moment in the Stadium? 💙❤ #ForçaBarça
#Coutinho and #Neymar at the U17 World Cup in 2009 🇧🇷🔥
What’s the dumbest logic you’ve heard from football fans. Mine is “you’re not a true fan unless you support your local club” 😂. Mainly said by English football fans lol. There’s a reason why clubs do pre season tours for fans around the globe etc.
10000 like for Messi ❤️⚽️💪👑
SERIOUSLY MARCA???!!!!! Messi does disrespectful for 1 fucking time! (Deserved by the way because your an asshole) and then he gets right on the news because of a refused handshake??!!! FU*CK OFF MARCA Ronaldo does that all the time!
let's go like this cousin ❤️❤️
Brilliant vision from Lord last night👏🏻👏🏻 Better playmaker than Xavi and Iniesta combined🙌🏻
FT: 2-2. I couldn’t watch the game. Let me know about our performance 👇
Penaldo goblok, makan tuh pisang.. #Respect #PutaMadrid #MantanDedemit #Penaldo
❗Messi didn't shake hands with the referee after the game tonight against Girona.
Pique man come on! 2 fails, you still don’t make me happy that you scored. You have a problem big problem man!
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