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Date day with the husband strolling through antique shops. We stumbled upon this little gem! 😍👊@therock #ilovethe90s #rockbottom #therock #wwf #justbringit #canyousmellwhattherockiscooking #vhs
The jabroni beating, pie eating, trail-blazin', eyebrow raisin', People's Champ. #TheRock #DwayneJohnson #Peopleschamp #Wwf #wwe #ProWrestling #oldschool #atitudeera #peopleschamp #Rockbottom
Not Buying This! That's A Paddlin! 😂🍑 Shop Here: @rockbottomaustralia 👈 *LINK IN BIO* 👍
*this is my rock bottom**10/22/18 3:10pm* & I can already see the all the diamonds & gold in my future 🖤 (still one day at of time, because their ain't no time machine #grind ) #rockbottom #shirtless #selfie #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fit #inspiration #health #menshealth #strength #mensfitness #training #gains #inspirational #healthmotivation #natural #allnatural #abs #body #bod #sixpack #sixpackabs #6packabs #8pack #8packabs #ripped
In moments when I question everything, let doubt darken my day, my anxiety creep in, fear tries to take over and I let my human win I have to stop 🛑 Step back. Take a deep breatheeeee. And recognize and acknowledge how effin far I’ve actually come 😭💜👌💕 Not only physically, losing 70lbs., but the human I’ve become mentally & emotionally, straight wows me and truly is where my total game changing transformation lies 💪💕✨🔥🙏 #proudame . . So don’t discredit your beginning, the rock bottom you hit in order to stand back up to start fighting for the feels you WANT TO FEEL in this world 🌎💜💯👌💪🔥 Don’t dismiss the hurt & hard you’ve handled, the challenges you’ve faced, the lessons you’ve learned or the sacrifices you’ve made and continue to make on a daily basis to become your BEST YOU {{Head • Heart • Bod • Biz • Soul💕}} . . Be proud of where you came from, recognize that you ARE a badass and know that you aren’t given anything you can’t handle so you NEED to keep showing up, even in the shit 💩👌💯 You are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be 💜👌💕💪🌎🙏 Lean in. Trust. Believe. Have faith. And know that you TRULY ARE CAPABLE OF GREATNESS when you say fuck you to fear and just fly towards your best feels & future 🙏💕💜🔥🌎✌️ #faithoverfear . . You ready to fly? 🤷🏻‍♀️🦋✨💕 Links in my bio to join me in working on being #betterthanbetter 👯‍♀️💜
She is funny 😂 @haileesteinfeld
⚜️CGN SUN ⚜️ .Little Detroit 👌🏼. #envyvigraphy #sunset #detroit #cologne #photography #fujixt2
So I know that #worldmentalhealthday was a little while ago now, but this sort of thing shouldn’t just be confined to one day. Today I got my final and firm diagnosis of BPD and Dysphoric depression, and it’s really such a relief. Now I can start on the road to getting better and dealing with everything that’s happened over the past year. I want to get back to being myself and hopefully recover some friendships I’ve ruined 😪 everything is so hard but I just have to keep moving forward. #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #bpd #depression #recovery #keepmovingforward #onlyupfromhere #rockbottom
The CO OP..... A normal local shop right? Yes it is... BUT.... This was the shop that I had been popping into for years without even thinking about it.🤷‍♀️ Then one day out of the blue I went to walk in and got clammy hands. I thought it was odd but carried on and got my bits of shopping. Three days later I went to walk in and my hands went clammy, I felt sick and I started shaking. I forced myself to carry on and get my shopping. The following week I went to walk in. My whole body started shaking, I felt sick, I was sweating, I couldn’t breathe and my head started spinning...... I couldn’t do it.... I ran back to my car and sobbed my heart out 😢 This was just ONE of the events that I kept a secret from everyone...... the secret of my journey living with anxiety 😕 The secret came out when I had a full blown mental breakdown!!! ROCK BOTTOM..... Was rock bottom a scary place to be?..... of course it was but I had only one way to go..... Here’s the thing... When you hit rock bottom, you let go of everything. You start again with nothing and at this point you can choose to get rid of all the stuff in your life that doesn’t make sense. At rock bottom I had a thought 💭..... if my mind is capable of doing this then surely it is capable of doing the complete opposite..... take me back up but not to the same place, take me higher and higher🤔 That thought was followed by a choice..... I chose to study how the mind works and then help others to overcome their own challenges 😊 Let’s face it, at rock bottom, all it takes is someone to smile at you and your life is already better than it was.😊 *This same CO OP was the place I went to ‘test’ myself after studying and removing negative emotions. It was just the same old boring CO OP that it had always been....but without the panic attacks* 💙💛💚 #rockbottom #anxiety #depressionsucks #nlppractitioner #nlpmasterpractitioner #hypnosis #unconcious #strategies #winner #helpingothers
You have to go through hell to get to heaven #rockbottom #mountaintops #lessonslearned
You will learn a lot and become a better stronger person! #rockbottom #memes 😂 #memestgram #meme #memesaboutlife
This snap needs a post of its own! Literally @ #rockbottom . We had all been woken up around 4am shivvering violently as the fire died down and couldn't get off the Ness for another 4 hours when our boat was to pick us up.... What didn't help was @wkenyon1 in hysterics laughing at us from his cosy sleeping bag.... Fortunately we were able to scavenge some firewood and resurrect the fire and fight off hypothermia 💪🔥 *** Note- be more prepared next time😅***
Filmi izlediniz mi? @theedgeofseventeen
Because sometimes it takes getting pushed to the very edge before you can find your voice & courage to speak out again. Sometimes it takes hitting than rock bottom to realize you’re done descending & it’s time to rise. Sometimes it takes being told you’re nothing - being made to feel like you’re nothing - to help you see that you are EVERYTHING. You. Are. Enough. 🙌🏻 #YouAreEnough is in bookstores TOMORROW! Order your copy now at MandyHale.com (international friends, choose the @bookdepository option. They ship worldwide!) 🌻🌻🌻
- There are two ways to view rock bottom: as an end or as a beginning. . When we feel so low that we know we couldn’t sink any lower, we could think about building. . We could see that the bottom is the best and most logical place to lay down the heaviest burdens which can bear the most weight. . It should not be viewed as destruction. It is ultimately a place of hope, optimism, and construction. . Start building. . . . . . . @carolineshirleyrtc #carolineshirleyrtc #hypnotherapy #rapidtransformationaltherapy #rtt #optimism #kuwait #dubai #uae #hope #itsallwithinyou #qatar #bahrain #addiction #rockbottom #believeinyourself #walkthroughthefire #addictionrecovery #knowyourpower #mindset #depression #pickyourselfup #changeyourmindset #anxiety #theonlywayisup #wellness #mindfulness #socialanxiety #depressionfree #recovery #startover
Having a hard time but trying to still think positively ❤️ #breakdown #mentalhealth #rockbottom #strength #keepfighting #loved
intravenous #love , #rockers . It’s been awhile, but let’s lay it down straight like about hitting #rockbottom in the #feels department, & the #trust & #transformation out of that. Humans tend to fear change as a general rule, but let’s face it, sometimes we have to let things die so that what we truly desire can show up on the other side. Hitting rock bottom can help you reassess what will truly make you #happy in your #life . You may think you know what your #desire s are, but get more n more bummed out when they don’t show up the way you expect, or even worse, don’t show up at all. Before you know it, it’s hard to come back from that, & turn yourself around. But here’s the thing I just realized today: what if what you think you want, & are so #depressed about not having isn’t what you really want at all? What if in it’s not showing up, it’s the best thing that could have ever happened to you? What if you got this thing, or job, or person & it didn’t fulfill you the way you thought it would? See, even if it had the potential to be everything you wanted, you still couldn’t fully receive it because you wouldn’t be in the right place emotionally to enjoy it, or keep it around. You may not even recognize it at all, even if it was under your nose. Here’s the thing: happiness is relative, & ever changing but you have to focus & pay attention to how you #feel above all else to manifest your own individual bliss. If you focus too specifically on outcome, it can stop the very thing you want so deeply dead in its tracks. That’s where #trust comes in. Now trust can feel hypocritical sometimes, like believing in something that’s not #real , but let’s redefine that. We can agree to trust ourselves more, & circumstances less. We can trust that regardless of how people act towards us we will live authentically & be our own advocate. We can trust that we will #care about how we feel above all else, & no matter how ass things look now, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Trust that your happiness is a sure thing. Trust in you, in #love & in your ability to choose what’s right for you to get you to the life you want. That’s #rocknroll baby. #charliebrown #motivation #inspiration
This is why i fucking love music. I can be mixing in my bedroom, which most people would think is boring as fuck. But here i am having the time of my life with a filthy ass double/chop. Sometimes we lose touch with what were passionate about. Could be for a number of reasons, but always remember to follow your heart and take the time to do what you love. Youl find that you have more of a purpose. #riddim #bigupking #140bpm #dubstep #dubstepandchill #wonky #R !SK #JGDUBZ #Megalodon #riddimgang #chopcity #doubledrop #rockbottom
やはりライブはいいね。 久々モノクローム。 #targetearthlive #下北沢basementbar #middleedge #trio #rockbottom
Listen to Iron Man. He knows what he’s talking about. 🖤 #rockbottom #stopdigging #solsticerecovery
Day 121/365 “Rock bottom” Self destructive behaviour is an interesting one. Some of us truly enjoy having a harder time than we need to. This can stem from multiple things, childhood abuse, neglect, trauma etc. Even though we know we’re not happy there, there’s an extreme level of comfort. Happiness can be uncomfortable for these people, they find themselves paranoid in good situations waiting for the bad. Instead of waiting they just self inflict, because it’s easier to deal with. Sometimes I wonder if they run from normal happiness because their true happiness is in Rock Bottom. • • • • • • • • #365daychallenge #day121 #playertwo #portrait #morning #rockbottom #portraitphotography #upsidedown #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #selfdestructive #smile #hairdown #pajamas #laundry #dirtyroom #comfort #findinghappiness #bliss
The only way to go is ☝🏾 #RockBottom #SolidGround #Build #MondayMotivation
Create and honor your safe place
Hey 👋 I’m a positive person. I like being optimistic! Naturally I like to see people succeed and be happy! 💕☀️🌟👍💪 But sometimes life throws a curveball and totally ambushes you. Throwing you in the lions den. World crushing. Life altering ambushes. 😓 When these happen...what do you do? What are the next steps? ❓❓❓❓ We have 3️⃣ steps to help you for when life knocks you down. When you you’ve been defeated. These 3️⃣ steps will help you rise from the ashes. Get you back on your two feet ready to take on the world! 🌎 If you can relate then read it here : https://mysimplyunique.com/2018/10/22/when-life-ambushes-you-whats-next/ #life #lifelessons #personaldevelopment #lifeencouragement #keepgoing #lifestruggles #ambushed #lost #losing #defeat #defeated #rockbottom #lifechanging #lifealtering #health #wellness #life #body #mind #mindful #mindfulness #mindset #getyourmindright #metoo #divorce #losingalovedone
One of the worst things my disease tells me is I don''t deserve recovery, I don't deserve happiness, that the cesspool of self-pity is where I belong. But I don't live like that anymore...thank God!!! #robertdowneyjr #robertdowneyjrquotes #rockbottom #sober #sobermom #soberaf #sobermovement #sobercelebs #soberthoughts #soberquotes #soberoctober #soberissexy #sobriety #sobrietyrocks #sobercommunity #sobrietyquotes #recoveryispossible #recoverycommunity #wedorecover #ODAAT #recoveryquotes
Rock bottom is a scary place but a purposeful one. You lose all that you are to become who you should be! . . . Embrace rock bottom. Learn and grow into better person because of it! Trust me you will rise again!!
When Do You Start Writing The Next Chapter? What will that chapter look like? Focus on your health, happiness and peace of mind by building your inner and outer body strength Check the link in the bio to join the community and get free daily coaching
Thanks for working out with me today hollyson😊😘 Day 1 done✔💪😁 hardest part is getting over the anxiety and fear of starting over from the bottom #rockbottom #onlyupfromhere #workout #day1
another bad day, today. rock-bottom in fact. and i really don't know how to deal with it. i either sit down, think about the problems and work towards fixing them, or i admit defeat and give up. neither makes any difference. i either feel highly sensitive and emotional or devastatingly numb and cold. i either feel super motivated or i feel heavy and depressed. i either feel like i'm trying my best and moving forward with my life, or that i'm a complete failure and i'll never be anything to anybody. i either eat too much or nothing at all. i either exercise too much or not at all. i either long for the next day to start, or wish that there wasn't one. the ups and downs are nothing knew, but now it's happening all day every day, almost all at once. new symptoms are raising their ugly heads before i have begun to understand the last one. my head always hurts. my joints always hurt and crack/pop. my right eye twitches constantly. my skin is worse than ever. my hair is literally dying. every muscle in my body aches. i mildly hallucinate, usually sounds. i'm constantly fatigued, but not necessarily tired (i always get enough sleep). i can't put words together sometimes, and i regularly zone-out of conversations. my memory is deteriorating at an alarming rate. i can't focus and often slip into autopilot, and do things without acknowledging that I've done them. i'm not interested in anything; nothing particularly makes me happy. no matter how much i succeed at something, it's not good enough. no matter how far i've come, i end up feeling worse off. . . it's really becoming too much to feel all at once and i don't know how to stop it 👎 . . can anybody relate?? ((old photo reposted))
📢🔊🔊📢@therealafterpartyy 📢🔊🔊📢...I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE LYRICS NOR SOUNDS.....💔💔🖤🖤💔💔🖤🖤💯💯💯😍😍😍⏬⏬⏬💖 #soundcloud #therealafterparty #idc #ROCKBOTTOM #newagemusic #followyourdreams thank you for listening and being active...🖤🖤🖤
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... i miss her
Life would be so boring if we didn’t have the lows! It’s makes the highs so much better! . I shared my lowest moment on @entrepreneur last week and the article is trending on the home page of women’s entrepreneur. #xotracym #qotd
Rock Bottom to Victory - Part 3 continue (from previous post - Part 2...) "My people don't find the time to study my word & draw themselves towards me allowing Holy Spirit to do his works amongs my people.My people are becoming more about the people pleasing, people reading,people talking instead of focusing on what my word says about the end times. I need you, my people strong and mighty to face the battle together in unity rather than agains each other.The devious plans of the enemy won't prevail.Churches we are in this together.Pettiness needs to come to an end, time stealing needs to come to an end. Focus on me,and me alone as your Lord God Almighty. Don't put any man on a higher pedistal.Don't be foolish & be unaware of what the devious snake is doing.We as a church can stop the enemy in its tracks.We as a church can stand up together &be a ready nation for this battle which is at hand. Devious snake knows that battle has already been one by my Son Jesus. Does my church know?Does my church really know what my word says?Twisting scripture around to suit only what man wants my people to hear. My church will arise &be ready.My people will love each other, my people will turn from their wicked ways, my people with stand forth and firm & tall & be might ready for battle.My people will stand together & be ready for the battle is at hand.The venomous snake that slithers amongs my people shall soon have to shed its skin & then my people your eyes will be opened up, be ready my children.Be ready in my word!! Be ready together for the battle is at hand" I have come to realise then that my eyes need to be turned 100 % to the Lord my God who has always gone before me,stands with me and holds me in a huge embrace.🌷I give thanks for the God given friends he has put in my pathway who help me up and gave me words of wisdom when I needed it. They held my "arms" up when I could not go on any longer.💕(Read Rock bottom to Victory Part 4) #rockbottom #victory #lovebeyondwords
Rock bottom to Victory Part 2 (continue from previous post - Part 1...).💕Eventually I had to surrender to the One I call Father.He needed me to see Him for Him and not walk in the ways of man.Not trying to live half pleasing man & half pleasing Him.I had to cry out & repent from my ways of trying to do it on my own way & not his way.His word is living and can cut through anything like a two edged sword.I saw the light,I heard Father God been serious & he gave me a word for His people. I have since shared this with some close prayer warriors to ask them to pray into this:" My children be aware of that devious snake that slithers amongs you in my churches.The one with its venomous bite,that toils it's away amongs you in and through various teams & groups causing havoc,causing destruction,causing brothers & sisters to fight & become enemies breaking not just friendship groups up,but churches,church families.Be aware of the venomous snake that slithers its way to the very core of my church pulling the "wool" over my children's eyes forming scales of disallusions. Twisting & coniving truths into stories & lies to position itself amongs the very leaders that are blinded to what is happening.The venomous snake causes rumours of tales & untruths to destroy my churches from within out.My people you need to STOP this venomous snake by becoming mature in my word.My people to play right into the venomous snakes mouth by listening to truths been twisted deviously around to suit the enemies needs.My children you are falling right into the hands of the enemy.The battle is coming forth mightly & strongly & you need to start becoming aware of the enemy.Spending time with each other by talking badly,horribly about your brothers & sisters is one of the easiest ways the devious snake works.The battles you are facing and going to face is getting powerful, stronger, churches are been destroyed from within out, my own people are turning against each other. Stop your childish ways and focus on the battle that is at hand. Only truth will set you, my people free.Time is been swallowed up by various distractions in my churches...(Read part 3 next) 💕 #rockbottom #victory #lovebeyondwords
Rock bottom to Victory-Part 1 Thank you for the messages I have received & I am sorry for not posting inspirational photos & words recently.But I shall share my journey.Let's keep praying for each other always:🌷Falling down to the very depth of Ones deepest darkest moments not really understanding what is going on.From one moment of thinking life could not get any better & then like a ripple effect things start spiralling out of control.Not really knowing when it started,how it quickly became a downward spiral & before you know it your life has taken a drastic turn to a direction of feeling so unworthy and so low that your future was a complete blur.This was how my life took a drastic turn over the past few years-losing heart,losing love,losing my self worth, but at the same time a journey that had to take me to a point where I had to surrender my all to the One I call Father God.The one who had to take me to a point of becoming completely refined for Him,For his Glory and His Grace 💕During this time I left a career path I had studied for which involved family & kids &stepped down from Kids Ministry-I was losing it,losing hope ¬ knowing where this was coming from.Just when things as you would put it couldn't get any worse my husband was once again made redundant.Lord Help me what is going on.During this time I had to undergo tests as they found some lumps in my breasts.Facing biopsy and once again crying out Lord what is going on!Praise the Lord they turned out Benigne.Having left my career I had about 6 months of falling flat on my face daily crying out to God asking him what is going on here.During this time I would walk my best friend,a beautiful Labrador to a field where I would put praise & worship on my phone and have the most amazing time with the Lord, while he ran free enjoying the surrounding fields,he was bitten by a snake, he fought for his life for a week,the vets could not do anything more & had to say good bye.The grief took over &never in my life did I ever think losing a pet could hurt so much.Crying at every possible memory &though not knowing why,I felt the ground from under me was giving way...(Read Part 2 next) #rockbottom #victory
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