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Quads feeling joocy since hitting them 2x a week. #stokedathletics
Another day another pr, 330 4x4 3ct for a 5lb pr from last week. This was the final set @8 or so, prior sets were @6ish. This is always the worst bench day of the week so I'm pleased with this. I sense 200kg will be here very soon! Finished off with feetup bench, zpress supersetted with rows then some arms ofc. Current t3 american record is only 418🤐, I'm kemmin @croninstrength @punisher_haha @maximusprime93kg @george21adam with the spot @baby_silver_back #stokedathletics #a7 #usapl #bench #powerlifting
Two studs crushing some single leg and arm action from yesterday! ⠀ Great job, fellas! ⠀ #stokedathletics
One time, a few months back, we all went out for Colin’s birthday in NYC. ⠀ He got very intoxicated and tried slapping things out of strangers’ hands. I don’t normally condone this. ⠀ We had to trick him into a cab to his hotel by telling him we were getting pizza. ⠀ @relseachae accidentally got in that cab for a second, which is understandable, because there was a slight chance that the destination had pizza. ⠀ Chels and I then got pizza with @3sixtyathletics and it was really good. ⠀ Thanks for coming in to workout yesterday, Colin. ⠀ @stokedathletics #stokedathletics
4x6x167.5@7 bw 176.2 let’s try this week again #83kg #usapl #stokedathletics #unitedbarbellinc
Focus on the big rocks first, then fill the gaps 🤙🏼 ⠀ #Repost @stokedathletics ・・・ “I need more volume, I need more assistance work, etc.” ⠀ You could use more sleep - even better sleep. You could use more work capacity. You could use more stress relief. You could use more food. ⠀ But that’s not sexy 🤷🏼‍♂️ ⠀ #stokedathletics
Cheers @thestokedbrogi for hosting me today to crush my workout __________ If you’re on the South Shore & want a solid training program &/or facility, hit my man up!
“I need more volume, I need more assistance work, etc.” ⠀ You could use more sleep - even better sleep. You could more work capacity. You could use more stress relief. You could use more food. ⠀ But that’s not sexy 🤷🏼‍♂️ ⠀ #stokedathletics
Another week, another chance to improve upon what you’ve been working on! ⠀ Check out Ryan locking in his hinge, a crucial component to many exercise like deadlifts, and KB swings🤙🏼 ⠀ #stokedathletics
Feetup Bench Gains😎 290x4, 305x4, 325x4 for a 10lb pr from last week and at a lower rpe:) This sets me up well for 340x4 feetup and 385x6 comp next week to finish off this block strong🏆 #200kgvsoon #roadto650kg #benchgains #disco #submaxboiz #usapl #powerlifting #suicideboys #small105onceagain #stoked #stokedathletics #teen3 @croninstrength @punisher_haha @maximusprime93kg @bobiinaicha
Today’s workout: ⠀ Ride bikes to @thestokedshack with @relseachae ⠀ Warm up w. Bear Crawls and TRX Row variations ⠀ SSB Split Squat superset with Incline DB Press for 3 sets ⠀ Landmine Rows superset with KB Swings for 3 sets ⠀ Belt Squat til wanting to puke ⠀ Ride bikes to @swelltaco ⠀ 🤙🏼 @stokedathletics #stokedathletics
Might’ve seen this on the @stokedathletics yesterday, but if you didn’t... I have a new article live! ⠀ I’m very happy with this one, and I believe will resonate well with many. If you’re someone who struggles mentally with where you’re at, or has trouble appreciating or recognizing the small wins each day, then this one’s for you. ⠀ Link’s in my bio - now go get learnt. ⠀ #stokedathletics
While I love my Excel spreadsheets, I love physical copies -•- If you are [somewhat] serious about losing, gaining, and or maintaining your body weight, you should be tracking your weekly macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat). Along with that, tracking your weekly weight gain or loss is important -•- A healthy gain or loss is around +/- 1-1.5lbs a week. You adjust weekly macros for your set goal -•- I recently came up with a 5 week tracker to assist me with this. Everyday I wake up and weigh myself with my Bluetooth scale via the Weight Guru app. I write down my weekly starting weight and end of week weight. From there, I annotate my weekly gain or loss and adjust like I noted above -•- With that being said, the spaces below each macro are utilized for adjustments. If my goal is to lose 1-1.5lbs a week, and my current macros are allowing that, then I do not need to lower my macros. The spaces below each week’s PREDICTED macros are for handwritten adjustments. You don’t need to starve yourself in order to lose weight or gain weight. Just keep it simple and do not overthink things -•- I fell off a little bit leading up to my last #USPA powerlifting meet in June and I realized I needed to get back on track. Every morning I wake up and see this and it keeps me motivated. I’m not looking to compete in a show or bodybuild obsessively, but rather I want to walk around feeling and looking healthy, athletic, fit, insert adjective here -•- Remember, pick a goal and stick to it for a minimum of 12-16 weeks. Results begin to show around weeks 4-5. Do not give up and #staythecourse -•- KILL FEAST REPEAT🐗 -•- #StokedAthletics #HoggHouse #TeamHoggHouse #SSJBoii #TeamThiccBoiiz #killfeastrepeat #KFR #nutrition #fitness #diet #iifym #fitfam #flex #lift #flexibledieting #strength #bodybuilding #powerlifting #squat #bench #deadlift #exercise #motivation #powerbuilding #athlete #hypertrophy
Gotta post the bad with the good I guess. 440lbs for an abysmal single followed by some really solid 5s. Not sure why but I completely negated all my standard cues with the top single and bar path was all over the place. Fixed it during the backoffs with 397@7.5 (third vid), 385@sub6 (second vid), and 375@6. I'll do better next week. Thanks @kigerstrength and @oakstrong for being ready to curl the weight if I collapsed 🤙 @croninstrength #TeamGPT #stokedathletics #beetlebarbell
The only thing besides broccoli that allows me vegetable fiber while in the desert. Sitting around 176lbs and 15% BF. Trying to cut that down a little while maintaining my current BW -•- #stokedathletics #health #iifym #cleaneating #gym #hypertrophy #powerbuilding #bodybuilding #powerlifting
‘Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning’ only lives in the world of marketing. ⠀ In the world of Strength and Conditioning exists demands. And we can train the body to address those demands in ways that will help the athlete be better at their sport. ⠀ But the ways in which we address those demands are NOT specific to that sport alone. ⠀ @stokedathletics @thestokedshack #stokedathletics
Idk what I’m doing with this posing or flexing shit, except trying to be like @dylan_lien with some upper body today -•- Super sets are an amazing way to get the hypertrophy work in fast. Chest, back, arms today -•- I always enjoyed how my back developed with minimal work. The Minimal Effective Dose (MED) is all that’s needed. You don’t need countless hours in the gym hitting each body part for 20+ sets. That’s stupid -•- Proper macros and MED. That’s all it takes -•- KILL FEAST REPEAT🐗 -•- #StokedAthletics #HoggHouse #TeamHoggHouse #SSJBoii #TeamThiccBoiiz #killfeastrepeat #KFR #nutrition #fitness #diet #iifym #flexibledieting #strength #bodybuilding #powerlifting #squat #bench #deadlift #exercise #motivation #powerbuilding #athlete #hypertrophy
PR single for @croninstrength At 347 lbs. Difficult to explain how great it is to have this guy around. We are honored to call him a friend and United Barbell member. He works hard, stays consistent regardless of circumstance and always gives out positive energy. @croninstrength you’re the man! #UnitedBarbell #StokedAthletics #Powerlifting #LongIslandPowerlifting
Ground chicken or turkey is an often ‘protein go-to’ of mine. Mainly Bc it’s really, really, really hard to fuck up. ⠀ Seriously, just plop a pound or two into a pan on the stove, let it cook, then huck in some beans and diced tomatoes like I did here. Get a little fancier if you want by sprinkling in your favorite spices. ⠀ Eat some now, then refrigerate the rest for the next few days. ⠀ For ultimate laziness, pair it with some 90 second microwaveable rice like I do! ⠀ #stokedathletics
4x6 on bench today, heres 370x6@8 on my 3rd set for a nice pr. Then I hit some Incline Bench with a 2 0 2 0 tempo for a 4x10, @croninstrength is trying to kill me @maximusprime93kg Saving my life @george21adam @punisher_haha @bobiinaicha #stokedathletics #roadto200kg #powerlifting #usapl #teen #feels #passion #champion #bodybuildingbro #hypertrophy
Check out Stoked Online Athlete, Matt Delima (@mattdsquats ), who met up with Coach Matt the other day for some AMRAPs! ⠀ Matt is doing Regionals next month and hit 192.5/424 x 5 reps for a nice PR. Great job, dude! ⠀ #stokedathletics
4x6x167.5@7 bw 174.6 crazy busy these past couple days but gotta catch @kg83kg #83kg #usapl #stokedathletics #unitedbarbellinc
KEEP PUSHING 500.9x6@8? LOL PR I have been increasing these every week and every week they feel stronger. I see no reason to stop pushing these. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I am really excited to find out what I will be able to work up to with more time. . . . . . #vegan #govegan #bevegan #vegains #vegangains #veganlife #veganaf #veganfit #veganfitness #stokedathletics #veganstrong #veganstrength #veganpower #veganpowerlifter #veganpowerlifting #veganbodybuilder #veganbodybuilding #trapbar #trapbardeadlift #strong #strength #strongaf #USAPL #powerlifter #powerlifting #deadlift #deadlifts #tiedye #93kg #gains
This is the EXACT reason why I went with #stokedathletics -•- @thestokedbrogi is that dude. Specifically tailoring to an injury is what every coach should be doing. Cookie cutter programs are garbage and you can tell the difference in quality -•- KILL FEAST REPEAT🐗 -•- #StokedAthletics #HoggHouse #TeamHoggHouse #SSJBoii #TeamThiccBoiiz #killfeastrepeat #KFR #nutrition #fitness #diet #iifym #flexibledieting #strength #bodybuilding #powerlifting #squat #bench #deadlift #exercise #motivation #powerbuilding #athlete
Hit some prs today, final set shown, 320 4x4@6 3ct pauses for a 15lb pr from last week, 3ct bench is so hard for me because of my form. My wrist was in a lot of pain at lockout so I couldnt explode like I usually do. Hopefully this pain goes away for my Thursday session in which I'll be hitting a new 6rm PR, stay tuned😎 #bench #roadto200kg #roadto650dl #hookgripboiz #punisherhahaty #usapl #t3 #powerlifting #usapl #hypertrophy #bodybuildingbro @maximusprime93kg saving my life @croninstrength #stokedathletics @punisher_haha @bobiinaicha
I know that to some this may seem depressing. But in my opinion, it’s incredibly motivating and empowering. ⠀ Simply put, humans are created in a way that absolutely ensures death. Training can increase our quality of life so that the time we spend here is more enjoyable. ⠀ Don’t get emotional about that. Get active. ⠀ Training doesn’t have to be an exclusive means either, to be clear. ⠀ Getting in some form of resistance training, endurance training, and high intensity interval training, however you please, can do wonders. ⠀ That can be powerlifting while sprinkling in recovery walks and bike sprints. ⠀ It can be surfing and having a calisthenics routine on the beach. ⠀ It can be a HUGE variety of things. The ‘how’ doesn’t matter, getting it done does. ⠀ #stokedathletics
#yellowclaw bumping right now Definitely ready for the gym after this mid shift #edm #stokedathletics
Comps squat (1) 107kg x1 RPE 6 Didn’t press the record button on my 112.5kg x1 at an rpe 7😩 (2)back off set at 101kg x4 Comp bench (3)65kg x4 at RPE7/7.5 (4) 67.5 x4 cause I felt dearing using @dicostaz bar and over shot forgive me @barbellsandcats • • #powerlifting #powerliftingwomen #stokedathletics #gwpl
Playing with these in between sets of bench to get that ‘ohhhhhhhh shit that’s a nice stretch’ feeling 🧖🏻‍♂️ ⠀ I’ve seen them called Scorpion Planks or Elevated Segmental Rolls but what matters most is that they’re dope. ⠀ I’ve been dishing them out a bit more often, especially to my rotary athletes, mainly those who play golf, lacrosse or baseball/softball (@danielceee yes I just called you an athlete). ⠀ Also solid if you just feel ‘locked up’ when it comes to differentiating your lower and upper body in movement. ⠀ My goal here is to control almost all of the movement while keeping the hips from dropping, and allowing gravity to do some of the work in pulling down that moving leg or arm. ⠀ Give them a try for a few sets with 5 reps on each side and let me know what you think! ⠀ @stokedathletics @thestokedshack #stokedathletics
Wrote about my year and the training I’ve accomplished while contracting in Afghanistan. Link in bio. Give it a read and a share! -•-•- KILL FEAST REPEAT🐗 -•-•- #StokedAthletics #HoggHouse #TeamHoggHouse #SSJBoii #TeamThiccBoiiz #killfeastrepeat #KFR #nutrition #fitness #diet #iifym #flexibledieting #strength #bodybuilding #powerlifting #squat #bench #deadlift #exercise #motivation #powerbuilding #athlete
Lots of athletes & general strength training enthusiasts seem to think that more variation is better. What percentage they’re doing their 5’s at. How they manipulate their volume - and on and on, without the time ownership of basic movements. ⠀ Your banded Rack Pull ISO Hold is useless without the knowledge of how to properly hinge without a barbell. ⠀ Set yourself up for a career of gains by making your foundational movement pool near perfect - and then cut yourself loose and do some craziness. ⠀ #stokedathletics
My coach is a Hypno God @thestokedbrogi #stokedathletics
Sometimes you have to bleed for it, sometimes it still won’t be enough, and I’m ready to do it again July 21
Want killer tacos? You go to @swelltaco and see our man @drew4cino behind the bar. ⠀ You want a buttery front squat? You come to the Stoked Shack and learn how right beside him! ⠀ #stokedathletics
Taking a break from strictly powerlifting training and focusing on building a healthier body thru functional strength and hypertrophy training -•-•- I signed up for a 12 week block with @thestokedbrogi over at @stokedathletics to aid in my goal -•-•- My right glute is still a little flared up from my second pull at the #USPA meet two weeks ago, so I did t hit back squats today -•-•- Two accessory jawns I hit today were goblet split squats and weighted pull-ups with some baby weight. Learning to control my imbalances is going to be key to developing a well-rounded body -•-•- I may not look like a jacked bro, but I’d rather feel physically great -•-•- KILL FEAST REPEAT🐗 -•-•- #StokedAthletics #HoggHouse #TeamHoggHouse #SSJBoii #TeamThiccBoiiz #killfeastrepeat #KFR #nutrition #fitness #diet #iifym #flexibledieting #strength #bodybuilding #powerlifting #squat #bench #deadlift #exercise #motivation #powerbuilding #athlete
Feetup Bench 285x4, 295x4@5-6, 315x4@8.5 for a 20lb pr. Big redemption from tuesday where I nearly failed 285x6. Hitting variations hard, have 0 knee pain on squats which has been a issue I've had for 2 years, all of the tempo work is paying off! After this I hit some comp bench, other pressing variations then back and arms, all prs, nice wrap up of Week 2. Currently ranked #3 , and the 1/2 guys arent doing nats/out of my division. I'm kemmin😡 #benchgains #roadto200 #t3 #roadto750 #2021worlds #roadto405feetupbench #hypertrophy #feels #emotion #passion #champion #stokedathletics @maximusprime93kg with the spot @croninstrength @punisher_haha @bobiinaicha
3x6x275@6 (3-1-x-1) bw 178 #83kg #usapl #stokedathletics #unitedbarbellinc
SELFIE GAME STRONG. Got my new @stokedathletics shirt today and it looks absolutely sick. This has to be the coolest tie-dye design I have ever seen. I was actually kind of feeling this light stubble look. Thoughts? May keep the beard a bit shorter than usual. The pump was also high quality. Seemed like optimal circumstances for a quick flick. . . . . . #stokedathletics #govegan #bevegan #veganaf #veganlife #veganstrong #veganstrength #veganpower #veganpowerlifting #veganbodybuilding #veganpowerlifter #veganbodybuilder #vegan #veganism #loveitkillit #tiedye #powerlifter #powerlifting #USAPL #gains #veganfitness #veganfit #selfie #modelstatus #beardless #stubble #pump #happy #healthy #haircut
425x5 PR with coath @croninstrength. Awesome time training together and very excited for the future. Check out @unitedbarbellinc if you're in the area. Amazing facility. Super happy with todays squats and it sets us up for some exciting lifts for the next block. Also a sloppy 325x4 bench. Wanted 5 but booty started cramping hard lmfao. #beetlebarbell #TeamGPT #stokedathletics #iSuckatReps
Squats felt the best they ever have form and efficiency wise. On deads for the first time ever I pulled the slack out and pushed the ground away, baby steps #roadto750kg #roadtorawnats #105kg #teen3 #usapl #askingalexandria #emo #metal #stokedathletics @croninstrength @maximusprime93kg @punisher_haha @bobiinaicha
Happy #facepunchfriday Only two weeks till I’m back!
4x5x85@5 2ct bw 178.4 @thestokedbrogi thx for the frequency #83kg #usapl #stokedathletics #unitedbarbellinc
What are the dense filters we’ve built in the gym since we began? ⠀ The experiences, influences, and ideas that have helped create some sort of habit of getting in there and putting in work. ⠀ The monotony that allows us to create a standard for ourselves to work off of each day, week, year. ⠀ Could the monotony, although necessary, be holding us back as well? ⠀ How often should we be breaking it? Knocking down those filters and approaching our training with the same wonderment as when we first started. ⠀ Would we slow down our progressions because of the flood of variables and lack of lineation? Or will it drive it by reinvigorating a sense of adventure and questioning? ⠀ What is the balance to strive for? ⠀ I’m just thinking out loud here - overthinking probably. How much of that matters, if at all? ⠀ I want to believe it does. ⠀ Here’s some pause deadlifts btw. ⠀ @stokedathletics #stokedathletics
Emily (@emilyqualey21 ) is 4 Weeks out and making her current squat PR, 275lbs, look easy! ⠀ We can’t wait to see what she puts up at this meet. Great job so far, Emily! ⠀ #stokedathletics
4x8x135@7 bw 178 bellys out #83kg #usapl #stokedathletics #unitedbarbellinc
3x6x365@7 bw 177.4 squats felt really awkward today 😭 #83kg #usapl #stokedathletics #unitedbarbellinc
Coming back to play July 21. I’ve been out for over a year and it’s time to put everyone at 140-147 lbs back on notice
Take your time with the basics! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 ⠀ #Repost @thestokedshack ・・・ Stoked Shack member, Caitlin (@caitlincac_ ), killing the KB Swing basics - hike, swing through by extending the hips, swing back, and return to starting position. ⠀ It’s the little steps like this that are often skipped resulting in poor technique. ⠀ Taking our time with the basics assures us that we will be attacking our movements with confidence and intensity down the line! ⠀ #stokedathletics
Stoked Shack member, Caitlin (@caitlincac_ ), killing the KB Swing basics - hike, swing through by extending the hips, swing back, and return to starting position. ⠀ It’s the little steps like this that are often skipped resulting in poor technique. ⠀ Taking our time with the basics assures us that we will be attacking our movements with confidence and intensity down the line! ⠀ #stokedathletics
Sometimes we get caught up in what’s most fun, or what we love doing - but for anyone with a serious end goal, you need to ask yourself this question every once and a while. ⠀ Don’t get comfortable. Get uncomfortable and work until you’re comfortable, and then repeat. ⠀ #stokedathletics
We offer challenging and goal-orientated training without the guesswork. ⠀ That way, you can focus less on questioning your choices and more on kicking ass🤙🏽 ⠀ Shoutout to our member Dan (@danielceee ) for snapping this pic during his 6am workout! ⠀ #stokedathletics
5x6x445@8 bw 178.4 ty @khn03 for the shoe suggestion #83kg #usapl #stokedathletics #unitedbarbellinc
Awesome way to end off this block. 282.5 / 622 x 1 dead and 137.5 / 303 x 3 on touch and go bench with a shout to everyone’s favorite aesthetic boy who is also strength. ⠀ #stokedathletics
If you ordered a shirt this past week then keep an eye out for it this upcoming one! ⠀ All have been printed and are currently getting packaged to be shipped out. ⠀ Don’t sweat it if you didn’t get a chance yet, there are still some left! Click the link in our bio to order yours🤙🏼 ⠀ #stokedathletics
Flaccid to erect sprint starts ft. @tomliantonio. ⠀ Some things to work on for next time, but he did a great job learning how to create stiffness. ⠀ @stokedathletics @thestokedshack #stokedathletics
5x12x300@8 bw 175.6 had to rush through these bc I put it off all day and now my legs r fried so @ariellawagner had to go into shake shack for me to pickup my food even though it’s her birthday weekend so I really appreciate her rn while i’m sitting here groaning in the car #83kg #usapl #stokedathletics #unitedbarbellinc
Hot take of the day - you ready for it: ⠀ ~Different shit works for different people.~ ⠀ I know. It’s mind blowing. People can do different things to reach their goal. ⠀ Find what works for YOU then attach the ever living shit out of it. ⠀ As Frank Reynolds once said, “Dennis there was another twin in your mother’s womb! We were gonna call him ‘Donnie’, but you and Deandra devoured him before he could be born! Ya gobbled him up!” ⠀ @stokedathletics @thestokedshack #stokedathletics
What is semi-private training? ⠀ Semi-private allows us to combine the customization and care of 1-on-1 coaching, with the affordability and community feel of large group training! ⠀ Each client goes through a 1-on-1 assessment and evaluation which helps us write the best program to fit their needs and goals! ⠀ Sessions are then monitored by a coach to make sure the program is executed as effectively as possible so we know that we are on track to hit our marks. ⠀ Questions? Feel free to shoot us a DM or email at mike@stokedathletics.com 🤙 ⠀ #stokedathletics
5x6x67.5@8 (3-1-x-0) bw 176.4 bench is ass #83kg #usapl #stokedathletics #unitedbarbellinc
Dumbbells are finished and moved in to the shack! Now, to find a rack that will fit them all... ⠀ #stokedathletics
Ugly squats : 192.5 / 424 x 4 reps - most I’ve squatted for anything more than 1 rep in a good while. ⠀ Bench : 147.5 / 325 x 1 x 1, and 125 / 275 x 5 x 4 ⠀ Not half bad day. ⠀ #stokedathletics
Solid Upperbody Day, 300 for the 3rd set of 6 shown in the first clip, felt like I could have repped it forever. @croninstrength is pushing my variations this block, hopefully my bench responds well. Need to get to 200kg already, I was close last cycle! #stokedathletics @maximusprime93kg @punisher_haha #usapl #t3 #roadto200kg #roadto750kg #feels #passion #emotion #ANGERY #105kg #submaxboiz #16weeksout
Been taking a more intuitive approach to eating the last few weeks, instead of counting macros, by following 2 rules: ⠀ 1. Eat a fuckton of lean protein 2. Don’t be an asshole most of the time ⠀ It’s been working, as my weight has been consistently ~167 the last 2 weeks. ⠀ Flowing between different eating approaches can be super beneficial in my opinion. Each one lets us learn new skills while still working towards our ultimate goal which is vital to keep progressing! ⠀ @stokedathletics @thestokedshack #stokedathletics
5x6x135@7 (4-1-x) bw 176.4 #83kg #usapl #stokedathletics #unitedbarbellinc
Long time Stoked Online Athlete, David W. (@davidandthegym ), larsen pressing 308 x 3 with ease! ⠀ Coach Matt (@croninstrength ) recently wrote a great article on beefing up your bench along with a free program! The program has 3 variations, each of which is geared toward your specific bench grip. ⠀ Check it out on the site now and let us know what you think! ⠀ #stokedathletics
A whole lotta TLC has been going into @thestokedshack these past few months! Still a few tweaks here and there to make but it’s getting there❤️ ⠀ If you’re on the island and interested in our training options, feel free to reach out! I’m sure we can find the right one for ya🤙🏼 ⠀ #Repost @thestokedshack ・・・ The shack is coming together little by little! While the bulk of it is done, there are still some more changes to be made 🤙🏼 ⠀ #stokedathletics
The shack is coming together little by little! While the bulk of it is done, there are still some more changes to be made 🤙🏼 ⠀ #stokedathletics
But Brogalicuous, how did people ever get strong or muscular without an app on their phone that tells them how fast their bar went and how much rest is needed by linking up with their watch that has a heart rate monitor and can tell them if maybe today is a day to rest instead of lift?? ⠀ Look, I love the advancements humans have made in both what we know about the body and the technology we have available. ⠀ But don’t let it distract you from just being consistent, putting in effort, and crushing the basics! ⠀ @stokedathletics @thestokedshack #stokedathletics
Frank (@frank_audia ) striking a pose after some EZPZ bear crawls. Looking good, bud! ⠀ #stokedathletics
Here’s a transformation Tuesday for ya! @relseachae and I spent the weekend scrubbing and painting these DBs (26 of em) that I got off FB market. ⠀ I recorded a bunch of it, so I may make a little YouTube vid focusing on how to! ⠀ I’ve done pretty well with online buys so far, I encourage everyone to check it out often. ⠀ I’ve gotten an SSB Bar for $40 (Yes, FORTY), gym flooring for @thestokedshack for $385 total, an adjustable and flat bench for $100 each, and now these DBs 10lbs to 70lbs pairs, in 5lbs intervals) for $525 with a stand. ⠀ All it takes is some searching, elbow grease, and time! ⠀ @stokedathletics #stokedathletics
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