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S’univers es una festa que ens omple de joia!
Gimana aku gak sange. Kamu aja liatin aku pake mata telanjang.
“If you ain’t one of mine I ain’t fuckin with you niggas” #H4
Sab मोह माया Hai🤘❤️
Love these two shots. . Extra points if you can name them both
Some city shots tonight. . NYC really was one of my favorite trips.
Peakin’ through 🌾👀
A very good place for brain refreshing
bahasa teman saya baku, bahasa saya hantam. kalo ngobrol jadinya baku hantam.
Dance with me, you won't regret it . . . #tiffytoro #toInfinityandBeyond
#143 - Berlin, Germany. Borders are only in our mind. We should never forget the immense beauty waiting for us behind them.
Always trying to imagine a story of a human LA 🇨🇳
Looking fly 🙌
Le soir
i was told this was a cool shirt and my day was made😆
Missing it already😢
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