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🚗 A car travels alone down a street in Downtown Detroit. The driver thinks that no one is watching but I see him from far away. Maybe a few people see him but he doesn't see them. When you think you are alone you really aren't. People see you and if they don't see you they think about you. What they think about you shouldn't concern you. What should concern you is the fact that they thought about you at all. Enjoy your Monday night. 🌗 #downtowndetroit #detroitmichigan #detroitmi #rawdetroit #motorcityshooters #detroitlove #detroitvseverybody #detroitphotography #detroitphotographer #michiganders #michiganphotography #michigander #michiganphotographer #michiganawesome #michiganmade #night_gram #night_shots #night_captures #city_features #city_captures #street_photo #street_photographer #rooftopping #nightphotos #cityphoto #streetphotographyhub #citylifestyle #detroitusa #photographersofinstagram #photo_storee
So it begins, I wanna see if this goes anywhere, youtube videos coming soon
Late afternoon commute
Fastest Growing City
Art Form
Peak the edge
Industrial Island
The fog settles and the city listens
Fear is an illusion
City Views
The Tale of the Two Towers
Gasworks conquered
Seattle is truly Stunning
Old Abandoned Cement tower
HOCO with me?
Into the darkness
How Would You Enjoy This View Each Day? ➖ 📍 Studio City, California 📷 @skylinedevelopmentla
Столица. Навсегда в моем сердце. 📍 Moscow , Russia 🇷🇺 📍 Москва , Россия 🇷🇺 ============================ . . . . #rooftopping #nightscape #lightroommasters #lightroomedits #orangeandteal #lighttrails #night_photo_russia #24moscow #rooftop_squad #longexposure #aroundtheroofs #cityscapes_unlimited #citykillerz #killyourcity #killergrams #mskpit #mosquarium #deepincity #urbanisle
Rooftopping❤️👌🏻 #rooftopping #urbex @_casper.a_ @_casper.a_
A few months ago we tramped 70km through beautiful switzerland to this old 220m high radio tower. Some meters into the climb, my buddy @explore.cc unfortunately had to climb back down again because of a really bad cramp in his leg, so I had to climb the rest alone. Waited 2 hours on the tower for sunset, getting kinda paranoid of people seeing me and calling police, but noone showed up. Tramping the way back at night was quite a challenge, but actually didn't took too long anyway. What a fun day it was, gonna visit this spot again soon for sure.
Today I turn 22🍻. Here’s a photo from one of the most memorable missions to date. We all put a lot on the line for this one.
in the land of the blind, the one-eyed is the king. #thrownback #blindedbythelight
„Magical places are always beautiful and deserve to be contemplated. Alway stay on the bridge between the invisible and the visible.“ - Paulo Coleho - The Alchemist #paolocoelho #thealchemist
The man the myth the powerhouse legend @harrisonfernandez_ here's a collection of clips from some of his recent posts, this guy is a beast and definitely deserves a follow 👀🔥🔥 #breachsquad #breachgram
If you’re ever in Atlanta, you MUST check out #PonceCityMarket ❗️ • Part Mall, part Food Hall, part carnival/fair, and Rooftop views⁉️We have to say our favorite part was most definitely, the ROOFTOP 🤩😌 • Views, views, views 👌🏼🌇 • We dined @9milestation for dinner, the food and drinks were delicious. The staff were friendly and very accommodating — we just HAD to have a seat not only out on the terrace, but on the western side to get that amazing view of the sunset! • There’s so much to do (and a lot to eat and drink😆) we can’t wait to go back
! SFS В STORIES ! Друзья, впервые устраиваю такую движуху! Сегодня у вас у каждого есть шанс рассказать о себе и своём творчестве моей аудитории и получить самых клевых подписчиков • ЧТО НУЖНО СДЕЛАТЬ? 1. Зайти ко мне в Истории 2. Сделать скрин любого понравившегося коллажа 3. Выложить к себе в Сторис, отметив меня и написав пару хороших или не очень слов • ЧТО ВЫ ПОЛУЧИТЕ? Я выберу по 5 аккаунтов в каждой тематике и буду рассказать о вас в течении всей недели. Каждый получит свой личный Шаут! • А пока предлагаю вам насладиться фотографиями с одной невероятной ночи, когда мы вместе с @oceans21k почувствовали себя героями какого-то невероятного фильма о шпионах..
▶ H I G H E R ◀ Lazy autumn afternoon up high at @bistrocismigiu in downtown Bucharest, Romania, looking towards City Hall, a stunning 1910 Neoromanian style palace on the oldest avenue in the Romanian Capital. What do you like most about autumn? 🏛🍁
On our Lucky Luciano shit, happy birthday to my brotha @tomdurante
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