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So fun making a bunch of dreamy skyscapes for a special project that I’m working on. Can’t wait to share the end result of these! ✨
We explored until long past dark 🌽🎃
That kind of night.... #chinesefood
| through the meadows |
Such a beautiful sunset from a nice enjoyable relaxing day, perfect ending to a day :)
Men may think a wild woman is a woman to be feared. They think, " oh, she's a wild woman that must mean she's dangerous. She's probably crazy and too much to handle". And in a sense, it's true. She's too much for someone who isn't ready to show up fully and check their ego at the door. She's too much for someone who would rather have small talk than go deep. She's too much if you expect her to hold back her anger or sadness or pain to protect you from seeing her in chaos. But trust this: a wild woman is the safest woman you will ever meet. She doesn't hold back. You'll meet her and she'll let you see her for who she is. She trust her own worthiness enough to reveal herself to you, and let you decide whether or not you'd like to walk with her. She doesn't hide parts of herself in an attempt to keep your love because she does not have time for connections that lack depth or meaning. A wild woman will invite you to love all parts of yourself. She'll accept you in that place, because she has done the work to accept herself there. @risingwoman ✏Sheleana Aiyana #WildWoman #StayWild #SelfLove 💪🍁🙏
Come on fall, gimme dem colors 🍁
🐺⛰The best view comes after the hardest climb. . #NeverGiveUp #StayStrong #StayWild
Nature is awesome 👏🏾 🌋 #sulphurisintheair 🥚
Hiked the this beast for the second time the other morning before work. One of my favorite hikes of all times. Probably spent too much time making this double exposure when I should be doing homework. 🤔 #roamtheplanet #ospreypacks #liveoutdoors #staywild #ourplanetdaily #wildkids #whatevertheweatherkids #curiouslittleadventures #keepitwild
Saturday’s are for the dogs🙃💕
How do you #LivePlayDo // 📷: @nickandslim_ontheroad ・・・ "Celebrated #nationalpubliclandsday and the first day of autumn in one of our favorite Maryland spots 🍁🌲"
It must be passionate or I don't want it🔥 ✨ ✨ ✨ Hay cosas que sacan lo mejor de nosotros, que nos inspiran a andar apasionadamente por la vida. Me obsesiona cualquier cosa que tenga la capacidad de hacerme sentir, de abrirme los ojos, de aterrizarme y elevarme a la vez. San cipriano es una de esas cosas, o más bien lugares. Lo amé, me llené de pasión y de euforia💕⚡ El rayito de euforia en el alma ahora se convirtió en cataclismo⚡⚡⚡ #loveit #sanci #sexy #wet #wild #staywild #lingerie #colombia
In an age where we're trained to look down at our phones, don't forget to look up. • • • Fun fact: On Semptember 25th, 1890 @SequoiaNationalPark became America's second national park and our first designed to protect a living organism, the giant sequoia tree. In 1940, Sequoia National Park was merged with its neighbor - the glacially-formed King's Canyon. The two parks have been jointly administrated ever since. Never heard of King's Canyon? Neither had I until a few weeks ago - hopefully the upcoming pictures will encourage you to put it on the top of your hiking list.
Finally old enough to know better 🌻
I ❤️ SF
Come follow me into the #nicegirlgang friends 💕 • • Today is @littlewordsproject ’s second annual #nationalnicegirlday and for every post made using the hashtag #nationalnicegirlday , we’ll be donating $1 to anti-bullying charities nationwide. Peep the link in my profile to see why this is so important to me. • • Don’t have a Little Word? No worries! Just use the hashtag and help us spread the word with whatever photo you post! Any piece of kindness counts today 💫 #littlewordsproject #imanicegirl
I’ve always wanted to be a journalist. In high school, I spent all of my free time photographing strangers, filling notebooks with stories, recording every detail of every scene I observed. I wanted to remember it all. I considered being a combat photographer, or a photo journalist for the peace corps. Like many others, I grew up reading and collecting National Geographic magazines, always left deeply inspired by the diversity and magic nestled within humanities’ various cultures. I wanted to be there, to photograph the people in their most real state, to record their story so the world could see their magnificence, feel the love for them that I felt. I chose a different route, an easier, safe route. & now my heart is aching, my spirit restless, my love strongest it’s ever been. I need to write—and travel, and photograph, and share the beauty of the world with my little love. I must. His heart beats as strong as mine, his love for others comes naturally, without judgement, without question. He loves, he forgives, he is completely open to the secrets of the universe, and he is everything I aspire to be and more. I wanted to be a photo journalist, so I am taking a baby step in that direction and continuing my blog. I want to be an adventure portrait photographer, so I am working to point my business in that direction. It will take time, and it’s terrifying, but following your heart is the greatest risk you can ever take. If I don’t do this, I may lose myself in the chaos of conformity and familiarity. I may fail— or I may succeed immensely. No matter what, I have him. & it is enough.
Need Halloween plans? 🦇🎃 Come celebrate with us next Saturday, 10/27. We’re hosting a live DJ and a $300 costume contest. See you there! #BoosAndBrews
E Y E L O V E 》A black apatite marquis stone creates the 👁 in this golden agate pendant necklace. Long gunmetal brass chain with signature side chain detail. Limited edition of 3, message to reserve one of these. Via Wikipedia - The evil eye is a curse or legend believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune or injury. Talismans created to protect against the evil eye are also frequently called "evil eyes". . . . . #talisman #evileye #evileyejewelry #festivaljewelry #gypset #dsshapes #gemstonejewelry #druzy #mixedmetals #blackandgold #modernbohemian #bohostyle #bohojewelry #protection #limitededition #staywild #instajewelry #jewelrydesigner #brassjewelry #modernjewelry #pursuepretty #igersvancouver #madeinvancouver #buyfolk #eastsideculturecrawl #ooakx18 #shinyfuzzymuddy #alltogethercollective #toodlebunny
Canadians are a little crazy, eh? #getoutside #staywild #lakehuron #beachday #ontariosummer
Would you believe I actually turned down the saturation on this one? So many pretty colors 🍃🍁🍂
Daydreaming about Iceland and wishing that by clicking my heels three times I could teleport back!👌🏼 . . . . #laugavegur #iceland #letskeepitwild #womenwhoexplore #sheexplores #followyourfeet #amongthewild #exploreeverything #tenteveryday #sleepoutside #awakethesoul #backpack #likeawildernessgirl #staywild
Don't miss out on your chance to see the fall colours before this visual is covered in snow! 🚁 Helicopter Tours will be on October 27 & 28, from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm out of Cheticamp / Port Hawkesbury 🚁 $165 for 15 minutes | $135 for 10 minutes | 3 people max. per tour | (902) 625-2206 for booking & information Photo Credit: @ChuckWrathall - - #CelticAir #HelicopterTours #Helicopter #Aviation #RoamThePlanet #BeautifulDestination #Igers_NovaScotia #VisualTraveller #LiveOutDoors #StayWild #ParksCanada #ImagesofCanada #ExploreCB #ExploreCanada #CapeBreton #TLWorldsBest #LuxuryTravel #LuxuryLifestyle
This is what I live for.
I’ve gotten a lot of people asking what I’ve been doing and when I’ll be resurfacing on the internet 😂 . Since moving to Sydney and submitting my partner visa paperwork, I’ve gotten a full time job as a travel agent, Michael and I have moved into a two bedroom sublet/dog sitting arrangement (which is why we have this little fluff ball all the time 🤩), and I’ve been settling in to this new phase in my life. . My brain has been stuffed full since starting my new job with sooo much info on travel agent things. I’ve learnt an insane amount of information super quickly, which is why I’ve been spending most of my time away from work relaxing, doing yoga, and reading fiction (I can’t fit any more info in my head, so no non-fiction 😂). . I am just now starting to feel comfortable enough to start thinking about writing and making videos again. For those of you who read my website and/or watch my videos - what kind of content do you want to see from me moving forward?
The upside of fall
VOTED! Fuck yeah, democracy rules! 👍🏻 #TwinningIsWinning
Canadians are a little crazy, eh? #getoutside #staywild #lakehuron #beachday #ontariosummer #denial
Introducing Winter. This is @paige.v.fit brand new cane corso puppy. Maya and I took her for a mini adventure today while Paige had to work. 🐾 #canecorso #puppy #winter #winterthecanecorso #adventuretime #canada #dogslife #explorebc #getoutside #outsideisfree #staywild
H A R V E S T - “Be sure that each seed you sow will in time be reaped, and each action you take will bring its own consequence. Go forth then and give love..” || @creatures_jewels shining a bit of her light in the world with her handmade turquoise rings and custom creatures hat. ✨🎩😉✌🏽🖤 • • • • #byronbayhatmaker #hat #hats #hatter #hatmaker #wanderlust #chapeau #staywild #work #fashion #musician #style #gypsy #boho #jacksavage #handmade #hatlover #bespokehats #love #fun #festivalfashion #customhats #instagood #wedding #adventure #byronbay #australia #wild #hatsbyjacksavage #creaturesofthewildunknown
I built a tiny beach bathroom this week . The wet season is over (finally) and our place is a mess but we’re on a mission to get sorted and get this house finished. This wee project sparked my excitement for projects to come this season. I might even be able to take guests soon 😜 #islandlife #livethelifeyoulove #buildingahouse #livingdreams #beachlife #beachshower #philippines #beautiful #myhouse #staywild #alwaysgrateful ✌️🌴😊
I’ll make things very clear. I’m not here for your permission, satisfaction, or approval. Never have been. I’ll live my life on my terms. The way I always have. No reason to change now. -Yanna Llorente
Let’s take a minute to be honest. When this company first started back in 2015, we were unsure of exactly what we were doing and what we were going to be. But whatever it was we knew that we “needed” followers. So we had the bright idea to let a bot do most of this work for us by following people then unfollowing people, something I think we are all very familiar with, unfortunately. You know those empty comment that get left by a random account “Great shot” or “love this image” hoping that you will go follow their page and boost their numbers. It’s great until you realize that those followers are also bots, so now you have bots following bots resulting in no change. We have decided to ditch all 8000-ish followers to start over. No bots, no open ended comments, just us being us. So head on over to our new page @freelivingsociety and see what Freeliving Society is all about.
@el_dee3 and I smashed Algonquin Peak yesterday 🤙 Sooo beyond proud of us and probably said it a million times yesterday. Second highest peak in New York and the 46 Adirondack High Peaks! It was brutal and the wind almost blew us away but we did it! Such a huge accomplishment for the both of us! Celebratory dinner and drinks at Smoke Signals. Followed by some live music by Ryan Montbleau at The Waterhole . I don't how we started our day off at 5am and kept going but arguably one of the best days and experiences! Thanks for being a bomb hiking partner Lydia ❤ We freaking did it! #adirondacks #algonquin #algonquinpeak #cramponseason #46er #highpeaks #staywild #winterwonderland #ryanmontbleau #ninasbrew @waterholeadk @smokesignals518 @ryanmontbleau
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