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Miu amigos, hoje o dia amanheceu mais triste😿 , a gatinha dos meus avos a Lola virou estrelinha💫. Uma homenagem e luz para a princesa Lola, ela foi muito amada e sempre será! Sentiremos saudades do miadinho soprado que ela dava e mostrava a linguinha. As boas lembranças da Lola semprem ficaram guardadas nos nossos corações. Essa anjinha de 4 patas e bigodinhos será sempre lembrada por nos pelos momentos mais felizes que nos proporcionou. Lambidinhas e ronrons para confortar meus avós. 😿🐈💫 #riplola #princesalola #saudades #estrelinha #vanilla 🐈😿💫💔
Celebrating Lola’s Life with my sock-ball and @enchanted.tails 🐶🎾✨💕#celebratinglolaslife
Beautiful urn for a beautiful soul. Burying bigger urn with grandpa tomorrow. Smaller urn to be buried in the Philippines date TBD. . . . . #milafraleigh #ripgrandma #riplola #ripmemaw #cremation #urn #burialurn #grandmaandgrandpatogetheragain #togetherinlifeanddeath
Never forget who you do it for #riplola
#Riplola 😭
It’s been 3 days and I’m still processing that you’re really gone. I’ll be forever grateful for the love and support you’ve given me, the stories and laughter we’ve shared, quirks I’ve inherited, and the irreplaceable bond between a grandmother and granddaughter that I hope Adalind will also be lucky enough to have with her Abi and her Lola. Thank you for the memories #milafraleigh . I love you! . . . . #grandma #ripgrandma #meandmygrandma #lola #riplola #meandmylola #memaw #ripmemaw #meandmymemaw #grandmothergranddaughter #grandmothergranddaughterbond #grandmothergranddaughterlove #mila #beautifulsoul #givingspirit #kindhearted #innerbeauty #infectiouslaugh #welcoming #greatcook #snazzydresser #loved #loving
On Thursday we had to say goodbye to our little angel, it was heartbreaking but 100% the right time for her. I’ve got myself a little ring to remember her by now 🐱💕 #RareSentimentalPost #RIPLola #LovliestCatEver
#inmyframe #lolaaida #lola #mamang #mamangaida #riplola #grandmother its been a week when you’re grandson died (my kuya), then your next.. 😞 im on shock when i heard that you’re gone but i know that you are happy in God’s side along with lolo tonying and all our other beloved and i could say that in your 91years of existence you live happily.. thanks for the memories you’ve left in our hearts
I miss you so much #riplola
I am so thankful for all the aunties and uncles and cousin i meet in the Philippines and Singapore and i hope one day imma go back there again #RIPLola #thefam #phillippines 🇵🇭 #alllove
It’s been one year since we’ve lost this queen, my grandmother, one of the most important figures in my life. Early in my childhood, you’re all I had. You fed me. You raised me. You cared for me and taught me life lessons I’ve held dear to me to this day. You’re in a better place now, watching over us each and every day. Rest easy, we’re good now #riplola
Demasiados serán los días en los que tú ausencia dejará de ser importante ..!! #RIPLola 🐶
Mood: Sad/Uneasy Idk why we lose people. Idk why it happens so often. Idk why young people aren’t guaranteed to live a longer life. And although we will never get answers to why we lose the people we love, I know it’s something we just have to accept. This week Has been a mournful week for my friends and I. I need to pray harder for myself, my family and friends. We may not speak everyday but just know I love you and I got you no matter what And I’m always here. #riplola #ripdeen #ripmanny
She was a great dog. Lola you will be missed. #riplola
Life is so short:( who knew at Dads funeral was the last time we would see you again. Breaks my heart that I can no longer see you or touch you with my hands but I will feel you in my heart FOREVER. Thank you for everything you did for us when we were little. 😘😢 pls give dad hugs and kisses for me and watch over us. #riplola #untilwemeetagain #weloveyou
Missing my baby girl, Lola. Best kitty ever. 18 years is just not long enough. She came to us 20 years ago this weekend. She was part of a huge litter and while we were looking at all of the kittens we heard a little squeak behind us. We turned around and a little monochrome fluffball with a tiny goatee screamed ‘MEE! MEE’. So she chose us. She never weighed more than 5 lbs yet she had a gargantuan appetite. Everyone loved her. By the time she died she was deaf and blind but she could still jump, play and snuggle. She slept on my shoulder and always had to be touching me. #lovedalways #mykitty #riplola #catsareforever #specialcat #tuxedocat #furever #fureverloved #heartbroken
Victor fait ses adieux à Lola ! 😿 #RIPLola #QuiATuéLola @bermouga @gregoire.champion
Como não amar? Ela foi perfeita em todas as suas formas. Ela sempre uma lady. Desde a primeira vez q te vi vc me amou sem nem me conhecer, mesmo qdo chegou com o olho ferido por um mal feitor vc me amou, mesmo qdo a erliquise queria te vencer vc sempre aceitou , qdo a doença voltou vc sempre tão calma, sabia que eu estava ali p cuidar de vc. Qdo ia te dar ração vc tinha um jeito estranhamente lindo de pedir. Sempre vinha "sapateando" me encontrar , nunca brigou com ninguém sempre educada , respeitosa , calma e com o um sorriso como se tudo estivesse bem sempre. Não tinha dia um ruim não tinha dia triste, mesmo qdo teve que morar um pouco longe vc sempre me recebeu com sorrisos e abanando o rabo. Vc foi forte! Mais forte que eu. Queria te abraçar e não te deixar ir, a sensação de não ter feito tudo que podia por vc nunca vai sumir. Ninguém sabe o que passamos! Ninguém sabe o que eu sinto! Minha lolita, minha lady, meu amorr...tentei segurar as lágrimas mas eu não consigo, sempre que lembro parece que meu mundo desaba. Me desculpa se não foi o suficiente, mas tentei te dar o melhor que pude. Meu amor foi e sempre será incondicional por vc! Vc deixou saudades ... #lola #loladog #labrador #labradorlove #rip #riplabrador #riplola #mydear #mybaby #mysunshine #comonaoamar #vocedeixousaudades
Hoy nos enteramos que nuestra amiga @lola_panama regresó a su lugar de origen: el cielo. Nosotros los animalitos, estamos aquí en este plano para enseñarle muchas cosas a los humanos, entre ellas el amor más puro y fiel. Luego que cumplimos nuestra misión volvemos al cielo. Deseamos fortaleza a sus familiares. Amiga Lola, nos dejas el corazón arrugadito. Pero sentimos felicidad de saber que ya no usarás más esa andadera y podrás correr feliz y sin dolor. Te enviamos besos que lleguen al cielo. Y por favor nos saludas a nuestra negrita. Con amor para ti Lola ♥ #riplola #lolapanama #venezuela
RIP Lola 🐱💜🙏🌟 Mami Loves you always and forever Until we meet again 🐱💜🙏🌟🐶💙🙏🌟🐶💙🙏🌟 #Lola #FurBabyLola #BlessedAndThankful #Adoption #CollegeFurBaby #FurBabyFamily #UnconditionalLove #WeLoveYouAlwaysAndForever #YouLightUpOurLife #NeverForgotten #InOurHeartsandMindsForever #RIPLola
Just a tad bit late, but had to s/o our pups!! Undeniably the most compassionate and selfless creatures ever created. Their unconditional love never ever goes unnoticed!! ❤️🐶🐾 #toby #ziggymarley #chiquita #riplola #ripscooby #silkenterrier #americanbully #siberianhusky #nationaldogday #mansbestfriend #doggo #dogstagram #instadog #dogsofinstagram #pups #pupstagram #puppylove #pupy #puppie
Happy National Dog Day! #🐶 What would we do without our #bestfriends #nationaldogday #riplola #beagles #beagle #beaglesofinstagram #ava #Lola #Bane the #granddog #🐾
Well worth the struggle of blowing these up #riplola
Lola Merit thank you for everything you’ve done for me... you will always be my first ever parent, you were the one who raised me and made me feel and experience all the marvelous things a child could ever get.. you are both a mother and a father combined, and am so lucky that I was raised by the most wisest and humblest person in the world.. you always give help to those in needs and that something special, you were always full of energy and amazement when you speak or do anything physical.. you were strong since the day Lolo left this world, since that was the moment where you were an individual mother who was raising Mommy and my 3 other Tito’s, you’ve provided them with love and care and did your Job once again both as a Mother and a Father combined.. Lola wherever I go, whenever someday I have speechless related to inspirational topics or to even strengthen once’s heart, I will tell them your amazing story, I will tell them the Hero of my life who treated and raised me as her own.. the person who is my Idol and will continue on to talk about, Yes Lola I will keep on talking about you.. Sadly we no longer have Contacts with each other, but we will forever be connected with each other.. I will stay strong for you Lola Merit.. Am so sorry I wasn’t able to make it on time, even tho you were waiting for me so patiently all this years I think that this happened for a reason and it may take me some time to accept that this happened but am sure you’ve died a peaceful death.. Lola mahal na mahal na mahal po kita.. you will never leave my heart, I will pass your inheritance someday and your teachings too.. I really wanted to mention someone to you too, pero sasabihin ko nlng sayo spiritually, dahil un tao na toh ay katulad nyo po.. I miss you Lola Merit and I love you so much, you will always be in my life and throughout.. I will keep my words that I’ve made to you.. maraming salamat ulit sa pagmamahal at sa pag aalaga. #riplola #iloveyou
Mga matatamis na ngiti ay hindi na masisilayan pa, Mga tawang malakas ay hindi na maririnig pa, Mga pangaral na magsisilbing gabay aming pahahalagahan Maraming Salamat Lola We loveyousomuch.💔😭 #RIPLola
I killed Lola!!!!!! I can’t stop crying 😭. Rip Lola. I don’t have a lot but what I got I cherish and try to take care of so when I loose something I love I get emotional. I kill sunglasses on a regular!! She lasted longer than most!! Rip Lola #myfavoritepairofsunglasses #sunglasseskiller #hollywoodshades #mybigassbooty #satonmyglasses #comedy #funnyvideos #lipschapasfuk #riplola
I just lost another important person in my life today...😭 these two wonderful people are already with the Lord. Tito had a heart attack and this time lola died of old age. They truly lived a very meaningful life. Rest in Peace lola. Wala na akong co-celebrant sa birthday ko. Sorry lola Ising hindi ko natupad promise kong umuwi non birthday natin nong June...😭 I will always remember you here in my heart. Kasama mo na si lolo. No more pain. 😔😢😭 #nofarewelljustgoodbye #riplola
It had been a while since my family on my dads side had been gathered together in one room. Sadly this was after the memorial service for my Grandma...#RIPLola
Couldn’t take a trip and not bring babygirl #riplola ... yes her ashes are in there. And she comes on trips with me.. miss her so much
#TBT : Me and my maternal Lola Violeta during the latter's trip to La Union in 2009. Even after my lola fell down from the stairs in 2004 after the death of my Lolo Pepe Sarenas, she was able to stand but walk slightly either with the help of her personal nurse or her two personal nurses when she traveled to La Union and our maternal homeland, GenSan City. But when she became an advanced bedridden until her death, she was unable to stand anymore. Hope you enjoy in heaven with Lolo Pepe 😇🙏🏻👴🏻👵🏻 #RIPLola
. Liv 💘 Fritz 💘 Lola 💘 #internationalcatday #truelove #riplola 😢
Happy 6 months to my baby girls 🍭👑 they make my heart happy #riplola #yorkie #yorkies #yorkielife #yorkielove #yorkiesofinstagram #yorkiegram #yorkiepuppy #yorkiefamous
Celebrating a wonderful life tonight! We miss you Lola! ❤️#riplola Thank you too all of Lola’s followers! please continue following for great pictures from Lola’s life
This morning I picked up the ashes of our beloved Lola. As the rain poured down I sat in my car crying holding the green bag containing Lola's ashes, feeling her kind, calm spirit all around me. As the miserable thoughts came over me that I will never see her again I remembered all the good she brought to my life. First off Lola taught me that #Pitbulls are one of the best dogs and companions you could have. She was the first pitbull I was ever around.. and it was ALWAYS a pleasure having her by my side. and second, she gave me the amazing gift of #daisyndoodle her 2 beautiful children that live on in her memory #12whitepaws . 🐶🐶🐶❣ after remembering all that I took a deep breath, Thanked lola for all the great memories and love she gave to me and everyone she met and felt a little more at peace....ironically the rain had stopped. ♡ Also, Thank you @abbey_glen_pet_memorial_park for your help. The wooden chest and gold name plate really touched my heart ♡ Lola will now sit comfortably in her favorite room of the house where we can always see her and remember the beautiful memories we had together. 🐾💞
On a repris ton concept @_universdesora de ta vidéo anecdotes avec @__dooms__ et c'est mon amie Lola qui a perdu du coup voici une petite photo Docier d'elle 😂😂 mais on l'aime cette petite #riplola #jugerpas #ellefaisaitcestdevoirs
End of chapter 25 and beginning of chapter 26! #year26 #glorybetogod 🙏 #issamood #leoseason #riplola
Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. The Christian religion sees the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life. . . Missing you. #RIPLola
Look at this utter delight ! #lady #newpup #RIPLola
It's never a goodbye because I know we will meet again. So for now it's only a farewell Lola. Lolo must be so happy to see your beautiful face once again. Thank you for being my mom and for caring for me not just as your grandchild but like your daughter. I will miss you everyday and every minute. Every flower will be a reminder of you. I love you, I wish I could hug you one last time. #ripLola #queencalinisan
It’s been a month since u been gone and I miss u so much. #riplola
I’ve cried more over a car than I have any man breaking my heart🖤🥀 #riplola
Some people might say you are just a dog. Some people don’t understand why my heart is still so broken. Some people don’t understand why small light has left my life....those people don’t know what an amazing life you were. You were my first baby! You were my best friend! You were there during my worst and best times. You watched me grow up and were part if my biggest day. My tears will fall for you for a long time.....#heartisbroken 💔 #riplola #myfirstbabygirl #missyouforever #themostperfectdogever #rainbowbridge 🌈
Lola loved her mama so much. We only had 4 months with this sweet, sweet kitten before she went to heaven, but they sure were wonderful. #riplola #snowshoecat #kittens #babycat #meowmeow #mamacat #catsofinstagram #catstory
Hold them close and for as long as you can💔 #RIPLola #family #iloveyoumom
Can’t believe this was a year ago 😱 #justjess #melbourneblogger #riplola #🤦🏼‍♀️
#pagpag Po Muna , After My Cousin/s and I #paidrespect , at the Wake of our Late " LOLA AGING+ "Mrs. Milagros Logarta - SAULOG " , #riplola 🙏🙏🙏
I just wanna say happy birthday to my lovely mother! I know this year has been tough on you and our family! I know that we fight but its all LOVE! I’m a great guy because of you and dad! #BestMom #LoveYou #RIPLola #MissYou
LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! I miss you Lola. Forever and always in my heart ❤ #RIPLola #calinisan #queen
Shout out to my all my friends keeping me sane and keeping me company and out of the house at this time. Even though its summer and it's super nice out... I just really feel like being in bed all day with the blackouts shut💔 #keepingittogether #RIPLola
I felt your presence with me all day today Lola 💔 #missingyou #RIPLola
Lola, Nanay, my second Mom. You are now with Lolo. My heart is truly broken today, but you're now reunited with your one and only love of your life. I never thought this day would come, unexpected and way too soon. I guess you're just too eager to be with Lolo. I'm happy that you get to be with Lolo probably eating shrimp sinigang, but I'm so heart broken I lost both my parents less tha a year a part.Thank you for staying as long as you did. Thank you for raising me, Ate and Jay. You will never ever leave my mind along with Lolo. You've taught us well and we'll pass that on to our future family and carry out the name you're so proud to call your own, CALINISAN. Until I see you and Lolo again. You were the greatest parents that was I was blessed with. #RIPLola #mom
Most people know that I’m not a pet person, but this dog was straight up human and I loved her to pieces, the only dog I ever allowed on or in my bed, so for her to go out because of neglect, legit, squeezes my heart in pain. We love you #LolaBambi , you will forever be in our hearts and memories. Luckily I have a ton of selfies with you. I’m sorry that we couldn’t help you. 😥 #riplola #humandog #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbulls #sweetestdogever #doggyheaven
I miss my baby girl each and every day 😔 #riplola #dogheaven
woke up to the phone call ive been dreading from my parents telling me that the most beautiful and most important woman in my life has passed away, my grandma. it's crazy how just two weeks ago i was in your arms crying to you telling you that i wanted you to be ok and you told me you would be. it's crazy that you knew so much about me that not one single other person knew. i can't help but sit here and cry and cry bc i can't believe you're gone. you were the strongest, most beautiful, most amazing grandma anyone could ask for. you gave me the world and so much more.... i just wish i could've given you more. my heart is hurting so much, i can't put into words how much i miss you already. i'll never forget all the times we shared, all the breakfast and lunch dates we went on, all the laughs. i cherished every single second i spent with you... i know you're in a better place now but it's just crazy to me how when i last saw you i gave you a piece of paper and told you to write something down for me, anything, and you wrote "i love you forever" and two days ago i got that tattooed on my shoulder so it'll always be there with me forever. you will always be there with me forever. as tears run down my face as i type this, all i can keep saying is that i love you and i miss you so much it's crazy.... now spread your wings and fly my beautiful angel. please watch over me and i promise to make you so incredibly proud. i love you forever ❤🌎🌻👩‍👧👼 #riplola
Tbt....baby Elli and Lola! #riplola #imisslolapaininthebutt
You'll forever be missed & always loved, @stallionfresh Lola. It was an honor to share the stage with you & @br33zyw 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 #RIPLola #QueenBeatz #Dancer #DanceIsTherapy #DanceIsLife #Dance #DallasBachataFestival #DBF #GoneButNeverForgotten #African #Afro #AfricanDance #AfroBeats #Love
Today heaven gained another angel ❤️ my heart is broken but I’ll always cherish the time we had together #girlsbestfriend #riplola #mygirl
Today I give my last Jeep Wave 👋🏻 ✌🏻🚙 . . Lola and I have had an adventurous 3+ years together but it’s time to move on to a safer more child-friendly Mom-mobile. P.s. don’t mind my Regina George boobs in the 3rd pic 😂 . . . . . #Riplola #itsajeepthing #ridingdirty #jeepwrangler #topdown #movingon
Miss you so much #riplola
Yesterday was Lola’s funeral service. She is now resting in peace. 🙏🏼Look who we ran into at the church... Bishop John Dolan! He spotted us in the cry room so he came to see us and especially, Eviana. Eviana smiles with joy.☺️ #bishopjohn #suchagoodman #evianaamari #thankfulandblessed #riplola #godiswithyou #godisfaithful #godisgood #maristelafamily
Cheers Mum!. My grandma passed away unexpectedly last week and without hesitation we both flew to the Philippines to be there. We may drive each other bananas sometimes, but at the end of the day family is everything. ❤️🌴 #shedoesntdrink #RIPlola #1peso1bagofwater
Thank you, for all the amazing memories. To all my friends and family, thank you for all the support and love. #riplola #loveyou
Checked another thing off my “before we move” checklist. Picked up Lola’s ashes we had made into a plaque from her (very far away!) vet. Now it’s hanging up in it’s proper spot above her old collar and Simone’s dishes. #bigpawstofill 🐾 (and Simone is filling them, even if she is the littlest Great Dane in the universe). A little surprise for Scout when she gets home from camp. #riplola
I’ve debated for the past week if I wanted to post about this then I remembered, it’s my job to share my life with y’all!! • • On Wednesday June 20th, 2018 life hits a bump. I was leaving the grocery store with Selah to go get dinner and as I drive forward to the next paring lot, life flashes! CLOSE! Was the word I thought as that car came crashing into us. The worst is going through my mind. As soon as we stop I jump out of the car to get Selah. Thank God she was still alive! I rush to get her out of her car seat and try to catch my mind up as to what just happened. We were alive. That’s all I remember feeling was, just being alive. Something so simple meant so much to me❤️ • • I honestly don’t want to go into too detail because it’s still a touchy subject to me. • • • All I want to say is as you can see in the picture it was bad! Being T-boned that hard and walking away, 1. Selah is 100% ok and her car seat did a FANTASTIC job, she had nothing except a bruise on her tongue. 2. I only had whiplash and now am mentally recovering. We are SO BLESSED.🙌🏼 Shoutout to my guardian angels and my Heavenly Father for our safety. I truly am loved and happy to be alive😅 Much worse could have happened but God is forever on my side and I am in his❤️ • • • • #ripLola #myfirstcar #somanymemories #firstaccident #luckytobealive #godisgood @graco #carseatsafety
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