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Feliz Cumpleaños mi bello hijo #RoqueStarz !!! Eres la razón que vivo, que lucho, que sueño con un mejor mañana. Cada día aprendo de ti. Eres una bendición enanito. The illest little bboy ever. #Roque #HappyBornDay
If you didn’t kno’, now you kno’ ... #RoqueStarz as #BlackPanther ... still a friendly neighborhood hero ❤️✊🏾#bronXforever
Thinking of our ancestors, of all who have left us and joined the spirit world... #Halloween isn’t really a celebration in my tradition, as much as el día de los muertos... PERO i will have some (necessary) glass of wine with family while we talk about life/death, #RoqueStarz has his applesauce, and we will call it a celebration... be safe these days folks.. the monsters are in this life and they are real!
Good rising world!!! I didn’t even pose for the gram (Ha!) Chillin with the old school vitrola, the most amazing #roquestarz , Che and Romero... while repping the Bx on a black and red fitted 🙅🏽‍♀️🙂 Now Swipe to the left!!! TONIGHT @peoplesforumnyc we celebrate La Nueva Canción and Violeta Parra... the revolutionary cultural movement that gave birth to #silviorodriguez #mercedessosa and many more in our continent: DJset, performances and open mic, hosted by the one and only @angelica3lara ... 7PM
Late night wrestling with #RoqueStarz is a good recipe for popping curls, who would have known... 🧐🤪🤔🤷🏽‍♀️
There is not a bigger love, a more important thought, a stronger fuel than this small, but mighty vessel of all that is love, beautiful and divine!!! #RoqueStarz
Y’all know that without La Peña there is no Rebel Diaz right? Uds saben que sin La Peña no existe Rebel Diaz ? Well now ya know! Come join us and and help us celebrate their 31st Anniversary of doing amazing community work in The Bronx for more than 3 decades! Brook Park. 1pm. We might hit the stage. Gonna be free food, performances and kids activities. Quien viene? Oh and shouts to my son #RoqueStarz in the flyer ! Two years ago at the 29th Anniversary. #HipHop #LaPeña #TheSouthBronx
Serving smiles... rainy days = ice cream dates... #roquestarz
#RoqueStarz TheBaker edition... ❤️😊
Quality time is the best time! With my ❤️#RoqueStarz
My 1st #throwbackthursday ! Taking it back...way back hehe...dad, Bro, and me 😊😍😎awww! #family #familyphotography #happy #roquestarz #cute
3 yr old BBoy #RoqueStarz hittin the ill BBoy pose in #TimesSquare yesterday evening .. #bboylife #NYC #NewYorkCity #HipHop #DadLife @#ProudDad
This is how we celebrate our new songs now. We have Rebel Diaz Generation 2 bboy and bgirl to the songs to make sure they hit. #RoqueStarz #ChenChen #YVaCaer w/ @anatijoux available now! Click the link in the bio. #BBoys #BGirls #HipHop #bboy4life
Being a dad to my awesome son #RoqueStarz has been the dopest experience of my life. I learn so much from him everyday and do my best to be the best father I can be - to teach him and guide him thru this journey called life. I feel truly blessed to have such a healthy, smart and overall incredible little homie to kick it with ... Happy Fathers Day to all my People’s out there !!
Wishing a huge Father’s Day to @rodrigostarz for walking the path of fatherhood with our little big person #RoqueStarz . Thank you for sharing your life, love and light with him, and allowing Roque’s soul and life to influence and contribute to your growth, and in becoming better. May your bond grow stronger and the path get brighter every time. Happy Father’s Day all year round!
#RoqueStarz w/ one of the greatest MCs of all time - @therealgrandmastercaz at #TheBronxZoo after his amazing #MC Workshop today at #boogiedownatthebronxzoo #ColdCrushBros #ColdCrush #BoogieDown #TioCaz
Little man on his #EasterSunday flow. Big ups to #DaddyStarz @rodrigostarz for hooking up the wardrobe #RoqueStarz big boy smile
@ahnewshah gifted the little man #RoqueStarz the quartz, which after many attempts to explain the properties of quartz to a 3yr old. He concluded “it’s a magic rock that makes you happy!” Handed off the magic rock to me and said “save it for me mommy.” And just like that when mommy needed the properties of the magic rock... vuuuala! Right in my pocket. He said the quartz is a magical rock in his innocent wisdom... and if anyone were to ask me... Roque is the magic rock in my life! Shoutout to @wings_of_birch for her amazing artistry and this gold/purple/silver ring!
Happy Born Day to my nephew #BronxSantos - from being the star of our #Craazy video - to one of my son #RoqueStarz cousins - I’ve had the honor of seeing him grow - and now he’s 6! One love to his parents who know how much love I got for them - they know how they hold me down - salute to my bro @c_rayz_walz and my Chilean prima @nyc_clara - #HappyBornDay to y’all as well .. abrazos! Happy BDay #Bronxie we celebrate when Tio comes back to town.
My beloved #BabyBigBoy isn’t too fond of fairytales. More of a superhero type of 3yr old 😂 But he decided #PeterPan was okay... somehow being the leader of the “The Lost Boys” was the funniest thing to him #RoqueStarz
Interesting enough, when one already hates capitalism, the condition of becoming a parent only heightens the feeling. Having to go by pre-set activities that force us to consume, or feel like shit when we cannot consume what our children are told they “need” for school - from Columbus Day to Halloween to DrSuess Day- it’s a real struggle. The balancing of deconstructing ideological warfare against us and constructing with reclaiming our people’s struggles... While not having our children be made targets... in principle we get creative about how to counteract consumerism and it’s messages of who has value according to what can or cannot be purchased. That’s when family and community comes to play. So, last night, #RoqueStarz and I read The Lorax and he liked it. I did too... “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not,” ... And in practice, the mother of his good friend, because she understands the struggle of having to go get our kids something Dr.Suess related with hardly any time and all stores with very little items left, decided she had a little time to spare and love to share and made Roque and her son some tees to go with the glasses we got him (the only item left in 3 different Party City stores).... #RoqueStarz was happy. He is Thing 1 and his best friend is Thing 2. And he loves DrSuess and I love my baby boy. And his kind heart. And the kindness and solidarity of a fellow mother. Not all is lost, and all of this is worth moving forward for.... #FuckCapitalism #drsuessweek
The illest love song ever written. The realest bars I️ ever wrote. Can You Call It Love? The greatest love I ever felt was when this little champ #RoqueStarz - was born. #CanYouCallItLove off my first solo album #FreeFamilyPortraits is the most personal song I’ve ever written and in many ways changed me as an MC because I️ was able to do songs that were important to me and not written with any specifical political issue or struggle - yet to me they’re the MOST political and revolutionary cuz they’re about real life and struggle and most important about - LOVE - ain’t that what we fighting for anyways?! #Love #DadLife #PapaStarz #YoungRebel
Happy New Year’s eve from the Little BX-Chi #RoqueStarz
Walking into 2018 like... #RoqueStarz aka #RoqueAraña
#RoqueStarz is doing the “I am so excited!” booty shaking dance bc he is #SantaMarx little helper and baby Jesus grows up to be a revolutionary. 🙌🏾
Our NY representative @rodrigostarz rockin for the #RichiePerez street naming ceremony in #TheBronx this past weekend, along with #RoqueStarz , the Parents Against Police Brutality and more! Amazing pics as always by the legendary photographer @joeconzo #RichiePerezPresente #PoliceMurderPeople #NewBronxCity #HipHop #IAintDownWithTheRich #ImMoreRichiePerez #NYC #JoeConzo
Because he is #SpiderRoque #RoqueStarz #BBoyRoque , #SirRoqueFutbol and now, watch out for #GymanstRoque
In celebration of @kaepernick7 as @gq citizen of the year, this little man took a couple of knees, went around in circles and put his fist up. Plus a successful doctor’s visit called for some carrot cupcake with #RoqueStarz
Happy 3rd Birthday to the only person that can get us to wear #pjmasks ! Our nephew #RoqueStarz of @rebeldiaz Feliz Cumpleaños! From Tio @johnmega1 & @djillanoiz
In honor of #RoqueStarz 3rd Birthday -check out his unreleased baby classic #TapiSto - this was when he was only a 1 yr old - we hit him up and asked him what he was doing? He said I'm at the crib in the crib spittin these bars. And so he sent us this demo . y'all have no idea the fire he is spittin now 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥 - but for now enjoy - straight bars - no mumbling - and peep the rhyme scheme it's there- #HipHop #BabyBars #PlanetRoque #HappyBDay #FelizCumpleaños #RebelDiaz #AC #StraightFromTheCrib #UnreleasedClassics #BabyRebel #DesdeLosPampersQueSomosRappers #LaCunaDelRap #BX
Happy Birthday to the future of #RebelDiaz - our main little man - #RoqueStarz - he turns 3 today and has already started rockin mad shows with us - only thing is now he realizes his mic isn't on- and he's ready to actually spit bars - hahahah - the force is strong with this one - join us in wishing him a #HappyBirthday - #RoqueStarz love ya buddy! Feliz Cumpleaños al Roque! Cumple 3 añitos hoy pero ya es veterano del escenario y cada día aprende más - en cualquier momento sale con las mansas rimas hahahaha Feliz Cumpleaños #RoqueStarz #BabyRebel #YoungRebel #HipHopKids #HipHop
Happy Birthday to my son #RoqueStarz - he turns 3 yrs old today - I'm blessed to have such an amazing little person to be around everyday- this little dude is super special in so many ways - he's full of life - genuinely loves and lives #HipHop - he's super funny and cool - and mad smart .. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing son. I'm truly blessed. I'm giving it my all along with his mom @1claud9 to give him the best life possible - all we can do is love him, guide him on this journey called life- giving him values and ideas that will change the world. I truly believe he will in many ways. Te amo mi hijo hermoso. Feliz Cumpleaños! #RoqueStarz #TimeFlies #3YearsOldGoingOn8 #RebelRoque #PlanetRoque #YoteYotz #LoveYaSon #DadLife
The future is gonna be full of superstar magical Revolutionary BBoys and BGirls that will grow up with political education and ideas of liberation and community love- so automatically they will be glitches in the matrix of #Capitalism - we may not defeat their drones, their tanks and their big budgets now - but we will def plant the ideas that will defeat them. #AllPowerToThePeople #HipHop #RoqueStarz #ToolsOfWar #TheSouthBronx #BBoyLife #ParkJams
As long as he's smiling I'm shining. It's as simple as that. He's my reflection and thinks I'm the coolest dude on the planet so it's my responsibility to live up to that and go above and beyond. Fatherhood is a wonderful journey and I'm only getting started. #RoqueStarz #DadLife #PoppaStarz #BabyRebel
Can't wait to get home and see this face #RoqueStarz #BBoy #thatsall
When you are happy your mami is happy about being a big boy and using the potty... you put your mami's pj's around your neck, swimming goggles and do a little dance #RoqueStarz
#RoqueStarz takes his dance battles eeeeerrrrwhere cause he IS a Bboy... and he knows it. 😘🤗😂
This little man, my heart and soul, happens to be the funniest and most sweet little man on the planet. We paint, read libros, dance, make silly faces and he always says... "mami lemme talk to you..." gets real close and whispers "I wanna watch TV!" He melts me!!! This time he had just finished his yogurt (yuno) and decided he wanted a picture... #sillymoments #RoqueStarz
Generational transference: when I was growing up my mom and grandmother made sure my bothers and I ate "real food." By real food they meant freshly cooked meals- every day. Working women who made the effort every day to make sure that if there was anything consistent in our day to day was a fresh cooked meal. It was a sacrifice. As a momma, it's tough to keep up or have the energy to come from work and cook a meal every day. But I strive to do it as often as possible. Specially when I remember my grandmother and my mom, their love and joy in feeding our tummies and soul, it makes it almost impossible to make excuses. They too worked their asses off, out and inside the house. I say that to say, I thank God for the lessons and the memories, and the energies that are passed on generation to generation. Today I asked, "Roque, what do you want to eat?" and of course he said "I want pollo, and rice and platano and broccoli" ... and vuuuala!! #RoqueStarz is the illest!
"Mami I want a happy picture!" #RoqueStarz a living testament of all that is good, beautiful and hope-filled in the world. When the world is filled with hatred, I think, love, live and struggle for him. 😘❤️☀️
When you are a big boy and get to eat ice cream on a sugar cone #RoqueStarz #obsessed
Wepa #TB moment. Super #RoqueStarz meets his squad
#RoqueStarz hits the playground in #Raleigh #Southernboy not really, but really #southbronxboy
Open Fire Hydrant Chronicles w/ #RoqueStarz in #TheSouthBronx #HuntsPoint #HipHop #Culture #HaceCalor
Beautiful Carnival night with @cgaete71 , #RoqueStarz and primas 😘😘#lavidaesuncarnaval 🎉✌😍
#RoqueStarz got next!! The babies were out in full effect at #TheUnGovernables show this past Saturday in #TheBronx .. his bars are still in baby gibberish but they're def on beat and his stage presence is #Craazy already - the future is looking bright! #RebelDiaz @thepointcdc #HuntsPoint #HipHop #cutebaby #ASAPRoque #PlanetRoque #RoqueSteezy #BraidsByGrandma One love to @palante.siempre for the beautiful picture ! Big ups to @fredonestme and @djkaykay47 on the 1s and 2s!
Yesterday was a beautiful day - #MULTIPLY (@tef_poe and Rebel Díaz) debut performance ft #RoqueStarz in #TheSouthBronx at #TheUnGovernables fresh pic by @m.perry188 ! Love ya hermana. #ThePoint #HuntsPoint #newpoorpeoplescampaign
Happy Fathers Day to my pops Mario! Here he is in his new role as #GrandpaFolks aka #OchapSport aka #TataMario2 aka #Tata as my son #RoqueStarz so lovingly calls him ... he's out in #Chile now enjoying his retirement .. but we send him love from a distance!! Abrazos viejito! Te queremos mucho! #FelizDiaDeLosPadres
#RoqueStarz first puzzle w Tia Liz 🤙🏾🙌🏾😊
Like father - like son. #RoqueStarz joining us on stage last weekend at #soundtrackofwar at #QueensMuseum w/ @djillanoiz on the 1s and 2s .. #HipHop #RebelDiaz #Queens #BX #DadLife foto by the homie Carlitos
#RoqueStarz show me your new braids !! Ok papi! Haha. Braids by @46andstillgood #HuntsPoint #TheSouthBronx
Good morning world #RoqueStarz woke up like this. 😂😎😍jammin' to #despacito 🎶
#TBF Cause my heart stepped out of my body 2.7 years ago to show me there is a reason, beat and rhythm to life and movement. This little guy is errrrrthing #RoqueStarz ... PS: he was demanding his gummy 🐻
What happens when your son is obsessed with @rebeldiaz ? For one, he makes you build a mic 🎤 from rubber bands and a stick. Bring on the rainy days, I got sunshine for days #callandresponse with #RoqueStarz #peoplepower #wewantfreedom
#RoqueStarz meets Big Bird and Cookie Monster....🤗😍
My heart, my strength and my reason... if there is, has been and will ever be a catalytic force ... it's #RoqueStarz #MySun
Buenas tardes todos! This little light of mine ☀️❤ #RoqueStarz
Because it's getting warmer and it's Sunday ... #RoqueStarz wants to dance!!! Happy SUN day
Cloudy days got nothing on his light #RoqueStarz
#RoqueStarz paying tribute to the people's lawyer #lynnestewart
Our very own @rodrigostarz and son #RoqueStarz speaking at the memorial for life long freedom fighter and peoples lawyer #LynneStewart - if you don't know she defended many of our political prisoners/freedom fighters, she was the lawyer for #LarryDavis and will always be on the right side of history- she was also a huge inspiration in the writing of our 1st album - #RadicalDilemma - some of the 1st words you hear on that project are - "I'm inspired by a letter I got from #LynneStewart " Rest In Power comrade big love to you and your husband Ralph ...
At #RoqueStarz 1st Chicago Bulls game and he was turnt up!! We had a blast with the fam at the game- and plus The Bulls held on to their 8th seed for the playoffs and beat The Magic by more than 40 points ... #DaBulls #ShakeItLikeAPolaroidPicture #DadLife #FatherAndSon #Squad
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