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We’re packing up all of our stuff this week to embark on our greatest adventure yet, we have a home!
Charlotte might be small and quiet, but it’s colorful 🔴🔵
¡Feliz semana de Mayo! 🇦🇷Vamos a estar toda la semana en el Showroom y con novedades ✨🙌🏻 Estén atentos 📸 @delfinacarmona ~ luthiabags.com
Spring decided to visit
Another Day, Another Island 🐠
The light rail lights were really interesting to me! 🔸
Adventure pup!
"Worship", Cao Dai Temple, Tay Ninh, Vietnam. . - Caodaism is a fascinating religion which originated in Vietnam in the 1920s. It takes inspiration, and borrows from, different religions including Confucianism, Buddhism, and Catholicism. Some of its saints include Jesus Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, and the French writer Victor Hugo. Their central temple in Tay Ninh, about an hour or two from Ho Chi Minh City, looks like a fever dream from the mind of Dr. Suess. Bright colors, all seeing eyes, dragons,and and ornate pillars abound In this image, the priests are in red, blue, and yellow, while the regular followers are in white. . . . . . #caodai #caodaitemple #worship #worldnomads #worldcaptures #beautifuldestinations #PassionPassport #welltravelled #worldplaces #travelgram #travelcultured #ig_vietnam #ig_travel #traveldeeper #vietnamtravel #visitvietnam #worldtravelscapes #stayandwander #vietnamwonders #discovervietnam #travelgram #vietnamcharm #vietnamtrip #instavietnam #travelphotography #mydestinationguide #humanity_shots_ #_soulsoftheworld #people_infinity #great_captures_people @passionpassport @fantastic_earth @earth @earthcapture @visualambassadors @stayandwander @depthobsessed @nakedplanet @lensofourlives @folkmagazine @theoutbound
Day 1: mile 8-10.7/Black Jack camp Tired. A lot of “what the fucking fuck” was said. Eventually there was just silence. We made it to camp, took our shoes off and set up. I was laying on the ground about to fall asleep when I hear Kamil say, “woah woah woah bison.” I look up and see this massive buffalo casually strolling down the hill and over to get a drink of water and chew on some grass. It is his kitchen after all.
All these wedding posts are a royal pain in the ass 👑 @royal_hawaiian #jk #cmonitspunny #threadsbabe Jumpsuit by @threads Photo by @justinshiigi Edit by @kianaraen Lifestyle by @thestandbydiary
b l o o m
I’ve been wanting to go to Montenegro even before I knew of Adriatic coast. This place will hold a special place in my memory as this was the first time I’ve worked with the local tourism board, and got me and 5 of my companions a free tour! Now when will I get that free flight?! 🤨🤨🤨
wrapped up in you
🌆 expensive drinks and priceless views
Cruised through the Russian neighborhood today like a boss 👊🏻🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 #brightonbeachpride
Made an impulse drive 6 hours to Crater Lake National Park the other day. Getting the Milky Way arch over Crater has been a goal of mine since starting photography. Was very pleased that the night stayed clear and I was able to star gaze late into the night. @craterlakenpark
Never enough Sundays.
Right before I hightailed it home to wrap up my hair after the humidity’s day of reckoning. #blackhair
Japan‘s streets are beautiful 🌿 Life is beautiful. Every little moment can be cherishable if we pay attention to it. Even when I‘m sad sometimes I think: Wow, this is an intense emotion. This is part of life. In some moments that makes it a little bit better. It also makes life richer when we are mindful of our everyday lives. When we take our time to look at the sky on the way to the subway. Or sometimes I‘m standing at the traffic lights and I observe the cars driving around. It fascinated me how so many people have somewhere to go in the morning. It‘s part of life in the big city. This life is so exciting and interesting in the way it works and how it presents itself to us. You don‘t have to go to Japan to feel this, it‘s in your life, right now. 🍵 Do you know what I mean?
A quick glance at @hotelllenaire in my stories, where I spent a weekend celebrating the wedding of two friends. Un cuento de hadas.
It’s crazy how the sun can cause so many colors!
• İnanmazsın ama habersiz. 📷: @sebnemozden
Love my new raincoat 💘
“Little Tilde” is a recycle sculpture @thomasdambo made as a part of the larger project “The 6 Forgotten Giants”. The project consists of 6 large sculptures made in the outskirts of Copenhagen. The project wants to bring art out of the museum, show the beautiful and often overlooked nature spots in the western part of Copenhagen, and at the same time give an exciting and different experience. On another note, the sculpture gives me that “Where the Wild Things Are” vibe.
Sunset haze
Gazing out across the lake... thinking about which pie to order later at @moosestoothpub
Cenotes in Mexico 🇲🇽 😍 Ph: @steverobert1
#newzealand #queenstown 뉴질랜드에서 가장 아름다운 동네라고 생각했다. 😘 파란 파스텔을 하늘에 뿌려둔것 마냥 공기도,구름도, 동네 자체가 파스텔 빛으로 물들어 있던 그런 날이였다. 😲 원래 퀸스타운은 그런색인가? 내가 갔을때가 그런색이였던건가 흠 아무튼 진짜 애정하는 동네다 :)😍 #준아글
“This shade is available in the limited edition cover.” “Oh hell yesh. But do you have red streaks instead of pink?” . . Shade 01. So #newbeginnings for #uranusintaurus
Shadows 📷
@arnarkristjans_photography - The best wave of your life is still out there. #iceland #earthoutdoors
Almost lined up that star right...
Beautiful planet! Ph: @tomofoto 🌊
Perfect haven 🖤
Chi si ricorda #GiucasCasella “fin quando te lo dico io, fin quando te lo dico io...” ecco diciamo uguale con il caffè! Unico modo per cominciare la giornata all’italiana in questa grande Australia! Tra l’altro se capiterete nei pressi di Cairns io vi stra consiglio questo posto bellissimo Billy’s Coffee Crate59 @rustysmarkets ottimo caffè, e quindi immagino ottimo tè, e te lo bevi circondato da arte contemporanea, si può volere di più per un lunedì mattina?
Tag someone you'd love to travel the world with. ❤️ #partnerexplore @matthewhahnel & @reneeroaming going to adventures together. NZ
One of the highlights from my visit to @patron was the deconstructed barrel tasting in the barrel house. . • We tasted a tequila aged in used American Oak (aged 8 mo), Allier French Oak that has a tight grain (aged 5.5 mo), New American Oak with French Oak tops (aged 17 mo), and a Limousin French Oak barrel with a wide grain (aged 12 mo). . • My favorite was the Allier Oak barrel that had a nice complexity of fruit, spice and tannin. 🖤🥃
A P Kinda Sunday, lips painted a new shade of Saint Laurent red. I also walked 20,616 steps today, according to my iPhone which has been stealthily tracking my movements, making me feel I need to haolian a little to myself that I’m not as felinishly lazy as I think.
Spring. [Mamiya NC1000S/ Kodak Portrait 400] #ishootfilm #kodak #gibraltar #disparaencarrete #jashtag www.jashasensio.com
Colors of the Cape 🎨 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Cape Town has a seemingly infinite supply of beaches, each bursting with beauty and a unique personality. Muizenberg, while not the most picturesque beach in its own right, is home to these colorful beach huts that make it a photographer’s ideal spot to steal a shot.
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