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crusin’ through the park
I’ve been spending a lot more time in quiet. Not just in my morning meditation or while I write my morning pages, but also in the morning driving to the ferry, on the boat and often on my walk. • I had a habit of listening to podcasts, learning on YouTube or filling up every moment of my day trying to learn more and more. • What I learned personally from taking this quiet time is that I have so many great ideas and so many things to work through that I often don’t spend the time on. For me, the silence has been absolutely liberating and has really changed so much of my outlook, stress level, and perspective.
Refractions v1
one of my mentors told me, “fill your life with experiences, not things. have stories to tell, not stuff to show.” realized that i was a big fan of aesthetic spaces, so I’ve been trying to find the gems across the city.
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Special thanks to Allah SWT serta orang tua saya yang udah memberikan kesempatan untuk menimba ilmu di MM UGM. Another thanks to Terbaeq 2.0 tanpa kalian mungkin kuliah ini terasa sangat sepi, senang, bahagia, sedih, kecewa, bahkan menangis udah kita laluin bareng2. Semoga hubungan ini tetap terjaga hingga akhir hayat Thanks juga buat angkatan 68 yang saya tumpangi, hahaha. Thanks juga buat marketing 69, yang telah banyak membimbing serta menemani saya yang nyasar ke angkatan kalian 😂 Semoga ilmu yang saya dapat dapat bermanfaat untuk orang lain dan Indonesia~ *Pardon my childish face ;P
Eyes dilated, with a fire fragrance
Rooftop view from where I live... I still can’t believe it Im in Seoul Korea.. 2 days to go til I fly back! Time really flies real quick when ur on holiday!!!
Tower of terror 🎃👻
Selamat bertambah umur, brok! @ilalhvlh
Silent Hill vibes w/ @catchtwentyfour. • • • • • #BeAlpha #SonyAlpha #Zeiss #sdmfeatures
from a to b.
“Smoking weed was more fun when it was illegal”
a lot on my mind as of late.
Memang nikmat Tuhan tidak ada yang tidak enak, selagi kita bersyukur.
who got next?
@delanofields in the Bay Area folks. And you bet we were out there with the cams.✨💓🌚
.. you grow up & realize that Emerald City was overrated & some wizards just happen to be liars ..
waited till my dude shoved me to the side. wasn’t about to just move w/o getting a shot. but on a separate note, finally got to check this place off the bucket list. will be back.
Church music🎶
Spring vibes are for sure in full effect now ☀️🍃🌊 Spring time is here and the days couldn’t be more beautiful! That means summer is around the corner so I’m very excited for the months to come and the change of scenery that will come with it 🍃
Brain Wave 🌊
Alleys at night.
Love watching the different gradients of color in the sky during sunset #timelapsetuesday
Back home for my favourite day 👋 #TowerTuesday
In order for the light to shine brightly, the darkness must be present. - Francis Bacon
Literally zero water in Upper Yosemite falls the last time I was there. Should start calling it Upper Yosemite Dry Crevice.
|| Quiet Hours 2 of 3 Point Vincent Lighthouse 33.7419° N, 118.4107° W
Sorry I have been so lost lately. Lifes been a little crazy, in some ways really difficult but I'm learning that no matter the type of experience, whether good or bad I am constantly learning and growing. I still have yet to go through all my Japan photos, send off my film, sort my negatives, or sell my camera gear. All things I wrote out as goals for myself, all things I have still yet to do. Life will throw you curve balls, just don't beat yourself up for not catching or hitting them all. Some things we're meant to win and other things we're just meant to experience, dissect, and learn from for the next time. Missing all the Japanese food and experiences. Here I was having senbei at this adorable and traditional spot in Chiba. 🤤
fog may be seattle’s new default setting.
Holy man at Pashupatinath Temple.
“La niñez es el corazón de todas las edades” ✨
Seeing familiar places in a new light DTLA, California
things I’d rather do when its 20 degrees
Memory.R . . .
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