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Missin’ these days 🤟🏼
Mini mountains that move...
Every night fucks every day up Every day patches the night up . #hongkong #ricohgr #28mm
Still one of my favourites. I'm looking forward to shooting a lot of new images this year. #myartwitholja
Link in bio for new tumblr set.
— snowy solitude
When I arrived in Jaisalmer I instantly fell in love with the calm in chill vibes of Rajasthan's golden city especially after surviving an adventurous and loud 14-hours-overnight-bus ride... It was finally time to process all the impressions and experiences I had after one week India... Guess what!? I'm still processing 🤔 || #jaisalmer #aGALAXYnamedriadh #anindiannamedriadh #galaxynote8 #allthealleys #tbt #india
• Hide & Seek by Deepa • ------------------------------------------------------ ²⁰¹⁷¹⁸⁰¹ If you check the stories right now (8.21 PM), you can see how @storiesbydeepa managed her pose during the #emptyNZlijn Thanx @noordzuidlijn for organising this awesome meet. Coming saturday you can walk through the six new stations together with more than 29.000 people ------------------------------------------------------ #instamagazine_ #watchthisinstagood #theimaged #createexplore #streetdreamsmag #thecreatorclass #agameoftones #teamcozy #estheticlabel #huntgram #hsdailyfeature #igrecommend #artofvisuals #fatalframes #featuremeofh #vsco #visualsgang #theweekoninstagram #sdmfeatures #sdmtravels #theweekoninstagram #sdmfeatures #sdmtravels #iktestdenoordzuidlijn #designboom #arquitecturamx #thespacesilike #tv_leadinglines #peopleandarchitecture #kiekietabloid #boredpanda
Trash art
Но должен был уйти, ушел и умер. #sdmtravels #инстаграмнедели
Time spent among trees is never a time wasted. Yosemite is a special place for me because it always gives me a sense of peace and open mind every time I visit. So, I have some exciting news for you guys. Im hosting a print giveaway! Check out the info below 👇🏽 ⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🌲DETAILS TO PARTICIPATE: 1. Follow @aaronyabes , like and comment on this post. 2. Tag a friend who you'd love to bring to Yosemite. You can enter as much friends as you like, which counts as an entry by midnight EST January 25, 2018. 3. Two (2) winners will be chosen at random and will receive an 8x10 Canvas of this photo. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ The winners will announced and contacted on January 26, 2018. Stay tuned! Let's get this thing rolling🤘🏽😬
24mm views
. البته حمل بر خودستایی نباشه، هیچ چیزی مثل هوای گرفته و تاریک و باد و بارون و برف، منو ترن آن نمیکنه. ینی صبح که چشمامو باز میکنم و میبینم هوا اینجوریه، با خودم میگم پسر، امروزو باید کلکشو بکَنی؛ و از شما چه پنهون، غالبا هم کلکشو میکَنم. همینه این چند روز هایپر شدم و به روزای اوجم نزدیک شدم؛البته باید به تعاریف شخصی و متفاوت از روزای اوج احترام بذاریم، ولی خلاصه اگه قول مساعدی، وعده ای پستی مقامی چیزی میخواین الان وقتشه. . #mehrablicherweise #mehrablicherweisereflection
Oculus. | #sonyalpha
Freehand Hotel DTLA on NYE
some v nice morning light today in st. monans visiting @dominicbsimmons
Miss the heat
First post in 2018. Happy Friday and Good Night. #instasunda #ShotoniPhone #The2017Series #SDMtravels #PassionPassport #VSCO
ο μπαμπάς δεν μου πήρε δώρο, έδωσα τους αγώνες μου, όπου δεν μου δίναν χώρο τον πήρα με τους αγκώνες μου
No games. 👤: @cherylyntoca
Portdega 000
“It doesn’t take much to feel good about yourself” 🙃 I heard Jim Carrey say that and it resonated with me. As somebody that you could say has it all, the man was ecstatic as one can be for accomplishing such a simple task; putting sweetener on his coffee. He puts the cup of coffee on the floor, stands on the table and extends his arm high to drop a single drop of sweetener from almost the ceiling straight into cup of coffee. He gets it first try no sketch and proceeds to say, “You know, it doesn’t take much to feel good about yourself”. Be more like Jim 👏🏻
Allegria - Gypsy Kings 🎸🕌⛪️
wrong seems right
| i promise you these dreams get better... 🌒
- - Muse: @_thewonderer Photography: @_kwadwoagyapong
I took this photo after sunset with my @huaweimobilede Mate10 Pro... crazy good image quality. #mate10pro #huawei
Zig zag
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