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This Saturday, we are hosting a fine art portraiture workshop with Profoto ambassador @vicky_papas_vergara. She has created some of the most captivating portraits using her Profoto lighting equipment and she will be demonstrating her workflow live! Tickets to the event are in our bio. Over 50% tickets have sold. . . . . . . . . . #justgoshoot #sydneyfolk #ilovesydney #visitnsw #Australia_shotz #australiagram #ozshotmag #seeaustralia #sydneylocal #quietthechaos #makeportraits #vscoportraits #bleachingfilm #ftwotw #of2humans #letsgosomewhere #goneawol #photographyislifee #pursuitofportraits #lifewelltravelled #mazinphotos #portraitstream #moodygrams #artofvisuals #visualsoflife #moodyports #portraitgames #postthepeople #createcommune #agameoftones
It takes a few seconds to hold the door; some are heavy and require effort. But it’s not just about the door. It’s about making a split-second decision whether to connect with another person — to acknowledge their existence. If we hold the door for you, will you hold it for someone else? #BeGreaterSG
tailored tuesday tandem
Quando la questua per il FAI diventa una missione | 🧡🍂 #me #fai #giornatefaidautunno
What lies beyond? Lately I've been collating memories, observations and experiences to create my own dreamscapes.For as long as I can remember I have been creating stories and writing them down , sometimes as notes and in other times as drawings. But for the past year , I have been interrogating about loss , dreams , grief , mental health , Colonialism and Realism. Having shared some of my writings with some close friends I have decided to share them here. Below is a just a small snippet of something I wrote last month on my way home. More to be followed soon. . . . You and Me Lost children You and me Valor and Intelligence of a sublime  devotion of a fable long forgotten The smoke of truth appeared from the valley Piercing through our hearts Thoughts wild and free Concussions of our mind  I cry in fear Maybe not now Repair Repair I return home ... @browngirlmag #boyswhowearmakeup #guyliner #finebrownmen #guyswithstyle #melbourneboy #postthepeople #desiboy #ethnic #potraits_ig #fashiondiaries #fashion #cotoure #lookbook #mensfashionpost #menwithstreetstyle #brown #quietthechaos #outfitoftheday #bollywood #mensfashionpost
"Explore yourself" - Bebu, Burning Seed (Regional burning man event) Mating State forest, NSW, Australia. 2018 . Life advice from burners. . Bebu stood alone in a field, a lone hooded figure. He looked so mysterious, I had to ask for his photograph.
In Frame: Rachel
@dietcigmusic 10/11/2018
• YOU WERE ALWAYS MY FAVOURITE • People are hard to hate close up. Move in! . I love catching these in-between moments! . I haven't been putting any of my new handmades up online - they've either sold, been rented/or used for a shoot, so if you spot a piece you would love to have, be sure to slide me a DM. 🙌✨
And you looked at me, and I had a thought that I, that I knew you before. - Hair & Makeup by @jasmineliang_sg
October 16 2018, I turned 23 first and mostly I'll thank god for letting me live a little longer. Since I was 20 years old I always use my birthday to reflect myself rather than having huge celebration. This year is no different, I am being reflective about myself, remembering every good and bad deeds that i did this year, have I accomplish things? Am I being useful? Am I a good person? Those are question that I ask myself. This year is quite roller coaster for me, I found another side of me that I don't want to remember, incident that makes me want to disappear, drastic change on my lifestyle, relationship w/ friends and partner, mental health that I have for years now. I lost friends because of something outrageous that I did, but I couldn't remember due to blackout because of mania episode, I was put in the position where nothing change whether I say the truth or not, however I still took accountability of my mistake, hoping that I give clarity to those people involved. Sadly they chose to tell my personal problem and it spreads out to people who don't even see my side of story, but the tables are against me, the only thing that I can do is moving on and cut ties to everyone involved. Unfortunately, since that blackout my mental health was something I paid attention to foremost, and I am now back to medication which awfully tiring to drink medicine everyday, and yes goodbye alcohol. I couldn't function properly, I forced myself to remember what happened to me, and I did it and shared it to few very close friends that still stand behind me, and I forgave myself. Yet, I am still here, I gained a lot of experience and met other people. I can see my quality of friendships that I built eventually, and it's something really liberating, I am back with my projects and build another opportunity to do something productive to my surrounding. So what's next? I want to create more, I plan to branch out to business venture and MC-ing. I want to move and work from Jakarta to another place to find out if I can survive, and start all over again (my mom wasn't amuse of this idea, but knowing me it shall happen eventually). So thank you everyone. Cesar
Are you the worior of your dream?
The only thing getting “lit” this weekend will be my fall scented candles, haha. It’s hot here (which I love) but I also love big sweaters & feeling cozy. ☕️✨
@jflowrighthere 🎤🎼
Hello Medan! It's one more sleep before we can greet all of you live on our pop-up booth! Be sure to drop by to be the first to check out our newest volume, and don't miss interesting offers exclusively there! See you at Ardent Point! #iwearmarcia #marciathelabel
Humans vs. Plastic
~ Al cospetto del tempo ~ Nei giorni che si susseguono apprendo un’imminente felicità, che sovente attenuo per ritardare gli eventi, e non dovermi stregare dinnanzi a precipizi inesorabili. Daccapo sono la falena, che vortica ubriaca al cospetto del lampione che l’ha attratta, e il disorientamento culla le ali. Nel cuore d’istanti indolenti sfioro la stanchezza del flutto, che si riversa con forza sul capo e dilaga se stesso. -G.R.-•MyPoem34• Lunedì 15 Ottobre 2018 Photo 10 Giugno 2018 #poesiaitalianacontemporanea #crash #time #versi #profile_vision #oldhome #writingcommunity #igers #inspiration #instawrite #scrivilosuimuri #italianpoetry #quotes #forall #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetryaddict #poetrylovers #screamofgiuly #love #ghost #life #scrivocomevoglio #portrait #postthepeople #portraitphotography #blu #writersofinstagram #passionescrittura #myphoto
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Brucio le mie amarezze con una sigaretta, come il primo tramonto di un autunno freddo.🚬
Ognun vede le proprie oche come cigni.
Non si può essere infelice quando si ha questo: l’odore del mare, l’aria, il vento
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