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I just wanted to say, that I have change my Instagram Name. I have so many reason for this! My First reason is, that the Body on Me Tour will not remain Forever. Rita will start new things, will release new Songs and will have new Tours. She will Start a new Era. And the next reason is, that less People Know that this is a Rita Ora Fanpage when they read my Name. Body On Me Tour could have a lot of meanings. And I think that @ritaora , @elenaora or @veraora didn't Know that I am a Rita Ora Fanpage. And now I have Change my Name from "BODYONMETOUR" to @ritastreetstyle ! My Name doesn't mean that I will just Post pictures of Ritas Streetstyle. I will also Post TB pictures, Videos or pictures of Events. I just Change my Name and not my page. I will miss my Name, because I have so many Memories with this Tour und this Song, But it is Time to Start some new things. Rita will Start new things too! I Hope it is okay for you .. 😘 - #RitaOra #Love #Fanpage #Streetstyle #RitaStreetStyle #BodyOnMeTour