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Some memories will always affect your heart
Baby's got blue eyes Like a deep blue sea On a blue blue day... 📷 @davidcarlsonphotography
Buongiorno così. ✨ . . . . #freedomtime
Sounttrack playing in my mind* . Ive become so numb!!!! Cheers to awesome memories ❤️
Tide peak
[B A L I] 9 Our message will need a ship to travel across oceans that can't otherwise be crossed #kingsofconvenience
The society rebuked her The aged disapproved of her But she refused to bow down She stood strong She wanted to show her independence No longer inferior, not under male dominance But her actions raged the archaic mind-set Such boldness! They refused to tolerate But she wasn't so fragile to accept submission She was a strong woman of the new generation The community publicized her life But her strong will helped her survive Many people did spread hates But her small action inspired thousands...
19/365: another shoe picture to grace your feed. 👟 Happy Friday! You know... this was a good week. It had it's ups and downs for sure, but I am really grateful for the people that I have in my life. ❤️
(scroll <- to watch entire vid) 2017: Whether it was four wheeling through the jungles of Mexico, driving 8 hours to dance with the Chainsmokers, different shoots, hanging with Gronk in Miami, or just lounging around at home with friends... this year was FULL of adventures. I explored so many new places and made more memories than I probably ever have in a year’s span before. This year was also full of countless, painful memories. BUT- there truly is a light in ever hollow!! For every bad memory, I think I made 10 amazing ones in its place. Adventuring is truly what puts every worry and care behind me. Can’t wait to make 2018 better x639184. LIGHT YOUR SPARK. SET FIRE TO THE DARK. AND GO MAKE YOUR MARK!!!💛💛💛
• // h a p p y p e o p l e // • . . . the happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything, they (we) just make the best of everything they (we) have! Have a good weekend, good people! . . . Sat : 20 . 01 . 2018 Chinese Garden - Singapore #quitethechaos #way2ill #exklusive_shot #instagoodmyphoto #instagood #photographyislifee #citygrammers #urbanphotography #urbanandstreet #happyday #passionpassport #LetsExploreSG #sgig #whatissingapore #weekendvibes #goodfriends
Her personality is the over the moon and I’m obsessed with her!!! 💞💞
Smash after the bath 🛁
I just cant. Shes the best 😍
In the midst of it all.... 📸@ruvimnogaphoto
Here comes the cake!
Is she the cutest or what!?
Im so in love with those curls!💞
Ahhhhhh 😍!!
@anna_aleeva_ for Ambre Phnom Penh
Get ready for her to steal your heart!!💞
I got my own young Johnny Depp as a friend 🙀 @jezzex_
It's Friday, and I'm adding color back to my feed, damn it! The style's a-changin', hop on board.
You light up my life . . #bokeh #bokehlicious
WUT? . Hats // Cates Custom Hat Company // @l.catescustomhats . Photo // Lapita Arviso // @lapitaarvisophotography . Edits // Model // Tyana Arviso // @tyanaarviso
// closer apart.
So sad the snow is melting : (
It’s a beautiful Friday. The colors of the earth around us are stunning! Whose gonna be outside this weekend?
I have talked to so many people lately who are struggling with all kinds of pain. I wanted to put my opinion out there just in case it could help one person. It is okay to be broken, lost, hurt, sad, depressed, and NOT OKAY. That is completely human and normal. Instead of convincing yourself that you are okay and ignoring your emotions, try to become aware of your struggles and embrace them. Figure out the things that you have control over and the things that you don't and begin to overcome, conquer, and heal. Don't be afraid to reach out to the people around you for advice and support but remind yourself that the want and passion for change needs to come from within yourself.
King fisher hunter
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