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Avant de partir me coucher j’aimerai qu’on s’arrête pendant 5min sur le montage qu’avait fait ma petite sœur pour montrer le changement qu’il y a eut dans sa vie. Sans ses cheveux elle se trouvait moche.. je n’arrêtais pas de lui dire qu’elle était magnifique. Lola, sache une chose, c’est qu’avec ou sans cheveux tu restais sublime et ta personnalité te rendait encore plus belle...💜. #RIPLola 🌟
I call this corned beef ni Lola Carmen (rest in peace lola ❤️). Heto yung tipo ng corned beef na ginisa sa bawang sibuyas at kamatis tapos sinabawan at nilagyan ng egg. Para mas maraming makakain. Dahil mahirap ang buhay dati. Rodeo pa gamit dati. Here’s to you Apung Carmen for raising 10 children and countless grandchildren. Balu ku magbingo ka ngeni nokarin ka man (alam ko nagbibingo ka nasan ka man ngayon). #cornedbeef #cornedbeefhash #filipinofood #pinoyfoodie #busog #pinoyfood #memories #nostalgic #riplola #familia #pamilya #grandmother #lola #abuela #kawali #lutongbahay #lutonilola #hardtimes #foodgrammerph #foodblogger
Yesterday (February 8th) marked 1 year since Lola passed away. ••• Lola Anderson Age: unknown Chordoma warrior {unknown || February 8, 2018}. ••• Lola has been battling Chordoma since March 1, 2017. Throughout her short stay Lola underwent a Craniotomy, 8 rounds of chemotherapy and a lung resection. Lola was on her way to bed when she was having trouble breathing. When the mother turned on the light, she saw Lola was turning blue and quickly pulled the NG-Tube out her nose and she somehow was able to catch a breath. 911 was called, but by the time they arrived at the house, Lola was snuggling in her mother’s arms with shallow breathing. Her pulse oxygen was in the high 50s and she was so tired. The parents signed papers stating that we weren’t going to bring Lola to the hospital because we knew what was going to happen and wanted Lola to be home. As the morning hours passed by, Lola continued to have trouble breathing and they kept her comfortable. The mother whispered in Lola’s ear and said that Mama and Dada were so proud of her. She told her she was strong and brave and not to be scared. She told her that she would be able to go to DisneyWorld anytime she wanted and she could dance and sing with the princesses. She told her she would be able to go swimming in the pool anytime she wanted and she would be able to scream at the top of her lungs and it wouldn’t hurt anymore! She asked her to please, please, please remember to come and visit me in my dreams and that I loved her and she was my first baby forever and always. Dada attempted to braid her hair for the first time so she would have one that looked like Elsa. It was the first time they were able to comb and style her hair without a fuss. Soon after Lola took her last breath in her mother’s arms. Lola was surrounded by loved ones and she was given many hugs and kisses. Rest in paradise Lola. _____________________ #heavensnewangels #sosad #riplola #takentoosoon #foreveranangel #cancersucks #fucancer #findacure #morethan7 #tragic #heartbreaking . Facebook : Lola’s Journey
Missing our girl 🐶 big time on this beautiful sunny ☀️ day in Ga. Lolas favorite days included basking in the sun until i forced her to go inside to cool off. little man Leo 🐶is holding down the sun 🌞 alone today as we think about you Lo 🌈 forever in our hearts 💕 #Lola #Leo #englishbulldogs #mydogsaremykids #seniorbulliesrock #RIPLola
Reflecting on some of the painful experiences I've been through, I realize how hard it can be to overcome sadness and pain. I realize that time doesn't heal all wounds completely, but it helps the pain subside. No matter how long it takes you will feel better at some point. You will accept what has past. 🔈🔉🔊🎵🎶 #riplola #rip #rainbowbridge #youtookapieceofmewithyou #imissyou #milola #englishbulldog #explore #feb7th2018
A year ago today we lost our beautiful Lola the pup 🐶 😢#riplola #adventuresoflola #basset #hound #bassethound #princess #anniversary
My babies🥰🥰🥰 we miss you Lola #riplola #ripbunny
When??? Yesterday !!! My lola's burial ! #RIPlola
Whole hood Showed.Up.......#RIPLOLA #8100bloccedout
Nothing but Luv and Respect for my Lil Homie @_nickb81.....Celebrating His.momma life today#RIPLOLA #8100GODMOTHER
Just a snuggle Skye’s missing her Lola she left half a pepperami on Lola’s ashes box n say it was Lola n she can smell it from the Sky #riplola #boxersofinstagram #boxerdogsrule #boxersrule #boxersrule #boxerdog
• LOLO|LOLA • 8 kids, 22 grandchildren, and 19 great grandchildren...My grandparents lived an amazing life of almost 75yrs together! As you seen in my previous post, my Grandpa just passed a few days ago, and just a little over an hour ago my Grandma passed away peacefully! They both are now with my Mom who passed away 2 years ago this past Saturday!...Lola I’m glad I got to FaceTime with you this morning and got to say my goodbyes... . You all will be missed and never ever forgotten! I know you will be by our side and continue to guide us through the right paths in this lifetime! I love you all so much and will miss you everyday! . REST IN PEACE ❤️🙏🏽 . . . #RIPLOLO #RIPLOLA #GRANDPARENTS #BLESSED
My FB status 9 yrs ago. 😂 Last night I had a dream that Lola was running towards me, smiling, happy and healthy. It was so good to see her. 😇🌈#riplola #lolabean #turkeybutt #pitbull #pibble #rescuedog #dogsofinstagram
Every time I walk down the back set of steps I remember and my body contracts a little. Too bad these stairs are like the main steps in our house that everyone in the house uses daily. . Just got around to sage a space that has been bothering me since Lola’s passing. The area that she fell. The flight of stairs she tumbled down. And her room where she slept and occasionally napped in. . I wanted to do this with the kids but every time I went to tell them I became nervous that they would then remember all the details and I didn’t want to do that to them. . So I sage-d by myself. In honor of Lola. I remembered. Ready to clear the space and bring new energy in. . Thank you Marie @marieboyle for the amazing Smokeless Smudge Spray. I was wanting to do this before but hesitant because of all the smoke involved with real sage. . This meant so much to me. And I’m so proud of myself for waiting until I was ready. Really ready to move through a really sad time in my life. . #yoga #meditation #ayurveda #journal #lifestyle #exercise #attitude #nutrition #loss #movethrough #energy #energyclearing #cleansing #space #vibrations #keepmovingforward #RIPLola #rememberance #bulldog #bulldogofinstagram #furbabies
Today I had the pleasure to immortalize “Lola”. So honored my client chose me to do this memorial portrait. Thank you for looking. 🙏🙏 #riplola @facesinthedarktattoo #catorozcotattoo #dogportrait #dogportraittattoo
Oh, chillin’ at the @rivera.charina resort! So spoiled! Thank you @soberwarrior17 for your hospitality extended to my pets! It means the world to me to be able to travel and work whiie having my dogs around! I am truly blessed and beyond appreciative for it! #forevergrateful #ilovemydogs #thankyoucharina #thankyoykeana #thankyouelizabeth #blessed #cannabis #cannabisculture #buildingbridges #supportinglovedones #photography #inspiration #motivation #mourning #RIPLOLA #honoringlola #healingoneatatime #nonsmokingcannabissolutions #cannabislifestyle #cannabisforlife #alleviarecr
Janae and i the day after Lola’s birthday. #teamlola #teamnae #riplola #wemissyoulola
"Por que os cães vivem menos que as pessoas? Aqui está a resposta (por uma criança de 6 anos): Sendo um veterinário, fui chamado para examinar um cão de 13 anos de idade chamado Batuta. A família esperava por um milagre. Examinei Batuta e descobri que ele estava morrendo de câncer e que eu não poderia fazer nada... Batuta foi cercado pela família. O menino, Pedro, parecia tão calmo, acariciando o cão pela última vez, e eu me perguntava se ele entendia o que estava acontecendo. Em poucos minutos, Batuta caiu pacificamente dormindo para nunca mais acordar. O garotinho parecia aceitar sem dificuldade. Ouvi a mãe se perguntando por que a vida dos cães é mais curta do que a dos seres humanos... Pedro disse: ''Eu sei por quê.'' A explicação do menino mudou minha maneira de ver a vida. Ele disse: - ''A gente vem ao mundo para aprender a viver uma boa vida, como amar aos outros o tempo todo e ser boa pessoa, né?! Como os cães já nascem sabendo fazer tudo isso, eles não têm que viver por tanto tempo como nós.'' O moral da história é: Se um cão fosse seu professor, você aprenderia coisas como: * Quando teus entes queridos chegarem em casa, sempre corra para cumprimentá-los. * Nunca deixe passar uma oportunidade de ir passear. * Permita que a experiência do ar fresco e do vento no seu rosto seja de puro êxtase. * Tire cochilos. * Alongue-se antes de se levantar. * Corra, salte e brinque diariamente. * Melhore a sua atenção e deixe as pessoas te tocarem. * Evite "morder" quando apenas um "rosnado" seria suficiente. * Em um clima muito quente, beba muita água e deite-se na sombra de uma árvore frondosa. * Quando você estiver feliz, dance movendo todo o seu corpo. * Delicie-se com a simples alegria de uma longa caminhada. * Seja fiel. * Nunca pretenda ser algo que não é. * Se o que você quer, está "enterrado"... cave até encontrar. E nunca se esqueça: " Quando alguém tiver num mal dia, fique em silêncio, sente-se próximo e suavemente faça-o sentir que vc está ali.." #riplola " 💖
I love the irony in this Fichwa Mickey! Not so hidden hidden Mickey! ✨ But the real reason for this post is to explain why I’ve been hidden away for a bit. Our beloved family dog passed away earlier this week and it’s been a time for us. We adopted Lola as a senior dog (vets estimated her age between 12-14) and had her with us for another 6 years. So she’s lived A LOT, so while her passing wasn’t a surprise, we still had a difficult time processing. If you swipe, you can see her adorable face. 🥰Thank you for understanding! Regular Disney posts will resume and the podcast is still on schedule! #practicallyperfectpodcast #practicallyperfect #riplola #dogsofinstagram #alldogsgotoheaven #fichwa #fichwafellow #fichwafellowwall #animalkingdom #waltdisneyworld #disney #disnerd #disneyaddict #instadisney
For the most part I can look at photos of Lola and the feelings that emerge are bittersweet...thoughts of tremendous love, but also sadness that’s she gone. Then there are days like today when I feel her loss so deeply that my heart is shattered in a million pieces. I miss her soulful eyes, her cuddles, how she’s always put her paw on my arm when I stroked her, the deep sigh she’d make when she got settled in a comfortable position. I miss her adorable floppy ears. I miss her smell, her soft fur, the clanging of her dog tags. I miss the sound of her crunching cookies. I miss her tail wagging excitedly. I miss how she’d bob her head happily from side to side when we’d walk. I miss the expression of gratitude she’d give every time we fed her. And of course I miss her playing with Smidge and Doodle and the three of them charging down the hall with their treats. I miss that dog. I’m so grateful I had her as long as I did even though it didn’t feel long enough. #lolabean #turkeybutt #rainbowbridge #riplola
I will miss you lola gloria 😣 thank you,do guide us always pls.we love you...#ripLola
Di makatulog 😣😥 ikain nalang #missingLola #bestfriendofmyMama #ripLola 😑
I love futurama and all #blackjackandhookers but for those who know me I can never watch this episode for one reason only....... Back in 2010 I lost my best friend and everyday i watched her suffer until her passing #12 /17/10iwillneverforgetyou..... At the end of the episode fry had to make the same decision I had to make and we also watch semore wait for fry to comeback and the life of him until death..... I will never watch this episode no matter if its the only show on....... I know she is waiting for me and is always riding shotgun where ever I go..... #riplola #ripsemore
So so sad my lola is gone..#RIPLOLA
The first photo was taken exactly a year ago. Happy New Year, babygirls. Mama misses you both so much. 😥 #puppydogeyes #lolabean #riplola #lucygoosiepuppycakes #rainbowbridge
• RIP|LOLA • Lastnight my Lola (Grandma) passed away at the age of 96!!! She lived an incredible life and was definitely the strongest 96 year old lady I’ve ever known! I’m so glad I got to FaceTime with you last week since I wasn’t able to visit you at the hospital... Lola you will be missed but we know that you are up there watching over us! Please say Hi to my Mom up there ❤️🙏🏽 I Love you Lola ❤️ . . . #RIPLOLA
Family. 👦🏻👦🏻🐶🎄 #RIPLola #auntlife #christmas
We recently lost my Big Sister Lola🐹, here are a few of our moments from her service this past week. I knocked the candles down and slipped in hot wax, Mom was a littlllle mad but we got through things. I’ll miss her waking me up on her wheel at night 😢💕 Love you Sister I’ll take care of mom now ‼️ #HamsterHeaven #RipLola #PetFuneralService #MiniBulldog #BlackSweaterMadebyMom
Girls trip 2k18 was a success 🍍#riplola
Thinking back to my last time seeing her at @UCLA before she died. I didn't know I would miss her this much! I love you so much Mommy #RIPLola #RestInPOWER 🌠⭐️❤️👑
There’s a saying, “spread kindness like confetti”. My IG friends have been tossing kindness confetti our way and we deeply appreciate it. This beautiful ornament was sent by @louisbeanstheboston. 😭 Thank you so much for this. I love it and will treasure it. #grateful #bestigfriends #love #bostonterrier #smidgeanddoodle #riplola
Big sis, i don't know how i can ever thank you for what you have taught me as a woman, sister, aunty n friend. You are the first sibling i met when Bo n I started dating in Texas. You let me know what type of man Bo was from the jump. You made him earn everything he wanted from you. Even if it was just $20 he wanted to take me out to the dollar movies lol i loved that! And he was not ashamed to get dirty for you or me. So its no wonder why he listened to you always and you made sure he got in on the action. He admired his big sister for her hustling ways, me too! Cuz you put it down like no other. And i don't know any other woman who has either to this very day who can flip money into millions. I'm so grateful for the time we had... and for the lessons you've kicked down to me. Thanks for always having my back when Bo n I would argue like kids lol You had your way of doing things and i respect it. You the ONLY one i acted right in front of LMAO Thanks for never judging me. Oh sis, My heart hurts for your family n children n grandchildrens as they mourn over your loss. My lil family n i know all to well the brokenness we feel when we lose a major player in our world. To your children whom I've always treated like my own. I'm always here for yall Moana, Mino Leka, Yami, Paula, Jr n Hengi. You guys are so loved and supported by the best support system ever! Ofa lahi atu Olie/Veimau family. Lola, Toke ihe nonga moe fiemalie... peace be with you sis! Till we meet again. 😥 Please please... give Bo a big hug n kiss for me! Tell him about how much he is soooooooo missed. 💔 Fly high sis.. I love you ❤ #RIPLOLA
Whoever ran over my fucking cat I hope you have the worst Christmas ever #RIPLola 😿😭💔
La colère de Victor s'abat à nouveau sur Laurence... ⚡️😠 #vengeance #RIPLola 🙏🏻 @charlotte_valandrey_officiel @tf1 @farouk_bermouga
La, praying for your soul. Thank you for everything. Tutupadin namen ni Jamie yung mga dreams mo for us. Wala nako pagluluto ng tinola...kaw lang kumakain ng luto ko eh :( You always make us feel special & loved. Help us pass forward yung love mo samen sa buong family. Sorry naging sobrang busy di na kita nadalaw ulit. I love you. #riplola
"When raindrops fell, down from the sky. The day you left me, an angel cried." #TheFourSeasons 💖👑👵💖 Sleep well, Lola. We miss you already. I wish I knew you better, but I'm fortunate to have known you, nonetheless. Forever, you will be my inspiration to live a life of any stature with class, elegance, and unconditional love. 💖👑👵💖 #RIPLola #NeverFullyDressedWithoutASpritzOfWhiteDiamond #ElizabethTaylor
Mostly grinching this year, but I took a holiday discount code and got these amazing spider hoops from @theethjewelry and I love them to death. #spider #riplola #entomology #silversmith #giftforme
#ChillingTimeWithMyCousin 🍻 ...Pang tanggal antok... #RIPLola
My why...💯 #BellaBear ❤️ #TBT @bella.p32 #RipLola
Nou ze is weer bij je Swester... We zullen haar bij je brengen.. 💛🌟🐶🥀 #missyousomuch ❤️ #missyousister #riplola #leukemiasucks #fuckcancer #doggieheaven 🐾🐾
You will always in our heart! 😭❤️ we will miss you lola!😢😢😢😢😢 #riplola #foreverthankful 🙏 #happyday #youwillbemissedlola #youwillbemissed
My exercise buddy goes to bacolod🌠✈️✈️ Keep us safe Lord! #familyfirst #sorrow #ripLola #iwillalwaysloveyoulola
The Christmas Sweater for Lolie from her Auntie, is now passed down to her ”brother”, Louie, and keeping him nice and warm! 🎄🎅🏻😇❤️🐾 I’m definitely a blessed Auntie to have had such a great bond with my sweet, happy, Pookie girl that was my best friend/riding buddy and to now have such a sweet, cuddley Louie Boy that runs so fast when he comes over & leaps into my arms, cuddles with me in my chair, & gives lots of kisses! 😘🐾 I have to say that my sister @jwall0217 definitely can pick great dogs to adopt! #lolathedog #lola #lolie #loliebear #pookie #mimi #longhaireddachshundcorgiretrievermix #longhaireddachshund #dachshund #corgi #longhaireddachshundcorgimix #riplola #louiethedog #louie #louieboy #louis #miniaustralianshepherd #miniaustralianshepherdmix #miniaussie #miniaussiemix #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #dog #dogsofinstagram #christmassweater #dogchristmas #christmas #instagood #photooftheday
Reunited in Rainbow Bridge. #ripdamien #ripLola
Hey this morning I found out the my hamster died in her sleep and I couldn’t bring myself to post anything but now I can I miss her so much and I love her so much go follow her Instergram and just show are much support as u can xxxxx #riplola #iloveyou #missu
Rest in peace lola atang 😢😢we love you.💖💖.. Kit anay na kmu nh tatay, tito abel kag manong embong. 🙏👼 #seeyouagain #RIPLola
My heart is broken. My beautiful Lola girl died peacefully in my arms late this afternoon. She was a loyal companion and always knew when I needed some snuggles. She made me feel safe when I was scared and comforted when I was lonely. I’ll miss her tackling the cat and eating all the crumbs off the floor, in addition to a million other memories. Lola was a wonderful dog to my kids and I and we are so grateful for the 6 years she blessed our family. Thank you @chadamo17 for taking the last picture of her that absolutely captures her at her finest, climbing on me and panting in my face, and to the @erlangervethospital for their amazing staff and care for Lola in her final moments. #RIPLola #Lola #englishbulldog #bulldog #dogsofinstagram #dog #family
Hey! You gonna eat that? #riplola
Happy Birthday to one of my mothers. I love you so much. I know you are resting easy. #riplola
Pt. 2 grieving process #riplola #rippops
They both passed in the month of November. Drinkin buddies in the physical now drinkin buddies in the spiritual. Forever in my heart. Love and miss the both of u. ❤🍻. #cheers #rippops #riplola
It was fun while it lasted.💔 . . . . . . . . . . . #riplola #heartbroken #imsorry #iloveyou #neverforget #mr2 #cars #blewup #plsforgive
One week ago today I had to make 1 of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make and say good bye to a piece of my heart 💔 A piece of me went with you that day 😢😞 You will always be by my side n fur-ever in my heart 🐾 PAWPRINTS LEFT BY YOU 🐾💔 You no longer greet me as I walk through the door. You're not there to make me smile to make me laugh anymore. Life seems quiet without you.You were far more than a pet you were a family member, a friend,... a loving soul I'll never forget. It will take time to heal for the silence to go away. I still listen for you n miss you every day.You were such a great companion, constant, loyal and true.My heart will always wear the pawprints left by you.🐾💖 #Riplola
Rest in peace mama! #ripgrandma #riplola #40days
Look at at what one of the girls at work got for me for my birthday n decided to give it to now 💖 I FREAKING LOVE IT!! Lets just say I definitely cried 😭 when opening it thank you sooooooooo much BEST PRESENT EVER #Riplola 💔 #lolalove #igpitbull #pitbulllove #pitbulls #pitsofig #pitstagram #pitbullmom #pitbulllife #pit_u_love247 #pitsmile #pitbullvixens #pitbulllover #pitbullsofig #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbulltime #ourpitpage #urbsub #showmeyourpits #bulliesnpittiesofig #dogumantry #dontbullymybreed #teamfloppyears #pitsofig #ilovemypit #pitbulladvocate #instapit
My baby lola, she was at my listings appt, open houses, showings, office...always by my side I miss her. (2008 -2018) #dogsarefamily #lolarescuedog #helpingmommysellhomes #realtordog #whorescuedwho #storiestotell #riplola #lovepets #loveanimals #realtorlife #jenymilosevic #jenyfromtheblock #realtyjhm
Celebrating Lola Mercy’s bday how she would celebrate it at the casino!! We miss you so much and continue to keep watching over us!! Love you so much!! #FamILY #RIPLola
Well a month ago today my baby girl was stripped from me But to whomever took her you're pretty good at crushing people's hearts and destroying everything they ever worked on with they're own two hands for a few years Funny story about Lola She was stick shift obviously and I didn't know how to drive her for awhile my dad was teaching me and was getting so frustrated because ya boi is dumb and just wasn't getting it and legit the same day my dad posted her up for sale because he was tired of me not understanding was the day that out of nowhere I became a pro at driving stick Like the day before I couldn't even take off and the next day I was cruising around the neighborhood it was weird maybe it was just meant to be that way But shout out to my Pops for teaching me how to drive manual because I love it now 👌💘 #RipLola
Four years later your girl finally has a car with A/C!!!!! #itsfinallyhappeningyall #newride #riplola
Con me loca 😜🤣🇩🇴👉🏻🔥 #dominicansbelike #calle #bronx #uptown #uptowngirl #rip #riplola lola te extraño 🙏🏻 #🙏🏻
I took this picture of Baby Lola maybe a year ago. Today I'm just remembering the beautiful moments we shared. Today its two months since she became my sweet angel. I miss her deeply. "Until we met again at the rainbow bridge." ready for a road trip #dogsarefamily #doglife #Shitzhu #helpingmommy #sellinghomes #lolathetraveldog #lolarescuedog #runlolarun #vegan #dogsofinstagram #riplola #rescue #savedoglife
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