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Make your business to work like a brand. Make your customers loyal for whole life. Call us - 8979198300 #marketing #sales #brand #advertising #scrollindia #loveyourself #makeyourselfbrand #smallbusinessdevelopment #india #services #leadgeneration
Are you a small business owner in the #Tamworth region, but not sure where to start when it comes to Work Health and Safety? @safework_nsw will be delivering a tailored workshop at the #2019TamworthRegionalBusinessSummit to ensure business owners can be safe, healthy and more productive in the workplace. ⠀ ⠀ Find out more at www.tamworthregionalbusinesssummit.com⠀ #growyourbusiness #smallbusinessdevelopment #workhealthandsafety #besafeintheworkplace
The #2019TamworthRegionalBusinessSummit will host a series of tailored workshops giving the business community a chance to connect and learn.⠀ ⠀ The workshops will be presented by local businesses and organisations and target a range of key topics, Work Health & Safety, Mental Health, Workplace Inclusion & Diversity, Social Media & Marketing, Cyber Fraud, Finance, Psychology and Employment Law.⠀ ⠀ So come along, connect and learn and ensure your business is prepared for the future!⠀ ⠀ www.tamworthregionalbusinesssummit.com⠀ #growyourbusiness #smallbusinessdevelopment #growTamworth #connectandlearn
Bosso and Associates LLC .... We provide accounting, payroll, tax filings, business start-ups, and consulting. Ann is located in Conifer, with her business book spreading across the Metro Denver Area! .... .... .... #ABA #Applewoodrocks #memberhighlight #bossoandassociates #taxpreparationservices #smallbusinessdevelopment #payrollpros
Ace your Social Media after gaining the right knowledge. Book a Social Media Training Session today. Sessions available in person (CPT) or via skype
The @tamworthchamber 2019 Tamworth Regional Business Summit will bring FIVE of Australia’s leading keynote speakers to the region. A fantastic opportunity for local business owners to connect in their own backyard!⠀ ⠀ Gain insight into government policy around job creation in regional New South Wales, learn how to scale your business for success and hear from best-selling small business authors and leading executive business coaches. This is your chance to prepare your business for tomorrow!⠀ ⠀ www.tamworthregionalbusinesssummit.com⠀ #growyourbusiness #smallbusinessdevelopment #growtamworth
Wondering how to mix business and pleasure this holiday season? We've got the perfect guide for all you #fempreneurs out there! Over at @defineanddesign.co we created this free guide that is packed with tips on how to approach holiday parties and set the stage for sales leads without coming off as salesy or inappropriate. After all, you don't want to be that girl who killed the festive conversation! Head over to @defineanddesign.co and click the link in our bio to download! . #socialmediamanager #barriemoms #networkingtips #smallbusiness #freedownload #defineanddesign #kwawesome #bizbesties #canadianblogger #canadiansmallbusiness #personalbranding #smallbusinessdevelopment
My oldest daughter is good with her hands, very mechanically inclined, good with technology, and wants to be a business owner. For those of you that remember Gollywood USA, that was actually partially her idea. Creative kid. Well recently she decided she would begin repairing screens on cell phones. I was like cool, I will pay for the training. Lets start working on a plan. She was like nahhhh. I’m just going to order the kit and watch some YouTube videos. “It can’t be that hard” she said. At the time her little sister’s screen had shattered so she was going to use her phone as the guinea pig. Her little sister was down with that because I told her she had to pay the deductible to file an insurance claim. Well....as you can see in the photo that didn’t work out too well. The phone was in pieces, her sister was in tears, and I was LMAO. Both the repair kit and the phone are memorialized in the junk drawer at home. I have this conversation all the time with young, aspiring entrepreneurs. They are hungry, energetic, and creative. Ready to make their mark. Ready for the 💰💰But many make the mistake of choosing a particular line of business because someone else made it look easy. Making it look easy is the hard part. That’s where the magic happens. That’s the space in which businesses become sustainable. Developing processes, flow charts, logic models, policies, training, standard operating procedures, integrating new technology, quality controls....🤯🤯🤯 Will make your head explode. So the next time you visit a restaurant, shop with an online boutique, or get the screen on your cell phone repaired and have a pleasant experience respect the process. #tsimmonsandcompany #orangementality #24newmillionaires #seriousbusiness #Entrepreneurs #leadership #smallbusinessdevelopment #femaleleaders #femaleentrepreneurs #businessowners #solopreuners #dadpreneurs #mompreneurs #bosses #CEO #branddevelopment #contentmarketing #influencer LeadingLady.net
I tell my clients this all the time. Stop chasing the plug. Stop trying to compete solely on pricing. Stop thinking that having the best product alone will give you an advantage over your competitors. Just stop. Your grandmother has the best gumbo. That doesn’t mean she would be successful at packaging, distributing , and retailing it. Tactical thinkers focus on tangible advantages. That approach is always short lived. Your competitors will simply find ways to lower their prices. They will find your plug. They will adopt your technology. People think I’m crazy because I welcome my competitors to come and sit at our conference room table. Sometimes we even collaborate. I share information freely. Why? Because information is to be shared. My confidence is rooted in our I.C.A. What is ICA? Intangible Competitive Advantages. So I’m giving you our secret sauce. We create value and we grow through an ownership model that drives innovation, operational excellence, authentic stakeholder relationships, and a vibrant culture. That is what makes our organizational design unique. Yes we develop brands. Yes we build websites. Yes we manage projects, consult, coordinate events, develop social media strategies, create content, bookkeeping, accounting, blah blah blah. There are 10,0000 competitors that offer the same services. Our clients grow by working with us because we provide them with something that can’t be measured. So my question is, what is your ICA? #tsimmonsandcompany #intangibles #orangeMentality #24NewMillionaires SeriousBusiness #Entrepreneurs #leadership #smallbusinessdevelopment #femaleleaders #femaleentrepreneurs #businessowners #solopreuners #dadpreneurs #mompreneurs #bosses #CEO #branddevelopment #contentmarketing #influencer LeadingLady.net
Pitches, Presentation, and body language. Thanks to Kathy Kelly and her soft skills workshop, this Small Business Consulting Practice cohort will be "unforgettable for the right reasons" #smallbusinessdevelopment #thebronx #smallbusinessconusltingpractice #Entrepreneurship #LehmanIncubators
Establish open communication about company performance. When employees feel included in a company's success, they are more likely to feel valued and in control of their professional future and thus, more invested in the company's future. Researchers from Syracuse University and the University of Florida found that an organization's communication climate and system is a crucial factor that affects https://bit.ly/2BSgEMensparency and disclosure about a company's year-end performance will be appreciated by employees and pay dividends not only during the holidays, but throughout the year as well. Demonstrate enthusiasm for the year ahead by bringing employees together to highlight company initiatives, rollouts, improvements and milestones. A new year sets the stage for a fresh start, filled with possibilities and excitement, but sentiment and attitude starts at the top and trickles down. When employers demonstrate enthusiasm for what's to come, it's contagious, and can boost employee motivation and engagement. Companies like PGi and https://bit.ly/xwipYb find that town hall meetings can be useful ways to rally their teams and provide direct access to management and the C-suite. Regular internal newsletters from leadership are also a good way to let employees know about positive company updates...See Full Article https://bit.ly/2QDYWnV
Not a day goes by that I don’t talk to an entrepreneur or business leader that feels her product or service is undervalued in marketplace. She feels that her company over delivers but still can’t charge what they are worth. There’s a huge difference between price and value. In this photo I’m speaking to a Leadership Group at Southern University about this very subject. I’m holding two packages of over the counter cold and flu medication. The recognizable brand’s price was $6.99 if I remember correctly. The generic brand was 4.99. Yes, same number of caplets and YES if you flip them over they both had the same active ingredients. Why are we willing to pay more for the “name brand”. Why are we willing to pay more for the Lexus nameplate when we know the top of the line Camry is comparable? After all, they are manufactured by the same company, correct? Why are we willing to pay $5 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks when it’s .99 cents down the street? Some may argue that the product is better. Fair enough. But for the purposes of this discussion I will say that’s subjective. The bottom line is that people don’t buy products. They don’t buy features. As consumers we buy 1. Trust 2. Perception 3. Experiences. See, at Starbucks they remember my name, line of business, and that I don’t like whipped cream on top of my white mocha. If you can’t change what you feel you’re worth, it’s time to level up. Invest in your brand. Invest in relationships. Invest in your customer experience. #tsimmonsandcompany #orangementality #LeadingLady #SeriousBusiness #Entrepreneurs #leadership #smallbusinessdevelopment #femaleleaders #femaleentrepreneurs #businessowners #solopreuners #dadpreneurs #mompreneurs #bosses #CEO #branddevelopment #contentmarketing #influencer LeadingLady.net
This year was so dope and I’m super excited to take things to another level in 2019 as my mission is to revive dreams, renew minds, and redirect focus. It’s time to STOP existing and START living!! #coachkknox #liveonpurpose #certifiedlifecoach #lifecoach #author #speaker #inspiration #motivation #empowerment #goals #dreams #personaldevelopment #smallbusinessdevelopment #grind #hustle #entrepreneur #lawofattraction #purpose #faith #purpose #Jesus
Branding is so much more than just pretty images. It is how you operate your business as a whole. It is also the entire experience that a customer / client has with your business. People do business with YOU! They are compelled by your story (which is the why of your business). Therefore, who you are, what you represent and what problem you can solve are all apart of building YOUR unique brand for YOUR unique customer / client. Click the link in the bio to schedule a 12-Point Brand Inspection for your business to assess your strengths, problem areas, goals, and review your current procedures to make appropriate recommendations to get your brand more organized and prepared for long term success.
The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce has joined other groups and individuals calling for sanctions and actions, following the tabling of the Auditor General’s report into Petrojam Limited and its parent company PCJ. In a statement, the Chamber said the report seems to indicate that “the problem with Petrojam goes far beyond the actions of a few individuals but represents massive systemic failures both within the institution itself and in those organs of the state with oversight responsibilities.” The JCC said further the AG’s report painstakingly indexes the occasions where the stipulations of the GOJ’s Accountability Framework and the Public Bodies Management & Accountability (PBMA) Act – or even the organization’s own policies – have been ignored or bypassed without any evident sanctions over the course of years and over different political administrations. The Chamber called for the Corporate Governance Framework for Public Bodies to be embodied in law with the appropriate sanctions for breach. “We further hold that persons responsible for the flagrant misuse of public funds should never again be deemed fit to take up any future office where they will have similar responsibility for the expenditure of public funds,” it said...Visit Our Website https://bit.ly/2zKB8VP
Grab your coffee - Day 2 is full of important sales and marketing information to help you grow your business. Use #CO2Smart to share your biggest takeaways!
We couldn’t bring all these smart business owners together in Raleigh and NOT give them some of NC’s best barbecue! Hope everyone enjoyed tonight’s dinner, drinks, & conference attendee BINGO. #CO2Smart
To do: blog about how amazing round two of Nashville was. 😍 #ashtonkelleyphotography #ameliasflowertruck #akpbehindthescenes
The Bureau of Standards Jamaica is a statutory body established by The Standards Act of 1969 to promote and encourage standardization in relation to commodities, processes and practices. However, over the years, its role has expanded to include the provision of services in relation to conformity assessment (certification, testing and calibration) and metrology. Its main activities include: facilitating the development of standards and other requirements to which particular commodities, services, practices and processes must comply; monitoring for compliance; conducting tests and calibrating instruments; certifying products and management systems; providing industrial training and promoting research and education in standardization. The Bureau’s portfolio includes ensuring compliance with The Standards Act (1968), The Processed Food Act (1959) and the Weights and Measures Act (1976). Other aspects of our mandate are implemented under The Trade Act (1955), The Customs Act (1941), The Petroleum (Quality Control) Regulations (1990) and The CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality Act (2005). The Bureau operates as an agency under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries (MICAF) and is governed by a fourteen-member Standards Council. The Council is comprised of a Chairman, the Director of Standards (Executive Director) and twelve (12) stakeholder group representatives, appointed by the Minister. Operationally, the Executive Director, along with a team of directors, manage the activities of the organization...See Article https://bit.ly/2Ss6Uxx
When it comes to your goal... 1. Write it down in present tense.. 2. Meditate on it and see it before you see it... 3. Speak it into existence! #coachkknox #liveonpurpose #certifiedlifecoach #lifecoach #author #speaker #inspiration #motivation #empowerment #goals #dreams #personaldevelopment #smallbusinessdevelopment #grind #hustle #entrepreneur #lawofattraction #purpose #faith #purpose #Jesus
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There’s a difference between being self made and being self employed. There's a distinct difference between owning a job, and owning a business. If your business can't survive operationally without you then you own a job. If your business only depends on you for strategic guidance and leadership, then you own a business. Scalability depends on three key factors: Technology. Talent. Systems. So stop stealing from yourself. Stop crippling your business. Instead of taking home a 120k salary, cut back on your lifestyle and live on 80k. Use that money to reinvest into that new hire, larger office, consultant, or new app. Trade in the Benz for a Camry. You don’t need a 3300 sq ft house. Sometimes the biggest boss move you can make is called delayed gratification. #TSimmonsandCompany #OrangeMentality #24NewMillionaires #SeriousBusiness #Entrepreneurs #leadership #smallbusinessdevelopment #femaleleaders #femaleentrepreneurs
Choosing the correct social media path for your business can sometimes lead you in the wrong direction, causing it to become an uphill battle. Make sure your business is on the right path and call us for a free consultation to bring your business to the next level ☝ . . . . . . . . . #ssm #socialsavvy #socialmedia #emailmarketing #digitalstrategy #lightbulb #businessgoals #smallbusinessdevelopment #biggoals #smallbusinessstrategy #riverlandbusiness #socialmanager #socialmanagement #riverland #southaustralianbusiness #instagramamangement #facebookmanagement #facebook #instagram #twitter
The 2019 Tamworth Regional Business Summit will bring FIVE of Australia’s leading keynote speakers to the region. Gain insight into government policy around job creation in regional New South Wales, learn how to scale your business for success and hear from best-selling small business authors and leading executive business coaches. This is your chance to prepare your business for tomorrow! www.tamworthregionalbusinesssummit.com #growyourbusiness #smallbusinessdevelopment #growtamworth
Huge thank you to Bayer for sponsoring CO2, and for starting us off with some pest & lawn pro playtime in the Bayer facilities. Cutting edge tech, new toys, and lots of learning - #CO2smart
1. Reflect on the year. "[The holidays are] a time of reflection on where your business is going," says Sprake. Review marketing, sales and profit strategies, reflect upon what worked and what didn't, what you can improve upon, which products and services were profitable and which were not so you can enter the new year prepared to tackle the problem areas of your business. 2. Set goals. Just as you make New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight or eat healthier, take advantage of your business downtime to set some goals for your business over the next 12 months. Be sure to place your goals somewhere accessible so you can review them on a regular basis and evaluate your progress. 3. Invest in your intellectual capital. Take the time to read a great business book and get some ideas to improve the areas where you’re lacking. You can also use the slow time to research courses and workshops you may want to attend in the New Year. 4. Take time off. Taking time away helps to relieve stress, avoid burn out and will have you returning in the New Year feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle anything thrown your way....See Full Article https://bit.ly/2BPmOg0
I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs that I coach or consult that waste energy focusing on what someone else could’ve, or should’ve done for them. Bitter because their families don’t support their businesses. Upset because their BFF is the plug but didn’t put them on. Feeling like they need an endorsement from certain people or organizations to be validated. Dreams on hold because they are waiting on investors instead of investing in themselves. I believe in the power of collaboration. Yes, it’s wise to seek out mentors. Great if you have social and political acceptance. But I also believe in the power of 1. True accountability is when you don’t allow detractors or external circumstances to dictate how you move. In the end, be obedient. God is sufficient. #TSimmonsandCompany #OrangeMentality #24NewMillionaires #SeriousBusiness #Entrepreneurs #leadership #smallbusinessdevelopment #femaleleaders #femaleentrepreneurs
1. Get focus fit. We are living in a world of distractions. Some of them are inflicted upon us through notifications that pop up on our devices. Others are self-imposed, like when Jenny checks Facebook for the 53rd time today, just in case that cute photo of her Labradoodle has another like. In his book Deep Work, Cal Newport suggests that because of the distractions technology imposes on us, we spend the majority of our time doing “shallow work”—work that is non-cognitively demanding. Because of the constant distractions, we have forgotten how to truly engage in “deep work”—that is, focused thinking where we make meaningful progress on our most impactful projects. What we need to do is get focus fit. When we start a new exercise regime, we don’t start by bench pressing 100 pounds in our first session. So when it comes to (re)building your focus muscle, build up slowly. When I began retraining myself, I started out by doing just 30 minutes of focused work where all notifications and distractions were switched off. And I simply built up from there. 2. Take frequent breaks instead of one long one. If you are in a busy job and already working long hours, you may be someone who can easily get consumed with your busyness and “forget” to take a break. Or perhaps you believe you simply don’t have time to take a break. Unfortunately, this puts us in a constant state of poor cognitive performance. One study showed that the most productive performers worked solidly for 52 minutes and then had a break for 17 minutes. Other research has shown that in contrast to one 30-minute break, hourly five-minute walking breaks boost energy, sharpen focus, improve mood and reduce feelings of fatigue in the afternoon more effectively. To help make this happen in my own working life, I have banned 60-minute meetings from my schedule. Instead, I make what would have previously been 60-minute meetings as 50 minutes. This gives me time for a quick walk and a few minutes to get ready for my next meeting or activity...See Full Article https://bit.ly/2QpHu6D
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Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. #SeriousBusiness #24NewMillionaires #Entrepreneurs #leadership #smallbusinessdevelopment #femaleleaders #femaleentrepreneurs
We all have those "special days" when we’re just not in the mood to network. You know you need to get out of the office and get friendly to find new clients, but you’re overloaded by your to-do list, haven’t been to the gym and are feeling less than fabulous, or you’re just too tired and cranky to chase new business at a bar. So what should you do when you’re not in the mood to network? Try these simple tricks of the trade. 1. Pump yourself up. Networking, like love and life, is about having the right attitude. To get in the mood, put on your power suit, play your favorite music, give yourself a pep talk and remember the fun and success you’ve had at other events. 2. It takes two. Sweet-talking with someone you like can quickly improve your attitude. Phone a friend to join you at the networking event. Call someone who never says no to a good time, and who will easily convince you to join the party. 3. Set limits. Set a reasonable goal and/or time limit for your networking activity. Commit to working the room for 30 minutes, or until you meet three quality people you’ll want to follow up with again. (Or whichever comes first.) By setting a defined goal with limits, you’ll be more efficient, more likely to get results and more likely to enjoy yourself and want to do it again. And again, and again. 4. Be open to new experiences. If you equate networking with eating sour lemons, then take those lemons and make a lemon drop martini. Don’t think of it as networking or sales, think of it as a chance to visit an interesting venue or try a trendy new bar to impress your clients. 5. Foreplay is important. Make plans to meet a friend or colleague before the event. It will force you out of the office, and get you warmed up and in the mood for the main event. 6. The after-party. Make plans to meet a friend or colleague after the event. It will give you something to look forward to at the end of the night, and serve as a reward for all your hard work..See Full Article https://bit.ly/2MaXHKE
The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is reporting that it secured $14.9 million on behalf of customers who complained about goods and services bought, between April 1 and the end of October. The CAC says it was able to resolve nearly two thirds of the more than one thousand complaints made in the period. Chief Executive Officer of the CAC, Dolsie Allen gave the figures while addressing a JIS Think Tank held on Friday, November 30. She informed that a total of 1,087 complaints were handled by the Agency between April and October. “Our data indicate a nine per cent increase in complaints filed about electrical equipment and appliances, with 269 or 33.42 per cent of complaints related to those items,” she stated. An analysis of the categories for which complaints were filed with the CAC showed other services accounting for 14 per cent; cable services, 11 per cent; utilities, 10 per cent; and motor vehicle and parts, nine per cent. She also urged consumers to protect their interests by doing proper research before conducting transactions. https://bit.ly/2Sq7vju
So many people have brilliant ideas but launch prematurely, and literally sabotage their own dreams. What do I mean by that? These days social media makes it look too dam easy. Many entrepreneurs neglect the process of building business infrastructure. Yes, the boring part. I will give you an analogy...its like building a house and picking out drapes and flooring before drafting a blue print, laying a foundation, framing the house, wiring, plumbing.... To position yourself for long term success your business has to be built for it. Brand, technology needs, financing, talent management, mission, vision, values, relationships, legal needs—-From. Day. One. #tsimmonsandcompany #FromTheGroundUp #SeriousBusiness #24NewMillionaires #Entrepreneurs #leadership #smallbusinessdevelopment #femaleleaders #femaleentrepreneurs
We will be providing #free #BusinessAssistance to #entrepreneurs #BusinessOwners TODAY from 1pm-5pm
Happy Friday, party people! I’m gearing up for one of my last weddings of the year, but not before sharing with you some exciting news. ⛄️ @bmore.babes has teamed up with Winter Informal sponsors to give a ticket away to the holiday party on December 8th! All you have to do is share your three favorite things about the holidays in your IG story. They’ve made a cute template too-making it easy peasy. 🎁 My favorite things about this time of year? 🎄 LIGHTS. Y’all already know I adore sparkle, so it should be no surprise that Christmas lights are on my list. It certainly makes Baltimore look a little more charming! 🍪 BAKING. I love to cook, especially for everyone I love. The holidays offer up so many opportunities to sweeten up those sweet people in your life a little more. 🥂 PARTIES. Give me a night to dress up and I’m there. Whether it’s an ugly Christmas sweater party, a formal, or a fun holiday theme-I love a reason to put together a new outfit! 🍾 I hope to pop some bottles with you this season! #ashtonkelleyphotography #akpbehindthescenes #baltimoreweddingphotographer
We ❤️ our interns! Thanks for a great semester, Christina, Alexa, & Caroline.
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Ever got in a car without knowing where you're going? How frustrating? Thank goodness for maps and our GPS' right? ⠀ Now, imagine running your business without knowing where your true north is? What are you hoping to achieve? How will you measure your achievements? ⠀ ⠀ Let's work together in helping you win 🚀 hello@thecanvas.co.za .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #TheCanvas #WhyWeExist #StrategyDevelopment #HelpingSmallBusinesses #ThinkingBeforeDoing #MarketingForSmallBusinesses #SmallBusinessDevelopment #BrandStrategy #BrandConsultation #Entrepreneurship #StrategyBeforeExecution #Marketing #SmallBusinessSouthAfrica
What’s one of the main purpose of marketing our businesses? Sales, right? Acquiring new customers, right? So, why is it that most small businesses do not invest in effective and impactful ways of promoting themselves? Well, the number one reason is budget constraints, which is why we pride ourselves in offering AFFORDABLE and FLEXIBLE rates to our friends in business while delivering on our promise. Give us a try hello@thecanvas.co.za . . . #TheCanvas #WhyWeExist #ThinkingBeforeDoing #Strategy #SmallBusinessDevelopment #WeareThinkers #SmallBusinessThinkTank #MarketingStrategy #BrandStrategy #BrandConsultation #MarketResearch #SmallBusinessesSouthAfrica
Did you know that the small business failure rate is sky high in South Africa? According to research, 70%-80% of start-ups fail within five years. Now, there are many reasons for this but the lack of effective and impactful marketing is one of the reasons.⠀ Which is why The Canvas was born - to work with early-stage and emerging entrepreneurs in helping them achieve their objectives through the use of marketing.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #TheCanvas #WhyWeExist #ThinkingBeforeDoing #Strategy #Thinking #SmallBusinessDevelopment #WeAreThinkers #SmallBusinessThinkTank #SmallBusinessesForTheWin #WorkingWithYou #MarketingStrategy #BrandConsultation #BrandStrategy #NoGimmicks #MarketResearch
Successful people typically have two things in common: They are generous and they are gracious. These two ladies have it together. They are celebrating their roots, and putting The City on their backs. So if you haven’t heard, it’s December 16th. It’s the Mercedes Benz Superdome. It’s @supa_cent and @darealbbjudy It’s the Guinness Book of World Records. It’s the Big Christmas Toy Giveaway sponsored by @thecrayoncase and @kaleidoscopehairproducts We need beaucoup volunteers to help break the record. Hit the link in my bio to register as a volunteer. We are trying to make history, but most importantly we are trying to put a smile on 4000 kids’ faces. #NOLABigChristmas #SeriousBusiness #24NewMillionaires #seriousbusiness #Entrepreneurs #leadership #smallbusinessdevelopment #femaleleaders #femaleentrepreneurs
WHO’S READY TO PARTY?! @onitcomms , in association with #CheezeParty , invite you to the very first Freelancer’s Xmas Party - an end of year jam, especially for Freelancers, the Self-Employed, Contractors and Small Business Owners! For many of us who are self-employed and living the remote-working dream, gone are the days of corporate Christmas parties with limitless free booze and complimentary cabs home (not to mention John from Accounts frolicking with Sheila from PR, before tumbling out of the stationery cupboard!). We all know that one of the great joys of working freelance is that you no longer have to deal with office politics and or have to answer to anyone. However, this also means that self-employed life can be quite isolating. If you’re lucky, a client might invite you to their Xmas party, but don’t hold your breath! Join us and 150+ hardworking, fun loving self employed people, as we down-tools and free up our laptops, to party to some cheesy office party anthems, with a healthy splash of club classics thrown in for good measure. Early bird tickets are available for £5 until 4th December, then it is standard £8 tickets thereafter. Can’t wait to see you there! #ChristmasParty2018 #XmasParty2018 #OfficeParty #SmallBusiness #WomenInBusiness #MenInBusiness #BusinessOwner #Business #StartUp #Entrepreneur #Solopreneur #SelfEmployed #FutureOfWork #Freelance #VirtualAssistant #PersonalAssistant #ExecutiveAssistant #Administration #SmallBusinessDevelopment #DigitalMarketing #EmailMarketing #Administrator #FinancialAdministration #SocialMediaManagement #SocialMediaMarketing #OnitComm #HolidayParty
📢 Top economist says small businesses don't matter to the economy, period! He's right, until now. 📢 This “traditional” approach to entrepreneurship creates some very risky problems that increase the chances of the entrepreneur failing and going down with their business. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-small-businesses-unimportant-any-economy-willem-gous/ #entrepreneurship #smallbusiness #business #businessowners #businessdesign #startups #startupventures #entrepreneurshipeducation #businessdevelopment #businessplanning #businesstransformation #economicdevelopment #economics #economicgrowth #economists #economicimpact #smallbusinessdevelopment #businessstrategy #socialenterprise #personaldevelopment
In honour of #smallbusinessweek we are extending our Black Friday offer- order an #essbagset and get a free #essgearbag 💕Limited amount available! #essukltd #smallbusinessdevelopment #personalizedgifts #christmaspresents #bestgift #allthegear
This week I was invited as a keynote speaker to the Red Tape Reduction Indaba hosted by the Department of Small Business Development and the European Union, to talk about a nation changing initiative #promptpaymentcode - The Prompt Payment Code is all about getting a commitment from big business and government to pay small businesses on time. #SmallBusinessDevelopment #SmallBusiness #MakingChangeHappen #WatchThisSpace
Today is my birthday. Normal work day at the office other than the fact that I’m extra reflective on birthdays. Every morning before I do anything, I spend a few moments silently taking inventory of everything I have to be thankful for. This morning I thought, when I moved to BR in 1998 I started out working at a car wash. God and I came to an agreement where He provides the vision and the provisions, as long as I do the work. The rest is history. Improbable what my career and my life have evolved into. Thanks to all of you for always supporting anything that I put my name on. There are thousands of you that have blessed me along the way with your trust and unconditional love. I don’t have the words to express how much that means to me. #TSimmonsandCompany #Chapter45 #AttitudeOfGratitude #SeriousBusiness #24NewMillionaires #seriousbusiness #Entrepreneurs #leadership #smallbusinessdevelopment #femaleleaders #femaleentrepreneurs
When I go to speak I always ask who wants positive change and every time everyone says they want change🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏾‍♂️!! But the real question is how many are willing to change 🤔?!?!? Change starts with YOU! #coachkknox #liveonpurpose #certifiedlifecoach #lifecoach #author #speaker #inspiration #motivation #empowerment #goals #dreams #personaldevelopment #smallbusinessdevelopment #grind #hustle #entrepreneur #lawofattraction #purpose #faith #purpose #Jesus
Are you the kind of entrepreneur who wakes up every day and anticipates problems? Do you check your phone first thing to see what emergency needs your immediate attention? Many might say that’s a good trait to have. After all, solving problems is critical to entrepreneurial success. But, what happens when your focus is so intent on problems, so routine in searching them out to fix that you become really good at looking for, finding and solving them? There is a saying: what you focus on expands. It means, whatever you put your attention on, you get more of. The focus on problems begets more problems! I don’t suggest you stop solving problems or try to be bad at dealing with them. But, consider this. In Daniel Coyle’s book, The Talent Code, he talks about habits, what they do to our brains and their effects on our lives. Very little of what we achieve is by accident -- it is by repetition. Make a habit out of something, and see yourself succeed in that something because you keep doing it. It’s the same way with problem-finding. You’ll be really good at that, too. A great way to counteract this -- and add some other benefits to your life -- is to make gratitude and optimism a habit. If you’re always looking for the bad, you could be missing out on what’s good. What are the good things in your life that you are grateful for? What goals do you want to achieve today? Who are the people in your life that you need to reach out to? Start adding gratitude as a new habit into your daily routine, so that you can attract positivity, create some wins and build your confidence -- all while building and growing your business towards success...See Full Article https://bit.ly/2RQDI3c
Sometimes, when we are willing to put in the work, all we need is a little push in the right direction.⠀ This is Betty Matheba from Soshanguve in Pretoria (South Africa) who had no clear direction as to how to market her business and increase foot traffic.⠀ In just about 30 minutes, it was as though her world had just been open to something new and exciting!⠀ ⠀ We are here to help YOU win because your win is our win 🌟⠀ ⠀ Email hello@thecanvas.co.za for our consultation rates and to set up an appointment 📆⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #TheCanvas #StrategyDevelopment #MarketingStrategy #BusinessStrategy #Business #BrandStrategy #Processes #CommunicationStrategy #SocialMedia #SmallBusiness #Marketing #SmallBusinessDevelopment #Entrepreneurs #BrandBuilding #Branding #Marketing #DigitalMarketing #BrandConsultation ⠀⠀
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