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What a wedding! What a couple! Congrats to the newly weds 🤘🏿
gotta respect the hustle 🎧
Когда я начинала только заниматься в тренажерном зале, я не знала с какими весами работать🙃 Чтобы правильно подобрать вес, нужно прежде всего определиться, что вы хотите. Набрать мышечную массу или же наоборот сбросить вес. В первом случае, нужно выполнять упражнения на минимальное количество повторений с большим весом. А во втором случае случае нужно использовать меньшие веса на большое количество повторений, плюс кардионагрузки. Как же решить данный вопрос новичку? В первую очередь вам следует подобрать такое отягощение, чтобы последнее повторение было действительно последним. Вас не должно хватать на 13 раз, если повторов всего 12. В то же время, если вы нацелены сделать 10-12 повторов, а получается выполнить кое-как 6-8 повторений. В первом случае, если вы выполняете больше раз, чем задумали, вес слишком легкий. Во втором варианте, вес штанги или гантели был подобран слишком большой.🤗 #retouch #vscocam #fitnessmotivation #instafollow #posividade #pleaseforgiveme #??????? #pantyhosefetish #socality #bandasparaelcabello #stellar #longtoes #canvas #danielwellington #malibu #girlswhodrip #anakmalam #vikingart #womenempowerment
MY EVERYTHING My little love. My motivating force to show up in life giving 110% more often than not. My why on keeping my mind + body well and good — not for of a bikini or summer body, a specific size or shape, or so I can be an influencer — because I want to keep up with him through my 40s 50s and beyond. I will be 49 when this little guy graduates high school. I want to explore the world, hike, mega donkey kick, @soulcycle , swim and downdog with X for the many years to come. I love you, son. #adidas #childhoodunplugged #adidaskids . . . . . . . . . . #adidasoriginals #mixedkids #letthekids #sfblogger #createexplore #liveauthentic #parenting #wellness #abmlifeisbeautiful #hbfit #ohheymama #sffitness #huffpostgram #hypebeastkids #bossmom #yogakid #perfectlyblended #blackmomsblog #lagreefitness #yogaeverydamnday #adidastubular
Silk screen
If i had my mom on ig she would comment “clean ya bed” .. lol
Despite all the problems, the chaos, the things that do not work ... I feel so lucky to live in this city! ❤🇮🇹 Da qui, con questa vista, il cielo terso, la luce del tramonto...Mi sembra di raggiungere le altezze dell’arte. E di respirare l’aria respirata dai maestri e di vedere il mondo con i loro occhi. ❤ #roma #caputmundi #igersroma #romanity #yallerslazio #thehub_roma
Switching up the chain, so they ask me what it cost?
Freedom 🕊 . . Kings Cross & Potts Point are polar opposites. There are plenty of nice bars & eatery in this neighborhood. Also a place i call home. The view of the harbour bridge from my bedroom window is phenomenal. Close to the CBD of Sydney. Definitely suits those who persue an active life . . . . #worlderlust  #travelandlife #darlingescapes #speechlessplaces #girlswhotravel #dametraveler #openmyworld #wearetravelgirls #bestdiscovery #girlaroundtheworld #pursuepretty #passionpassport #travelawesome #beyondtravel #amazingdestination #beautifuldestinations #stayandwander   #travelgirls #finditliveit #stylegram  #tlpicks  #darlingweekend #globetrotter #travelapproach #globelletravels #sheisnotlost #guardiantravelsnaps #socality
Glossier has blessed me and my skin
The most handsome wedding date ever 😍 so grateful to be a part of this absolutely beautiful day! ✨ #happilyeversalas
Gloomy ☀️day at the happiest place // 📸: @memoriesbymadison
The Original Wild Woman
taking it all in
Fortune leaves always some door open to come at a remedy. 🐩-----🐮-----💦✈ Snapchat: dawla33z 🍱 #livefolk #buenosaires #armystrong #headband #woman #fitnessgirl #socality #hotgirls #tvshows #cute #elegant #squats #itsalongstory #car #nyc #coordinate #barbell #christmas #mycar #abs #pussy #milwaukee
In her own little world 💗 #edenelizabethkues
Вот и подошла к концу праздничная неделя😂🎁✨ стартовал мой День Рождения на банкете #самсон44 с 25-килограммовым тортом💥 а дальше, как в тумане😆🤪💃🏽 Сегодня завершили празднование по всем правилам #ЗОЖ 🏃🏽‍♂️💪🏽 Благодарю ВСЕХ причастных!!! Это было неповторимо, ярко и доолго👍🏽🎂🎊🎉 Ощущение праздника не покидает до сих пор🤩🎁🎈 #happybirthday #birthdaygirl #sunset #landscape #view #restaurant
I tend to get a little sad on Sunday nights knowing that my time of rest is over. Raise your hand if Monday’s typically aren’t your favorite!? 🙌🏼 . What if we made a choice right now to say “HOORAY” to a brand new week and a fresh start!? Let’s see what awesomeness is ahead with an attitude like this. Happy new week folks!
| bake my day.
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Clear Sky. Turquoise Sea. ☁️🌊 ⠀ #amanpulo #philippines
Mama's girl through and through 💙☺️ #happysunday
What a beautiful sight! 🌲🏞 ◦ Photographed by: @daniel_ernst ◦ Create. Explore. Inspire: #spiritsoflife
Hey sis!
Friend, I don't know what kind of season you are in with Him. But, I do know, whatever it looks like whether fruitful or barren, whether quenching or dry, whether up or down, HE IS THE SAME. Cling to Him and His promises. Let us long to desperately crave Him even if we don't feel the instant satisfaction of Him. Lets keep on pressing into Him and digging in so that we find Him. Let's be so desperate for Him that it doesn't even matter what we get in return. Let's stand secure in who He is.
i don’t feel you are you still with me i don’t see you are you still next to me i don’t hear you are you still speaking to me okay. good.
Would rather be here again then studying rn.
it has officially been one year since I started to serve at Hope Community Church as a film team volunteer. I can’t even tell you how much I look forward to every opportunity I get to have a camera in my hands and use it to share these stories of other people whose lives have been transformed because of their relationship with Jesus Christ. it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of and I am so thankful for it. 🎥💛
新的一周也要继续加油哦 morning beijing! 🌞 Photo creds: @ericube23 Selected by: @jeannsuen
“It may look like I’m surrounded, but I’m surrounded by You.” - @mwsmithofficial // #SundayFunday #HolySpiritWKND
It’d be great if she floated away.
Playing @hqtrivia right before your wedding, cause #priorities amiright??
6 PM
Only good vibes ☀️
Embraced my arm hair for 9 months long, until shaving it off today. The last time I shaved it was August 2017. In those 9 months, it was nice not having to worry about my arm hair, but honestly it just got really long 😂 How do you guys feel about body hair? Men in our society have hairy arms and don't have any pressure or expectation to shave it, but for us women, we’re often frowned upon if we have body hair in places visible to the eye. I think what's important is that you are allowed to make the decision about what you do with your body. Be the hairy queen you want to be and keep kicking those beauty standards 💋
zay & romez
Aşkla iftar 💑🙏 #iftar #hayırlıramazanlar
@makeetz and I came late to catch the sunset at Vestrahorn. As the sunset quickly turned into blue hour, we decided to come back to this spot for sunrise.
Few things are as precious as the love of a brother. What a gift it is to call one "friend". These are the days that make life worth living – the ones we dream about but could never contrive. Let's do this for the rest of our lives.
Homemade peanut butter ❤️ #sunshineandshe
What are u doing here??????!!!!!!!!!!
I am thinking of getting my hair cut short 🙄 #sunshineandshe
Pink filled my senses like an anaesthetic would. My wounds will never heal, I know, but I can try to rid myself of the pain no matter how brief. I looked at you and felt an instant rush of bliss and rage. The intensity of our love and the violence of our betrayal, we were always looking to settle the scores. This is all a game, an addictive game we both acknowledged to be worth our while. It will end soon. It will. Let me drench myself in pink please. The waves are here again.
This was one of the best adventures I ever had in my life. Special thanks to my talented friend @makeetz for letting me tag along. Glad we met at @socalitycamp .Video link in my bio.
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