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This guy has been baking for #32weeks now. Besides Noa’s side commentary like ‘Mommy, your belly button looks really weird’ or squeezes my side and goes ‘Oh I think the baby is here’ when he clearly isnt, I feel great! 😩😂
First full week of kindergarten in the books. Time to celebrate this win! 💥
Happy Birthday to my uber handsome Godson, Monster Moi! Noey already knows what it’s like to have a little brother coz of you. We love you, crazy kid! @kaylacheriee
It was pretty amazing seeing our little guy during our 3D ultrasound yesterday. We can’t wait to see his sweet face in person. I’m pretty sure @k9rld and Noa are getting a triplet. Posted his photo in my stories if you wanna see for yourself. ✨ #29weeks
Seeking Seclusion??? : WAIT! Do they have WIFI? : 🌴Pescador Island Cebu Philippines : Follow us @startandstrive 🙏🏻Thanks for all the ❤️LOVE
Self love has been a goal of mine this year, and I’ve been learning just that. Which meant putting myself first and accomplishing things that I’ve put on hold because raising Noa and focusing on Karl became my priority. Although it is one of the best jobs in the world I really felt that I needed to start ‘doing me’. Being pregnant through this time of growth has been amazing and a blessing. I’ve learned to trust myself, my body and have come to fully understand that a woman’s power should never be underestimated. 🌱
Vibin’ with my first baby. Big thank you to my sister, @paige_ricks for always collaborating and blessing us with her creative energy. We love you! ✨
추르발 이번엔 5명 다 같이 갑니당 #필리핀 #philiippines
✨motherhood ✨ PC: @paige_ricks
my bb love 💕
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🤔🤔 I see 😎😂 #makesense #menatwork #philiippines
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Hard case hight quality unbreakable fiber Travelling bag. 2 pcs set colours available ➡️100% unbreakable ➡️Affordable price Free delivery available only in kuwait DM to know the prices #Kuwait #kuwaiti #philiippines #phillipinesinkuwait #onlineshopping #freedelivery #travelingbags #vacation #shop #philippines #expatskuwait
Hard case hight quality unbreakable fiber Travelling bag. 2 pcs set colours available ➡️100% unbreakable ➡️Affordable price Free delivery available only in kuwait DM to know the prices #Kuwait #kuwaiti #philiippines #phillipinesinkuwait #onlineshopping #freedelivery #travelingbags #vacation #shop #philippines #expatskuwait
Hard case hight quality unbreakable fiber Travelling bag. 2 pcs set colours available ➡️100% unbreakable ➡️Affordable price Free delivery available only in kuwait DM to know the prices #Kuwait #kuwaiti #philiippines #phillipinesinkuwait #onlineshopping #freedelivery #travelingbags #vacation #shop #philippines #expatskuwait
I'd say we're pretty awesome 💛💚💙 #chillin #philiippines #paradise #friendsfrombackhome #love
✨✨✨t h i r t y o n e✨✨✨
In my favorite city with my favorite girl. #sanfrancisco 💕
The food & culture of the PI. See you again soon. . . . #Travel #Foodie #Philiippines #Family #Vacay #VacationMode #Motherland
Honor your personal journey. Slow grind baby. @creativehoopproject
Light light lightsss💡💕 #philiippines #Youtube
‘Lie to me sayin’ my booty gettin’ bigger even if it aint’ 😜This entire song reminds me of us and how much I love being around you. We’ve grown so much together and I appreciate that you know who you are because I love everything about you. Happiest Birthday, baby! You are fucking magic @hotttkarl ✨❤️
This pregnancy has been so different from my first. The first trimester was rough but I do feel more comfotable this time around. Learning to listen and understand my body has been an empowering process. Trust yourself, ladies. ✨ #19weeks
Rice > All other carbs 🍚🍚🍚
The vibe, food, people, all so inspiring. Im ready to go back. ☀️
Me and my babies living our best lives in Bali! It was so amazing to connect with this new version of me. ✨
My hair journey this past year has been my most adventurous by far! I bleached and colored it several times and it def took a toll. My blonde tips were looking extra crispy 😩 So thankful for the sweet Mother’s Day treat from @piandresalon at @iloveayalamallsthe30th yesterday! Not only did they hook me up with an anti-ating hair treatment, I got to keep it extra real with some new mama friends, @amommabroad , @marladarwin and @mariefieldfaith ! 💃🏼💃🏽💃🏽I’ve never gone to the salon with friends but I dont think i’ll do it any other way after this experience. Thanks again, @piandresaon for getting my hair back to a state that @hotttkarl isnt scared of what happening in this jungle hair of mine! 😜
🏡 is where the 💓 is #palomponleyte #philiippines
Thank you to everyone that came out and played this weekend at @youthstock_ph despite the crazy heat! I hope everyone left feeling inspired and amazed by our youth, because I know we did! That was our goal in all of this, to bring the community together and empower the youth and the power they hold. Hearing my daughter say that was the coolest event and seeing her genuinely engaged watching the artist, exploring fearlessly on her own, and jumping in every workshop just for the experience was more than I could ask for. Till next year! ❤️
【ASEAN諸国でテレビデビュー♪】 Japan Authentic TV program! This program was on the TV for ASEAN countries and also you can watch on YouTube! The famous Youtuber, Erwan who travel around Japan and he visited our farm last summer😆👍 . . なべくら高原を世界中に広めたい\(^^)/ . . 昔からずっと思っていたのですが、 なんと、その夢が叶いました😍❤️ . . 昨年の夏に、 フィリピンの有名なYoutuberのエラワンさんがなんと!うちの畑へ来て取材していただきました! . そして私はちゃっかり、英語の通訳も兼ねながら、モデル?兼用として、 . 二日間とも、飯山市内での撮影に同行しました😜💕 . 普通に楽しくて取材とは思えないほど、みんなと仲良くなり、楽しみすぎちゃいましたが😛💕 . You can search “Japan Authentic” in YouTube and you will see our farm around 2:00! Me and my dad’s are there and you can see this beautiful Nabekura highlands view! . “Japan Authentic”とYoutubeで検索して頂いたら、動画見れます! ※英語になります . エピソード1の、前半で、飯山市が特集されてます^^ 私と父が出てます😜✨ . . ぜひ! なべくら高原の美しい景色をご覧ください\(^^)/ . Hope you’ll enjoy our farm and beautiful views in Nabekura highlands! And please come and visit us someday:D . . #youtuber #Erwan #philiippines #japan #japanauthentic #rurallife #Iiyama #Nagano #farmexperience #U -Pick#nabekurahighlands #Higurashifarm #TV #TVclue #farmer #happyfarmlife #nervous #speakinEnglish #farmlife #tvdebut #ASEAN #世界デビュー #ひぐらし農場 #なべくら高原 #ASEAN諸国 #英語で取材 #初めてでドキドキ #父との取材 #農業女子 #農家の娘
My team good! Thank you to everyone that greeted our Noey yesterday! Her energy radiates because she is surrounded by so much love! #grateful ❤️
My baby is 5 today, and even through part of me wants to cry because she isnt a baby anymore, I am in awe because of the person shes grown to be. Noa is the sweetest most thoughtful little girl, with a side of spunk and sass and I couldnt be prouder. We cant wait to see her become a big sister. This is all shes wanted and deserves it! We love you, Noey! Happiest Birthday! You’re going to make this world a better place. 😭❤️🤘🏽
Taking a sunset break after two days out on the water in SEARCH of whale sharks in the Philippines. I don’t have a picture of me with a whale shark to share so you will have to make do with a shot of me above water instead! 🤦‍♀️ That’s because we decided to skip Oslob (the place you see all over your Instagram feed) and go to a different part of the Philippines where the whale sharks are protected - Donsol. They are harder to find here because they are not baited and encouraged close to the shore like in Oslob, so you may not be able to get your perfect Insta-shot with them, but I like to think that travelling and seeing animals in the wild is not all about getting an Instagram photo is it?!!⠀ ⠀ ✧✧✧✧✧⠀ ⠀ When I first read about Oslob a few years ago, I knew it wasn’t for me. Descriptions include hundreds of boats lining up whilst a man in a kayak feeds whale sharks behind him and passes in front of the boats so you can jump in a get your selfie. This sounds more like Sea World than a wild animal encounter and certainly not something I wanted to support. There are several negative effects of feeding the sharks including disrupting their natural migration patterns and as tourists we should aim to have experiences that do not have this kind of negative impact on a species. ⠀ ⠀ Please do your own research before you go to the Philippines to see whale sharks and I highly recommend you support the eco tourism efforts in Donsol instead of Oslob.⠀ ⠀ I have published a blog post on BeckyvanDijk.com today to give you more information about Donsol and why it is the responsible way to see whale sharks in the Philippines.⠀ ⠀ ✧✧✧✧✧⠀ ⠀ #wearetravelgirls #donsol #philiippines #whalesharks #responsibletravel #ecotravel #ethicaltravel #ethicaltourism #responsibletourism #itsmorefuninthephilippines
In between meetings, we vouge. 💅🏽
The @bitememanila team and I have been working super hard on this project and we cant wait to experience @youthstock_ph with all of you! This will be Philippines’ FIRST music and arts festival for kids and we want nothing more but to inspire our youth. Spread the word, friends and see you guys there! ✌🏽
After all these years of asking, Noa’s dream has finally come true.. she’s going be a BIG SISTER! When we went in for an ultrasound and the doc said I was pregnant I cried tears of joy because 1) This was something we really wanted as a family and trying was more stressful than I expected. 2) Noa’s reaction was everything! She started jumping up and down and yelled ‘yayyyy I knew it’ with the biggest smile on her face. That is now one of my favorite memories. 😍 I know my girl is going to be the best big sister and Karl and I are so excited for our growing family! 👶🏽❤️🙏🏼 P.S: Noa added the heart in the second pic so i had to post both 💞
My little beach babe turns 5 in less than a month. Mind. Blown. 🤯
Happiest Birthday to our favorite 1 year old. This girl has so much personality already. You and Noa are gonna have so much fun driving me and your mom @a_arvisu crazy. Love you, Alina boo! 🍦
#trufflemandubai #italtouch #philiippines #cebu Simply relax tonight 😎👍👍👍#nopush #filipinas
Thats my superpower. ⚡️⚡️⚡️#internationalwomensday Cop this dope tank @_threadsandthings 💫
Expectation vs Reality
The healing powers of nature is amazing. 🙏🏽
We need one more to even things out. Daddy is always left out coz well, girls rule and boys drool.
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"Training with a view" vor dem Frühstück 🙃👏🏻
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