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Why is THIS #Passover different from any other Passover? You will no longer have to stuff your face with bread-like carbohydrates beforehand in fear that your body will shut down after a week without them. We've got you covered! Just SWAP your matzoh for #Swapples ! Our plant-based toaster waffles are so friggin' plant-based that: 1. They contain NO flours or grains of any kind 2. NO leaveners! Which...without a certification...*technically* still makes 'em K for P, ya feel me? Naturally thick and fluffy from whole yuca root (a root veggie), they'll fulfill all your sandwich bread, morning toast, crouton, and brunch needs for the next 8 days. You. Are. Welcome. And happy pesach to those celebrating!
🎊🍓GIVEAWAY🍓🎊 . We teamed up with our paleo, vegan, gluten-free & plant-based pals over at @Swapples for this #WaffleWednesday giveaway and we're giving YOU the chance to win 2 boxes of Swapples (1 Blueberry & 1 Cinnamon) and 2 jars of our Just Fruit Fruit Spread! (Flavors of choice!) . Have you tried Swapples before? THEY.👏🏻 ROCK.👏🏻 Swapples are waffles made with whole fruits, veggies and spices. No seriously. That's it! They 'swapped' out processed sugars, thickeners and refined flours for 6 real-food ingredients or less. They come in sweet & savory options so there's a delicious flavor for EVERYONE!🙌🏻 . Here's how to enter:🎉 1) Like this photo 2) Follow both @Swapples & @CroftersOrganic 3) Tag a sweet-tooth (Multiple tags allowed for bonus entries!) . Good Luck!🍓 . *Ltd. to 48 contiguous states *Closes 4/19 *Winner notified 4/20 *Not affiliated with Instagram
🎉 #GIVEAWAY 🎉 What's a better toast topper than jam? *Crickets* That's why we're partnering with @croftersorganic to bring you a naturally-sweetened duo you'll run out of bed for - I meannnnnn. Just LOOK at this waffle stack! (deets in story!) . This kickass Canadian company makes 100% natural and organic jammy jams from almost every fruit a fruit-lover could ask for. Their original line is sweetened with a touch of cane sugar, BUT- we're obsessing over their unique "Just Fruit" spreads, which are sweetened with nothing but (yup, you guessed it) FRUIT! No artificial sweeteners, no preservatives - just the way we like it. . WANNA WIN? One (1) lucky winner will receive a jar of their apricot & strawberry Just Fruit spreads plus our coconut-sugar sweetened Blueberry and Cinnamon yuca waffles. All you have to do is… 👇🏼 1. Like this pic 2. Follow both @Swapples and @croftersorganic 3. Tag a morning person (or more in separate comments for bonus entries!) . . . . *Ltd. To 48 contiguous states *Closes Friday 4/19 *Winner notified 4/20 *Not affiliated with Instagram
Cinnamon @swapples you have my heart. 💕 Topped these with some homemade maple pecan butter, a touch of @fourthandheart vanilla ghee, apple slices, and cinnamon. So good!
I meannnn... I don't see any Whitewalkers taking down THIS wall 😏 #SwappleStrong #GameofBreakfast
Getting in a good sweat, fueling up with real food, finding any excuse to use your miniature cutting boards… now that's what Sundays are all about #WafflesReinvented
Happy Friday waffle-lovers - may this weekend bring you lots of sweet adventures! #WafflesReinvented
#TBT to when our packaging looked like THIS☝️😂 . They'd get squished. They'd fall down like dominoes. They'd be invisible on black shelves. They'd be mistaken for a dry mix. Poor waffle babies. But hey, you live and you learn, right? Swipe left for the transformation & DOUBLE TAP if you remember these!
missing my sis (happy #nationalsiblingsday ily) while savoring every bite of this yummy dinner • a @swapples w arugula + airfried creminis + balsamic tempeh (my new fav) • perfect after a yummy flow w @stephmeniyoga ✨ happy #wafflewednesday 💚• #EEEEEATS #dinner #foodporn #swapples #food #vegetarian #instafood #greens #wednesdayvibes #blogger #health #healthyfood #meal #food #yum #healthygirl #wednesday #eats #weeknightdinner #glutenfree #instadaily #instagood #instagram #instafood #humpday #plantbased #vegan #veganfood #spring #wholefoods
GIVEAWAY CLOSED • If this WAFFLED-UP RAMEN is the hump day treat you've been looking for, then listen up, fam. We're partnering with @seasnax to bring one (1) lucky winner a sampler pack of their paleo-certified, vegan, organic seaweed sheets. Roasted with organic olive oil and seasoned simply with a pinch of salt and organic seasonings, there's no added sugar, so you can get to snacking and feel good about it! We'll also be throwing in a sampler pack of our savory Swapples, because ummm how are you supposed to make this ramen without them? WANNA WIN? 1. Like this pic 2. Follow both @swapples and @seasnax 3. Tag as many friends as you've got in separate comments for each entry + BONUS if you share this post in your story! . . . . *Ltd. to 48 contiguous states. *Closes Friday 4/12 *Not affiliated with Instagram
68° in Michigan today means GRILLING 🍔🍠🍉 Onion-ringed grass fed burger with my favorite garlicky greens @swapples waffle bun, avocados, yams, and watermelon! A delicious, compliant taste of summer!😊 . . . #aipdiet #paleo #swapples #waffle #avocado #yam #watermelon #grassfed #autoimmunedisease #foodismedicine #healthy #grilling #spring #yum #aip #onionring #aipcompliant #aippaleo #healthy #healingwithfood
Happy brunching, bros 🙌 . . . . 📸:@paleo_rva
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. We made the top 100 finalists in the @fedex Small Business Grant Contest! Every time you clicked that link in our bio, on our site, in an email, and took the time to enter your info day after day, YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE. I am so incredibly grateful to have the support of all of you, who believe in our little plant-based waffles, our mission of helping people eat more REAL FOOD, and changing the face of the freezer aisle for good. Cross your fingers for us - if we win this grant, we can continue to operate and expand our online store to share Swapples with more of this great nation! ❤️❤️ - Rebecca
Mac + I are both very excited about this blueberry @swapples covered in cashew butter, slightly toasted strawberries and cinnamon 😋 #glutenfree #dairyfree #dairyfreeoptions #glutenfreeoptions #vegan #stbernard #stbernardsofig #yum #breakfast #lunch #swapples #delicious #fruit #veggies #simple
That LOW-SUGAR plant-based parfait, that you can enjoy every day 👌 (Wow, what a satisfying rhyme) Tap to see who's hanging out in this jar! 👀
When I dip you dip we dip 🎶 #WafflesForDinner
I tried @swapples this week! With a limited diet I was up for trying something new and healthy. I was a little skeptical but I have to tell you, they're absolutely delicious AND healthy. As you can see I made a very simple #organicturkeyburger & #swapples sandwich 😍 #lymediet #lymefriendly #healthyfood #approved #healthylifestyle #healthyinpa #healthyeating #pennsylvanialife #harrisburgpublisher #paleo #vegan #glutenfree #plantbased #autoimmunediet
i ♥️ to grocery shop - especially after a week away + i can restock on all my all time favorites • throwin them all in this salad bowl - greens, veggies + a hard boiled egg topped w toasted balsamic cauli rice + scooped up w a @swapples 💚good to be back! #toasttuesday #yum #nom #instadaily #saladporn #foodporn #vegetarian #healthyeating #health #life #happiness #delicious #instadaily #inspiration #swapples #tuesdays #dinner #instagram #tuesday #foodporn #love #foodpost #perfection #glutenfree #veggies #love #fav #tuesdaynight #healthyfood #health #traderjoes #toast #keto #healthyfood #foodie
🍕DF WAFFLE BREAKFAST PIZZAS to ring in Friyay! 🍕Double tap if you're about this life 🙌 A drizzle of @latourangelleartisanoils walnut oil for brain food + greens, and we're ready for the weekend (last day to enter our giveaway 1 post back!)
tonight i wanted to do a little review of the amazing company @swapples !!! they make these amazing yucca root cakes in the shape of waffles with really interesting flavors- i happen to have Garlicky Greens in this bowl tonight with some tofu scramble and cauliflower. they have the perfect flavor and a dense, satisfying consistency. their ingredients are also very simple and clean. they’re gluten free, grain free, and vegan!! they’re great for any time of the day whether you want a hearty breakfast, a midday snack, or a fun way to spruce up lunch/dinner. they’re great with hummus, veggie burgers, kimchi, anything really!! i’d love to try the sweet ones in the future to see how they compare. all you have to do is pop them in the toaster oven for a few minutes and they’re done!! my only complaint is that they’re fairly expensive in comparison to toaster waffles and the like. but if you see them in the store, they’re a great treat and definitely give them a try!! #sponsorme #vegan #review #dinner #healthy #veganfood #swapples #waffle #glutenfree #whole30 #vegetarian #easy #delicious #tasty #quickmeal #vegainz #veganoptions #followforfollow #vegandinner #influencer #mealideas #plantbased #wfpb #happy #food
🧡GIVEAWAY🧡 We're cooking up something special with our friends @Swapples - a spring giveaway! We've always been passionate about getting creative in the kitchen and Swapples makes it easy with their real food ingredient waffles. Paleo, vegan, and gluten-free they are the perfect canvas for wholesome culinary creativity when paired up with our La Tourangelle artisan oils! From breakfast treats to savory Swapple sandwich dunkers, the delicious possibilities are endless! . ENTER TO WIN a prize pack featuring the products shown here! . TO ENTER: . . 🧡- Follow @latourangelleartisanoils and @swapples 🧡- Like this photo 🧡- Tag a friend who you love to cook with! . Giveaway closes Friday 3/29 at midnight EST. 1 lucky winner will be randomly selected on Monday, April 1st. *Must have a US Mailing Address to enter. Giveaway is not in conjunction with Instagram and will abide by all standards.*
*GIVEAWAY CLOSED* Where my home cooks at? 🙋🏼‍♀️ We're teaming up with @latourangelleartisanoils to bring ONE (1) lucky winner a sampler pack of their carefully crafted, wholesome culinary oils + a sampler pack of our plant-based toaster waffles so that you can get your kitchen creativity on! With a wide variety of flavors from pesto oil to walnut oil, they're a perfect match for anything sweet or savory. . . . ☝🏼Exhibit A: this Blueberry Swapple with coconut yogurt, berries, and a drizzle of hazelnut oil.☝🏼 WANNA WIN BOTH? 1. Like this photo 2. Follow both @swapples & @latourangelleartisanoils 3. Tag a friend who LOVES to cook . . *Multiple tags = bonus entries *Ends Fri. 3/29 midnight *Ltd. 48 US contiguous states *Not affiliated with Instagram
HEY #GWU - come out to District House tomorrow, 3/27, 11:30am-1:30pm for WAFFLES! #PlantBased waffles, that is 😏 Paleo, vegan, GF, savory & sweet. We got all the buzz words baby. Sample all 5 flavors & grab a box on your way back from class - or, ya know, just come say hi to a fellow Colonial 👋 Side note: if someone told me 5 years ago I'd wind up back on campus sharing waffles as my full-time job... MA, I MADE IT. Maybe @gwuniversity will now consider a major in breakfast foods? 😉
Breakfast does not have to be complicated. When I got home from the gym I didn’t have time to make an elaborate meal. Instead, I grabbed a garlicky greens @swapples , cut it in half longways, and made a sandwich. Organic free range eggs from my very own chickens, organic Uncured ham, and a little organic raw cheddar. There’s enough real greens in the ingredients of this Swapple to say I had my serving of veggies this morning but a slice of tomato would have really brought this home. Tell me below what your favorite on the go breakfast is. Have you tried @swapples yet? Here’s to busy Monday mornings! #Mondays #swapples #notime #onthego
*GIVEAWAY CLOSED* Listen up plant-based party people! We've partnered with @ps.snacks so you can upgrade👏your👏breakfast👏 We're talking PLANT-BASED COOKIE DOUGH - made from chickpeas, black beans, and naturally sweetened. It's the perfect topper for our PLANT-BASED WAFFLES when you wanna give into your cravings - but get a ton of nutrients, at the same time. Wanna win both? 1. Like this pic 2. Follow @Swapples and @ps.snacks 3. Tag 2 friends and tell us your favorite breakfast food! . . *1 winner *US residents only *Ends midnight 3/27
Thanks to @striving4zennyc for recommending @swapples 🤗 They are delicious and my 2 & 4 year old LOVE them🙌🏻 . . I ordered every flavor they had and blueberry is the breakfast fav so far. The garlicky green one goes great with soup or a salad. . . Only a few ingredients, vegan, paleo...super filling🙌🏻
I never met a @swapples I didn’t like. Sunday’s are for meal prepping and Swapple snacking. I topped this Everything Swapple with avocado, @applegate bacon, and an egg. Going to tidy up a bit and then hit the trails for some biking. Hope you’re all having a fantastic afternoon on this beautiful Sunday! 🥑
FriYAY 🎉 happy weekend friends! PS heart-shaped avocados taste better #youhearditherefirst 🥑 dEATS:👇🏼 •Pan-toasted everything @swapples •crispy fried egg topped with paprika, pepper, everything but the bagel seasoning, & red pepper flakes •sautéed baby portobellos •1/2 avocado with red pepper flakes •arugula with tomatoes & roasted pumpkin seeds + a wholeee lotta @traderjoes zhoug sauce & lemon juice post-pic 😊 #bellshappyfood
🌸 SAVORY SPRING SALE 🌸 Save $1.70 (25%) on each box of savory Swapples ordered online at [swapfoods.com] now through April 1st! ☝🏼TAP TO SHOP☝🏼 . TOMATO BASIL 🍅 personal pizza, in waffle form! With Italian herbs and the rich umami flavor of tomato, they make the perfect stand-in for a whole-food version of our favorite comfort food. EVERYTHING 🥯 your morning bagel, without the blood sugar crash. Whole yuca root blended with sesame, poppy, garlic and onion. GARLICKY GREENS 🌱 get your garlic fix, AND get your greens in at the same time. Packed with 35% DV vitamin A from kale, spinach, and broccoli and filled with flavor, it's highly versatile for any time of day. #WafflesReinvented
DID YOU KNOW: The first published reference to PBJ was by Julia Davis Chandler in 1901? Now THAT'S a true #BossLady . 118 years later, we're blessed with this Blueberry Swapple with strawberry jam, raspberries and blueberry-peanut butter, for our take on her original genius move. Here's to you, Julia! #ToastTuesday
Sometimes you just want waffles on your salad, ya know? 🤷‍♀️ #MeatlessMonday
Monday mornings call for a savory brekkie! 💚💚All I did is toast up a garlicky greens @swapples and topped it with half an avo, an egg, and some left over spicy pork sausage YUM😋
Happy "let's-all-Instagram-green foods" day!!! ☘️ #StPatricksDay
Today we celebrate 🎉 all things GREEN 🍀💚🦠 my favorite food color ☺️. . I’m celebrating with a Garlicky Greens SWAPPLE 🥬 slathered in AVOCADO 🥑 (the #avocado gathers in each little crook of the @swapples 😍) topped with a TON of #sprouts 🌱🌱🌱. . Happy St Patrick’s Day 🍀 Happy Purim 🎭 Happy Sunday ☀️!! Pick one, pick all, lots to be h a p p y about!! ☺️☺️
GREEN WAFFLE GRILLED CHEESE complete with Garlicky Greens #Swapples , @violife_foods cheddar, spicy avocado hummus and fresh basil. Because waffles aren't just for Wednesday. Oh. Aaaaand it's 100% paleo, vegan and gluten-free 😉 SWIPE LEFT FOR A PLANT-BASED DROOLFEST 👉🏼
Okay, it’s official—I’m bananas for @swapples ! Blueberry Swapple® with crunch peanut butter, bananas and drizzled with honey • • • #notanad #swapples #swapple #bananas #vegetarian #vegetarianbreakfast #canbevegan #breakfast #postworkoutmeal #breakfastathome #eatclean #eathealthy
Guyyysss these things. ARE. AMAZING. Check my stories - kids love them too! #swapples @swapples
No Eggs for 30 days? No problem. ——- @swapples to the rescue!! Y’all if you haven’t had these babies you are seriously missing out (not sponsored I just love these) ———- The main ingredient is Yuca Root and there are 5 flavors to choose from! ——— This is their blueberry flavor and I topped it with @kitehillfoods yogurt and @wildwayoflife grain-free granola. ——- Perfection 👌 . . . #paleo #paleobreakfast #swapples #eggfree #yucaroot #iamwellandgood #healthyfood #healthyeats #wholesomefood #glutenfree #dairyfree #rvafoodandmood #cleaneating #dairyfree #wildwaygranola #kitehillyogurt
My meal creation perfectly portioned to me. Eating healthy is important work and it takes effort. Instead of thinking about the next 30 days or 6 months just start with today. 🥕 Carrot Ginger Soup is from my new cookbook that swaps out processed foods for wholesome ingredients 🥥 . Are you ready to start eating healing foods? Break sugar addiction? Swap out processed foods? I’m going to show you how you can do all 3 and more. . If you can do it today, just one day, you can do it every day. I can’t wait to share how we’re going to do it. Ready? . . . . #portioncontrolcontainers #eatcolourful #bloodsugarbalance #summerbodyinprogress #plantbased #eatherainbow #swapples #ntpstudent #newrecipe
S W A P P L E S 💚 I posted about the s w e e t flavored #waffles 2 days ago ↪️ today I had the GARLICKY GREENS @swapples 😍 I got lots of DMs about these 👆🏼so I’m happy to share how AMAZING they are!!! 💞💚💞 I drizzled @dastonybrand #sprouted #pumpkinseed #butter and devoured ✌🏼post-spin 🚴🏻‍♀️
The prettiest aftermath from a @swapples breakfast. I used their cinnamon swapple with PB, wild blueberries, pecans, and prickly pear honey from Sedona. 🤩 love these #glutenfree waffles so much because they include fewer than 5 ingredients, are not too big, and power me through big workouts. And they inspire me to create beautiful messes like this. Swipe! . . . . #endurancefoodie #foodart #eattofuel #swapples #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfreefoods #waffles #triathlontraining #runnerfood #breakfast
W A F F L E S 🦄 You guys, I found it 👆🏼! It’s as close to perfect as I will ever find!. . My daughter has been asking for #waffles for almost 2 years and I’ve been on a mission to find ones I can feel good about 🙏🏼 @rawheadbread has amazing #rawvegan #waffles but my girls wanted closer to the #realdeal so my search continued.... I came across @swapples and, if only they were #organic they would be perfect 👌🏼. . Their ingredient list (see pics 📸 2-3) would make any mom proud 💁🏻‍♀️. . Most importantly my girls gobbled them up for #healthybreakfast this morning!!. . PS I know I can make my own, but do you really want to get me started on finding a non-toxic #waffleiron ?? 🤨
((CLOSED)) congrats to @brookiehadgraft ! WAFFLE WEDNESDAY #GIVEAWAY ! This one goes out to our morning peeps, the early risers who jump out of bed just to get their hands on, well, food 😂🙌 Sound like you? Well we're teaming up with some pretty awesome early birds to bring ONE (1) lucky winner the ultimate breakfast kit to revamp their morning routine: . 🌱 Swapples plant-based waffles sampler pack. 🍓 Wäbry organic syrup variety pack. 🌰 Betsy’s Best nut butter variety pack. ☕️ Nitro cold brew coffee variety pack. WANNA WIN? 1️⃣ Like this photo on all pages 2️⃣ Follow @swapples , @betsysbest @wabrysyrup , @nitrobeverageco and @food.brand.giveaway 3️⃣ Tag a friend 🙂 More tags = more entries 👫👭👬 . Giveaway ends Saturday, March 8, 2019 at midnight. . Winner will be contacted via DM. US residents only. Not affiliated with Instagram.
🥞Delicious Breakfast Giveaway☕️ . 🎁 Giveaway Prize🎁 . 🌱 Swapples plant based waffles sampler pack. 🍓 Wäbry organic syrup variety pack. 🌰 Betsy’s Best nut butter variety pack. ☕️ Nitro cold brew coffee variety pack . . How to Enter: 1️⃣ Like this photo on all pages 2️⃣ Follow @swapples , @betsysbest @wabrysyrup , @nitrobeverageco and @food.brand.giveaway 3️⃣ Tag a friend 🙂 More tags = more entries 👫👭👬 . Giveaway ends Saturday, March 8, 2019 at midnight. . Winner will be contacted via DM. US residents only. Not affiliated with Instagram. 🍀Good Luck🍀 . . . . #coffee #nitrocoffee #coldbrewcoffee #swapples #wafflesreinvented #paleo #wabry #wabrysyrup #howdoyouwabry #lovebetsysbest #seedbutter #nongmo #foodgiveaway #giveaway #foodbrandgiveaway
🥞Giveaway closed☕️ . 🎁 Giveaway Prize🎁 . 🌱 Swapples plant-based waffles sampler pack. 🍓 Wäbry organic syrup variety pack. 🌰 Betsy’s Best nut butter variety pack. ☕️ NITRO cold brew coffee variety pack. . Want to win? 1️⃣ Like this photo on all pages 2️⃣ Follow @swapples , @betsysbest @wabrysyrup , @nitrobeverageco and @food.brand.giveaway 3️⃣ Tag a friend 🙂 More tags = more entries 👫👭👬 . Giveaway ends Saturday, March 9, 2019 at midnight. . Winner will be contacted via DM. US residents only. Not affiliated with Instagram. 🍀Good Luck🍀 . . . . #coffee #nitrocoffee #coldbrewcoffee #wabry #organic #swapples #wafflesreinvented #paleo #wabrysyrup #gf #howdoyouwabry #lovebetsysbest #seedbutter #nongmo #foodgiveaway #giveaway #drinknitro #nitrobeverageco
🥞Delicious Breakfast Giveaway (CLOSED)☕️ . 🎁 Giveaway Prize🎁 . 🌱 Swapples plant based waffles sampler pack. 🍓 Wäbry organic syrup variety pack. 🌰 Betsy’s Best nut butter variety pack. ☕️ Nitro cold brew coffee variety pack . . How to Enter: 1️⃣ Like this photo on all pages 2️⃣ Follow @swapples , @betsysbest @wabrysyrup , @nitrobeverageco and @food.brand.giveaway 3️⃣ Tag a friend 🙂 More tags = more entries 👫👭👬 . Giveaway ends Saturday, March 8, 2019 at midnight. . Winner will be contacted via DM. US residents only. Not affiliated with Instagram. 🍀Good Luck🍀 . . . . . . . . #coffee #nitrocoffee #coldbrewcoffee #swapples #wafflesreinvented #paleo #wabry #wabrysyrup #howdoyouwabry #lovebetsysbest #seedbutter #nongmo #paleoeats #foodallergies #glutenfreeeats #glutenfree #glutenfreefoodie #gfree #nogluten #paleolife #glutenfreelife #coffeelover #healthybreakfast #breakfastlovers #brunchlover #brunchlife #healthybrunch #cleaneating #strongnotskinny #eatgoodfeelgood
Who wants to see us in ALL Whole Foods across the country? 👍🏻😊👏🏻 • #honeysweetenedchocolate #paleochocolate #organic #organicchocolate #paleomg #pure7chocolate #swapples #foodforthought
ANTIOXIDANT TOAST // Blueberries, dark chocolate, and the whole yuca root we use to make our Blueberry waffles all contain polyphenols, a type of antioxidant that can assist in balancing your gut flora! 🥳 #foodforthought #WafflesReinvented
Breaking the fast in the very best way! Blueberry @swapples with banana & TJ’s Mixed Nut Butter, sautéed Italian Kale in bacon fat w/ S&P, roasted golden beets from the Farmer’s Market, @farmhouseculture sauerkraut, leftover @grazedandenthused Beef Liver Meatballs with @sirkensingtons Pizza Ranch drizzled on top. I know this weekend is going to go by fast because I have so much on my to-do list, but I’m going to try and savor as much of the downtime as I can! 💖
Is there any better feeling than moving the body you were given, sweating out the negativity in your life, getting every fiber of your muscles to work for you, and then nourishing yourself bite by bite with something delicious? Mmmmm 🤔 Yeah. Don't think so. HAPPY SATURDAY 🤸‍♀️
@r.peress thanks neighbor! It’s so great being down the hall when you need somewhere to put your leftovers. #nofoodwaste #swapples Also, not an ad, just a supportive friend. @swapples is up for a $50,000 grant, and you can help them get it! Follow the link in their bio to vote for them! #smallbusiness #womanowned #glutenfree #dairyfree #vegan #food
It’s FRIDAY! ⭐️ . . If you follow me, you know we love @swapples in this house ;) this morning we set the mood with a cinnamon swapper, some almond butter from @traderjoes (side note..it’s AMAZING), and a banana! . . If you haven’t tried swapples before...you need to add them to your list of MUST HAVES! My go to and my kids LOVE them! . . Enjoy your Friday everyone! ❤️❤️ . . #swapples #cinnamon #almondbutter #banana #kidslovethem #momapproved #whole30 #whole30approved #dairyfree #breakfast #healthyfamily #fitfamily #funoptions #fridaywins #glutenfree #paleo #celiac #perfectlypaleo #obsessed #easybreakfast #wholesimplerecipes #wholesimpleideas #knowyourgotos #healthyfirst #myjourney #bookboss #itsfriyay #starttheweekendstrong
Lunch selfie. You guys I found paleo, gluten free, vegan, AIP compliant waffles! I still haven’t made it food shopping since I’ve been home but while I was gone these plant based waffles showed up 🌱 Today’s flavor 🌿 Garlicy Greens 🌿 with spicy unsweetened ketchup and some chicken sausage. . . . . #quickandeasy #lunch #realfood #swapples #swapplemywaffle #wafflesreinvented #goodcarbs #greens #goodmoodfood
SWAPPLES NEEDS YOUR HELP. Founder Rebecca here 👋 We have a shot at winning a @fedex Small Business Grant worth💲50K💲but we need your vote! • WITH THIS MONEY: we'll be able to *expand* our e-commerce, by partnering with a company that specializes in frozen shipping. Yes, WEST COAST, this means Swapples are coming for you, at an affordable shipping cost 🥳 it also means we reach more people with out mission to share more PLANT-BASED foods with the world! 🌱 • WITHOUT IT: the sad truth of it is, despite all of my hard work, we'll have to temporarily (and maybe even permanently) close our online store down until we figure out a better solution than what we have going on now. Translation: everyone would have to wait longer for retailers to bring them into their local stores. This process can take months/years, based on the retailers review schedules, and there's absolutely nothing we can do to make it go faster. • DO WE HAVE YOUR VOTE? Click the LINK IN OUR BIO to cast your vote *daily* through 4/1. And if you really reeeeally believe in what we're doing, pleade spread the word by sharing this post to your story! Help a waffle woman out? 🙋 If we win, I'll post a video of me crying of happiness, promise. 🤞
Mornings done right: plant-based waffle, coffee, chocolate for the road, @traderjoes Fearless Flyer... UM. I MEAN. the morning paper.... 😳
BREAKING NEWS❗Swapples are now available for order on @peapoddelivers ! 🥳 If you live in the DMV or Chicago area, you can now get our allergy-friendly Blueberry, Cinnamon, and Everything plant-based waffles delivered right to your doorstep, along with your kale and eggs. Paleo, vegan, and gluten-free (and the sweet flavors are AIP!), you'll get the bready texture you crave in the morning from JUST fruits and veggies, in 6 ingredients or less. Perfect for you, your little ones, your boyfriend, your grandma… just the whole damn lot. Check 'em out! Literally. Check out…. with them in your cart 🛒😂
I reintroduced eggs a little over a week and a half ago. I really missed them during my AIP elimination phase as they were such an easy and delicious source of protein & fat. Shortly after I consumed this goodness, my hands turned hot, puffy, and red for about 15-20 minutes. It’s basically the lamest X-men superpower and it doesn’t really bother me enough to take me out of whatever I’m doing in that moment, which is a big win. The point of this journey is to include as many nutrient dense and flavorful foods in your diet, not to eat from a small yes/no list. Clearly, my body is still a little sensitive and needs a bit more time to heal and reduce inflammation. I’m not crossing eggs off my list just yet, because this Garicky Green @swapples combo with avocado, EBB, and micro greens was fabulous! 😻🥬🥞
I’m still trying to perfect her allergen free pancakes, but in the mean time I’ve found allergen free waffles for her!🙌🏾 I don’t think she’s as excited as I am about them though🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤔 #allergens #allergybaby #allergymom #swapples #waffles #allergenfree #icanhelpyou #foodallergiesawareness #foodallergies #foodallergylife
How about that plant based dinner whipped up last night! Rice’s cauliflower, triple colored carrots, Japanese sweet potatoes 🍠 & #swapples #iloveswapples so sad to munch away at the last Garlicky Green swapple!! #allorganic #quickandeasy #plantbasedbowls #plantgoodness @bevycas @jmillman842
How about that plant based dinner whipped up last night! Rice’s cauliflower, triple colored carrots, Japanese sweet potatoes 🍠 & #swapples #iloveswapples so sad to munch away at the last Garlicky Green swapple!! #allorganic #quickandeasy #plantbasedbowls #plantgoodness @bevycas @jmillman842
Saturday’s are for 6am work outs, @swapples , @kitehillfoods cream cheese and smoked salmon 😋 • You know you’re doing something right when your almost 3 year old is BEGGING for a bite...or 5 😆 #happysaturday #swapples #smokedsalmon #dairyfree #glutenfree #paleo #whole30happy #fitfamily #dairyfreemama #wholefoods #traderjoes #saturdayworkouts #postworkout #postorangetheory #myjourney #breakfast #healthybabies
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