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She continues to learn from the best. Which is me, of course. 💁🏻‍♀️
Removing tore de manila worst photobomber of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. #photoshop #photobomb #removed #rizalpark #Philiippines
My heart could seriously burst 💘
Rizal Park, have to remove the tore de manila so ill have a picture perfect of my enduro bike. #enduromtb #photoshop #toredemanila #Philiippines #rizalpark #rizalmonument
@foundmusicfest was an experience for the books! I learned, grew and pushed myself to be a part of throwing this festival. Thank you @thoughtbubble22 for be patient and guiding me through it all! @alexandrareyesguerrero your vision was so clear and it all translated because your faith was always so strong. I am so inspired by you! • Now having two kids it really took a village to make this happen. Huge thank you to @k9rld @yagirlkaydee @antonettelappay @@undercoverbrother89 for helping me with the kids! You guys made everything run smooth and helped me feel secure knowing they were in good hands! 🙌🏽
Именно в таких местах понимаешь, где сосредоточена настоящая сила и могущество. Твои проблемы, суета, рутина кажутся такими несущественными перед величием матери Природы. #cebu #philiippines #moalboal #underwaterworld #snorkeling #nature
🌊 SPLISH 🌊, the other day was one of those very rare days that touch one’s soul and becomes part of one’s fabric forever‼️ It was the ultimate strike mission made possible by our Baler friends, thank you unlimitedly for accompanying us and making this untouched paradise so easily accessible‼️ We’re indebted to you‼️ A 4:30 am wake up, a few hours drive up north along the coast weaving through the mountains, followed by a 30 minute boat ride and a 15 minute motor bike ride led us to paradise for the day‼️ We surfed crystal clear, super glassy waves all day that felt like we were floating on thin air over the reef whilst having it to ourselves the entire time, SKYWALKING‼️ In between surfs we were treated to fresh fish for lunch caught during our first surf by our friends. We ate all together with our hands and banana leafs as a big communal plate under the coconut trees right on the beach naturally‼️ To conclude, on the way back to the mainland during our boat-ride we all experienced the most magnificent masterpiece of a sunset‼️ These pictures are an injustice and all pictures are when trying to capture natural beauty but they will suffice in addition to our visual snapshots‼️ All in all, we were the richest men earth for the day, the best kind of wealth, WAVE-RICH‼️🤙🏄‍♂️🙌💯 @standoutfitin #surf #surfing #surfers #stoked #thesearch #paradise #heaven #dream #spotx #salty #sun #squad #balercrew #brahs #luzon #philiippines #gopro #weliveforthis #living
Gay Bar 🇸🇽 #Philiippines #Friendship
My guy turned four months.. last Thursday. Haha. Ive been a lot more present this time around. With Noa I felt like I was always too excited for the next stage and now shes 5. 😭 Lesson learned! Soaking in all the ups and downs with my baby.
Shoutout to those people who eats and throw their thrashes in the sea here's your stupid thrashes that came from your stupid attitudes. The government is making a way to rehabilitate or nature and yet you keep on throwing your stupid thrashes anywhere. You dont want change cause you stupids doesnt discipline yourself poor people like you wont even learn maybe you're rich and educated but not totally mannered. #Trashes #Garbage #Discipline #Philiippines #MallOfAsia #Rehabilitaion #nature #Shoutout
I’ve made a lot of my closest friends through music. Coincidence? I think not. Thanks for this dope record, @umph_one @a_arvisu
맥주 보면 신나는 사람 🖐
유니콘 내꺼 (반오십 부정하는 중 🙏ㅎㅎ)
“Mommy, I want short hair to my shoulders with a full bang” Oh, ok.
Voguing and dancing her way outta 2018. She’s obvi ready for 2019. ✨
Watch out ladies, he’s a charmer ✨ PC: @yagirlkaydee aka: Yaya 💃🏽
3 months of lovin’ on our little chunk. 💕
Let me say this. One of my hesistations coming back to the Philippines was the lack of political willpower from its leaders in fixing so much shit that this country has been through. This led me to leave the country in 2004 after covering the Presidential elections as a TV journalist. Cleanliness was one of my pet peeves here. And while the Philippines still has a long way to go, I give it to President Duterte for making a firm decision last year to close down Boracay and rehab the shit out of this place. It is so clean. And beautiful. Can’t go wrong spending Christmas here. @jeftupas , please tell the President that. #Boracay #Philiippines #homecoming #Caticlan #cleanerboracay
Become one of the rare people who don’t know how to quit.🙂 . . . . . . . . . . . . #3some #escapades #off #sunday #friends #fun #craziness #memories #langga #lalabs #ilongga #bisaya #hongkong #philiippines
Real friends talk shit to your face❣️ @laladahl
My Noey, the best big sister ever. When Naaz cries she tells him things like ‘It’s ok buddy, Mommy is doing her best, you don’t have to cry.” or “You hungry bub? You want the nip?” Lmao. She’s everything. 💕
Loving these personalized gifts from @babydovecare ! Its was def cool opening the box and finding Naaz’s name on the bottles. Its the little things ✨#dovebaby #babydoveph
Naaz enjoyed laying out on his @thesoralife towel. He also really enjoyed feeling the fresh breeze on his bare buns, but who wouldnt?
Mom and Dad plus ✌🏽Finally got to take the little guy out to the beach! ☀️
Happy Sunday ⛱
Someone in this photo had a rough night, someone caused it and the other had a full nights sleep. There’s levels to this shit.
Grateful to be gifted this baby wrap, made by hand and love. Thank you @makermotherlover your talent is inspiring ✨ you are seriously a 🦄 @acastlefaraway. Oh and heyyyy baby daddy 😛
🚫 No boys allowed! 🚫 Shoutout to Daddy for taking our pic while holding the baby.
Two weeks of extra naps and extra lovin’ 💕
Noa loving on her baby brother for one full week. 💕 Im fully obsessed with these two little humans. ✨
면세찬스? 오빠찬스!
Naaz Ferdinand Dizon Dehesa ~ I love you
Ok buddy, ready when you are. Like, if you wanna come out today I would be totally cool with that. Alright thanks.
I seriously had so much fun at my baby shower. I really have to thank and give major credit to @yagirlkaydee and @margauxsue for running around and putting together the prettiest setup and craving station. We’ve all decided they need to make this a full time business. With that being said BOOK THEM!! Haha. Also a huge thank you to one of my fave and best mamas, @a_arvisu for always having the most thoughtful ideas. The giveaways we’re perfect! My heart is so so full and I have you ladies to thank! Love you guys! ❤️
オスロブまた行きたいカワサンも #Philiippines #cebu #セブ #ひとりたび #一人旅
Thank you so much to everyone that came out and celebrated our baby boy! Karl, myself and Noa really felt the love. My tummy hurt from all the laughing I did. I haven’t cried that much from laughing in so long and it was amzzzzing. Our friends are a bunch of crazies and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Love you guys!
Another heartthrob from the Philippines and he's @xianlimm ‘s best buddy and toughest competitor in the game. Will @diegoloyzaga choose friendship over personal glory? . . . #CelebrityCarWars #HistoryChannel #DiegoLoyzaga #Actor #Competitive #Philiippines
She said she would like to be a model-er. 💁🏻‍♀️ Her choice of profession changes every 2 min btw.
Loving my new magic journal. Write it, and believe it. 🔮🌈🧞‍♀️
Cherishing these last few weeks I have with Noa as an only child. We even decided to work on a fun project together. She’s stoked to share it with everyone which makes the labor behind it so worth it. ❤️
Be with the CDF pet fashion community as we wear our head gears and run for a cause for the benefit of @akfanimalrescue Registration is now open! Cick here : tiny.cc/RFL3reg Register for 1k/3k Solo Run (Hooman Only) for P450 or 1k/3k Duo Run (Hooman and Dog) for P550. By joining #RunFurLife3 you get to be a donor to our 100 plus rescued dogs at the AKF Sanctuary in Capas, Tarlac.❤️ #philiippines #catanddogfashionistas #akf #animalkingdomfoundation #joinus #cdffamily #love #dogevent #petevent #funrun #run #running
If you enjoy oxymorons, Manila is the place where you can find as many as you want. #fabioadventures #manila #philiippines #city #citylife #oxymoron #photography
Di ako gaanong elibs sa Tokyo Tokyo pero yun ay noong bago ko matikman yung "chicken teriyaki burger" nila. P 170+, luho to. Pero solb ka na dun sa laki ng manok at double slab ng cream cheese. Ewan ko lang sa inyo, pero kahit anong pagkain yata, pag tinadtad mo ng cream cheese, e sure win. Pero luho to. Di ko to uulitin agad-agad... unless may manlibre heheh. #foodcoma #foodporn #philiippines
Mom and Dad stepped out to wild out at the Chance the motha fuckin Rapper concert🤘🏽
This guy has been baking for #32weeks now. Besides Noa’s side commentary like ‘Mommy, your belly button looks really weird’ or squeezes my side and goes ‘Oh I think the baby is here’ when he clearly isnt, I feel great! 😩😂
First full week of kindergarten in the books. Time to celebrate this win! 💥
Happy Birthday to my uber handsome Godson, Monster Moi! Noey already knows what it’s like to have a little brother coz of you. We love you, crazy kid! @kaylacheriee
It was pretty amazing seeing our little guy during our 3D ultrasound yesterday. We can’t wait to see his sweet face in person. I’m pretty sure @k9rld and Noa are getting a triplet. Posted his photo in my stories if you wanna see for yourself. ✨ #29weeks
Seeking Seclusion??? : WAIT! Do they have WIFI? : 🌴Pescador Island Cebu Philippines : Follow us @startandstrive 🙏🏻Thanks for all the ❤️LOVE
Self love has been a goal of mine this year, and I’ve been learning just that. Which meant putting myself first and accomplishing things that I’ve put on hold because raising Noa and focusing on Karl became my priority. Although it is one of the best jobs in the world I really felt that I needed to start ‘doing me’. Being pregnant through this time of growth has been amazing and a blessing. I’ve learned to trust myself, my body and have come to fully understand that a woman’s power should never be underestimated. 🌱
Vibin’ with my first baby. Big thank you to my sister, @paige_ricks for always collaborating and blessing us with her creative energy. We love you! ✨
✨motherhood ✨ PC: @paige_ricks
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