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Repost from @ellenieofficial using @RepostRegramApp - Show day! 🌟 Break a leg to all my students performing today at @impressionsbanquethall. I also look forward to watching 2 of my choreographed and original songs (Produced by my husband, @pistolsandpints and brother, @galestianmusic ) which will be performed by my gorgeous dancers, @ariana_carr_raskin , @connermomma. #Voices & #WeOwnTheWorld . So grateful to perform #EdgeOfTheNight also with my Juniors pre-teen class at @Fsmdofficial. #fsmdrecital2018 ! @makeup_by_amy @katrin_hairstylist @quainphoto @galestianmusic @pistolsandpints
Fashion Friday with @oliearthseed
What makes your soul sing 🎢 with happiness? Do that...do it in bits, do it on the side, do it small or do it big BUT do all of it! Fear? Push it aside, your being is dependent on it. Hurt/Pain? Work through it, it may be the masterpiece we've all been waiting to feel/see/hear. Don't know where to start? Listen to the depths of your being and begin...It's easier to pay attention to the no's but hone it on that small place that's screaming the strangled yes and you'll get that unexpected smile with that warm sun on your back no matter how gloomy the days...πŸ’— #justdoit #gogetit #nooneisstoppingyoubutyou #findyourhappy #loveyourself #quainphoto πŸ“Έ always making me shine πŸ’₯
Tbt circa 2013 ish - it was a fun and creative shoot :) wish I could get more gigs like this , costume designers where ya at :)
Still cooking up fresh headshots daily , get yours before pilot season hits
#quainphoto πŸ“Έ always finding my light to have me #shinebright πŸ’Ž through the pain and back to my usual love πŸ’—...replenishing this well of losing 5 very close beings in 2018 to celebrating them by being even more #focused #clear #open #presentineverymoment & #strongerthanever πŸ’ͺ We comin' fo' 2019!!! πŸ’£πŸ’₯ #workhardplayharder #impromptuphotoshoot
#beYOUtiful is ~ Knowing the stage is yours and lighting it up with your best performance. #Monslay on this life stage. πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ πŸ“Έ: @quainphoto Hair: @ic_phil Makeup: Nicole Stylist: @thetonibradshaw Gown: @marquette21 Marketing: @thornellj
Music Monday!! Congrats to @iamdanileigh on that album #theplan on #defjam , go get that on iTunes today .
Skull rock , Joshua Tree
It's just around the corner, it's just around the block This love that I've been waiting for, a Love solid as rock A Love that reaffirms that we are not alone A Love so bright inside you it glows And night and day would run together, and all things would be fine
"𝖂𝖍𝖔 π–œπ–Žπ–‘π–‘ π–™π–†π–π–Š π–ˆπ–†π–—π–Š 𝖔𝖋 π–’π–Š π–’π–ž π–‘π–”π–›π–Š, π–’π–ž 𝖉𝖆𝖗𝖐 π–†π–“π–Œπ–Šπ–‘, π–œπ–π–Šπ–“ π–žπ–”π–š π–†π–—π–Š π–Œπ–”π–“π–Š?" πŸ–€πŸŒΉπŸ•― #namethatmovie #myguiltypleasure Photo: @quainphoto Mua: @glambyalexandra Lingerie: @victoriassecret #AlexandraDanielle #freakyfriday #love #VictoriasSecret #lingerie #MikeQuain #Quainphoto #blacklingerie #instafit #LA #blackandwhitephotography #blonde #fitsperation #blackandwhitephoto #fit #photoshoot #modeling #sensual #sexy
My photo of @1triciamiranda used in this article :)
Flash back Friday - only 2 years ago but I feel like I shot this last week .. time is flying! Do everything you wanna do now :) stop waiting and go !
Backyard of out air bnb at Joshua Tree
Recharging my inspiration well in the #wondermentofnature #hiking #traveldifferently #quainphoto πŸ“Έ catchin' my light πŸ’—
Sunrise #photoshoot anyone? Got a "good morning" nod from a coyote & watched a jackrabbit bounce!!! This happens when your beast #quainphoto is a photographer πŸ“Έ #carpediem Now to explore #joshuatreenationalpark for the first time #minivacay #inspiration #rechargeyoursoul #actress #actresslife #traveldifferently
That GOOD GOOD feeling when all your bills are paid on time and your credit score is raising by the month and you're inspired to capture the moment in a photoshoot! Thank you @quainphoto for capturing the moment through your lense. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— #photoshoot #trustyourself #growth #work #capturethemoment #quainphoto #doyou 🌟🌟🌟 πŸ“Έ: @quainphoto 🎨: @lady_olympia
Thinking of a master plan with actor / rapper @medinadidit
Happy birthday to @ashleenino kiddo Zephyr! Also how cute is this family ?!?!
After a full day's work, sometimes I improvise & use props, no miming life for me, I'm not that good 🀣 Cheers 🍻 to more #selfsubmissions that'll take me out of the country #audition πŸŽ₯ #actresslife 🎭 #actress #itsallaboutreactions #quainphoto πŸ“Έ gots my back yo!!!
Happy anniversary @bailajennie !!
tiny tot Tuesday - Congratulations to my client Kennedy for booking and staring in A Christmas Story at Sierra Madre Playhouse
Music Monday with the female Snoop @kitty_fedha smoke trees everyday
Smooth chillin just kickin it With the top down, down to the ground I know they be watching me smooth chilliin Just kickin it with the top down, down to the ground I pump it up for you...smooth Smmooooooth just chillin on a Sunday afternoon
Sunsets with @sisipandaofficial
All day with this guy , pee wee’s word of the day is farxiga
Tbt with @rocky_barnes and @aminahjillil , it was a fun shoot ... now everyone jump around
It’s the story of a man named @johnjosephmusic
What do you do when you don't get the 1st role? #audition again for the next role!!! From getting a week to memorize to having a night because they need it now πŸ‘Š #keepknocking #keeppushing #selfsubmission #actresslife #actress 🎭 #theygonnaknowme #quainphoto making it happen πŸ“½
Repost from @witherikamartin using @RepostRegramApp - I’ll be speaking at this year’s All Hazards AHIMTA symposium in @hiltonhead_sc following @jimcantore and maybe I’ll get a chance to ask him some juicy weather questions! Thank you Mike Quain @quainphoto #staytuned I’ll be discussing behavioral research and adaptations that allow for personal β€œgreen” adjustments and #sustainable social integration for a healthier environment that could alleviate the stress to and on our planet. Excited to discuss my scalable technology approach @AHIMTA conference 12/4-12/6 Come on down if you can! https://www.iafc.org/events/AHIMTA/
Music Monday with @theonlybelle Living in a disco world
Happy Veterans Day from Quainphoto
Some times you gotta go to distant lands to get the shot or make local lands look distant @medinadidit
tbt circa 2007 with the dynamic duo : celebrity hair stylist Larry Sims @larryjarahsims and celebrity make up artist Kamani Alana @kamanialana
Bump set spike - work out Wednesday with @kirstenoverton
I got yo' "doctor" right here... #selfsubmission #auditionlife #audition #actresslife #actress #quainphoto & me at it again πŸ“½πŸŽ­
A little sumthing sumthing for a Sunday @small.she
Enjoying the California sunshine in early November Model @kotamarama Make up @lady_olympia
Tried to slip by the interviewer only to be snagged back!!! 😩 Had to give 'em all props as I had to play a media reporter in the #film 🎞 #runninfrommyroots #premiere #redcarpet #iopenthefilm #redcarpetsarerough #redcarpetmadness #actress #actresslife 🎭 #quainphoto gettin' the extras πŸ“ΈπŸ€© #lastoneon
New York !! @bgirltynee is in town
Sliding into the weekend like ...
#redcarpetmadness happening now...I barely made it πŸ€ͺ but found out from everyone, #iopenthefilm #actresslife #actress appreciating these photographers that have me angled to get my best side πŸ“ΈπŸ€—πŸŽ₯ #quainphoto is da bestest!!!!
Tiny tot Tuesday , kids are the best lol πŸ˜‚
Music Monday with @djrashida
Halloween is around the corner , @triplethreatdancewear has ya covered!
Two #selfsubmission #auditions πŸ“Ή in da bag! My small tata cleavage πŸ‘€ making an appearance for the fun #campyhorrorfilm to medical wife goodness 🀩 Lovin' my opportunities as a #characteractress that I've been fightin' for!!! #actresslife #actress #doitall #films 🎬 #nobodyputsbabyinthecorner πŸ’ƒ thanks #quainphoto for making me look so professional 😘
They want EFX , in camera EFX Repost from @iamchantecarmel on Instagram: β€œBE BOLD BE STRONG BE CONFIDENT BE YOU Today is the day my dream comes true. I step on stage as the…” using @RepostRegramApp - BE BOLD BE STRONG BE CONFIDENT BE YOU Today is the day my dream comes true. I step on stage as the leading lady in #thelionking . DREAMS COME TRUE!!! BELIEVE. NEVER GIVE UP. #thelionking #sarabi #nala #believeinyourself #dream #bebold #bestrong #beconfident Photo by:@quainphoto Make-up by: @lady_olympia
@tamaratorres7 Tuesday, rocking that business headshot
Music Monday with @goapele , if your in The bAy she’s gonna be at #yoshis
Repost from @j_r_o_s using @RepostRegramApp - Are we πŸ‘‚πŸΎ#listening to πŸ—£ #respond or listening to 🧠 #understand ❔
My clients making big moves !!
Repost from @witherikamartin using @RepostRegramApp - Holy #throwbackthursday #2009 I think πŸ€” I REALLY wish I could remember the name of the #hairdresser who gave me these #highlights @visitweho subtle but fun πŸ“Έ@quainphoto
Congratulations to @reginasdance on that national commercial with #samsunggalaxy level up !!! I’ve seen it a thousand times already!!
Sometimes at the end of shoots you gotta leap it out ! Tiny tot Tuesday!
Music Monday with @kitty_fedha , got that promo photo for her new show ... Repost from @kitty_fedha using @RepostRegramApp - #FATHERSINHIPHOP LAUNCH PARTY OCTOBER 25TH COME OUT....
Repost from @johnjosephmusic using @RepostRegramApp - Hey guys! I’m super excited about this... I did my first ever interview! We talked about my growing music career, what I want my fan base to be called, what I’ve been working on and I of course brought up Britney Spears! Go check it out and huge thank you to teenmusicinsider for taking the time to interview me! Your support means the world. ✨ (Please to read this interview! Link in bio!) β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”
Repost from @siennaspalding using @RepostRegramApp - When ur best friend has really got your back..... #besties @sisipandaofficial #bestfriends photo by @quainphoto
When ya gotta let Hollywood know you can play both sides of the coin .. update your headshots before the holidays hit :)
Tbt with my birthday twin @msartese circa 2005 ish ??
It’s really sad that @sisipandaofficial are so boring and never fun to shoot :(
Tapping tiny tot Tuesday!
YOU, yes YOU...YOU were meant to #shine #shinealways & #shinebright don't ever dim that light to make someone else comfortable YOU beautiful human YOU!!! πŸ’ŽπŸ‘‘πŸ’₯ #quainphoto keeping me #shiny #cinematicphotography #impromptuphotoshoot #mmairstream
Music Monday with Jazz Legend Pharoah Sanders
Behind the scenes of my photo shoot with @hobocircus @small.she ... Repost from @hobocircus using @RepostRegramApp - Listen Barnaby✨ Captured by @anibalruizsan Edited by @small.she Songs "Put on Your Sunday Clothes" -from the musical Hello Dolly! "Pretty Ugly" by @tierrawhack
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