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my big baby.
Каждая из нас, девочек, в душе принцесса🎎👑 Поэтому мы любим наряжаться, краситься, делать красивые причёски, наносить парфюм, иногда даже хочется идти как то по особенному, плавно, красиво. Эх,где мои семнадцать лет, когда я ходила в одних спортивных костюмах с вытянутыми коленками и думала, что лучше этой одежды нет на белом свете😄 #фото #фотодня #мояжизнь #thehappynow #pursuepretty #morningslikethese #verilymoment #petitejoys #makemoment #lovelysquares #thatsdarling #photosinbetween #visualerush #vscorus #nature #beautiful #instafall #mylife #instagood #instaautumn #beauty #сolorful #leaf #здоровыйобразжизни #зож
People will always be awful. But you can also always put a rubber ducky on a horse’s butt and think you’re hilarious. still my favorite photo of all time thanks to @lena_golightly
Nak hantar anak sekolah pakai Viva, tapi dia nak korang hantar pakai Vios? (refering to a viral video) Nak drive jalan jauh tapi kereta uzurmu takboleh elevate lalu bukit bukau? Atau nak impressed awek yang baru join group assignment korang dengan memandu Honda HRV masa nak shopping material untuk kerja? . Whatever it is, there's always a reason to book a SOCAR 😉 (@socarmy ) . SOCAR ni car sharing app, memudahkan korang untuk booking kereta/sewa kereta. Cuma download apps > provide ic & lesen > add credit/debit card for payment method. Lepastu boleh booking & collect kereta dah . Download NOW on Google Play & Apps Store. Boleh survey survey nak book kereta apa. From axia, vios, mini cooper to BMW semua ada 🚗 . #SOCARmy #SOARCAR @socarmy
Happy graduation to my Dajie!! • Please don’t make last minute requests leh I spent like 4 hours till 3am doing ur stuff walao (end up I don’t even like the end product LOL ded) but okay may you find what you love and do what you love! Love you 😘❤️ • Signing off, your fat and cute Sister
✨Broken Arrow✨ Swipe left to see important consignor dates & times you don’t want to miss! Our event is right around the corner, and we can’t wait to see you!! #rhealanasofbrokenarrow
casually running in the rye #lastweekend #brandenburg
My very first car was a '83 Merc named Monty - he was no way near as beautiful as this beast, but in my eyes he was everything ✨ and I've had a soft spot for them ever since. ⠀ ⠀ One day I hope to own another one (though I must admit, I'm quite accustomed to electric windows and air con now... Might be difficult to go back...)⠀ ⠀ 📸 @vivianhoorn ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #curatenz #dreamy #dreamcar #wanderlust #feelingnostalgic #83merc #monty #montythedreamboat #pursuepretty #nothingisordinary
Here is the delicious pulao we enjoyed for our lunch today. @antonio_flores_iii from seasonality spices was kind enough to send me one of their famous spice blends. When I opened the "Maharaja" spice blend it was very aromatic and immediately had an idea to switch pav bhaji masala in my instantpot Bombay tawa pulao #recipe to the Maharaja spice blend. The results was a lipsmaking clean pot 😋 We devoured it with some delicious pomegranate raitha❣️ Full Recipe - link in bio ↩️ Short version Saute whole masala (cloves, cardamom, anise, cumin seeds. To that add onion, tomato and salt. Cover and cook until tomato is tender. To that add red chilli powder and Maharaja spice blend (instead of pav bhaji masala in my Bombay tawa pulao recipe). Mix, add veggie , more salt , basmati rice and water. Hit rice mode and wait for IP to do it's job. When the pressure is down drizzle some lemon juice and top it with coriander leaves to enjoy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #instantpotrecipes #photooftheday #pursuepretty #goodfoodindia #walkwithindia #wahindia #plateisfull #hautecuisines #ndtvfood #mysimpleclick #gloobyfood #tastingtable #heresmyfood #youarewhatyoueat #dailyfoodfeed #theauthenticfeeling #storyofmytable #slowfood #love_food #foodstyling #f52gram #mytablesituation #tasteofindia #tastespotting #healthyfood #indianfood #bbcgoodfood #ndtvfood #foodinfluencer #theuncommonbox . . . . . . . @antonio_flores_iii @walkwithchennai @walkwithindia @wahhindia @indianfoodieez @instantpotofficial @ndtv_food @theuncommonbox
Bridal Show Tip: Bridal shows are the perfect time to compare potential vendors! You should get a great idea of their style of work and process, the services they offer and cost, and the personalities of the people you could be working with. Take time between each vendor to mentally compare them to the others you’ve seen and compare and contrast your likes and dislikes about each one. By the end of the show, who knows, you may have just found all of your vendors!
🌛 snap : vkinnear6 ⛅ Каждое утро ☀️ я начинаю 😍 с освежающего геля для умывания .cosmetics Обеспечивает✔ бережный уход за кожей во время умывания. Насыщенная органическими маслами формула геля 💕нежно очищает, восстанавливает сухие и поврежденные участки . Эфирное масло розы🌹 стимулирует регенерацию кожи и поддерживает оптимальный уровень увлажненности . Экстрак земляники 🍓 отвечает за тонизирующее и антиоксидное действие геля. Витаминный состав масел миндаля и персиковых косточек🍑 - преображает кожу внешне и улучшает ее состояние. .cosmetics Это НЕ 🙄 это мой вам 💞 👸 #soulsister #lovemyjob #pursuepretty #indiangirlsshout #bday #bossbabe #mytoes #pedicureday #thesweatlife #bootyfordays #gethigh #asiangirl
zero to let’s go go go go go go go...
Large floral pieces are always a good idea.
Ignore the fact one of my eyes look lazy 🙈 😂. There are actually 3 little boys in this pic! Can’t wait to be an Auntie again 😊.
It’s cloudy and very windy at the moment. But I managed to catch a lil glimpse of sunlight earlier this morning. 👊🏼 . . It’s the same as opportunity. It’s still out there. You just gotta catch it at the right time! (Ok I’m not making any sense 😆 Bye!) . . . p/s: How do you like my new sunglasses from @kacakacaeyewear 😎 . . . via @planoly #planoly
What is your favorite fandom? One of my all time favorites is Harry Potter! I can’t get enough of it! I even bought some Harry Potter sheets from Target yesterday... 🤷🏻‍♀️ no shame at all. My super wonderful rep @elliebeth_bennett took this gorgeous photo! I’m jealous of all of her merch. Check out my shop for a bunch of Harry Potter goodies 🖤
The best 10 minutes of what has been a truly trying day. 🌞
✨Conway✨ here is your consignor information YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS! Bookmark this post so you can easily go back and review your important dates & times! #rhealanasofconway
Precious sleepy face
That one afternoon high tea with #Stella_Adelie at @marcopolomanila ’s Connect Lounge where she taught me some food photography tips. 😆 We were 24 storeys up high and she enjoyed the view (counting all the cars and buildings—“12!”) and the chocolate eclairs. 💕 #MarcoPoloOrtigas #MPMJourneys #LiveTheHighLife #TwoTimeFiveStar
Proud and independent mom walking down the street in #Stockholm with my big girl and little boy. 👩‍👧‍👦❤️
“It’s all I have to bring today — This, and my heart beside — This, and my heart, and all the fields — And all the meadows wide — Be sure you count—should I forget Some one the sum could tell — This, and my heart, and all the Bees Which in the Clover dwell.” Emily Dickinson The loveliest of venues for the loveliest of couples. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photography @jenwojcik | Design, Planning and Styling @hautefetes | Florals @plentyofpetals | Hair and Makeup @jesssteingard | Dress @isabellearmstrongnewyork at @mbride | Tux @garys_mensstore | Venue @theinnatrsf . . . #ranchosantafewedding #ranchosantafe #alfrescowedding #gardenwedding #outdoorwedding #weddingdress
Craving for Fedwell.
🌙 Когда вроде и лето☀️, но какое-то не полноценное 🌥⛄️ Люблю свои космические леггинсы💜🌌 . . . . #prettytoes #picooftheday #womenwholift #flowermagic #girlsnight #longhair #perfectfeetonly #documentlife #sicily #instagramphotography #finnishgirl #pursuepretty
when i’m not eating, i’m thinking about what to eat 👄 @intercontinentalphuquoc @marchoneyewear @chloe sunnies // @gouramihk top // @temperleylondon skirt // @chanelofficial bag
I guess you could say we live at the pool 😎☀️
The morning is the best time to explore the coast before the tide and waves of people arrive! 🏄🏼‍♀️
I took this picture 2 years ago when I put my little makeup desk together. I had to post it considering I have to take it all down and pack it all up in the next couple days as we move across the country. I love it. It is not perfect, but it was one of my first little projects that made this rental a home ❤️. . #flashesofdelight #jungalowstyle #thatsdarling #inmydomaine #darlingweekend #darlingmovement #pursuepretty #theeverydaygirl #lovelysquares #designsponge #currentdesignsituation #livefolk #minimalist #doingneutralright #howyouhome #hometohave #anthrohome #hgtv #dslooking #currenthomeview #apartmenttherapy #kinfolk #homedecor #eptx #urbanjungle #elpaso
“No circumstance in the world can ever prevent us from believing in God, from placing all our trust in him, from loving him with our whole heart, or from loving our neighbor. Faith, hope, and charity are absolutely free, because if they are rooted in us deeply enough, they are able to draw strength from whatever opposes them! If someone sought to prevent us from believing by persecuting us, we always would retain the option of forgiving our enemies and transforming the situation of oppression into one of greater love. If someone tried to silence our faith by killing us, our deaths would be the best possible proclamation of our faith! Love, and only love, can overcome evil by good and draw good out of evil.” - Jacques Philippe, Interior Freedom 🌱
I love my job. Even if I lose sleep because who doesn’t edit all night? Am I right.
Fotolama , uploadlama
We’re so excited to have some awesome @yycfoodtrucks fueling #sundownsocial tomorrow! @familyfreezed , @familydogsyyc , @familysqueezed And @yummiyogis will be serving of their amazing local fare as we celebrate community and beautify a neglected space. See you under the 4th Ave flyover in Bridgeland tomorrow evening! Full event details in bio! 🚚🌭🚚🍡🚚🍪🚚🥗🚚
Working on a special set for B & D. Here is a preview of their table numbers and menus on acrylic sheets. . . . . . . #tablenumbers #menu #yvrwedding #weddinginspo #thedailytype #pursuepretty #modernlettering #yvr #moderncalligraphy #handwritten #dailyhivevan #calligraphy
New in stock 320/195 cm Beautiful 😎 Moroccan Beni Ourain Style - Shag Pile - Wool . Free worldwide Shipping. Visit our store . DM for more infos
Happy birthday Disneyland!!! 💗🎉 To celebrate, @getawaytoday is offering an amazing Adults at Kids Prices promo on 3-day or longer Park Hopper tickets 😱💥❤ Good for travel anytime in 2018, but you have to book your trip by July 23rd! Check out the link in our bio and snag your tickets while you can. Now let's all go eat cake at the Happiest Place on Earth! 😋🎂💗🎉 • • • Photo credit: @getawaytoday
You can’t really see me, but I’m grinning about 1 year without alcohol. Let me count the ways that my life has changed in the last year since I learned how to stop overdrinking: • I have already tripled my income • I’ve built intrinsic self confidence • I moved and created a better home environment • I served more clients • I found my dream career • I have done so many new things despite fear, including getting free things & jumping in cave pools • I have learned to say no • I have learned how to get incredible amounts done • I have made incredible progress living without overwhelm, busyness, & confusion • I have taken more risks • I’ve decreased social anxiety more than ever ... & the list goes on. I’m so proud of myself and want to help so many more women do the same. A year ago I thought it was impossible to cut back on my drinking and still enjoy life. But I’ve found it’s 100 times more enjoyable without alcohol altogether. ✨🥂😘
Mermaid eyelashes. Sign us up ☝️ || 🎥 @insiderbeauty
Things I’ve noticed that you love when I share: sunsets, my shopping trips/deals/fun finds, kitchen design/reno, Mavis, real life & motivation pep talks...these are just a few that I’ve recognized & noticed more recently. When I began my journey on IG and started my blog I had no idea the direction it would take me...it’s created some amazing opportunities and connections with all of you! I really want to get to know all of you more & why you’re here with me - I’ve been so fortunate to be able to connect with so many of you and it’s what keeps me going & encouraging me to continue to inspire you to live a life you truly love, to love your home, to love yourself, embrace moments with your family, to live out your passions, dreams and all the real craziness of life in between. I know life is busy but if you can leave me a comment below or message me I’d love to know your favs of what I share || what you want more of or maybe something new you would like to see me share || it would mean so much💗!! Thank you for being here with me - I appreciate each and every one of you and the connections we have made - I couldn’t do it without YOU💗 #summersunset #california #californiahome
We all have different reasons for forgetting how to breathe...
Where the ocean meets the river
Come @hurricanesgrillid and try our Australian Brunch, Hurricane’s Eggs Benedict; poached eggs, hollandaise and country bread for brunch. Something delicious to start your day. —⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Brunch at Hurricane’s is available from 08.00-11.30 AM, exclusively at Hurricane’s Grill Gunawarman.⠀⠀ •••⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For Reservation and Inquiries, please contact :⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 021 - 2751 3388⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 021 - 5010 1799⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ www.hurricanesgrill.co.id⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •••⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Our locations :⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - Gunawarman 20, Jakarta⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - Noble House, Lingkar Mega Kuningan kav E4.2, Jakarta
MEDIUMS ONLY! The prettiest charcoal dress with pockets! This is a good basic dress to dress up or down. Pair with a big chunky necklace, blanket scarf or cardigan. Nice medium-thick material - not see through. Pockets and a round rem. Tap the pic to get one! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #jourdansjewels #theboutiquehub #boutiquestyle #momiform #momuniform #momclothes #momstyle #momfashion #momlook #fashionblogger #lookoftheday #styledbyme #pursuepretty #outfitidea #outfitgoals #closetmusthave #shopsmall #charcoaldress #darkgreydress #darkgraydress #shortsleevedress #ithaspockets #flowydress #summerdress #summerstyle #summerfashion #bohodress #simpledress #casualdress #summeroutfit
Every great dream begins with a dreamer ☁️ · Always remember, you have within you: ☝️ · the strength 💪🏻 · the patience ⏰ · and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ✨-HT · My first career big dream was crushed when I was 18 years old. I then turned to other second career dreams and again they were crushed when I was 25 years old. 2 years later and my real life dream career has exploded! I cannot express the enormous amount of gratitude I have for my clients. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU ALL 💕 · No matter what happens in life just always remember it is always true One Door Closes Another One Opens. Bigger and Better Things Always Come 👏
Now if I was a fish I would be damn curious about this shadow!🐟🐬 ⠀ Footage for new vlog on the dome port, coming soon! Connect with me on YouTube for GoPro tips... Click the link in my bio for latest video! ⠀ @tanjakappler ⠀ 🍍
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